52 Beijing, China
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My self-summary
I actually feel I have already missed out of the best time for marriage. Sometimes I even feel that I am not that young any more. For a long time I have been thinking about the dream that I will have the happiest family in the whole world, a husband who loves me very much and cute children. But this dream that I expected for long has been come true only in other people's lives it seems. Once I was a matron of honor for one of my friends and joined in their weddings event (I have watched all of the events floats pass me by). At that time, all my wishes and expectations shook my heart...

I am clearly an extrovert and enthusiastic woman about life. Usually it is easy to open my heart, liking myself to a glass of purified water. I want to be a classical woman and to have a husband and children. I want to be able to choose clothes for my husband when I go shopping and I want to get a call asking what dinner will be. I will, like the most woman seem to do - wandering in supermarkets, cooking in the kitchen before he coming home. Making sure the kids have a good meal and are doing their home work. I hope my potential husband could see the light for him from far away, knowing, when he comes into our home, there are many comforts waiting him.

I am eager to love a man and I hope he can treat me in an honest way (no game playing please), I will love him, but I want to maintain my own identity. I want a man who can communicate his own needs and desires, and be respectful of mine. I long for love but I do not beg for love.

I have many hobbies such as I enjoy writing poems, creating cut paper art, music (I like Bandari music very much in the background at the same time a person is talking to me), I enjoy watching movies and cooking.

I love to travel and take pictures. I have been to Europe (more than once), Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan and Korea. I like to learn about different cultures and I like to visit different countries and their people and learn about them.

My friends have used these words to describe me: humor, Positive attitude, laughter and merriment, Smarter than the average bear, Warm heart, Honest, Loyal, Devoted, Affectionate, respectful, Kind, Playful, Poet.

But wait! There's more!! Act quickly and as a bonus, all of the following will be included:

. Cooking and Baking
. Exceptional Cuddling
. Non-award winning singer in the car
. Thinker outside of the box
. Great companion
. Good speller in Chinese
. Lover of dogs (and some cats)

I would like to meet a guy who has time to share and is ready to build a lasting relationship. Like me, he will be honest, smart, clever, compassionate, single and available. He is playful - not a player; generous in spirit with a grateful heart; educated and financially secure. I still have hope that there is a man with integrity, respect, heart and humor out there for me.

It's not important to spend every moment with you. I am worthy of your time and attention as you will be of mine. We should each have our own pursuits, interests, hobbies. I'm not out to change anyone because I can only change myself. I want to be a friend, partner and companion; I am only seeking the same.

I am easy going, act and feel youthful, independent, and I am happy with myself and with my life; looking for someone to share in the joy. Going out or staying in both work for me - I tend to find enjoyment in most things.

My Ideal Person:

I hope you can understand my poem

I think . . .
I think
I am a book
You never seen the book
If you have seen it
You will not want to close the book any more
I think
I am a nice scenery
You never seen the scenery
If you have seen it
You will not to leave
I think
I am a fantastic music
If you have listened it
You will want to listen again
I think
I am a nice dreamland
I'll let you not get out of my dreamland forever