41 Lisbon, Portugal
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My self-summary
(watch this video and see which are you.) its by Allan watts ,a great man that has left us a great knowledge

" life is a journey, not a destination. there are no mistakes, just chances that we take
lady down your worries cause all we have is today " that's exactly I how I see mine.
Not your average Joe (believe I am not kidding you) I will tell you No if you should listen to it , but I will lift you up if you also deserve it and need it .I will give you my jacket to keep you warm even if it means I will freeze my ass up , just be humble and genuine .
my ideal phrase is "CARPE DIEM" I live my life to the fullest extension possible. what does that really means? fullest extension
this reflects my opinion about how i like to live my life !
Also , "sometimes I'm better off alone than in bad company "

I am outgoing, funny, and smart, at least its what my closest friends tell me !LOL
I've learned with the aging that patience it really is a virtue .
Don't have a lot of friends , since most of the time they're mostly acquainted . but the ones i have i cherish them a lot!and besides i don't really want that many, just the right ones.
Lately have met people here on Okcupid in a friendly platform with no strings attached and it has been the most amazing experience , when you put people without pressure or expectations they will open up in more genuine way !and i have one more friend in my circle
What I’m doing with my life
working out very much and loving it every day , it is awesome when your body feels great and asking you to push your limits.
Enjoying summerl, it is so awesome , best season ever!
working hard so that i can enjoy life the best possible,LOl and in between trying to stay fit , running, playing sports (volleyball, soccer and others)
finally the nice weather is back and looking forward to outdoors activities , camping, hiking ,swimming , and if possible travel to a nice warmer and tropical like weather
I'm working in a area that i love , which is food and people, what a combination! after working in Photography for years , and still doing for leisure , i developed a great passion for food and coffee, they bring people together in a wonderful way with the perspective of opening my own business in , taking rides on my scooter rediscovering Tennis , its been a long time since i've played !
I’m really good at
Hosting ,Cooking , but so far not too many elaborate dishes , but working on my skills , Reading peoples body language and expressions
Driving and damm good at it , i get to places very easy and even on first attempt , without using gps ( by driving i mean the joy of it , not dangerously )
Loving animals and being goofy! interacting with people,making friends and giving my twin nieces a hard time as an uncle (they keep telling me to stop embarrassing them), listen,its so Nice when friends thank you for lending a hear or two .
LOL i guess it's part of maturing , making people feel at ease , i get to hear quite often that when people get to know me they feel that they have known me for ages !
observing , and taking lessons from situations less expected , and least expected , also got me trough situations much easier and richer way!
Fixing things. you can give me something that i have never seen and ill dismount it and try to fix it . i can be good at decorating spaces, maybe the Libra in me.
and being curious how the world moves , people interactions
The first things people usually notice about me
always smiling .
someone once told me that my eyes smile a lot !
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
After Meeting my good friend Miguel last week and trying to find out about Miguel background , he replied to me " where i come from and what is my name means or how i got it does not reflect who i am and what i do or what i like , lets just say that i am Miguel the Individual that you just Met " and take it from there , because if i tell you where it comes or my background you will start making assumptions or trying to relate me to someone or something that you have in common .
it made me realize how true that was and makes me decide not to write anything in this option , leaving it to a future conversation if the opportunity arises and let life take its path . if you feel intrigued about what i read or listen or eat ? just ask , i'll gladly Reply
just saw" secret sunshine of a spotless mind" very good
For Now only one tv show keeps me plugged in to Netflix ,Lie to Me (Tim Roth reminds me of Dr House ) arrogant and awesome
just saw, secret sunshine of a spotless mind. Jim Carey is awesome.
The six things I could never do without
My life!
My family
My true friends
positive people around me, can't stand negativity.
Spiritual guidance ( whatever you want to call it ,GOD , Jah , Allah or Moses,Buddha .
The rest are trivial things that I appreciate but can live without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
It seems that women have the same trouble Meeting a Partner than Men do.
where my life is going at this point ,about my family, how tomorrow can be a better day ? where to go next and who to see ?
Lately how this online dating is ?
do people really do all the things they mention here?
are they that active and down to earth as they state ?
also how can i be a helper in this world , which volunteer projects i should be involved , and how can positive energy in people change this world for better .how new Yorkers tend to lack some manners when it comes to board and exit the trains.

lately in this dating scene, like how everyone describes themselves and and if they really care about knowing someone, it seems so rushed. no one wants to be friends first and go places.,
also why so many people here have so many selfie pics ? don't they have friends or ask others to take their pic?
On a typical Friday night I am
at home or with friends, love it ! enjoying some wine while watching Netflix( so addictive ), or some hot tea and lately Blue Label, so worth it during winter ,or some nice cocktail during summer. how i love the sun,
occasionally i'll head out on the weekend , more on saturday, not judging but i feel that friday Night is more like amateur Night !
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can't stand Facebook. there i said.
I Love Food , but I will most likely not try something that I don't feel comfy trying .
You should message me if
I once told someone that I don't see color, just people and that is how I relate to them .
and that how is you see it as well