47 Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
What I love in life:

Music (I'm a professional choral conductor and a singer) - My tastes are pretty eclectic, as you can see below.

My dog and cat - the loves of my life (She's pretty cute, huh?)

Nature and the outdoors, gardening

What's important to me:

Culture (my own Swedish and Jewish, the NY sassy variety) and Urban (theater, concerts, etc).

Progressive politics, environmentalism

Intellectual and emotional connections with others.

Personal growth

Staying fit (I swim, hike, run, yoga - something every day. Keeps me healthy, happy, and wise).

What's fun:

Getting down to 70s funk with the girls (and those occasional guys that can boogy like we do, but you know...). Sorry, I seem incapable of dancing to the various rave styles or hip hop. I need music in my music, and some real groove.

Hot tubbing/ Hot springing

Parties with the peeps - ex burners know how to have a good time. Emphasis on ex burners - the builders and artists from the early days. I haven't been in 10 years and don't expect to go back. But I do love the desert when it's sparsely populated.

Beach runs with the dog. We like Stinson best. She's a terrier. She keeps me busy.

I often feel like a bundle of contradictions. I definitely don't fit into a standard mold and I'm generally drawn to other functional misfits. Try as I might, I don't really get geek or nerd culture, prevalent though it is among Bay Area men these days.

At various times I will tell you I'm Jewish, Atheist, Buddhist - and I don't see a contradiction there or that I'm a flakey Californian. I'm want to think of much theology as an often interesting and sometimes disturbing mythology. I'm a bit mystified that we base so much of our culture on what I believe is likely a fictional character - so almost mass psychosis. One of my personal contradictions is that my work in choral music intersects quite a lot with that fiction. I've learned to reconcile that. Life is full of those thorny disconnects, isn't it?

I've worked hard to create a life that's fulfilling and reasonably secure. I'm attracted to men who live outside the box as well, but enough in the box to cover their bases. Goofiness is sexy, maturity is sexy too!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a choral conductor and teach various music subjects at the university level, like music theory and history. It's a pinch-me job and I'll keep doing it as long as they let me.

I'm also making a documentary film about Izzy Young (the Greenwich Village folk music promoter, presenter of Dylan's first NY concert; it's getting me really into those early blues, folk musicians like Rev Gary Davis, etc.)

I do some other music stuff too - play a wineglass organ (it's pretty damn neat actually, not to toot my own horn), sing, etc.
I’m really good at
Singing really high. Listening. Massaging. Following through on ideas and projects. Honesty. Throwing dinner parties.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m petite. My eyes are two colors. People tend to think I'm about 10 years younger than I am.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sorry to be a snob... but this section is important to me. We don't have to have the same likes, but it's nice to see when you've got quality likes!

Books: Rushdie (Oh you fabulous spinner of fables!), Michael Chabon (Esp Yiddish Policemen's Union), Virginia Woolf, Annie Proulx (esp Shipping News), Confederacy of Dunces, Nabakov's Pnin, Catch-22. Currently on a Jonathan Franzen kick - just finished "The Corrections" and now "Freedom." Murakami's 84 is next. Got any good reads to suggest?

Music: Joni Mitchell, Britten, Weill, Bach, Sigur Ros, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (extra points if you were here for that), Mahler, Bartók, Reich, Radiohead, Stevie Wonder, Schubert, Mozart, Prokofiev, Beatles, Harry Nilsson, Cocteau Twins (love singing along with Elizabeth Fraser), Kate Bush (love singing along with her too, and her brilliant incorporation of Eastern European choral music. wow), David Bowie, Rufus Wainwright, Richard Thompson, XTC, Prince, Elvis (Costello, of course), Parliament (I live in Oakland after all, P-funk!), Swedish folk music... on and on... I wish I could join the modern world and be more into EDM and hiphop, but just can't seem to make myself bend that way. Sorry! Although I still appreciate old gangster rap, believe it or not. And I do love Brian Eno.

Theater: Angels in America and all things Kushner, Shakespeare. I love theater. Love it.

Movies: M, Fanny & Alexander, Synecdoche New York, Life Aquatic (and anything by Wes Anderson. For all of you Moonrise Kingdom fans - I was stoked to hear several of my favorite Britten children's pieces on that sound track, not to mention all the French 60s pop), Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead. I just saw Youth - totally loved it.
TV: The Prisoner, The Wire, Brideshead Revisited. Okay... I know that list is completely, well. Yeah... some of the newer series are guilty pleasures. House of Cards. Anyone checked out Hannibal? The design alone makes it worth watching - really interesting mix of eras.

Food: Tapas, Japanese, Middle Eastern, homemade delights, seafood, etc, etc. Not much of a meat eater, but not a vegetarian either. I like to cook and can food grown in my garden. Lots of squash this summer, lots of ratatouille. I make fig chips!
The six things I could never do without
Soft things (pets, blankets)
Friends that remind me what matters
Music that transports me
Nature (preferably out of reach of civilization) and getting dirty in the garden
Culture – theater, music, literature – things that make me think, feel, and go deeper
And a 7th... Honesty
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The state of the world and our planet, social justice, religion/overpopulation and its impact on resources, how we got here and what I can do on my end (I try- electric car, solar panels, grow food, etc).

Sometimes I think I should have moved to NYC years ago - I think I'd fit in better, somehow. But I love it here, what can I do?
On a typical Friday night I am
At a concert (sometimes my own). Making dinner with friends. Checking out a film. Or cuddling with my cat and dog. On the sofa reading or watching a film or series on Netflix.

Listening to my housemate spin 45s - 60s soul, 70s psych, 80s power pop - you get the picture. Pretty great to have your own private DJ.

Would rather be camping. Would rather be dancing.
You should message me if
There's something here you resonate with.
You're not polyamorous or politically conservative (I've tried that. Live and learn)