26 Antelope, United States
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My self-summary
lets just say i get bored and write, and they come out, as a rhyme form,

gaze into your eyes, before u hyptonize, you have to realize, im comin with a whole new size, never would i tell you lies, im not one to despise, that good comes in many different forms, get too close an get stuck by deadly thorns, i let my barrier down for you, yet you are so beautiful, for you is a little rhyme, cause i got the time, fuckin with me is like fuckin with a land mine, but you already know, that ur all mine, like they say, redheads stick together, for some reason ive been attracted, love how you reacted, i aint down with a wam bam, thank you maam, im in it for the long run, like a smokin gun, comin with heat, u will never find someone like mee from the street, noone can match my angelic beat, girl get ready cause im about to sweep you off ur feet.

when the fog rolls,
it brings chills,
goin through the booth got to pay the tolls,
as the fog rolls over these hills,

when the fog rolls around,
it brings darkness,
heard a funny sound,
comin out the abyss,
cause the fogs got u bound,
can u make it through this,

this fog is at its max,
blowin off steam,
comin through the fog comes jax,
fogs rollin through the stream,
straight slippery like wax,
can the fog take my team

why must we roll through the fog,
all we do is get lost,
got me thinkin damn dog,
whats this gonna cost,
look through the fog an see a hog,
watch out cause u just got tossed,

on the side lines,
takin all fines,
bitch this shit is mines,
fuck wit me im comin wit nines,
watch out for these land mines

cause im bout to blow,
just let this attitude go,
let all u mother fuckers know.

who i am exactly,
cause u is lookin tacky.
an comin a lil lacky,
but my shit is a lil wacky,

is there really somethin wrong with me,
why cant i see, why cant i be where i wanna be,
why does this shit always happen to just me,

i dont know, but there is somethin that i would like to know,
where an i supposed to go, how is this soul supposed to flow,
i jus wanna let this heart blow, i was tryin to take shit slow,

why u treat me like a stain, jus pick at ur brain,
an find a reason to maintain, i find a way to refrain,
my soul i have to restrain, my life has been slain,

feels like it always does, dont know its jus cause,
thats how shit is, i know the bis, but they say he is gonna get his,
dont put me down, cause i wont hit the ground, i jus want u to come around, but this is a strange sound,

why do they do me wrong, i know im truely strong,
so why the fuck am i singin this song, jus wanna take another rip off my bong,

why the fuck u got to play this game, nothin would have been the same,
girl u really want fame. but this is a man you cant tame.
i got to hold my frame. so what u tryin to claim.

why u gonna run? i aint jus tryin to have fun, i dont know what else to say, i told u i wouldnt play, games with your mind, feels like im stuck in a bind, but with you i was tryin to grind, i cant get you off my mind,

i am who i am,
im about what im about,
hit me up, and find out.
cause im not sayin shit on this.
u got a question for me, ask,
u got somethin to say to me, do it.

I am single,, bored, and wanting to hang out.
What I’m doing with my life
im doing what i do.

i call this one bad

hey this shit is about to drop,
u know im not gonna stop,
bitch no gun goes pop,
but wit ur face im bout to mop,
so get out wit that sop,

cause i dont fuckin care,
bitch dont act hard,
bitch dont stare,
cause im the wrong card,

bitch im a fuckin king,
i dont just fuckin sing,
i dont need all that fuckin bling,
so lets have a fling,

here is how its gonna be,
bout to get knocked out,
bitch by me,
lets see what u about,
lets see,
lets hear u shout,

why u actin like a bitch,
lookin like a snitch,
gettin more than jus one stitch.

this shit is gettin quick,
i gives a fuck bitch take ur pick,
get ur whole click,

ill take em all,
bitch this is my call,
cause im gettin on the ball,
at a steady crawl,

hear me howl,
see me scowl, bitch ask urself why,
why must u cry,
think bout this, u bout to die.

this is just another.

come see me unless ur scared,
mother fucker i come prepared,
but u know im retired, silly bitch u think uve been inspired,

u aint shit,
but scum under my foot,
fuck off for u get hit,
stomped out under my boot,
cause i give a fuck jus a lil bit,
rip this shit up by the root,

u lookin like a flower,
bitch im lookin like a tower,
not this shit is gettin faster,
an higher, jus a lil better,

my fist is gettin wetter,
soaked in blood,
bitch i aint never scared,
so beware the flood,

cause i give a fuck less,
stupid lil bitch lookin like a ness,
imma beat ur ass from east to west,
mother fucker u know the rest,
im puttin ur soul to rest,
u should know u fuckin wit the best,
come through my hood u better wear a bullet proof vest,
cause imma put two to ur chest,

