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My self-summary
2/9/14 update:
A friend of mine told me that she thought my profile was the longest she'd ever seen. (crazy long, is I think how she put it) So... time to edit! Tweak... adjust... simplify. And yeah, it's still long.

Greetings! I'm a man of compliments and contrasts. I'm the (mostly) nice guy who likes a (sometimes) bad girl. I'm the boyish goofy guy who can be a serious professional. A geek with social skills. The teetotaling liberal with a touch of a libertarian social streak. I'm the third generation Chinese American who can't speak the mother tongue (oh the shame!), and has fair-to-middling math skills. And I'm a guy who will continually tweak his self-summary.

How's this?

Urban adventurer looking for a willing partner in various shenanigans. Or coffee. Your choice.

Or wait... how about this?

I'm the equivalent of the Southwest Airlines of date possibilities. Free of baggage! Or wait, is that more like free baggage? Hmmm. Well, the analogy was too much fun to pull off. No bad breakups, no kids, no wreck, no ruin... I'm as low maintenance as a pet parakeet. Those looking for the exotic high maintenance tiger might want to go elsewhere, but with just enough care and attention, I'll make an ideal companion. Like a parakeet! Right?

OK, enough of that. Read on!
What I’m doing with my life
I am an architect, who has been living in SE Portland for the past 15 years, bringing great buildings to all the good little boys and girls of the Willamette Valley! I enjoy my job, but I'm not consumed by it.

5/28/14 Update
I just got a new car! And it's kinda fancy-fancy... I love it. If you're in to cool cars, I just got a Mercedes CLA 250 and it's beautiful! If you're not into that so much and think it's kinda lame to brag on such things, that's fair. (But I still love this car!) Updated pic of me and my new ride! So pretty! And, the car ain't bad either. HAW HAW! OK, sorry, couldn't resist. Yeah, that was bad.

I've been on a bit of a roller coaster as of late, with a father who just went through heart surgery, thought he was on the brink of checking out, but now seems to be crazily invigorated by the angioplasty. From scary to encouraging in short order. Also, I'm bracing myself for the imminent departure of some close friends of mine, so time to try and find some new ones! Maybe even on OKC. Hmmm...

11/23/14 Update
VICTORY! I've managed to lose 15 lbs. in the last three months. (On the suggestion of my doctor to help my triglycerides) Looking to drop another 8-10 lbs. over the next three months, and I'll be at what I consider my ideal weight. Sometimes, it just takes a doctor's admonition to be the required spark.

2/12/17 Update
It's been a while since I updated this. That weight loss I had in 2014? Well, I lost another 10 lbs, and then found out why... diabetes. Scary! But remarkably, through dieting and some meds, I have managed to beat the dreaded big D and am now post-diabetic. Strange, indeed. Unfortunatly, 10 lbs of that has returned, so I'm once again working to get myself back down to my ideal weight. (175) I can do it... and if you're someone up for doing fun active stuff to lose those last few pounds, hooray!
I’m really good at
My visual/spacial skills are strong... and they need to be. Flow, symmetry (or asymmetry), layers, rhythm, textures, colors... the marvels of the built and natural world all excite me. I collect art, and love to watch dance, listen to music, and eat good food. I'm a sensualist in that way.

Puzzles! I get energized by figuring out little questions and mysteries. And, I've got a little victory dance for each puzzle solution. Sadly, there's no profession for those with great minds for trivia. Also, sadly, I'm not a good enough dancer to make a living doing it. I pride myself in my knowledge, and I do have to check myself from being Mr. Smarty Pants. But... people do come to me with some fairly off-the wall questions, a stump-the-Eric session.

You will find that I am the go-along-get along kid, so I also make friends very easily. I'm good at listening and light banter. It's what I enjoy.

I'm also pretty nimble. I climb regularly at the gyms in PDX, and that helps keep the chub off (I try) and keeps my core balance and flexibility strong. So... if there's a wall you need scrambled up, I may be your man!
The first things people usually notice about me
Almost nobody guesses my age right. I'm one of those lucky ones who has dodged the wrinkles and gray hairs... and gets mistaken for being 10 years younger than I am. Plus, I still have a lot of boyish tendencies, though I'd hate to think I come of as immature. I like to think, youthful. Yes, youthful sounds about right.

Now that I've been on OKC for a brief moment... I've noticed that my defining characteristic seems to be the same as half the rest of the OKC community. My Smile! (Boooooring... but true.) Thank you Dr. Meihoff for those years with braces. It paid off. Hard to think that all those sessions with wires pouring out of my mouth would give me an answer to an OKC questionnaire.

My voice carries. And I'm told it's pretty memorable. I hope that's a good thing! I cackle, giggle, guffaw, and chuckle. I bring the full laughter arsenal.

5/28 Note: A little OKC test: I'm a bit stunned that OKC deemed me to be so unambitious. Not sure how that happened, so I decided to answer "Do you want to rule the world" question as a "Yes" to see what happened. I went from completely unambitious to slightly unambitious. Interesting. I guess my latent megalomania is somewhat muted.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Geek alert! Yes, I have a lot of little boy in me that refuses to let go of the fun aspects of childhood. I love games, comics, and Star Wars. Consider yourself warned! Who's up for SD Comicon 2017? Something important to me is that I find someone, who if not sharing in my love of geek culture, would be accepting of the joy I get with these hobbies. If you share a love of these things, I'd be smitten for sure! On the plus side, if you have grade-school aged kids... it's a near guarantee that I'll be able to entertain and bond with them. In my book geek-dom is an extended childhood.

