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My self-summary
"And though she be but little, she is fierce."

***I've been the target of cyberstalkiing/harassment using this profile, of which the authorities are aware and tracking. The more it's done, the more evidence is being gathered. Justice shall be served in this case.
(Always nice to know people in higher places who can help). To anyone engaging/assisting in this maliciousness, be forewarned, you are at risk of facing criminal charges. You could very well be implicated. Just a heads up.

Now, on to my profile. :)

when asked how he would describe me, a dear friend of mine wrote this...
You combine extroversion with a unique ability for introspection, searching not only for what is outside yourself, but hoping also to understand exactly the effect the world has on you and that you have on the world; it is as if you want to encompass and experience the entire universe, sensually and intellectually, mediating your relationship with the world through love in all its manifestations. You know and write the language of a lyric, romantic poet -- sometimes hypnotic, sometimes comforting, sometimes sensual, always compelling; your writing is like a scent carried on a night time breeze, wafting in from the ocean.
I think you are more than extraordinary.

(He gets me. He just gets me. Such a treatise on me has never before been written. These words are a precious gift).

I'm as genuine as they come. I'm a volunteer advocate/daughter/aunt/sister-in-law/niece/grand-daughter/cousin/neighbor/friend/good samaritan, more liberal than conservative (but not a die hard feminist), a complex being, quite perceptive, open-minded, insightful, instinctual, intuitive & nonjudgmental, a playful/free spirit, with an active imagination. Often inclined to see the shades of gray. Understanding the full scope of situations comes easily to me. At times full of wisdom. At times a child at heart.
One of my closest girlfriends recently told me, "You have that old soul that is all knowing. You are soooo nurturing. There's just something about you that is calming, and so intuitive. And you have this motherly feel and then can turn around and be so young and best friendish. I'm so lucky to have such incredibly strong, smart, generous, and unique women as friends, and you are definitely one of those women". To which I responded, "like attracts like".
One of my closest guy friends had this to say about me:
"She’s such a good friend, she’s going to do what she wants to do and who she wants to do, she’s like a man in many ways, but very nurturing and supportive, like a woman, and definitely built like a woman :) she’s a strong willed person and she marches to the beat of her own drum".
My biggest motivators in life: happiness, pleasure, connection, gratitude, kindness, peace, knowledge, inspiration, justice, contribution and love.
I'm all about double entendres/punny plays on words and constant suggestive connotations. Born with an incessant curiosity, I do believe I live for the pursuit of knowledge, and pleasures of all kinds. I am a living, breathing, walking, talking dichotomy. In order to love and understand me, one must fully accept and embrace my dichotomous nature. I could just as easily be sipping vodka tonics in a local dive bar as sipping on Zen tea at a Buddhist temple. I'm calm and intense, patient and impatient, laid back and aggressive, a leader and a follower, gregarious and reserved. I can be spontaneous and whimsical, and yet quite the detail oriented planner. I'm both spiritual and rather sensual and sexual (although those are not necessarily opposites). Born at the corners of Naughty and Sweet, Selfish and Giving, Girlish and Womanly, Vain and Humble, Silly and Serious, Sensitive and Callous, Sinful and Saintly (you catch my drift). Relationships are an integral part of my life and my being, and I absolutely love being in love! I enjoy literature, laughter, healthfulness, optimizing wellness via nutrition, physical movement (i don't prefer to call it exercise or working out), spiritually balancing activities, candid photography, people-watching, browsing through bookstores, being intoxicated by film, live music and theater (not all at once), captivating conversation, complimenting my lover, and sleep, precious sleep on my luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets. I'm on a never-ending quest for knowledge (and the world's finest chocolates and linens). I enjoy travelling near & far, multicultural arts & life science exhibits and offering inspiration/counsel to those who seek it. I wish to meet people from all walks of life. It's all about diversity! I find myself attracted to those who exude positivity, and repulsed by negativity, overbearing arrogance, ignorance and superficial, materialistic, plastic types. Know-it-alls are a bit of a bore. I steer clear of religious fanatics, fundamentalists and extremists (i.e. teabaggers).
Far more appealing are the perpetual students of life, those humble few on a never ending quest for knowledge and understanding. It is a beautiful blend of wisdom & compassion which creates the ultimate state of grace in a person (and that happens to be an enormous turn-on!). I find eloquence and the ability to impact audiences through public speech to be truly divine gifts.

For those of you who're into personality typing as much I am:
I'm an eNFP, a Scanner, a Leo sun/Scorpio moon/Gemini rising, SIA (Social-Investigative-Artistic), an "8", a Chinese Water Rat, a Fish/Salmon (based on the Celtic Zodiac), a Salmon (based on the Native American Animal calendar), a 9 of Clubs, an HSP (Highly Sensitive Personality), the Baby (in birth order), a B+ Blood type, in the Enneagram world - a combo of Types 2 (Helper), 4 (Individualist), 5 (Investigator), 6 (Loyalist) and 9 (Peacemaker) - an interpersonal/intrapersonal/literary learner, not quite Type A, B, C or D, a Kapha-Vata blend with very little Pitta, Right brain dominant, an Empath, more entrepreneurial than technical or managerial.

