27Alton, United States
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My self-summary
I've never really filled out a self-summary before, so bear with me as I try to make myself sound not suck-ish.

I've gone through and updated this a bit as of December 2014

I guess I'll start with my personality, good and bad.

I like to think I'm pretty smart, though I wouldn't dare to assume that as true. I don't like to assume much, so I'm always questioning everything inside my head. My mind doesn't ever seem to turn off... it's not like I'm always sorting out the world's existential crises or anything, but when people tell me to "relax" or "stop thinking", I sincerely have trouble with that. In summary: I overthink.

Until you get to know me, and until I'm comfortable around you, I'm a somewhat shy guy. Not that I don't talk, or am overly quiet... it just takes awhile for me to warm up to new people I suppose. I'm just not a very outgoing guy usually. I like to think of myself as reserved. I enjoy really deep conversations way more than I would enjoy something like going to a bar and getting smashed (I've done that never). I don't think that's the best analogy in the world, or probably in this text box, but whatever. Of course, once I get to know you, then I open up and you get the full range of my personality.

I like conversation. Sometimes I can get pretty debate-ish about what I'm talking about, but I never mean it aggressively - it's just that if I have a belief in something, it's a strong belief and I want to defend my position on it. But even if we completely disagree on something, I'll love conversing about it. I think exploring differences through conversation/debate/whatever is a really good way to understand someone's personality and philosophy.

I'm honest wherever possible. I'm really bad about secret keeping and I'm an awful liar, so it's just easier for me to not deceive... plus the whole idea of deception seems immoral.

I'm correcting your grammar inside my head while you're talking. Just thought I'd let you know.

I like doing things, but never know what to do. Basically, evening plans for me go like this:
Friend: Lets do something
Me: I don't know what, you pick
Friend: Hey, lets (says something)
Me: Hmm, okay.

I dedicate myself to my interests. If I want to be with someone or be active in something, I will be. Because of the depth I try to achieve in those sorts of things, I'm usually very singularly minded about whatever it is.

You have to get to know me. I don't open up to a lot of my personality immediately. I can be sarcastic and witty, but not with someone I'm not comfortable around. If I start acting carefree, you'll know I'm having the time of my life.

I'm not a stereotype. I don't lisp and my wrist has absolutely no problems with not going limp. (yeah, double negative, I caught it too). I don't have a problem being jovial, however. I just try to be me, and not affected one way or the other by a stigma that society has set.

I'm always wanting to improve myself as a person. I don't think I'm anywhere near perfect.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now, I'm working as a private music instructor. Drums, of course ;) And I recently exited a band.

All that will change in January though, when I start work for a small Publication Company.
I’m really good at
I love to write. Writing has always been my main focus in life. When I was little I used to write these stories on TV shows I watched. I won an award for column writing for my high school newspaper (right, lame). I do write poetry and/or song lyrics too (oh, so you're one of those touchy-feely kids). I like to think that it's better than your average poetry, but ehh... I guess you'd have to decide.

I used to play the trumpet (three years in middle school band baby) and then took up the drumset. I may not be able to confidently say I'm good at anything else, but drumming is my forte (pardon the music pun). There's no way to really turn off the drummer inside me, I'm always lightly tapping or something to keep the beat going (or the polyrhythmic paradiddle in time, anyway). I used to be in a band, and wrote the lyrics too. I find that words and rhythm compliment each other. But I digress.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't really know what people notice about me first. Physically? Probably whatever is going on with my hair that day. Mentally? I dunno, the summation of my personality I suppose.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I think most of the reading I do is non-fiction type stuff. I've particularly enjoyed some sports biographies lately. But if you mean fiction, which I'm sure almost everyone would, I think my favorite novel is Mother Night.

Movies, hmm... I guess this is the part of this one-sided conversation where you learn I like Star Trek. Grew up with it. I can't speak Klingonese, and I don't attend conventions, but some of the shows rocked. Other movies I like: Anchorman, Miracle, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Basterds, a lot of Kevin Smith films... I like movies but hardly ever get around to watching them. OH yeah! And my favorite animated movies are the Ice Age series. I loves them! Oh, and Wall-e. That's probably my favorite movie ever, but I've only seen it a few times so I don't spoil it.

Music: Here's a subject I can talk about. Favorite band ever: Rush. That never changes. Runner up band: Porcupine Tree. Other bands/artists I like: Blackfield, Sylvan, Five for Fighting, Boston, BT, Kansas, King Crimson, The Beatles (duh), Mika (one of my fruity vices), No Man, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Queen, REO Speedwagon, Royksopp, Styx, The Fray, The Police, The Who, Tiles, Yes, Zero 7, Wilco, Panic At the Disco, Guillemots. I'm exiting a very prog period in my life, moving on to more poppy stuff. Also, I listen to jazz and classical music frequently. I love almost all music though, so I can always try out what you're listening to! =D

Food? I like food. Thai food is my absolute favorite food.
Six things I could never do without
Music, Tea, Laptop, My favorite sports, family, friends.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wow, there is no simple answer here. My mind gets so wrapped up in everything. I used to think a lot about politics, but I've come to the realization that there's no productive way to think about politics. I'm set in who I'd vote for, so the only thinking I do is to defend who I'd vote for, and why do I need to do that since I already know who I'm voting for? See the problem? I guess I think a lot about philosophy and psychology without knowing it. I try to understand people who seem un-understandable to me immediately. And music. I was telling a friend the other night that without trying I can give you the time signature and a relative BPM for a song. I think about problems, and I try to fix them. I think about friends and family. Sometimes I think about symbolism in every day life... maybe I just think too hard? I think about the injustices of the world. I think about ways to solve those things. I think about life, death. I never ever think about math.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with friends, doing whatever. Or staying at home, doing whatever. Like it says up there, quiet guy. So it's not like you'll find me partying it up, but hanging out is totally me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmmmm.... I dunno, I usually will talk about anything, just ask.
You should message me if
You like conversation and made it all the way down here without getting scared off. Also, don't message me if you're just interested in hooking up. Also, if you smoke, and don't want to hear about why I want you to quit, you probably shouldn't message me.
The two of us