I am also a big sports fan. Go Ducks! (I'm an alum) I am always up for going to see live sporting events. I have a love/hate relationship with the Blazers... I'm a fan, but not a blind fan of the local franchise. And one of these days I'll join in the crazy song and dance show that is the Timbers Army.

Favorite books include:
The Night Circus, Swamplandia, American Gods, the Passage, Leviathan Wakes, The Help, Water for Elephants, Matterhorn, Me Talk Pretty One Day, Y the Last Man, The Adventures of Kavalier and Klay, and Moneyball.

Hollah if you know em.

I have a broad, if eclectic taste... that tends towards critic's darling indy bands. Flaming Lips, The Joy Formidable, The Shins, The National, Low, Wolf Parade, Vampire Weekend, XTC, Arcade Fire, Talking Heads, Janelle Monae all represent me well. Oh, and Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, the Clash, and Rush. Some habits just don't go away. And, if you're daring, a trip to the VoiceBox karaoke may be in order. (Warning label, I can sing SOME songs really well... but that doesn't scare me from trying songs that might not go so well.)

I am an unabashed foodie. I love Portland's cuisine... both lowbrow and high-brow, and I always love to try new restaurants. I have a high spice threshold, and an openness for the exotic. I aim to try all the foodcarts downtown, but at the rate they're going in, it's going to take me a while.
Six things I could never do without
1. My French Bulldog, Mookie. Unconditional love in a frisky little package. The BEST DOG EVER. Don't be fooled by imitators. Granted, he is a gassy little pooch, so... well... he can be fragrant at times.

2. Coffee. Architect's crack.

3. My old friends from my youth. Some friends come and go, but I have a few friends, who will always be there for me, whether they are local, or have moved abroad.

4. My blue military pea-coat. Man, I love that jacket. The dry cleaner has already told me the fabric is wearing through... I hope I can find another just like it when it goes. But the cut is just right, and the weight is just right, and it's warm and soft. I am gonna hate it when that coat bites it.
2/18/15 UPDATE: OK my old pea coat has just about had it... the liner has gone out, and I'm not going to spend $200 to re-line an old coat. Fortunately, I have found this fabulous yellow (yes yellow) wool coat with a turquoise satin liner that gets admiring comments from strangers at least once a day that I'm wearing it. Onward!
2/12/17 UPDATE: In addition to my awesome yellow coat, I have added a fun wooly blue cloak to my wardrobe. I admit to being a bit of a coat junkie.

5. Intellectual challenge. This is why I love games so much. My success at work is largely from being a problem solver. Perhaps in another life I may have been a detective.

6. My art collection. I am an avid collector of the highbrow, lowbrow, and cultural. My collections include abstract paintings, original published comic art, and masks from around the world. My house is something of a version of the Victorian Salon, as re-invented by the single eccentric dorky guy.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What's my next big adventure? I've gone on safari, and traveled the country in a pickup truck. I've rafted class 5 rapids, and love to snorkel. My next big adventure will be Colombia, to see some old friends (They have been trying for over a year to convince me it's safe... and I surrendered). And then I suspect Europe may be next on my list, but I can't help but check the cost to fly to Tahiti! Maybe the Great Barrier Reef. Perhaps Istanbul. So many places, so little time.

4/15 update: So, Colombia never panned out (My friends moved from Cartagena to South Korea). Instead, last year was Puerto Vallarta, London, and Paris! Not shabby, eh? Still thinking Tahiti.

5/17 update: Went on an Alaskan cruise! Not quite as exotic as trips that I ordinarily like to take, but it was an opportunity to hang with old friends, which is always a reward. Did ziplining, whale watching, and ate too much. Vacation! Left on the plus side from the casino, which was a pleasant surprise.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have decided that this is a fairly lame question. I have no typical Fridays.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I make up songs to sing to my dog. Usually involves bath time.

New funny side-story addition: 3/25/13
I was having breakfast at the Cup and Saucer cafe on Hawthorne, and I was plugged into my iPhone. There was a beautiful young woman who was sitting next to me, with what appeared to be her mom. When my food arrived, this woman taps me on the shoulder to ask me a question. I was so flabbergasted to be in a conversation with this woman, that instead of pulling my ear-buds out, I took my glasses off! (Niiiiice...) Of course, the question she had for me was, "What did you just order? That looks great!" Of course, she had to repeat herself, because, like a dummy I still had my ear-buds in. And, I didn't get to fully enjoy the conversation, because this woman was now a complete blur.

So, I will admit to getting literally stunned by beauty. It's true. This happens to men sometimes. Ha! I'm just glad to be able to squeak out "Um. Home fried potatoes with the works... and a side of bacon." I rock! (ahem)
You should message me if
You want to go on a big adventure... or if you want coffee.
Portland is a great town to do things in, and I'd like someone to share exploring all the cool nooks and crannies this city has to offer.

Either way, I'm in the meeting mood.

OK! You're done. Congratulations if you made it to the end of the profile!
The two of us