~my signature scent is Allure parfum by Chanel...described by its creators as 'Clean and sheer, warm and sexy. Difficult to define. Impossible to resist.'.....much like its most loyal and faithful client - me!
~i'm addicted to the lingo associated with singing, dancing, fashion design, interior design, colors, health and wellness, love and romance, relationships, psychology, neurosciences, sociology, music and writing
~i'm obsessed with personality typing of all kinds (especially Enneagram, Myer-Briggs and Ayurvedic Doshic types)
~i write things on my list just so i can cross them off
~to cuddle is divine
~i love binge watching tv shows
~i fall in love with people's passion...the ways their eyes light up when they talk about the thing they love, and the way they become filled with light
~i like to think of myself as a spiritual thinker
~i could feel energies from as far back as i could remember
~my father once introduced me, to an aunty who popped in for a visit, as "our Dravpadi" (Dravpadi is a respected female figure in ancient Hindu scriptures, known for having 5 husbands at one time, all brothers)...the look on the aunty's face was worth the embarrassment...shocked and mortified pretty much covers it...i've always been the lovable and likable one in my conservative indian people don't expect me to have such an unconventional streak
~i'm a sucker for a great love story
~i'm a sucker for a happy ending
~I am obsessed with tales of transformation
-I read profiles scrolling from the bottom, up
~i have international beginnings (from Zambia to London to L.A.)
~i am deeply inspired by and instaneously drawn to humanitarian-sapiosexual-social entrepreneurs with an edge and a highbrow sense of humor
~i think do gooders are really good :)
~i can read between the lines (it's a gift)...understanding subtext is my forte
~i have a soft spot for big brawny men
~salsa is my comfort food
~i enjoy talking to strangers
~i want to be massaged in every land :)
~i love jelly tots mmmmmmmm
~flash mobs are like a dream to me!...never been in one yet, but i could see myself coordinating one...i think they should be an unexpectedly expected part of life (dancing, instrumental and singing ones too)
~I'm often told I am an Italian at heart..that i'd fit right into Italian culture and if it were designed for me...
after reading this article, i get it now :)
~i'm drawn to spanish villas and storybook castles
~i love watching youtube sensations featured on the ellen degeneres show
~when it comes to shoes, sofas/chairs and sheets...the higher the quality the better...because i'm either up on my feet, sitting on my butt or lying down in bed...might as well enjoy every step, every sit and every sleep :)
~i feel as if i'm finally about to tap into my 'orenda' (a supernatural force believed by the Iroquois Indians to be present, in varying degrees, in all objects or persons, and to be the spiritual force by which human accomplishment is attained or accounted for)
~recently had my first debilitating musculo-skeletal injury - a combo bone fracture and ruptured ligament of the ankle (avulsion fracture as they call it) in the summer of hasn't been quite the same ever since...managed to make it through four decades of living before suffering this sort of thing....hard fall, loud snap, immediate swell, hard cast, crutches, a variety of braces, much hobbling and hours of painful physical therapy...a challenge to say the was happening in super slow-mo that year...this experience certainly grounded me...
~i have a knack of telling long stories with about 10 other stories in between
~one of the things men love most about me...i meet you where you're judgments
~i've been told i'm a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets
~i'm a proud member of the 3% of this country's vegetarian population
~raspy voices are sexy sexy
~if real women have curves, then I'm a real woman
~i'm addicted to internet personality quizzes :)
~if you're cheating on your partner, and you need to clear your conscience, i'm here to lend a friendly ear...that being said, i refuse to partake in any cover-ups, to be an 'alibi' or be involved in the web of lies one must tell in order to be unfaithful and consciously deceive their mate...not my story to tell...and if you choose to have an affair, especially an ongoing affair with someone totally off limits, be careful whose lives you put at risk, simply by sharing the details of your illicitness...sometimes confidantes become scapegoats for scorned lovers...and anger gets misdirected..."Snapped" isn't a make-believe show...crimes of passion are more common, (and often more heinous) than we might think
~i've been told that including me into a discussion often adds texture to it
~i used to draw blood (but no longer)
~i hate missing the beginnings of films and i love watching my favorite movies again and again and again
~i've had the blessing of visiting tens of countries in real life, and hundreds of countries in my imagination, through the wonderful gift of literature :)
~i take joy in life's simple pleasures
~i consider myself a student of all faiths
~movie soundtracks are my thing
~i'm often told i remind people of the famous Mindy Kaling's character Mindy Lahiri, on "The Mindy Project" (Mindy is warm, friendly, confident, bubbly, and vivacious. She is a romantic at heart with a great sense of humor. She is also very feminine, with a love for fashion, decor, celebrities, and romantic comedies. People in general fascinate her; she enjoys connecting with people on a personal level and is quite extroverted. Although she is always frank and occasionally blunt, she usually means well, and her engaging demeanor usually allows others to forgive her any faux pas. Her mind is very analytical, and she uses it to critique everything from work to relationships to food. However, she tempers her critical qualities with warm friendliness, making her very personable. She is also unbelieveably shallow, with an unhealthy preoccupation with the activities of celebrities.
Her greatest desire is to fall madly in love, get married, and have children. She has a deep, abiding respect for the family unit and really wants to have one of her own)...besides the celebrity addiction aspect, freakishly so, that is me to a tee!
~visiting a new land is so much more meaningful to me if i incorporate a book, film and music about that land, its history and culture, into my travel experience....if i'm able to connect with the locals, to learn about the healing modes and methods indigenous to that place...and do some form of humanitarian work during my trip
~i often find myself prone to reflection
~entertaiment is a leo's forte...i love to entertain and be entertained (especially when there's a theme that intrigues me)...and i've thrown more than a few memorable events
~i use body mists and pillow mists in place of traditional air fresheners (pink butter cream frosting body mist by jaqua, and lavender mist by sonoma are two of my favorites)
~thanks to neural associations...every time i sip ginger ale on land, i get the sensation of being in the air....i instantaneously hear that background sound, heard only whilst traveling on a plane...and i suddenly become bombarded with that classic stuffy in-flight's strange...and yet it makes perfect sense
~being forced to sit and listen to people singing off key/off pitch is one of my biggest pet peeves...drives me nuts!
~i admit it, i enjoy being pampered and spoiled a bit
~i was one of those strange kids that loved, loved, loved the academic part of school (and socialiazing of course)...athletics, not so much
~mindfulness matters
~i'm told i am quite animated (some have said i have a sing songy voice, others have called it sultry)
~i feel at home anytime i walk on school grounds (especially private ones), visit a hospital, day spa or a jewelry store
~secretly long for a boxed set of the famous Little Miss and Little Mr. childrens' books (British)
~i vow to wade in each of these magical pools...well all except The Standard pool in downtown LA...still not sure how that one made it to the list. In my opinion, it's good by not great.
~i dream of co-owning a snuggery, and a kicha processing plant that brings a staple of my people, to people around the globe
~i need lots of affirmations, but i give as good as i get :)
~i fancy myself a bit of an amateur psychoneuroimmunologist
~i've never been married, nor do i have any children of my own (though i've been a mother figure to quite a few)
~i love babies, but I'd never bring one to a cinema
~i'm a huge fan of facial skincare masks, especially those that can easily be whipped up in the comfort of one's kitchen...who needs expensive products when you have Mother Nature's pharmacy at your fingertips
~where do i want to go that i've never been before?...Ireland, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Mauritus, Galapagos, the Bahamas, New Zealand, Austrialia, Vancouver, Thailand, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Israel, Dubai, Lebanon and Pakistan (for starters)
~i'd stop and admire a sexy male flex-ibitionist any day :) (if you're familiar with the infamous Muscle Beach, that reference will make perfect sense)
~i have yet to see a single interview (or hear of a single one-on-one encounter) with this man, that's been anything other than his spirit (among other parts of his)...i adore his multidimensional nature...besides being built like a god, he emanates a warmth that's undeniable...he's an eloquent, multitalented, mighty yet humble, ridiculously famous yet down to earth, loving, sweet, grateful, socially conscious, family oriented, chivalrous, compassionate, charming, funny, and genuine creature...a gentle yet fierce man...just a big teddy bear...and he's a hugger (like me) definition of a real man...if i had to be stuck on a deserted island or trapped in a jungle, for a day, a month, even a year, with someone famous - it would be him (hands down) love for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is all encompassing (and one day we shall meet...i'm sure of it!)
~i love the sharp kick of wasabi!...and wasabi coated peas offer the perfect crunch!
~let's take a vegetarian culinary tour of a town together, shall we?
~i've been told i light up every room i walk into
~i've grown up in an Indian family where we were always encouraged to eat home cookin' - i've feasted on our traditional dishes, rich in cultural history, passed down from generation to generation - which is in fact a beautiful thing