bitch im runnin ur block, i dont give a fuck,
fuck around an meet the glock,
mother fucker look at the clock,
ur dome im about to rock,
mother fucker suck my fuckin cock,

get on the floor an strip,
mother fucker this shits bout to rip,
uhhh dont trip, u steady need to get a grip,

steady as im smokin a stoge,
im goin rogue, im gettin fresher,
call me the highlands crusher,

cause im a newely found hitman,
an, u know i can,
mother fucker u got no fan,
so get ur bitch ass in this van,
now i want u to stan,

mother fucker imma have to refrain,
my composure i got to maintain,
damnit mother fucker on my shirt is a blood stain,

oh ya an another thing,
there is a big defference between talkin tough, an bein tough,
do u know what that might be?
now i aint gettin all huffy wit u,
unless u give me a reason.
please dont give me a reason,
an dont call me a punk ass bitch,
cause u might end up layin face first in a ditch,
u think my ass is gonna get beat,
motha fucker im straight from the street,
out the hood, what u think ur a wood?
or u think u a blood, cause trust me,
here comes a flood,
i aint got time to play no fuckin games,
so go ahead an pick at ur fuckin brains,
try to find a way to maintain,
cause i always find a way to refrain,
i aint much of a fighter anymore,
but step up an try to score,
u aint gonna be comin back for more,
this is how i do,
if u wanna fuck wit me u got to be true,
so take some time to brew,
take a rip off the bong,
go ahead an laugh at this song,
i need a smokin homie,
what u say?
u down,
dont fuck around,
cause ill put ur ass on the ground,
ya thats me,
all these mother fuckers a wanna be,
take some time an try to see,
all the hair popin out this weed,
damn i need to smoke indeed,
soon as u take that first rip its like ur soul has been freed,

hey yo,
i know u can flow,
so sit back an let it go,
if u cant think of anything jus let that shit blow,
when u done readin through it u see a glow,

lets see what u got,
if u think ur hot,
ur prolly not,

so go head an drop a rhyme,
this shit is so easy i can drop it on a dime,
everyone knows this shit cause its mine,
my words from my head, fuck around an im puttin u in ur eturnal bed,

really though, jus say what comes to mind,
do it one word at a time,
an throw a sentance infront of it,
think on it for a lil bit,
an that shit will hit.

i call this one fuck you

ya bitch welcome to my blog,
shits so hard, its covered in a fog,
wonderin if u pulled the rite card,
u should know ur fuckin with a hog,

i keep shit real,
bitch i love the thrill,
from me u should never steal,
cause for that i would kill,

got me wonderin around,
like a shadow, beating off the ground,
lookin through a window, waiting for that sound,
like a car show, u should know im a hound,

cause i dont fuckin care,
go ahead a try to throw that intimate stare,
this attitude is about to fuckin flair,

dont fuckin push me,
cause ill step over the limit,
what the fuck are u tryin to be,
cause i wont take it,
so why cant u see,
that i can make it.

make it last,
u got to look past,
in the lime lite imma bast,
but this pole i got to cast,
listen closely cause this is comin fast.

gettin ready to hit,
find me suckin on that clit,
an hittin it jus a lil bit,
so why dont u jus sit,
an stop throwin ur lil fit,

u may think imma prick,
but i aint no bitch like nick,
difference is i know imma dick,
an u aint fuckin slick,

go head an step,
mother fucker take a look at my rep,
cause this shits got to prep,

this is whats been kept,
finally got the balls an stepped,
but this mother fucker done got wrecked,

so what u tryin to bed,
bitch im runnin ur set,
got me caught in a fine net,
runnin around like ur soakin wet,

im about to beat ur ass,
bitch i dont even need class,
u know everone has,

keep ur stance,
bitch watch me prance,
an enhance,
this potential,
ya u can say im mental,

a lil looney,
call me goerge clooney,
this mother fucker comin straight out the boony,
bitch im about to get ur booty lol.

another one

ive never been into anyone, as much as i am into you, sometimes i dont know what to do, or say, i dont have time to play, an with you ganes u shall never play, cause i wouldnt undermind you, an its not ur booty girl, its ur beauty, ur really are gorgeous as hell, a ten on a scale, i love ur mindset, an what u wanna bet, u prolly feel the same, hope im not wrong, but somethin i cant quite name, an we are the only ones to blame, for u girl i would give up fame, come with me, an nothin is gonna be the same, girl ur gonna see, that this shit was destined to be, now dont let me scare you, but take some time to brew, an get a clue, that i really like you. girl u should know im down to ride, feel like i can do anything wit u by my side, there is no reason to hide, so lets put all this shit aside, come to me an let our love glide, soar through the sky, off life im so high, with you i feel i can fly, do you feel me now, jus ask urself how, askin why, why do you have to cry, but there is somethin i cant lift, but yet this shit is oh so swift, from me you shall get a gift, go lookin for a time rift, tryin to get the quick swift, i swear u got my tongue in a bind, thinkin you got a hold on my mind, i gotta get on my grind, for you i try to find, i cant help but to be overwhealmed by ur beauty, so one last time, come with me baby, till the end of time, till then its the end of this rhyme

