30 Huntington Beach, United States
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My self-summary
Hey :)

[insert daps and pleasantries]

So, this partnering thing is nuts kinda, right. How's it going for you? It feels like there's a lot to learn out here in the mosh pit. Maybe let's do the important bits up front. Time is love.

1. Rotating geography is a thing. But I've got space and time and mad stillness available for the ones who matter. Always.

2. Getting married sounds chill. I'd be into that.

3. ...the picket fence and nuclear family part, though. Not so much.
Suburban bliss is beautiful, it's just seriously not in my stars.

4. Following Jesus the best I know how. Much like neon spandex, wearing Christianity out the house takes balls. Difficult to pull off without context and nuance.

5. I am very wild and very loyal, seeking same.

Glad you're here. You're probably pretty rad.

I'm actually a lot more interested in learning about you. Vamos.
What I’m doing with my life
Having a lot of fun.

For the purposes of indexing and cocktail napkins, I'm a social justice activist and an artist. I create stuff. Many stuffs.

Life is full. Unusual. Fast. Happy.

Imagine a gypsy who learned to balance a checkbook. I might be responsible for a trail of blown out speakers across several timezones. Nomadic adult. Economic equality, race and class dynamics are my lane. I build things, help people, and I play them songs. Not too much else matters.

What moves you?
I’m really good at
Unorthodoxy. Kindness. Being more of a Katharine than an Audrey. Risks. Making out in the backseat. Poetry. Going deep. Learning both sides of a harmony. Departure lounges. Smiles. General Vixenry. Going deeper. Touch. Love. Singing in hallways and other inappropriate places. Cookies from scratch. Romance (Love's younger, smoother cousin). Respect. Passion. The bright side. Wordplay. Learning. Getting off on strategic thinking and analysis. Passport photos. Making people feel comfortable and seen. Loyalty. Subtext. Getting away with being far too intense. Joy. Explaining gitana. Being thoughtful. Reciting every square inch of Disneyland. Compassion. Getting what I came for. Heat. Rebel tendencies. Painting at night to oldies music (oil and Motown to get specific). Remembering your birthday. Leaving stuff better than I found it.

Personal integrity + strong character are everything. I do my best on staying good at those.
The first things people usually notice about me
Curves and enthusiasm.

I'm a lot. A live wire intentionally rather gentle with people. A hopelessly terrible fuckin' mouth. Equal parts boombox and thesaurus. Seriously, though, travel all the time. Movement is just in my blood (join me, she whispers). What I lack in zipcode attention span, I make up for with a hella steady heart. Time spent with me generally means tickets and timezone shifts. This likely freaks you out a bit, yet gives you a mild boner. Good.

I'm not a lady. I am a dame.
There's a difference and I'd love to show you.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Wildsauce, hippiechristian things: Chan. Idleman. Claiborne. Lewis. Goins. Campolo. Miller. The Tattooed Nadia. Keller. Crowder. Platt. You feel me.

The rest: Tennessee Williams, Hamilton literally 5 years before it was cool (literally), Coates, Thoreau, quantum physics tho, miscellaneous basslines, Adyashanti, BBC, pop2k with no shame, Melissa Harris-Perry. Oscar Wilde + NYT. Strings get me everytime. Alexandre Dumas speaks the heart pattern. Any sociopolitical research served with a side of fuck the system. Mysticism is legit. Rob Thomas is a thing. Michael Jackson is forever.

The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about

Building organization(s). The beach. Beach music. How much more I have to save to afford my beach home. Fulfilling my purpose. Ghettos y barrios. Music. Movement. Where to find a true gentleman with a filthy mouth. The Movement (a different thing). Refreshing my garters + pearls. Music. The whatwherehow of living out dreams. Actual adventure. Liberation theology. How bad my Arabic is. Music. Ephesians. Tequila. Music. How Lenny Kravitz and I have the same natural hair texture. Rhythm. Health. Global economy issues. Itineraries. How vinyl doesn't fit in a suitcase. Jesus. Music. Entrepreneurship. The difference between religion and faith. If RHCP songs can be lived out. Why it's so hard for brown kids to survive in 21st century America and how I can change that. Improving my Morse Code. Entanglement (quantum, skin in sheets, all kinds). Music. Neon. Going fast. Lyrics. How bad my Spanish is. Miscellaneous creative shit. Surfing. Music. MUG Rootbeer. Rehab work on a cranberry vintage car. How bad my Hindi is. Music. Going faster. Ink on skin and paper. Strength. My love/hate relationship with Hillsong. Resistance. The pros and cons of being untamed. God. How bad my French is. Sex. Glitter. When husband stopped being a scary word. Glitter. Music. My book acquisition and library fetish. Surrender. Psalms. Why Rainbow sandals cost so much. and getting back to the beach...where my soul is.

What the heck this is like and wondering if anyone else is thinking about it, too:
On a typical Friday night I am
En serio? Spreadsheets and mint chip.
Like, sometimes cooler things happen.
But in the interest of keeping it real...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There was a time when I was fluent in Elvish. Word.

I am shit at dating.
I am absolutely fabulous at love.
You should message me if
Short version:
sweatyhotfilthyscreaminmonogamy. With passports. You in?

You should write me if kindness is your default.
Your soul leaves waterstains on things.
You are bold as fuck. You are principled as fuck.
Electric. Ocean. Hurricane. Fire. You get called stuff like that.

You're going about your Father's business. You've sorted out how you want to contribute to life. Social justice is important to you. You're brilliant and remarkably capable and obsessed with what you do. You've learned who you are. You love who that man is. You know what's worth your sweat and full intention. You see the fine line between being free and being reckless (bonus points if you learned the hard way). Your word means everything when you give it. You treat yourself and others awesomely. Your passion is slightly fueled by something to prove. You are super stoked about this life thing, imperfect as it may be.

You're good at saltwater, drunken close dancing, going all in for the things that matter without hesitation, accruing skymiles, and signing up for Saturday volunteer shifts.

Loyalty is everything. Being fine as hell is also helpful.

In sum, I just want to sing you songs and make you pancakes.
Get at me. Allons-y!