32Detroit, United States
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My self-summary
a midwestern heart, country-roots raised in the mitten state on a dirt road down the way from a trailer park.

i've streaks of anarchist, activist, artist, pagan, witch, queer, nonmongamist, etc. all running through me... and miss having folks close who can at the very least relate if not teach and/or passionately volley with me.

i'm conscientious and considerate, engaging and (mostly) articulate. i can sometimes be a handful in terms of too many ideas at once... but i'm generally able to offer myself to a conversation on almost anything. i miss late night discussions that mean something. i miss parties with a purpose. i miss non-biological family and closed-loop systems. i miss. i miss. i miss.

i am currently in a committed non-monogamous relationship with an amazingly talented and intelligent person who is currently living in Milwaukee. If you aren't down with/curious about nonmonogamy. I'm not the one for you.

i feel as though this is all over the place, and i apologize. it is difficult, as you know, to summarize the multitudes in any one of us into these little boxes, but thus is the way --- please do inquire at will. i'm actually quite articulate when the opportunity to be so seems a promising one.
What I’m doing with my life
plotting a resurrection through a slinky genderfuct alter-ego. sifting the modes of spirit and left-hand paths. writing letters. performing. growing. foraging. processing. dressing up. dancing. planning an escape. practicing radical self-love. practicing emotional literacy. learning. loving. letting go.

practically --- I am a writer and a teacher. I work generally as an adjunct english instructor and traveling in the time between semesters performing poems and songs and other things. i run a small literary press, and curate events of communal and artistic nature when I am properly rooted.
I’m really good at
making messes smell better for the sake of guests. discoursing the devastation, potential, and causality. offering compliments to whirlwinds and breezes alike. constructive criticism over a long lunch break. anxiety-surfing. following through on tasks both menial and over-whelmingly impossible. throwing up antagonistic or otherwise unabashed encouragement. taking terrible pictures from off the walls of restaurants. walking long distances in bad shoes. traveling for free to cheap by singing in front of a bunch of faces and fingers. being sincere about my preference for the cold. loving those undeserving alongside those who are, longing for something substantial. lusting in the morning. being reverent of custodians. navigation by nose. cohesion under pressure. oral sex in three speeds and with varying intensities. and on in dribbling accumulations ad infinitum.

i honestly have a rather agile singing voice, quite a sense of rhythm and solid skills behind a drum set, a way with words, a way with people... and references to prove it.
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm sure there are a variety of things. i currently have on very lively blue nail polish. I'd like to think people are checking out my butt.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
warning: the following lists will contain unabashed plugs for those considered peers or contemporaries, thereby some of this list is perhaps miserably obscure... the purpose in doing this (and i do feel some humbled purpose is essential to validate such an onerous demand of your attention) is of course to entreat you unbury these names and relish in the things they do... i will be sure to catalogue some more well known artists to offer suggestion of my tastes to a broader audience.


prose: djuna barnes, herman melville, donald barthelme, aldous huxley, john barth, vaclav havel, italo calvino, alfred jarry, ray bradbury, william s. burroughs, laurence sterne, dorothy parker, jr tolkein, anias nin, samuel beckett, d.h. lawrence, aphra behn, zora neale hurston, okla elliot, eileen myles, unica zurn, megan giddings, shakespeare, others. many others.

poem: wallace stevens, russell edson, walt whitman, sylvia plath, mina loy, guillaume apollinaire, ted hughes, stephen crane, matthew arnold, john berryman, hannah weiner, the baroness elsa von freytag-loringhoven, kenneth patchen, jackson mac low, ed dorn, rob halpern, nick demske, dolly lemke, amos tutuola, franklin rosemont, arimi baraka, ee cummings, catherine wagner, aase berg, mc hyland, daniela olszewska, gene tanta, evan willner, susan schultz, kritsy bowen, matthew klane, erika jo brown, sarah fox, jennifer karmin, laura goldstein, chelsea tadeyeske, cynthia spencer, etc.

screen: guilty pleasures: thelma and louise, a league of their own, the craft, natural born killers, the crow, etc. --- also animators jans svankmajer, jim henson, jiri trinka, will vinton. documentary, serial productions of an educational nature, etc. been known to enjoy other things. wish i knew more film-makers.

definitive of song: very album oriented, ... that being said...
songstresses such as tori amos, kate bush, fiona apple, pj harvey, etc. also industrial staples (think wax trax/nettwerk/nothing records) spastic jazz metal amalgamations (think early relapse/hydra head/robotic empire/now or never records and subsequent) weirdo or eerie folk (think secretely canadian, ashmatic kitty, jade tree, polyvinyl, etc.) a list of rad lady emcees --- jean grae, psalm one, nitty Scot mc, Lizzo, the buttress, hip hop such as aesop rock, old dirty, outkast, bone thugs n harmony, clouddead, and so on... wait... what have i done... i can't exhaust all of these... folk music, mo-town, classic rock, r&b, prince... it never ends... huge fan of cassettes so the nostalgia factor is not lost on me.

recent spins: janelle monae, light asylum, ponytail, dark dark dark, the locust.

definitive of sight: gustav klimt, alphonse mucha, jules cheret, aubrey beardsley, russell mills, late 19th century german realism, francesca woodman, rosie ships, edie fake, kenneth patchen, etc.

definitive of nourishment: raw garlic, brussel sprouts and sprouts in general. eggs. spinach. kale. kumquats. pomegranates. carrots. yogurt. beets. lentils. brown rice. dark chocolate, nuts of all sort, morels, shiitakes, maitakes, sea vegetables, fresh things. vegetarian is me.
Six things I could never do without
People. language. intellect (of my own and those around me). water. inspiration. collaboration.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the historical applications of shame. equality. disaster. how memory is made obsolete by home movies. the sociology of cities, neighborhoods, communities. collectivism. the roots and implications of myth, folklore, religion. familial disintegration or cooperation as the case may be. the world between the things i sense. universal formulations. sexuality. non-monogamy. genderfuck. the distribution of wealth. the futility of sententious and cannibalistic socio-political movements. theorizing vs. acting. food production. language as a cognitive system. the possibility of a larger life force having an investment in the smaller ones which occupy the universe as we know it. the potential of people. growth. the uselessness of art when only fashion or antagonism.
On a typical Friday night I am

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
this line is fine -
You should message me if
you would like to invite me to something interesting.

you can hold your own in a debate.

you love deeply and sincerely.

you would like to trade a back massage.

you appreciate collaboration and cooperation.

you are open to or interested in non-monogamy/polyamory.
The two of us