and another one called chill

everyone jus tries to tell me to chill,
but thats somethin i jus dont feel,
why u actin like imma kill.
got me thinkin but still,
im not the one that needs to chill,

u need to stop, an breath,
for real off top, this is plain to see,
why are u constantly fuckin wit me,
all these mother fuckers dont know who i be,

im all about respect,
stupid mother fucker what u expect,
take time to reflect, an get it to detect,
no regret, im the new suspect

why u frettin off somethin so small,
take a listen to my demonic call,
take a walk down my angelic hall,
but here comes ur downfall,

its time for me to raise through the ashes,
time to come out these crashes,
go pick through these stashes,
some fell they have no matches

noone to call their own,
live their life alone,
but some also think they are grown,
so many times this shits been shown,
but ur life u have thrown,

smashed into the ground,
like this man has been bound,
held by chains, this is my sound,
go head an pick at ur brains,
u should know u fuckin wit a hound,
covered in blood stains,
u know its me when i come around,
cause he come those old pains.

this one was new at one point lol, its called new

damn girl ur so fuckin fine,
i just gotta make you mine,
an hold u close to me,
only for the time,
why cant u see,
that it was meant to be,
u and me,
all i can say is damn baby,

everytime i gaze into ur beautiful face,
i can help but to think,
that im goin for you in haste,
dont wanna miss shit, i aint gonna blink,
but my heart has just been hit,
i dont think you can handle it,

this is what it is,
you used to be his, now its me and u,
so what are you trying to do,
cause girl u should get a clue,
givin me time to brew,

u know i would lick you,
from ur slit, to ur clit,
play wit u just a lil bit,
mmmm that pussy im about to hit,
but take some time to sit,

cause this is gonna be bangin,
me an u gonna be hangin,
wit you i dont even need to be slangin,
but damn baby u are bangin,

u want romance,
im holdin my stance,
this man is about to enhance,
love so good comin straight out of france.

for u ill run through flowers,
cause ur beauty if higher than the tallest sky scrapers,
my love for u will burn like the twin towers,
i know thats fucked up to say,
but hey,
its how u put it, that makes it count,

can u hear me ringin this bell,
this weed i no longer need to sell,
but i know im goin to hell,
but whats that smell,
it smells like ur pussy,
an it taste so luvely,
u would know if i was shady,
but i aint, an i aint no saint,
damn girl no need to faint,

u know who this is about,
girl ur gonna shout,
an ur about to find out,
exactly what im about.
ur about to squirt like a pourin spout,

damn girl u got a sexy strut,
an u got a nice ass butt,
gettin me thinkin what what,
u know im wantin to get up in that gut,
but not in that butt, an plz baby dont think ur a slut,

cause it aint even like that,
but u got me throwin on this hat,
i dont even need a bat, but its about time we sat,
cause this relation is gonna be s fat,
never will i walk over you like ur a floor mat,
so why u actin like a cat, girl i like it just like that

so why dont u drop that ass down,
pick it back up, an lets fuck wild all over the ground,
we be goin wild behind the bedroom door,
cause im hittin in on the bedroom floor,
imma get u wantin to come back for more,
baby i aint jus tryin to score. im lookin for alot more.

u know imma stay loyal,
girl ill treat u like ur royal,
but one thing i wont do is spoil,
like a snake girl imma coil,
like water ur gonna boil,

girl i can turn you into a freak,
from ur pussy juices are goin to leak,
u know u can speak,
girl i know ur a lil freak,

jus waitin to be let out,
u know u like this,
an never will i tell u not to speak,
beauty that reflect off even foil,
girl imma go till i reach your core.

what was it that u said?
damn i cant wait to get u in my bed,
u like me sure as my hair is red,
girl get it through ur head,
that imma be here,
an i aint goin nowhere,
despite what u hear,

dont beleive that shit,
jus get to know me,
an u will see,
every ounce of love in me.
an every bit of soul thats meant to be

something is going down

oh shit, somethins goin down,
i dont think u can handle it,
this mother fucker is bout to be bound,
cause i really dont give a shit,
get ur ass on the ground,
an shut the fuck up for a minute,

cause this is what i got to say,
i jus love to play,
got me thinkin ok,
this shits bout to blow,
its ur time to go, try to tramp through the snow,
i know everywhere u go,
fuck around an get visited by that crow.