~my parents have taught by example...from them i learn about the importance of doing, keeping promises, sacrificing for the family, anticipating the needs of our loved ones and fulfilling them in advance - before being asked, protecting the family first and foremost, unspoken love, the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, practicality, being a bit of a hard ass when the time calls for it, being sweet and gentle at others, connectedness of all souls, truth, justice, reliability, spirituality, tough love, hospitality to all guests - invited and unexpected, selflessness, service to our communities, never turning up empty handed, counting our blessings, generosity, prana, meditation, showing up, stepping up, extending a helping hand, walking in the face of fear, random acts of kindness, dedication to humanitarian efforts and true devotion to loved ones
~a few of my true friends just happen to be relatives...which is a doubly delightful thing
~there's a social entrepreneur trapped within me
~i like my men the way i like my chai...very spicy, a little sweet and extremely hot!
~i'd rather eat and drink out of big mugs rather than bowls (there's just a cozier feel to it)
~i flip through magazines from back to front
~i have catlike reflexes
~my goal is to create an ultra sexy, petite, shapely, curvy, voluptuous, bootylicious size 6/8 physique (currently, it's a sexy, yet rather unshapely size 12/14 'situation')
~my ridiculously powerful gut instincts have kept me out of harm's way on more than a few occasions
~i feel a strong kinship to one george clooney...i'm the not-so-famous female version of me, not only is he devoted to doing good work in support of some rather admirable causes...he's about my age...he's timelessly sexy...he's been surrounded by the love and attention of the opposite sex for a great deal of his life, and will have an endless flow of admirers to his very end...he's never been married, but openly been involved in a few long term relationships...and has chosen a life partner unconventionally late in life...he loves his life and he loves the women he dates, and he's clearly not the stereotypical marrying type....
~ever listened to the sound of tree rings translated into piano music, that are played like records on a turntable? should!
~i think do-gooders are sexy
~i was so happy when i heard about We Day...who knew?
~one day, i want to be invited to the Nautral Products Expo - for what reason, i don't yet know
~one of the institutions of higher academia which i attended, made it to the list of 25 Most Beautiful Colleges in California
~i'm often more intrigued/entertained by comment threads, than i am by the online articles and FB posts that solicited the commentaries (a perfect forum for the witty)
~British English is the first form of English i ever learned, hence my tendency to say things like biscuits (instead of cookies), chips (instead of fries) and my inclination to spell 'color' as 'colour'
~'stream of consciousness' defines me
~i love love love frommer's, zagat and yelp :)
~i've always been obsessed with the medical and spiritual processes involved in transitioning to the 'other side'
~i love the feeling of knowing that you knew someone...when you meet a stranger and share that instantaneous, inexplicable connection, a feeling of familiarity so deep, knowing without a doubt that you'll know one another for the rest of your years,that you knew each other before, and you'll know each other in the beyond
~i'm predictably unpredictable
~i always manage to drop a few crumbs on myself
~i despise the sound of styrofoam squeaking and the feeling of pure cotton (as in the white fluffy kind in it's pure form, not the form it takes as clothing)...gritting my teeth while i type these words...just the thought of it grates on my every nerve...much like the sound of nails scratching against a chalkboard would do
~while i love the smell of crayolas and the sweet scent of a primo pipe, i am averse to the following scents: eggs, tuna/fish and cigarette smoke
~my parents are still married (52 years and counting), and they are ridiculously robust for their age (if I'm able to accomplish a tenth of the good work they've done in their life, I'd be quite content with myself)
~i'm a strange daughter for Hindu parents, even if they are fairly progressive :)
~i believe that life speaks to you in whispers (and sometimes the whispers are so loud they seem more like screams)'s that inner voice that guides and directs you...and protects it's important to take heed
~i actually enjoy washing dishes (it can be both relaxing and meditative)
~i created the most coveted list of baby names on earth...which i'm happy to share with anyone who asks
(more than a few babies have been named off of this list, which i've been compiling for over two decades now...when i come across a name that sounds good to me, it gets added to the collection)
~sometimes i like to dress comfy and cozy, other times, flattering and fashionable
~i prefer the company of circles, hexagons and even squiqqles, over a square...anyday!
~my profile is simply a work in progress...just as i am
it's a fun way for me to get to know the person i'm dating (and myself) better...i don't see it as a means to an end, like most people on here's just a story of me
~i'm not looking to date right now..but i'm always open to friendships with new and interesting people, who make life richer in the living of it
~i have, what some might call, a rather bizarre test of manhood: plucking a hair or two from my lover's leg....if he winces like a baby, i'm likely to hit the road (running, not walking)
~let's go to The Horizon together, shall we?
~i stop for street performers...they deserve just as much respect as their well known counterparts, and oftentimes moreso
~i'm a HUGE film/TV buff...and i can't watch a film/TV without jotting down my favorite lines (same goes with literature)
~i'd like to be involved in the creation of a film one day (bringing the inspiration, script, selecting the perfect musical score and cast, not so much the techinical aspects of filmmaking)
~each and every member of my circle of friends (related or otherwise) are spectacular human beings, in their own unique ways...i am blessed to have them in my life...i not only love them deeply, but i genuinely like them too
~time permitting, i'd happily watch one film a day, every day, for the rest of this life
~i find meaning in my life through the people in it
~my theme songs/dedications: Brick House (The Commodores), Hechicera (Mana), Happy (Pharrel Williams), Naughty Girl, She's a Bad Mama Jama, Just the Way You Are (Billy Joel's version and Bruno Mars' version), Just Do It, A Thousand Kisses Deep, 2 Wicky, Brown Eyed Girl, Sexual Healing, Lady in Red, The Game of Love, Smooth, Stranger in My Skin, Sweet Thing, Justify My Love, One Love, Peel Me a Grape, Touch my Body, Your Body is a Wonderland, Smile, Let it Flow, Fever, Pretty Girl, Desire, I Can Make You a Man, Tightrope (Janelle Monae), When Soul Meets Body, Lose Yourself, Giving Him Something He Can Feel, Lazy Song, Forever Young, Principles of Lust, So Alive, Smooth Operator, Free Bird, I Need Love, Loungin', Beneath Your Beautiful, Superstition, Somebody That I Used to Know, Teenager in Love, Always Something There to Remind Me, Wicked Game, Everyday is Like Sunday, Toucha Touch Me, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, Kiss Me and Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran) and more
~favorite line from Two and a Half Men:
"You don't need AAA when you have double D's."
(so true!..and the more voluptuous, the truer it is ..just sayin')
~the story of my life...46 busty girl problems you'd understand only if you're busty
~i'm a collector of people
~i like to play with words in creative ways
~the ONLY reasons i'd ever be drawn to xbox 360 kinnect- dance, yoga, tennis and bowling :)
~i've always wanted to try tandem biking with a lover (he'd be the navigator since i'm not much of a cyclist)
~i have a dream of camping with a lover, at san onofre beach, or under a sea of stars at joshua a cozy, clear top tent, snuggled up in a plush sleeping bag for two, with select songs playing in the background...laughing, talking, teasing each other....making love to the sweet sounds of nature (and this coming from someone whose idea of camping involves a spa, go figure) :)
~i'm told i have an eye for a good looking man with a great sense of humor and the kind of character most women dream about
~i believe my psychic abilities stem from my paternal grandparents, and i've always been drawn to the paranormal/metaphysical
~i’m no stranger to enjoying the pleasures of solitude and pleasures of the flesh
~i've connected with souls in the spiritual realm, time and time again (and it's never been frightening, on the contrary, it seems absolutely comfortable, totally normal and completely natural)
~i love to hear well written, well delivered, powerful and poignant speeches (be it at funerals, graduations, weddings, scholarly panels, conferences, or pretty much any event)
~not really into fantasy films....never have been...perhaps it's because i prefer the fantasy that my imagination creates every time i read a fictional book..or perhaps it's because i'm so satiated by the creations of my own dream world each and every night...ever since i can remember, my dreams have been full of fantasy, wonder, brilliant colors, and the most amazing plots that often keep me from getting up...or perhaps it's that i live and think rather unconventionally...we all get our fill of fantasy, one way or another
~one of the strangest things that ever happened to me...back in 2009, a local area lady, around my age (who had the same first name as me), was killed in a tragic car accident...the next few days i was flooded with calls from people in my circles (locally, from across the nation and around the world), who thought it might be me who passed, and wanted to make sure i was still alive...i received enough calls from concerned folks who thought i was dead, that it actually got a bit eerie...another example of how fast new travels, especially in the desi community
~what is my 'spiritual power'? (based on an online quiz)... LOVE (apparently, i am a true lover and an ambassador of spirit and persona can allure and absorb anyone...i am so real and raw that my imperfections make me even more lovable)
~do you know your 'love language'? (how you express your love and how you want to be loved in return)? i took a short test based on Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Love Languages (a wonderful read for just about anyone who loves) results were no surprise
11 Physical Touch
9 Words of Affirmation
6 Quality Time
2 Acts of Service
2 Receiving Gifts
i crave a man who shares my primary love languages
here's the link if you're interested in knowing what your love language(s) are...

