30 Lancaster, United States
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My self-summary
i am a person, with a body and a head. i like stuff. also things.

you probably don't want anything to do with me. i am a train wreck. consider yourself warned.

but hey. pop surrealist art. pervasive sleep deprivation. coffee. chasing pennies in my online work. cooking. existential dread. disability (i use a walking aid most of the time and have a consult with a neurosurgeon coming up). chainsmoking on my porch whenever i'm not desperately trying to fuck up as little as possible as a mom.

i'm thisclose to asexual so not the person to contact for a hookup. i long for profound, authentic human connection and couldn't care less about sex. that could possibly change in the future but no guarantees.

true story + bonus over-share: someone i met on this site 8 and a half years ago died recently. our relationship was intense and tumultuous, and we both said pretty unkind things in our last conversation, which was some time ago. i figured we'd get back in touch eventually, but was holding off. i'm pretty fucked up over it. sort of avoiding this site but my phone won't stop sending me notifications, and i have a few very old messages on here from them ...
What I’m doing with my life
beats me.

i am a fulltime breadwinner and fulltime parent, working online about 10 hours a day on top of staying at home with my kids ... so i'm generally pretty overwhelmed.
I’m really good at
gentle touch, cooking, typing, proofreading, not sleeping, being maudlin
The first things people usually notice about me
i don't really know, but i will say people are shocked when i tell them that i am shy. i guess it's just that initial 'hello' that's so difficult for me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
humm. i'm particularly fond of tom robbins, jonathan carroll, john irving, robert heinlein, neil gaiman, barbara kingsolver; but i also loved the hunger games trilogy, the girl who ... trilogy, godslayer/banewreaker - a duo by jacqueline carey, chew, transmetropolitan, the invisibles, anything ed phillips & sean brubaker have done, ad tons of other stuff.

when it comes to non-fiction, mary roach, mark derr, and dr. sears are some of my favorites. also - maxime schwarz's "how the cows went mad," lt. col. dave grossman's "on killing: the psychological cost of learning to kill in war and society"; and "ghosts from the nursery: tracing the roots of violence" by robin karr-morse.

pan's labyrinth, four rooms, dead alive, noises off!, the in-laws, club dread, cabin in the woods, clue, dr. horrible's singalong blog, the emperor's new groove (shut up), etc.

shows ... sherlock, dexter, superjail!, squidbillies, doctor who, firefly, arrested development, it's always sunny in philadelphia, portlandia, supernatural, the increasingly poor decisions of todd margaret, home movies, whitest kids you know (hit or miss tho), mr show, ... etc.

music ... omg, really? too much. there are still genres i haven't been exposed to but i love music. fanfare ciocarlia, marchfourth marching band, and mclusky are my very very favorite bands, followed closely by future of the left. ummm. atmosphere, asylum street spankers, crooked still, sepultura, black keys, no means no, big black, blue highway, immortal technique... lots of stuff, i dunno!

i love food. all of it. indian, mexican, spanish, thai, ethiopian, vietnamese, the list goes on. as long as it's not an internal organ ... or bleu cheese (blech).

adding one for my own amusement, artists: jennybird alcantra, fuco ueda, greg simkins, caitlin hackett, edwin ushiro, michael hussar, so youn lee, madeline von foerster, amy sol, tara mcpherson, jean-pierre roy, trustocorp, camilla d'errico, josh keyes, bradley kunkle
The six things I could never do without
my children, warm sunlight on my skin (not for more than one winter, anyway), touch/closeness, pets, books, good people in my life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the future and how to make it an amazing one for my progeny.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i don't mind being the only adult in the house, but fall asleep watching tv every night because the sound of conversation is comforting.
You should message me if
you enjoyed reading this, and think we would get along.

you're willing to let me cut you. i am not kidding, and i do follow common sense safety protocols and only use sterile single user scalpels.

you want to talk about life, the universe, and everything.

you love high energy brass music, especially Balkan brass music, and want to go to M4 or fanfare ciocarlia shows with me for awkward dancing.

you have zero expectations. and no, that is not code for "you want NSA sex." not interested. if that's what you're looking for, please go away.