thats the death bird,
but u done end up third,
did i pull the rite card,
i didnt think this shit would be so hard,

ya u heard what i said,
as sure as im a redhead,
damn girl i cant wait to get u into my bed,

cause somethin is goin down,
ur about to be bound,
listin to this sound, layin on the ground,
cause girl im a hound,
but you i finally found,

i dont know what to do,
i guess i got a clue,
jus takin the time to brew,
like the most tasteless stew,
u cant even measure up to my crew,
that consists of me myself and i,
fuck with me an ur gonna fuckin die,
ya stupid lil bitch go ahead an cry.

cause never will u break me,
why cant u really see,
that im as strong as can be,
u cant fuck with me,
ur gonna end up floatin in the sea,
or like a lonely pea, cause i finally feel free,

like holy shit this weight has been lifted,
the weight has done shifted,
this man is about to get drafted,
like this man has been shafted,

cause u know im a modern day mage,
keepin true to the sage,
an imma take another look at this page,
imma let this dog out his cage,
watch out cause im about to release all my rage,

i dont give a fuck about family,
cause family dont give a fuck about me,
so what the fuck is the point,
so shut the fuck up an rull up this joint,
all they do is flap they gums,
like they think im fuckin scums.

this stupid bitch thinks im full of drama,
bitch im about to tell ya,
an let ya know,
ur so fuckin funny,
lookin so fuckin slutty,
get the fuck on an go,

ya you know who im talkin about,
bitch no need to shout,
ur finally gonna hear me out,
there is no drama in my life,
i thought i should persue you wit strife,
fuck that shit,
hell no,
peace bitch im gone.

to live and die in sacramento

to live and die in sacramento
to live and die in sacramento,
you know this is the ghetto,
where niggas get killed everyday,
these mother fuckers dont play,
but some of these mother fuckers are so gay,
but they should know that i dont play,

everyday someone gets shot,
dont roll through my spot,
thinkin ur somethin tough,
cause this shit out here is rough,
we stay sac bread till we die,
but we jus cant get enough,
fuck around an get a bullet in ur eye,

if ur comin round here u better wear a Kevlar vest,
or we gonna put two in ur chest,
bitch ur fuckin wit the best,
u dont want to put me to the test,
cause this shits like a fuckin rats nest,

cause to live in sac,
is to die in sac, its where we all from,
so u might want to get the fuck back,
an go back to where u can from,
cause we know that u fuckin scum,
sittin back in sac sippin on bourbon an rum.

this mother fucker is slippin,
this is my rhyme im spittin,
this mother fucker is splittin,
fuckin around lookin like a kitten,
so get ur ass out the kitchen,
or u might get burned,
ur ass i done turned,

to live in sac is so fuckin fun,
my niggas dont even need no gun,
got me thinkin about none,
no way ur my hun,
but u im about to shun,

cause in sac we got the best smoke,
me an all my niggas straight toke,
but this but will give u a stroke,
watch out bitch ur about to croak,
watch out cause ur about to go up in smoke.

this one is just live an die

in this life what have i done wrong,
why must i be fucked over so,
tempt me to sing this song,
its about time to go, got me trampin through the snow,
ive been waiting so fucking long,

but there is jus nothing,
im about to go hunting, why the fuck are u fronting,
there has to be something,
i dont know what the matter is,
dont know if i can handle this,
the soul of a man is only his, but my soul isnt filled wit bliss,

somethin like a closed fist, tryin to make it through the mist,
but u got me so fuckin pissed, got me strivin for this thirst,
but there is somethin u got to know first,

u aint fucking wit a punk off the streets,
u really think u can match these beats, get the fuck up out ur seats,
dont be steppin on my feets, shit so sharp like metal cleats,
comin around like a fake ass ghost wrapped in sheets

this is who i am,
this is how shits gonne be,
i dont give a fuck about them,
so shut the fuck up an listen to me,
an take the time to see, that everything that i though was meant to be,
is now dead to me, never goin to be, yet im so full of glea,

i wanted you on my team, but my respect u got to redeem,
i got to blow off some steam, what the fuck do u mean,
what the fuck do i mean, im so dirty but yet so clean,
fuck that gangster lean, u think ur really that mean,

ur nothin but a lil bitch,
fuck around an ur gonna end up in a ditch,
cause we dont fuck wit no snitch,
fuck around an u gettin more than jus one stitch,

im gonna beat ur ass, leave u twitchin in the grass,
smash ur head in with this brass, i dont even need to go to class,
u think u can handle this mass, bitch fuck you up ur ass,

this shit isnt nice, no fuckin way im gettin lice,
but u better think twice, an get wise,
cause im comin wit the whole fuckin world,
ya you im comin toward, slide it in wit the swiftness of a sword.
let u bleed out all over this board, ya bitch i just scored,