a few of the many nonprofits i support:
Divine Art of Yoga Center
The Family Violence and Sexual Assault Institute
Maiti Nepal
Red Cross
Planned Parenthood

i'm an HSP
in case you're wondering what that on

23 Signs That You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

Sensitive male role models were hard to find growing up in the seventies in a middle-class Boston suburb. So for most of my life I considered myself a fairly thick-skinned, typical guy. “Sensitivity” was not a trait encouraged in men. Stability, strength and steadfastness were more like it. All good traits, but often it seemed like an either or equation rather than a both and.
So I followed in the footsteps of the male role models I had; mostly stoic, emotionally unavailable, intellectually focused men.
That worked for a while but at some point during the past 18 or so years that I have been actively and sometimes intensively engaged in personal growth, I have discovered that behind the walls and under the layers of distance and detachment lives a highly sensitive person.
This awakening sensitivity has, sometimes, felt more like a burden than a blessing. But ultimately, and only quite recently, I have come to accept my sensitivity as a gift and a powerful ally on my journey of personal evolution.
When I began this journey, the term Highly Sensitive Person was not widely known (if at all). But as more has been written about Highly Sensitive People and the concept has gained wider (though certainly not universal) acceptance I have come to recognize and accept myself as a Highly Sensitive Person.
It is estimated that 20% of the human population would test positive for what Carl Jung called Innate Sensitiveness. This innate sensitivity has been well researched and the term Highly Sensitive Person was coined in 1996 by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. and explored in her book, The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When The World Overwhelms You
Wikipedia has this definition of Highly Sensitive Person:
A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a person having the innate trait of high sensitivity (or innate sensitiveness as Carl Gustav Jung originally coined it). According to Elaine N. Aron and colleagues as well as other researchers, highly sensitive people, which would represent about a fifth of the population, process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in their nervous systems. This is a specific trait with key consequences that in the past has often been confused with innate shyness, inhibitedness, innate fearfulness, introversion, and so on. The existence of the trait of innate sensitivity was demonstrated using a test that was shown to have both internal and external validity.
While the idea of highly sensitive people is still shrugged off by the mainstream press and health-care community, I have no doubt that, just as people have different levels of visual acuity, hearing, intelligence and physical grace, there are also varying levels of what I call vibrational sensitivity.
In my observation there is no diagnostic device presently available that is as sensitive as the human body. When properly tuned, our physical bodies have the ability to perceive and respond to our environment with an accuracy that far exceeds the capacity of our present technology. And some of us have bodies that are naturally tuned to be more sensitive to our vibrational environment.
So, for better or worse, that puts highly sensitive people in the unenviable position of being the canaries in the coalmine. Our sensitivity to the auditory, environmental, and vibrational pollution that is prevalent in our world means that we often display physical, emotional and vibrational symptoms long before others less sensitive than us.
That’s the bad news.
But fear not, there is good news! If you are a highly sensitive person, your sensitivity indicates that your body is more highly tuned than most people’s. And, with a bit of effort, training and regular practice, you can learn to leverage your sensitivity to create success and take your life to the next level. I have! More on that later.
For now, let’s look at some of the “symptoms” of highly sensitive people because, if you’re like I was, you might not even know that you’re highly sensitive. And when you don’t know that you’re highly sensitive it can be very difficult and uncomfortable to live in this world filled with less sensitive people who don’t understand why you have to cover your ears when an ambulance goes by, or leave a restaurant that smells like bleach, or sit under a full-spectrum light during the winter.
So if you have ever wondered if you are highly sensitive, here is a list of signs that could indicate that you are a Highly Sensitive Person. (I’ve added some personal notes to a few of the items on the list).

1. Can you hear things others cannot, especially high-pitched sounds? I do!
Do you hear sirens long before anyone else? Does the high-pitched hum of a partially dimmed light fixture get under your skin when no one else seems to notice? Does the whirring fan in your computer distract you? Is it difficult for you to sleep in the same room as a refrigerator? Do you need to cover your ears when a loud siren passes by? Do you use earplugs at concerts or on planes?

2. Do you notice smells that others miss? I do!
I have a weird olfactory sense: When it comes to nice, natural smells such as roses and lilacs, I have to put my nose right into the flower in order to smell it. But when it comes to not-so-nice smells I am highly attuned. I can smell cigarette smoke from 50-feet away when I’m outside and the wind is blowing in the opposite direction. When I walk into a restaurant that has just cleaned up with chlorine bleach, I often have to turn around a leave because the smell is overpowering. And don’t get me started on some of the unnatural perfumes that have nearly made me… well I think you get the idea!

3. Do you know what other people need before they ask? I do!
This post, Intuition or Observation & Analysis, provides a great example of this.

4. Do you notice the flicker on older computer screens or older fluorescent fixtures? I do!
I’m still amazed at how often I used to sit down at someone else’s computer and wonder how they were able to work on it with the refresh rate set so low. If they were not looking over my shoulder I would usually go in and quickly increase the refresh rate which took away the flicker and provided me with some relief.

5. Do you get “overwhelmed” by joy when you experience great beauty: A beautiful sunset, an incredible musical performance, the smile of your child? I do!
High vibrational sensitivity is not always triggered by “negative” experiences. Positive, beautiful, sublime experiences can also awaken that sensitivity. But again, the difference and occasionally the difficulty for sensitive people is the intensity of the experience. Highly sensitive people can be truly overwhelmed by a beautiful experience, which is fine if you are alone on the beach watching a spectacular sunset, but may not be so great if you happen to look out the window at work just at the peak moment of that beautiful sunset.

6. Do you feel threatened or uneasy in large crowds or big cities?
I do!
Sometimes I enjoy going into San Francisco, and other times I just can’t wait to get out. But no matter how I’m feeling while I’m there, I always notice a distinct sense of calmness descending upon me as I leave the City. It’s as if I’m passing through an invisible energy boundary as I cross the Golden Gate Bridge.

7. Do you have “emotional radar” that picks up on what others are feeling? I do, I do!
Do you know what people are feeling before they tell you? Do you ever walk into a room and sense that there has been an argument?

8. Do you pick up physical symptoms from other people? I do!
Have you ever been feeling great and then run into a friend who had a headache and suddenly noticed a headache coming on? I once massaged a friend’s knee after she tweaked it during a yoga class. When I was done, she felt great, but I could hardly walk!

9. Does reading or hearing about bad news have a dramatic impact on your mood? It does!
Once upon a time I was a news and information junkie. Knowing what was happening in the world was important. As my sensitivity awakened, however, I began to recognize that the news is almost exclusively low-vibration information and had a dramatic and usually negative impact on me. A few years ago I did a week long news fast to see if it would make a difference. It did! Soon after that, I stopped watching, listening to or reading the news on a regular basis. And while I still don’t watch or listen to the news, I am now able to read the paper or gather snippets of news from the Internet without noticing a dramatic effect on my mood.

10. If you see a bad car accident does it affect you for the entire day? It does.
Most people have a reaction when seeing an accident but for some highly sensitive people the effect can be dramatic and long lasting.

11. Have you been diagnosed with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and/or do you experience a noticeable drop in your energy and mood during the winter? I do.

12. Have you ever had a transcendent or mystical experience?
I have!
Highly sensitive people are naturally more open to experiences of bliss, ecstasy and spiritual awakening.

13. Do you have a strong reaction when you drink caffeine or when you attempt to stop? I do!
Everything we put into our bodies has both a physical and energetic effect. For most people the physical effects of caffeine are not that dramatic. But sensitive people also feel the energetic effects of that caffeine and the combination can be quite powerful.

14. Do you have food sensitivities or allergies?
I do!
Most of us are putting stuff into our bodies that was never meant to go there. This is fine for people who are not highly sensitive (not really!) but if you are highly sensitive your body may tell you, in no uncertain terms, what you can and cannot put into it.

15. Do you have allergies or asthma? I do, I do!
As with food allergies, environmental allergies can indicate that you are reacting to allergens on both a physical and energetic level.

16. Are you a “lightweight?” I am!
A friend of mine used to say that I could “get drunk from sniffing the bottlecap!” And she wasn’t that far off. My karate buddies nicknamed me Ed “No Mas” Mills because of my tendency to get a little rambunctious after a couple of beers. If one glass of wine puts you under the table you might be highly sensitive.

17. Are you sensitive to over-the-counter, prescribed or illegal drugs? I am!
Can you take half the recommended dosage of a drug and experience a noticeable effect? Have you had an overwhelming experience when experimenting with other drugs?

18. If you have ever had surgery, did it take longer to recover from the effects of the anesthesia than from the surgery itself?
Yes it did!
For many sensitive people anesthesia can have a long-lasting and powerful effect. Anesthesia impacts not only the physical body but also the energy body by putting you into a completely unnatural state. It’s a neither here nor there state that can wreak havoc on a sensitive person’s system.

19. Is being in a calm, peaceful environment very important for you? It is!
Does clutter, stress you out? Do harsh, disharmonious colors fluster you? Do you feel at peace in a beautiful garden? Is it important for you to create a “sanctuary” within your home?

20. Do you get claustrophobic when you spend too much time indoors? I do!
For many sensitive people, being inside for too long leads to a feeling of claustrophobia, lethargy and/or irritation.

21. Is it important for you to spend time alone? It is!
Highly sensitive people often feel better when alone. In extreme cases, this need to be alone can be debilitating to the point where being around others is almost impossible.

22. Do you experience dramatic mood swings, sometimes for no apparent reason? I do!
Have you ever been sitting at work, or on the bus, or in a cafe, feeling pretty good, and suddenly, for no apparent reason, started to feel sad, or angry? Highly sensitive people are more sensitive to both their own emotional content as well as the emotions of those around them. So if this happens to you, you may be connecting with something happening inside of you, but you might also be unintentionally “tuning in” to the emotional content of someone else.