this is about to get intense,
so u should hence, an try to hop a fence,
cause im holdin my stance, there is no room to prance,
kill ur ass i dont even need a lance,
love so good swear im from france, but this is ur last chance,

to show what ur about,
silly bitch who is gonna hear u shout,
as sure as my family is also a stout,
ewwww dude do i smell some fuckin sour crout,
damn dog i think imma get sick,
oooooooo im about to beat the fuck out of nick.
next thing u know u hear a click,
damn ur so fuckin lucky,
click, click, click, click, but it looks like ur luck is about to run out,

damn this shit is makin me tired,
but i was jus a lil wired,
a lethal gun was hired,
ya thats me, but this has been inspired,
ya ur neck i done wired, an this gun has been fired,

damn rite past ur head, take ur bitch ass to bed,
cause imma put u in ur eternal bed, ya mother fucker u heard what i said,
fuck around an ur gonna be seein red,
ya u should have fled, mother fucker i aint no FED,
but yet again i say take ur bitch ass to bed.

my mom an sister kinda helped me u can say.

ur still foldin, im still rappin,
damn this beat is slappin, ur ass im smackin,
cause u know how we get shit crackin,
but ur lips shouldnt be flappin,

u know whats a napper,
fuck around an im commin with a clapper,
so get the fuck backer, cause u know im a cracker,
but i aint no hacker, may be a slacker,
i aint much of a rapper, but no matter,

im comin with this angus,
ugly bitch called agnus, ur shit be so fungus,
my shit be so magnus,

who knows whats a sassafras,
im about to clap that ass,
can u feel the strength of this bass,
dont be fooled go to class,
cause like me u end up a lass,

get ur shit done, dont be fuckin around wit a gun,
if u a man you dont run, cause combat is so fun,
look at me, its like looking into the sun,
cause this is how shits gonna be,
we dont keep shit PG,
cause you know we insanie,
bitch ill beat out ur branie,

cause if u think ur sain,
u better check ur brain,
before u get slain, comin here an face the main,
cause u better beleive i have to refrain,
from beatin in ur brain,

i know i just sait that,
but damn i got myself a nice hat,
but in a different term i put that,
but look ur ass is sat,
an i didnt even need a bat,
you pussy like a cat, an runnin ur mouth like a rat

quick like a hawk, bite like a shark,
and the transformation of the monarch,
the healing sounds of a lark,

im comin with the pen-dragon,
you dont see my pants saggin, damn why u naggin,
this mother fucker is laggin, why u hatin on all the faggin
this is my shit an it be raggin, but on you im baggin,
comin around here fraggin, were leavin u beggin

damn baby u got a nice butt, let me take u back to my hut,
so i can bust a nut, but i dont be fuckin wit no slut,
ur shits got to be clean, through ur pussy im gonna trut,
but damn u got me thinkin what,

do you know a didgeridoo,
thats one of those words that makes u wanna doo doo,
an prolly get a quick clue clue, cause we dont brew brew,
but damn i just knew knew, that this comes in few few,
but i wanna fuck with you you,

nothin more beautiful that amore,
everytime you come around im like eye,
got me wantin more, not jus tryin to score,
so what u say, cause girl ur not a bore,
i dont got no time to play, baby dont think ur a whore,

it aint even like that girl,
got me feelin like a squirl, through my bones i get a quirl,
feelin like im gonna hur,, im jus playin, you know u my girl,
im jus sayin, dont be comin round like clay akin
cause girl i be bakin, an akin, for ur lovin,

this aint the end, but its about time to decend,
so who u tryin to send, an get around this bend,
cause in me u have a friend, my hand to you i lend,


you want to know about my life,
well listen with strife,
cause this shit is cuttin like a knife,
mother fuckers aint gonna try to take my life.

i was born in sac,
raised to never back down,
go out than come back,
cause when i come around,
stupid mother fuckers smokin crack,
that bitch is gonna be on the ground,

i was raised in a trailer park,
there is where i met her,
lookin like a angel,
wit the side of a devil,
her name is jessica ferro,
from then i knew there was a spark,
but shit was too good to be true,
i instantly knew what i had to do,
we were nine,
thought it was a sign,

but i was dead wrong.
thats why im singin this song,
i dont even want to hit this bong,
got me feelin like im in hong kong,

when i was ten,
i met my homie ren,
an we was homies from the beginnin,
dont see why im so demonic,
got me thinkin im angelic,
haha hell no.
that shit has to go.
so let me continue wit this flow,

when i was 11,
had me feelin like i was seven,
all this shit happenin again,
i dont know why it happens to me,
why the fuck does this shit have to be,
nothin in life is free,
everything has a finders fee,
flyin around like a honey bee,

then i was twelve,
goin on thirteen, an fourteen,
i cant see myself dyin,
in a casket ill be lyin,
but nothin to be said,
sleepin in my eturnal bed,
as surelly as my blood is red,

here comes fifteen,
this is where my shit kicks off,
all these mother fuckers better get off,
cause im about to break fast,
slam u to the ground, an beat ur ass,
better think fast, cause this is about to pass,
go ahead an take a look into my past,

lets skip acouple years,
shit isnt important,

here we go,
now im 18,
an i dont play,
mother fuckers doin me wrong,
so what the fuck u got to say?
cause i dont give a fuck about you,
ur ass im gonna fullet,
u aint gonna catch a bullet,
but u better fuckin brew,
an get a fuckin clue,
cause im not comin wit a skillet,
but im comin wit the force of a fuckin bull dozer,
mother fucker rollin around like a rover,
thinkin im deep undercover,

thought you mother fuckers were my friends,
gets ur stupid asses around the bends,
an never come around agains,
u leave me no choice,
but to tell u to get the fuck on.
an never hit me again.
never talk to me again,
im so fuckin done,
tired of ur stupid fuckin games,
throwin out these stupid fuckin names,
puttin forth stupid fuckin frames.

cause im a fuckin soldier,
damn i thought i loved her,
but i guess it just goes to show,
jus how much u know,
about this person to which i am referring,
my vision is blurring, think im the one suffering,
silly bitch, u think ur funny,
never again will i call you hunny,
rapidly reproduce like a bunny,
not no but hell no,
never with the likes of you.

there goes another one, an NO RACIST I PROMISE

oh there goes another one,
better run,
this mother fucker is about to get his gun,
fuck wit me an get burned like the heat of the sun,
cause to me this shit is so fuckin fun,

ya bitch you just set my fuckin night,
bitch u dont even got to fight,
cause this shit is so far out of sight,
u took this to a whole new height,

bringin in that special needs, shit,
u gonna know when i make u bleeds,
only jus a lil bit,
make u swallow these giant beads,
watch out cause i come with the force of a mafia hit,

i dont give a fuck what u bang,
or what u claim,
like a nigger your going to hang,
mother fucker ur so lame,

u think ur tough,
cause ur in a gang,
mother fucker ill show u rough,
cause like a whiteboy your gonna hang,
got me thinkin enough,
bitch dont be talkin in slang,

holy shit all this looks new,
damn, did i finally get the clue,
wait, i got to take sometime to brew,
oh shit dont take the bait,
but i already knew

oh there goes another one,
now i dont even need my gun,
but u might still want to run,
cause this shit is still so fun,

damnit where the fuck is my beat,
now i want all of u to get out of ur seat,
get on ur fuckin feet,
an shake ur ass to the sound of the beat,
till i feel the fuckin heat,
but damn baby that shit looks neat,

back to the thrill,
cause i love to kill,
ya u know his name is bill,
buried that mother fucker in the side of the hill,
so silent an so still

u think this mother fucker gives a fuck,
i dont care if u get stuck,
ill blast ur ass like a duck,
throw u on the burner,
eat u like tina turner,
but its my dick this world has to suck.
cause i really dont give a fuck,

god damn this mother fucker is long,
but dont think im wrong,
cause this is my fuckin song,
so shut the fuck up an hit this bong.

pissed off

god damn what the fuck is wrong with people
this stupid bitch sittin on a steaple,
i dont know why they play fuckin games,
got me thinkin of all these names,
but there is noone to blame,
nothing is goin to be the same.
i dont give a fuck about the old friends,
those mother fuckers can get around those bends,
cause they are the old trends,
but there is one that can send,
that fuckin bitch can bend,
but not a hand i would lend,
if u were fallin, i would not catch you,
im so fuckin tired of tryin,
i know exactly what to do,
there is gonna be no praying,
so get a fuckin clue,
an listen to this saying.

cause these are fuckin mine,
bitch i can drop this shit on a fuckin dime,
seems i do this shit all the fuckin time,
the same old shit,
so fuckin tired of the same old hit,
so hold on for a bit,
cause this is about to get heavy,
an a little more ruthless,
i can give a fuck less,
about any of u stupid mother fuckers
tryin to fuckin drag me down,
i aint ever gonna hit the ground,
but go head an try this out,
bitch, noone will hear u shout,
ur finally gonna hear me out,
im gonna show u what im about,

so do what the fuck u do,
cause u should know,
that this isnt the end,
but the beginning,
this is jus gonna get worse before it gets better
so go ahead an put ur head in a blender,
its like this knife keeps gettin closer,
an this rhyme gets bolder,
an my soul gets closer,
but this shit is like a fuckin bull doser,
comin through ur hood,
not a good idea to fuck around,
if i was u,
i would run,
duck for fuckin cover,
cause this man is about to fuckin explode,
an my soul is about to fuckin implode,
ignorance is so full of fuckin bliss,
so go ahead an try to fuck with this,
ill send ur bitch ass into the dark abyss,
see how u like the darkness,
i am who i am,
if u dont like,