23. Do you know when people are lying to you? I always do!
Have you ever just known that someone is telling you a lie, even when you have no “logical” reason to believe that to be so?
There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. These are of possible “symptoms” of high sensitivity. If ten or more of these experiences rang true for you, it’s highly likely that you’re a highly sensitive person. But even if you said “Yes” to just a handful of these you could be highly sensitive. In fact, even just one or two of these, if they are very strong for you, could indicate high sensitivity.
Ultimately I believe that being a highly sensitive person is a gift. It certainly has become a gift to me! And, yes, I know, it does not always feel that way. It can feel like a burden and a curse. But when you learn how to put boundaries and systems into place you can begin to access and harness that sensitivity and use it to create the life you desire.
What I’m doing with my life
first and foremost...i am finding gratitude for the trials and tribulations that have shown up in my life...recognizing that those things are not a punishment but actually an opportunity...i am learning to embrace and accept those things...and not resist...i am not only learning but truly believing that i am a part of the greater 'divine'...knowing that no matter what comes, i'm going to be ok...and not just knowing it on a cognitive level, but truly experiencing it...allowing myself to feel what is happening...and allowing myself to trust that the difficult challenge is leading me to something greater...understanding and experiencing that this too shall pass and that i'm not defined by whatever trial i'm facing...
part of that involves learning to let go..and learning how to forgive myself...

getting back to to the working world, after an ultra long hiatus....for now, preferably online, in a position that offers schedule flexibility, and lets me utilize my innate that allows me to ease myself back into the world of earning a living, in the land of the living...i've retreated for long enough...

preparing for the ultimate juice feast...30, 60 or 90 days of flourishing on nothing but freshly pressed vegetable and fruit goal is to fall madly in love with mother develop a love affair with her organic goodness that will last the rest of my life...forgive me mother nature, for having you ignored you for so, so long...i will finally be the physically vibrant creature i was always meant to be...moving from fat, sick and nearly dead to lean, healthy and oh so alive!...

i'm still on a mission to find a kidney donor for a woman who was, up until a few months ago, one of my lifelong best friends...she's an otherwise healthy mother of two kids who adore her to pieces...a deeply loved daughter, a sibling, a wife, a cousin, a corporate professional, a confidante, one of the coolest women i have ever met, a true survivor, an inspiration and so much more than that...she's had three brushes with death in the last couple time is of the essence...i will not stop in my efforts. until she has a healthy kidney transplant in place, and her quality of life is back to being as beautiful as she is...irrespective of whether or not we ever heal our rift as sisters...and whether or not we find our way back to one another...i shall work quietly, in the background, to do what i can towards her wellness...two years ago, her mother, who i've known most of my life, tearfully implored me to use my gift of being a born 'connector' and my abundant resources, to search for a donor, and spare her daughter from this on-going renal mother should have to bury their, i promised her i would do everything in my power to help...and i refuse to let the pain of having lost her daughter's presence in my life, get in the way of this this post is in honor of that promise...i owe it to my (now estranged) friend and to our 25 wonderful years of friendship...
if anyone is interested in being considered as a potential donor...please directly contact:
David Lewino R.N. at (858) 657-7729.
Transplant Clinical Coordinator of the Kidney Pancreas Transplant team at UC San Diego
let them know that you're interested in learning about the process of becoming a potential kidney donor for patient Sima Patel...
there’s no need to mention how you came to hear of her story...
but do as you anyone who makes that call and makes this potentially life-saving consideration...from the depths of my heart, I thank you…you have my eternal gratitude and respect

in the midst of writing my personal manifesto...and overcoming a lifetime of debilitating decision paralysis...actively working on breaking my perfectionistic way of thinking and a pattern of commitment phobia which has indeed plagued me and limited me, for as long as i can's never too late to do better...a daunting but doable that i can get the business of living a meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling life :)

in a serious effort to move from hoarder to minimalist, i am selling many of my personal possessions...thank god for garage sales, craigslist and ebay...i'm purging myself of everything from beautiful clothing, to comfy casual attire, to gorgeous indian outfits (colorful saris and salwar chamises), to bhindis (jeweled stickers for the forehead/face), to faux pashminas, to indian scarves, to imitation jewelry, to a new pair of men's inline skates (blades), to CDs, to work attire, to casual attire, to brand new linens, to candles, to books of all kinds, and an aside, i've been told my taste is quite stylish...ever fantasized about unraveling your lover, while she stands, wrapped in a sexy sheer sari of your choice?...these things are never know, perhaps i'll have the perfect sari for you to take home to your lover :)

finally, i'm in the process of revolutionizing my life...a total transformation on many levels....physically,
emotionally, mentally, financially, professionally, organizationally (taming the hoarder in me), socially and that end...i'm ready to incorporate such things as meditation, swaiso, pranayam, surya namaskar and 3 step breath into my daily routine... i am adopting a cleaner, more active, healthier lifestyle, incorporating bellydancing, zumba, pilates, yoga, walking, swimming, stationary cycling and a few other activities, which shall bring my pant/dress size down from the current 14 to a 6/8, my current weight of 175 lbs down into the 110-120 lb. range, my current BMI of 34 to a healthy 22, bring my Real Age down at least two decades...and most importantly, optimize my entire body for a healthy future pregnancy and a smooth child birthing's all about food as medicine, whole versus processed foods, a primarily plant based diet, specifically one to balance my currently imbalanced kapha/vata dosha...let it be said, that i have no desire to misrepresent myself...most other women wouldn't dream of being so forthright about their body's not like me to hide from who i am, as i am at this very moment in time....on the professional front, i have been unemployed for about four years now...ready to get back into the land of the productive and living...(however i do assist in running a local non-profit org)....seeking to develop myself in many facets, as a portfolio careerist and design my professional life accordingly...among my long list of passionate follow my dream of heading my own wellness center, to unleash my humanitarian side at a local and global level, and to develop my own online forum to educate, support and inspire those, like myself, who struggle with a complexity of multiple, serious ailments that can be debilitating, overwhelming and seemingly create a place, a healing space, that offers hope for positive and lasting change...
I’m really good at
connecting with people at many levels...connecting with people of all ages (from infants to the elderly, and everyone in between)...engaging conversation...making others feel at ease and comfortable enough to open their hearts and minds to me, as if they've known me for years...being open minded and compassionate to the plight of others...teachable moments...being an aunt...being an advocate for little ones...introspection/self-reflection...predicting...predicting death and divorce with near perfect accuracy (to date)....being medically intuitive...being funny...being punny...inspiring others to their greatness...mingling/working the crowd...coming up with creative, unique and personalized themes for parties/events...event planning...seva...talking my way out of traffic tickets...untangling jewels...culinary medicine...correcting spelling and grammatical errors...making the best chai you will ever taste...writing lists...writing sentimental, meaningful, inspirational letters (which i'm told are often re-visited, and treasured for life)...writing and delivering eulogies...making profiles more intellectually and sexually appealing and more representative of one's true persona...coming up with thoughtful and personalized gift ideas...romance...romantic surprises...adoring nights...kissing...passionately kissing...embracing...hugging...cuddles...butt to butt cuddles...being playful and adventurous between the sheets....decorating honeymoon suites...throwing affairs to remember...being a resource...being a innate resourcefulness...encouraging spouses to keep the spark alive...encouraging lovers to continue appreciating each other, well after the honeymoon phase has ended...appreciating my lover...reminding women to embrace their sexuality and sensuality...highlighting passages in books...finding the perfect quotation...chronic plays on words...perverted jokes and double entendres

what i'm NOT really good at:
parallel parking....uploading and downloading...IT stuff....learning dance steps...fixing mechanical things (besides the human body that is)...waking up early...being on time...the mundane and monotonous chores of life...being managed or micromanaged (lacking freedom to do as i please)...maintaining a neat organized space (hence my reliance on organizational experts)....abiding by a rigid structure of any sort (loosely structured days are more my cup of tea)...technical things...brevity...ignoring the helpless or needy...working in confined quarters...following directions and following recipes/baking (cooking freely is more my forte)...answering my cell...replying to texts in a timely fashion...signing off at the end of an IM session (it's not meant to be rude, really)...athletics...sports anything....thumb wrestling :)
The first things people usually notice about me
i've been told i have a beautiful face and beautiful smile seems to attract do my often flirtatious, expressive, big brown eyes...which can be mesmerizing...true to the definition of my name, it seems i have "twinkling eyes"...and of curvaceousness...god blessed me with a womanly physique (that's rather plump these days)...recently i heard, "you have such a sweet angelic baby face with porn star boobs"....which definitely has the power to disarm a lover, and throw them off for a second, but in a good i said, a true dichotomy:)....i'm also often reminded of my animated way of speaking, my warm spirit, my sweet persona, and brilliant often bubbly effervescence...i'm told i exude a bright white light...energetically speaking...that is magnetic...i radiate openness, warmth and positivity...i'm quite engaging...a powerful often tell me that a great deal of my beauty is in the ease with which they can speak to me (openly and without restraint)...i'm not likely to judge, harshly criticize, be shocked, or disgusted by what you share with seems most women have a harder time tolerating man-speak :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything that inspires me, touches me or makes me laugh is fair game. I'm a connector, an astute observer of the human condition, and I need to feel the full range of human emotions in order to feel alive. What better way than through books, films, shows, photography, paintings, drawings, music, food, and of course love, sweet love.
Themes I find most appealing (in books, film, tv, etc): health, medical, spirituality, social activism, racial issues, social justice, inspiration, life lessons, education, writing/authors, cooking/food, singing, dance, weddings, babies, based-on-a-true-story and love.