what the fuck makes u think i care,
go ahead an give me "the stare"
but this is a man, u can never scare,
so go ahead an reach out ur hand,
an get it in a bind,
go head an try to get into my mind,
ull drive urself fuckin crazy,
bitch ur gonna end up loony,
lookin like goerge cloony,
bitch ill cut ur tits off an glue them to ur booty,
so that ur man, an or girl has somethin to look at,
as sure as today is sat,
so watch out before u get hit by this bat,
called fuckin reality,
hits so hard,
u would swear it was a semi.
so shut the fuck up an say bye.

some dirty dirty

damn i jus lost my girl, but this game i got to redeem,
sittin thinkin everythins gone into a blur, jus walk an blow off some steam,
wait till shits cool, for that angry sex, baby go head an send me that text,
so i can fuck u so hard, the world will hear u scream,
damn girl i want u on my team,
this sexual tension has no release,
these sexual desires have no lease,
sexual fantasies dont have to tease,
but please, wrap those legs around me,
release those vocals like its supposed to be,
me an u plus a bed equals three, fuckin u so hard
ur soul is gonna be free, mmmm taste so good indeed,
u know this soul aint full of greed, aint tryin to plant my seed
jus havin some fun, through ur pussy im gonna run, ur pussy lips is gonna hum,
like we sippin on some rum, start on the bed end on the floor,
an go back to where we started from,
screaming behind the closed door,
noise barier everyone can hear,
these sexual desires i cant bare,
but not to stare,
cause this sexual frustration is rare.
come round here ur gonna get a scare,
cause i got that pussy stare,
hit it so hard like ur workin a bass snare,
ass so fragile gotta handle wit care,
pussy so delicious, ass so lucious,
mmmmm damn ur clit taste so scrumptious,
enough of that shit, get on that grown man shit,
u know where ur comin out of,
we aint takin flight like a dove,
this shit dont fit like a glove,
cant see that light comin from above,
jus the groans comin from below,
the boomin sound of the devil sayin hello,
i think its about time you know,
but it aint time to go,
dont even say so,
but i jus say no,
so what u comin round here fo
what u got somethin to sho
u bout to get took
bitch come round here u gonna get shook.
burned like a old book,
u can treat me like treasure,
cause im comin wit a whole new measure,
u know i got the pleasure,
for u i wouldnt hesitate,
but damn, i gotta go masturbate,
haha bet u thought,
this is a man that has fought,
for every fucking thing i stand for,
damn bitch ur a bore,
got me thinkin nore,
but i know u aint a whore,
but im jus lookin to score, get in get wet, get off, an get out,
but i aint down for no wam bam thank u maam,
or no tit tat thanks for that,
fwb is what its about,
everytime i see a shorty, i jus wanna shout,
growl wit all my might,
cause u know im comin in a whole new sight,
an comin wit a whole new height.
u know im about to eat that pussy rite,
cause i know that pussy is so tight,
an im jus gonna fuck u all night.

just fuckin around, i dont know lol

random lol.
hey yo this is comin off the top of my head, tired but dont want to go to bed,
so if u gonna laugh, go ahead, cause i gives a fuck i take a bath,
so this is comin on my behalf, so what u tryin to catch, bitch im makin a new batch,

u know, i have also realized what the modern world is coming to. stupid ass bitches,
fake ass punks, the world that we know is going to hell and guess wht,
im lucifer himself returned from the abyss, ao u reeally want to step to this,
im the hardest mother fucker, bitch u know im a monster, i stay in the dirty north,
stay smokin them blunts, u know my shit is so potent, everyone knows im livin for the moment, oh, all u get is torment, cause this is no longer dormant,

im straight comin at you, so what the fuck u tryin to do, cause this is the time to get a clue, bitch i aint even got to brew, i thought u knew, that this shit is new, this is comin straight, aint no need to hate, im jus lookin for my next mate, while sayin fuck this debate, hey yo u know everyone gotta masturbate,

sexy baby, got me thinkin maby, this shit is makin me crazy, hell no i aint gonna be lazy,
but this got my mind kinda hazy, i dont even want to quit, im just gonna lick ya a lil bit,
go crazy all ova that clip, damn baby, u know this is about to get hot, u know what i got,
girl im about to hit the spot, uhh hittin the slot

this shit is gonna arouse her, as well as im a HOUSER, ya u know thats my name, this shit aint my gamehow u feelin bout that trouser, haha not, got me sayin fuck this fame, this is a man u can never tame