MOST RESPECTED MEMBERS OF MY WELLNESS COMMUNITY (Wellness of body, mind and spirit):
Panache Desai
Mahatma Guattam Baiji and Mahatma Rammurthy Baiji
Reverend Michael Beckwith (Agape)
Nimesh "Nimo" Patel
Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Sunyatta Amen
S.N. Tavaria
Dr. Mark Hyman
Dr. Gary Null
Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. Oz
Dr. John La Puma
Dr. Daniel Amen
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
Dr. Hyla Cass
Ram Dev Swami
Dr. Ewa Konca
Sierra Goodman
Hemal Radia
Dr. Shulze
Michael Pollan
Joe Cross
Jackie Fink
Vianna Stibal
Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Dr. Gottman
Dr. Gary Chapman
Brendon Burchard
Pastor Rick Warren
Dr. Thema Bryant Davis
Louise Hay
Judith Orloff
Reverend Sheila Mckeithan (Universal Centre for Truth)
my body work specialists (massage, rolfing, chiro), shamanic healer, nutritionist, naturopath, voice and dance coaches, theta healers, sound healers, hypnotherapist, life coach, spiritual and emotional counselors, lovers, and so many more..

Dr. Gaye Johnson, Aamir Khan, Pope Francis, Patanjali, Maya Angelou, Iyanla Vanzant, Noam Chompsky, Arundhati Roy, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Ceasar Chavez, Tim Wise, Gabriel "Gabo" Garcia Marquez, Nelson Mandela, Harriet Tubman, Warren Buffet, Mother Teresa, Anuradha Koirala, Norman Borlaug, Bono, Oskar Schindler, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Alan Watts, Desmond Tutu, Marianne Wright Edleman, Les Brown, Craig Kielburger, Adisa Ajamu, Thich Nhat Hanh, Danny Donyare

homunculus, asafoetida, puffin, pug, divinity, delectable, omniscient, tutelage, shimmy, serendipitous, creme brule, cafe, cultural milieu, zeitgeist, neuron, synapse, snafu, coup d'etat, psychoneuroimmunology, olfactory, kerfuffle, Pandora's Box, effervescent, chiffon, azure, powder puff, homonym, shiitake, cashmere, glossy, decoupage, dilettante, finagle, champagne, corpus callosum, aphasia, circadian rhythm, shimmery, magenta, mahalo, bamboozle, undulate, proprioreception, sensuality, quidnunc, soliloquy, sumptuous, tiramisu, corroborate, glamorous, ethereal, croissant, enchantress, mistress, hechicera, ephemeral, persnickety, quid pro quo, phantasmagorical, nosocomial, gentrification, lanugo, saccades, mnemonic, feathery, diaspora, delicacy, sommelier, phalange, iridescence, incandescence, charisma, licorice, capsicum, anisette, cinnamon, shiatsu, luminescence, lomi lomi, enunciation, hodgepodge, juxtaposition, extrapolate, hypothesize, encyclopedia, genre, lucid, sparkle, passion, dissonance, aphasia, prosopagnosia, mens rea, liqueur, shenanigans, authenticity, Mittelschmerz, toggle, boink, brouhaha

Everybody's Free to Wear Sunscreen - Baz Luhrmann

30 Things to Stop Doing To Yourself


My friend Aashna made a cute and quirky video, reminding us all to get of our 'Comfort Zone'

even if you don't sign up for the ebook (just read the comments in the posts of those who did...much valuable wisdom to be gained);

watch the video, listen to the words, read the video will move you

~paying it forward
~gratitude journal
~honor journal
~decision journal (for the commitment-phobe in me)
~unexpected visits from loved ones (living and beyond)
~witty banter
~sensual photography (especially with my lover)....sensual not pornographic
~sultry voices
~mandalas (they speak to me)
~coloring books for grown ups :) (madala patterns, flowers and such)
~Elements collection at Living Spaces (love the TV ad, this is an ethnic style that speaks to me)
~brain games (4 pics and 1 word, timed word unscrambles, Luminosity)
~multiculturalism and diversity
~festivals of all sorts
~planning theme parties
~awards shows (for film, tv and music)
~eloquent, heartfelt speeches on awards shows
~Victoria's Secret cheeky undies
~Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie
~shimmery sparkly accessories
~essential oils
~Bach essential oils
~weekly scalp massages (using natural oils)
~wooden hair brushes
~Eminence, Lather and Origins
~KUT jeans
~HUE leggings (especially the gray cords)
~moonlit nights
~mesmerizing colorful sunset
~Sexual (the fragrance for men)
~castor oil, turmeric and lemon balm for therapeutic purposes
~cosmetic and skin care products formulated sans parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, unnatural fragrances, artificial colors and gluten
~turkish hazelnut coffee
~inspirations from my fashionista friends
~colors...beautiful colors
~flipping through professional jewelry magazines
~HT cinnamon teabags in a tin (heavenly)
~flaxseed and lavender filled warming products - blankets, pillows, neck wraps, eye mask, and socks (the epitome of pampering!)
~luxuriously soft blankets and ultra soft clothing fabrics
~the super soft gray & white scarf my niece got her favorite aunt on a whirlwind tour of Italy
~TED talks (especially TED X)
~singing my heart out when nobody's listening
~watching certain films over and over again (When Harry Met Sally, and Pitch Perfect to name two)
~the beautifully soothing sound made by dancing clusters of tiny bell charms (ghungru) on traditional Indian anklets and bracelets
~boutique hotels, W, Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons hotels
~latex free products
~cinemas and theaters (especially the old-fashioned kind)
~i dream of Palace on Wheels
~healing spices and herbs
~spa dates with the girls and with a lover
~healing foot soaks and foot rubs
~lymphatic drainage massage (by Pam)
~deep heating body treatments
~sauna, steamroom and salt water pool
~high-end Turkish/Moroccan hammams (based on traditional principles)
~foam roller
~the MELT method
~oil pulling
~dead sea salt lotions and scrubs
~having my hair played with
~having my hair pulled (gently but firmly) ;)
~floor to ceiling windows
~Israeli couscous
~flash mob marriage proposals are soooo romantic
~Mother's Market, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sprouts, local farmers' markets
~coconut anything!
~my coconut dream
~Chilly Willy, Pepe le Pew and Fififofum
~Sprinkles vegan red velvet cupcakes (made with beetjuice)
~Little Miss Naughty logo
~my 100+ nicknames
~puffins and penguins
~Mighty Leaf teas
~CCF tea (cumin, coriander, fennel)
~functional medicine
~integrative medicine
~Sombra gel for muscle aches
~acupuncture treatments, and the heavenly heat and scent of moxibustion
~castor oil packs
~apple cider vinegar, castor oil and cayenne pepper head massages....
~powerful, enveloping hugs
~human touch as an expression of love and for therapeutic purposes
~truffle oil
~Bols anisette
~Voluspa candles
~the 'rambunctious red' Sharpie Mark It (fine tipped)
~calligraphy markers in many colors
~hand written cards and letters
~snail mail
~i love eating out of a cup or a mug way more than eating from a bowl
~vegetarian vacations (touring with other vegetarians/vegans)
~incorporating seva into vacations (why not do good deeds while having some fun and exploring a new culture, new people, new places)
~argon oil/moroccan oil for my hair
~almond oil and shea butter for my skin and hair
~Invati hair products by Aveda
~Heavenly Bed at Westin
~sheets of lyrics and karaoke youtube vids, for the singer in me
~Yogi herbal teas (detox, mooncycle, egyptian licorice)
~pear cider
~perodically burning sage to cleanse the energy of my physical space
~rubbing fresh rosemary on my fingertips and taking in the aroma of the rosemary oil on my skin
~the scent of an irresistible, freshly cologned man
~the delicious scent of a baby
~charming B&Bs by the ocean
~Tempur-pedic Allura mattress
~supplements that changed my life (turmeric, oil of oregano, vegan EPA/DHA, vegan 3-6-9 probiotics, tulsi/"holy basil", andrographis, Natural Factors - Dr. Murray's Lung Bronchial & Sinus Health, Garden of Life perfect food, Garden of Life protein powder)
~guided visualizations
~3 step breath
~om chanting
~tai chi (for beginners)
~yoga (for beginners)
~fun, fresh and catchy ways to stay physically active
~back inverter
~rebounder mini trampoline
~library cards
~used book stores
~Epicuren Enzyme Lip Balm
~Origins Make a Difference Plus + (rejuvenating cream)
~random notes and inscriptions in previously owned pieces of literature
~staccato, a cappella, harmony, vibrato, soprano
~accents (especially Salman's Irish, South African, Scottish, Trinidadian and Italian)
~family photo albums
~inviting wine bars and cafes
~the speakeasy in huntington beach
~food trucks and foods stalls
~vegan eateries
~clever business names and creative logos
~spaces that reflect one's unique persona, the true essence of the inhabitant(s) - stylistically speaking
~inspirational tales
~the inner song i have to sing
~romantic getaways
~beautifully crafted handheld masquerade masks (especially those made in Italy)
~pictures that tell a story
~the corner piece or foods cooked in a Baker's Edge :)
~Elemis: Destress Massage Oil (for body), Japanese Camellia Oil Blend (for facial/temples massage), Quiet Mind Temple Balm
~Lather body care products:
Coconut Creme Body Whip, Almond/Milk/Honey Body Butter, Bamboo Lemongrass Moisturizer, Vanilla Bean and Shea soap, Orange Peel Soap, Clove Soap, Honey Almond Soap
~drybrushing and retinol & caffeine cream for my dimply parts
~Bath & Body Works products:
Sensual - Vanilla and Jasmine scented body wash
Sleep - Vanilla and Chamomile scented lotion and body wash
~products from India:
natural almond oil and sandalwood soap bars
~a video clip i find creative, clever and's under 2 minutes long, so check it out

Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Dane Cook, Trevor Noah, Billy Crystal, Wanda Sykes, Adam Sandler, Bill Cosby, John Stewart, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Sinbad, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Ellen DeGeneres, Margaret Cho, Negin Farsad, Amy Schumer, Bill Maher, Jimyy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O'Brien, Russel Peters, Maysoon Zayid, Wayne Brady, Dave Letterman, Johnny Carson, Paul Rodriguez, George Lopez, Jenny McCarthy, Seth Myers, Jim Belushi, Tony Roberts, Whoopi Goldberg, Brad Garrett, Jay Leno, Damon Wayans, Jeff Garcis, Aries Spears, Mike Epps, Joe Rogan, Daniel Tosh, Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Kenan Thompson


FAVORITE TV WEATHER GIRL: Jackie Johnson (love love love her outfits, she's simply adorable)
Worst Weather Girl: Vera Jimenez (she's just...weird)


FAVORITE BOOKS: (some of which i've read, some of which i have yet to read)
Where does this bibliophile begin? I can get lost in libraries and bookstores. My list of literary favorites is endless. Man's Search for Meaning, Clutter Makes You Fat, The Hoarder in You, The Untethered Soul, The Road Less Traveled (Peck), The Book of Questions, The 5 Love Languages, The Mind-Body Code, Seat of the Soul, Flow: The Secret to Happiness, Start with Why, Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple, Yoga Sutra of Sage Patanjali, The Motivation Manifesto, You Can Heal Your LIfe, Total Health Through Rhythmic Breathing, Little Life Experiments (ebook). The Unbearable Lightness of Beings, Be Here Now, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Thread, Crime and Punishment/The Death of Ivan Ilych, The God of Small Things, Bless Me Ultima, A Woman's Worth/A Return to Love, Tuesdays with Morrie/The Five People you Meet in Heaven/ Have a Little Faith/For One More Day/The Time Keeper, Secret Daughter, Hidden Girl, The Glass Castle, Pioneer Boulevard: Los Angeles stories, Meditation Secrets for Women: Discovering Your Passion, Pleasure, and Inner Peace, The Enchantress of Florence, One Hundred Years of Solitude/Love in the Time of Cholera (Gabriel Garcia Marquez), Night, A Fine Balance, Of Mice and Men, Leaves of Grass, Lord of the Flies, The Color Purple, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Do What You Are, Type Talk, Sixteen Men: Understanding Masculine Personality Types, What Color is Your Parachute?, The Four Agreements, The Jungle, Written on the Body, Clean Gut (Alejandro Junger), Super Immunity/Eat to Live/The End of Dieting (Dr. Joel Fuhrman), The Green Smoothie Revolution (Victoria Butenko), The Ultrasimple Diet, Biology of Belief, Reboot with Joe (Joe Cross), The World Peace Diet, Fast Food Nation, Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi (by Yotam Ottolenghi), Cooked/Food Rules/In Defense of Food/The Omnivore's Dilemma/The Botany of Desire/A Place of My Own/Second Nature (Michael Pollan), The Autoimmune Epidemic, Salt-Sugar-Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, Your Food Is Fooling You: How Your Brain Is Hijacked by Sugar, Fat, and Salt/A Question Of Intent: A Great American Battle With A Deadly Industry/The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite (Kessler), Queen of Spice: Sexy Vegetarian Cuisine, Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit, Rainforest Home Remedies: The Maya Way To Heal Your Body and Replenish Your Soul, Spiritual Bathing: Healing Rituals and Traditions from Around the World, Foods that Fight Pain, The Vegan Therapeutic Meal Plan for Asthma: A Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Anti Inflammatory Diet Plan for Relieving Bronchial Inflammation (Therapeutic Meal Plans), The Respiratory Solution, The Allergy and Asthma cure- A complete 8 step nutritional program, The Inflammation Syndrome,
Innocent Casualties, Asthma and Hay Fever, Brenda Watson Detox Strategy, books by Gerson, Boost your Brain,
Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health, Heal Thyself: For Health and Longevity, Life of Pi, The Clan of the Cave Bear series, The China Study, The Secret, Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela, Conversations with Myself, Conversations with God, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind/The Tell-Tale Brain: A Neuroscientist's Quest for What Makes Us Human/
Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, Four-Volume Set: 1-4/A Brief Tour of Human Consciousness: From Impostor Poodles to Purple Numbers/The Emerging Mind: The BBC Reith Lectures 2003, Les Miserables, Lady Chatterly's Lover, Roots, The Quiet American, Dharma Bums,The Natural, Siddhartha, Autobiography of a Yogi, Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, Midwives, On Golden Mountain, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, On the Road, Autobiography of Malcolm X, Invisible Man, A Man in Full, Giving Tree, American Psycho, The Bell Jar, Deliverance, The Pleasures of the Damned, A People's History of the United States, Private Parts, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Falling Leaves, The Art of Seduction, The World's Best Massage Techniques The Complete Illustrated Guide: Innovative Bodywork Practices From Around the Globe for Pleasure, Relaxation, and Pain Relief, Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, The Power of Shakti: 18 Pathways to Ignite the Energy of the Divine Woman, Bonk, Womb Wisdom: Awakening the Creative and Forgotten Powers of the Feminine, Seductress: Women Who Ravished the World and Their Lost Art of Love, Sexual Astrology, The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities, The Vixen Files: Naughty Notes from a Montreal Sex Columnist, The Mistress Manual, Mistresses: A History of the Other Woman, Virgin Callgirl, Simply Irresistible: Unleash Your Inner Siren and Mesmerize Any Man, with Help from the Most Famous--and Infamous--Women in History, Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention you Want, Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body, Prostitution and Pornography, How to be a Dominant Diva, Confessions of a Working Girl, Holy Hunger: A Woman's Journey from Food Addiction to Spiritual Fulfillment, Women Food and God, I Know This Much is True, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Haldol and Hyacintsh, Another Day in the Frontal Lobe, Twentieth Wife/Feast of Roses/Shadow Princess, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, Emotional Intelligence, Prisoner of Tehran, Atonement, Ender's Game, I Am a Strange Loop, How Children Fail, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Scarlet Letter, The Poisonwood Bible, The Joy Luck Club, Catcher in the Rye, Midwives/Secrets of Eden/The Sandcastle Girls/The Light in the Ruins, The House on Mango Street, The Little Prince, Casino Royale, The Wasteland, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Great Gatsby, The Interpreter of Maladies/Unaccustomed Earth/The Namesake, Metamorphosis, Into the Wild, Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time, The War of the Worlds, The Old Man and the Sea, Frankenstein, Nimisha's Ship, Red Tent, River God/Vicious Circle/When the Lions Feed/Rage/Power of the Sword/The Seventh Scroll/The Sounds of Thunder/The Burning Shore/Birds of Prey/Warlock, The Power of Now, The Beloved/The Bluest Eye, A New Earth, The Professor and the Madman, Doctor Sleep, The Map that Changed the World, Blink/Tipping Point/Outliers, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work/ Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child The Heart of Parenting, Walk with the Wind, Kartography, Moral Minds, Consuming Kids, Deadly Persuasion, No Logo,The High Price of Materialism, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Final Exit: The Practicality of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepeneur's Odyssey to Educate the World's Children, Banker To The Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty, Celestine Prophecy, Little Princes, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, On Death and Dying, Spaces of Conflict-Sounds of Solidarity: Music, Race, and Spatial Entitlement in Los Angeles, Arab Spring Libyan Winter, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. Linda Goodman's Sun Signs/Love Signs/Relationship Signs/Star Signs, anything by Dr. Deborah Tannen or Dr. John Gray, Trafficked, Freedom Writers Diary, I Can Make a Difference: A Treasury to Inspire Our Children, The Measure of Our Success, Guide My Feet,The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One, Thriving in the Wake of Trauma: A Multicultural Guide, The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Invisible Injury, Millionaire Messenger/The Charge/Life's Golden Ticket, Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting (Syd Field), The Highly Sensitive Person, Infant Massage-Revised Edition: A Handbook for Loving Parents, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby, The 5 Love Languages of Children, Don't Feed the Dragon, The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Happiness Project: Or, Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun, My Ganesha, A Kabuliwala's Bengali Wife, and countless text books/readings from my grade school, high school and university days, and all stories by the late great Dr. Seuss.