i aint gangsta, bitch i aint no wanksta, this shit can get bad, u dont want to make me bad, cause i aint no pussy, u dont know how it would be, two hits, me hittin u, an ur dick hittin the ground, bitch now u know my sound, go head get up off the ground, cause u bout to be bound, so i wouldnt go an fuck around,

this shit is gonna get harder, an a lil faster, holdin on like plaster, u can call me ur master, bitch dont call me dog, i want u to say it backward, cause u fuckin wit a hog,
so what u doin afterward, cause im flyin, u know im soarin,

my verses stay clean, i never say the same things twice, it may not be nice, but u know what i mean, cause we livin for tomorrow, got me thinkin wow, rite before this bullet goes pow, what u thinkin now,

bitch u aint, bitch u cant, bet u wont, told u dont, whats up now, where u gonna go,
six feet under, ur ass bakin in the summer,

lets wrap this shit up, so shut the fuck up, an listen, cause u know im bout to be gasin, an fuckin blastin, bitch im smashin, im so dashin, i aint even flashin, so listen up, cause i just tore this shit up.

somethin else i wrote out.
my story is my story, shit never happens for my favor, come with me an let me be ur savior, bitch im gettin out on bad behavior, this shit is mine, im gettin on my grind, watch out im comin from behind, girl let me get into ur mind, ill be ur best friend, for u i feind, i swear this isnt my talk, jus tryin to fill my flask, this mother fucker is going to bask,

this girl got me in a trance, baby u know im holdin my stance, no more room to prance,, but this man is about to enhance, heart like he is straight out of france,
no longer lookin in the past tence, sittin back while his woman vents,

my mind is goin blank, u know i stay smokin that dank, people sayin whats that stank, bitch what u thank, we stay smokin that weed, u know this shit comes from a seed, aint nothin to read, you should listen carefully to whats bein said, or jus take ur bitch ass to bed, dont come round here actin like a bitch ass FED, bitch ill cut u up like a pig, go head girl an take a swig, this is comin big
clean slash like its done with a glass shard, we threw with the hard,

time to be blessed with that love, like its a essence from above.
but yes my soul is bein ripped into the darkness,
like my spirit is bein pulled into the abyss, how did i come of this, can i pass this quiz,
this test, puttin me up against the best, easily took out the rest, no wheres the competition, you know they aint sittin in my position, sittin with a clear vision,
somethin tells me to persue this woman i know,
never did i listen to my gut, but this is a definet go,

girl theres somethin to check, goin through givin me a peck, but see, if u want to be with me, u got to stay true, cause im just going to love you, an only you.
for the rest of my days, you stay in my preys, you got the most gorgeous face, comin at you with haste,

you have such a beautiful smile, my love for you flows like the red nile,
this is the biggest pile, girl this is my own style,
like it or not, this is what u got,
live for today, cause there is always time to play, just say ok
an be mine, cause i dont got all day
this is going to take sometime, there is always a place for relaxation,
is the place for devistation, come play in my station, an take a walk through my nation, try an hold from this temptation,

may sound a lil freaky, but this is about to get sneaky,
aint noone gonna get picky, maby jus a lil frisky, cause you know im fuckin tipsy,
sippin on that wiskey, go head girl an frisk me.

u get full permission, for full retrebution, jus try an put urself in my position,
try an avoid this collision,

like a train off its track, im takin this back, fuck hittin the sack,
start off with rubbin ur back, i aint even tryin to be a mack,
but you know you got such a nice rack, ur didgets is what im wantin to sack,
keepin it goin like hacky sack,

this is truely from the heart, but here is another part,
damn i done liked you front the start,

its like rite when u walked through that doorway, i never wanted u to go away,
it aint even about foreplay, dont worry everythings goin to be ok,
we aint chillin in the bay, rite here is where we gonna stay,

stuck in this moment in time, ur all the inspiration to complete this rhyme,
i can drop this ship on a dime, who knows this shit may jus be a sign, hmmmmmm,
ya, i wanna make you mine, ill be there till the end of time, but till then thats the end of this rhyme.
I’m really good at
im really good at alot of shit,
just depends on what im doing,
The first things people usually notice about me
i dont know,
or care.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
book. stephen kind,
movies, scary an comedy,
music, all kinds mainly, metal heavy metal death metal, rap.
an food, anything i can cook pretty much except shit that swims in its own shit.
The six things I could never do without
my stereo + all my speakers
my belt,
dvd player + hookups.
all my cd's
an dvds + tv
On a typical Friday night I am
chillin at the house,
lookin for somethin to do,
but most of the time, there is nothing to do
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i dont know.
what do u want to know.
that all depends,
i might let u in my head.
but i dont know
You should message me if
u want to talk.
cause im a kick ass person if u take the time to get to know me.
dont judge me before u know me,
thats wrong.