FAVORITE PERIODICALS (in print and/or online)
Inlandeer Journal
LA Times: Front page, Saturday (LA Affairs, Mind-Body,
Food and Dining) Calendar, Obituaries, Opinion
India Currents
India West
India Journal
LA Yoga, Yoga Journal, Yoga
Desh Videsh
Mother's Market magazine
Soul and Spirit, Spirituality and Health, Natural Health, Amazing Wellness, WellBeing, WellBeing Yoga, Remedy
Vegetarian Times, Gluten-Free Living, Cook Vegetarian
Natural Solutions, Herb Quarterly, Aromatherapy Thymes
Time Magazine
Reader's Digest, Writer's Digest
Tathaastu: So Be It - Eastern Wisdom for Mind Body Soul
Energy Times
AARP the Magazine
AARP Bulletin
OC Weekly
OC Register Family
OC Register Metro
Rolling Stones
Simple, Secrets to Getting Organized
Photography for Beginners
Spa, Departures, Sunset, Travel + Leisure, Budget Travel, Conde Nast Traveler, Islands
Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, Inside Out, Tuscan Style
Consumer Reports
People, Us, OK, People's Style Watch, InStyle, InStyle What Color Goes With What Color
Experience Life, GQ, and Maxim (yes, i admit it)
Haute Living
Spa trade mags
Jewelry trade mags (In Store, JCK, etc)
The Costco Connection

FAVORITE MOVIES: (some of which i've watched, some of which i intend to watch)
I cannot imagine a life without film in it. So many worth mentioning! Crash, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Shawshank Redemption, The Family, My Own Country, A Beautiful Mind, One Love, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Magic of Belle Isle, Paper Man, Late Bloomers, MILK, Life of Pi, The Godfather I and II, The Gods Must be Crazy, The Ultimate Gift, Waking Life, American History X, To Kill a Mockingbird, Walk The Line, Little Miss Sunshine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotted Mind, Midnight in Paris, Only Love, Amelie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The Holiday, Dan in Real Life, Valentine's Day, Crazy Stupid Love, Love and Other Drugs, Dear John, The End of Love, Mr. Nobody, A Beginner's Guide to Endings, Endless Love, 10 Years, Labor Day, About Time, Gone, Princess Bride, The Terminal, What Happens in Vegas, Cinderella Man, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (both versions), Life is Beautiful, The Last Station, Mississippi Burning, Do the Right Thing, Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Miss Conception, Friends with Benefits, Lottery Ticket, The Grand Buddhapest Hotel, While You Were Sleeping, Kissing a Fool, Schoolhouse Rock, Pitch Perfect, August Rush, Fault in our Stars, Think Like a Man, The Words, Hitch, My Cousin Vinny, When Harry Met Sally, Peace Love and Misunderstanding, That's What I Am, Friday, The Wood, Who Killed Atlanta's Children, 360, Gravity, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, Father of the Bride, In the Time of the Butterflies, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Happy Accidents, I Don't Know How She Does It, P.S. I Love You, Bridesmaids, Hangover, Friday, Love Jones, The Best Man, The Brothers, The Players Club, Barber Shop, Citizen Kane, Airplane!, The Sixth Sense, What Dreams May Come, Pulp Fiction, The Story of Us, Beware the Gonzo, Goodfellas, It's a Wonderful Life, Casablanca, Remember Me, The Silence of the Lambs, Schindler's List, Gran Torino, Blue Velvet, Training Day, Fast and the Furious, Law Abiding Citizen, Edward Scissorhands, Mississippi Masala, Scarface, A Bronx Tale, Carlito's Way, American Gangster, Fight Club, Insomnia, The Beach, Cast Away, Goodwill Hunting, Children of Men, The Untouchables, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, If These Walls Could Talk (HBO), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Road to Perdition, Million Dollar Baby, The Wrestler, Rocky, Cinderella Man, The Hurricane, Braveheart, Traffic, Glory, The Butterfly Effect, Bless Me Ultima, Big Fish, Carrie, City of God, In My Country, A Dry White Season, Cry-The Beloved Country, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Amistad, Man on Fire, The Bucket List, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Aliens, American Beauty, Gone with the Wind, Red, Driving Miss Daisy, The Bone Collector, Salt, Me Myself & Irene, Liar Liar, New York I Love You, As Good as It Gets, The Healer, Because I Said So, A Fish Called Wanda, The Birdcage, Pink Panther, A View to a Kill, Transporter, The Rock, Hunt for Red October, 300, The Big Lebowski, The Brass Teapot, Safe House, Book of Eli, Invictus, The Breakfast Club, Forget Paris, When in Rome, Superbad, City Slickers, The Princess Bride, Ferris Buller's Day Off, Under the Tuscan Sun, The Banger Sisters, Monsoon Wedding, Serendipity, Bridget Jones Diary, What's Your Number?, Sessions, The Jerk, Rush Hour, Caddyshack, Wedding Crashers, 40-Year-Old-Virgin, All of Me, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Meet the Parents/Meet the Fockers, Dead Poet's Society, Namesake, 50 First Dates, Notting Hill, Planes Trains and Automobiles, Pineapple Express, Rush Hour, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Real Women Have Curves, Spaceballs, There's Something About Mary, He's Just Not That Into You, Legally Blonde, Walk the Line, Sweet Home Alabama, An Affair to Remember, Some Like it Hot, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Your Sister's Sister, The Five Year Engagement, Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle, Fever Pitch, The Pursuit of Happiness, Seven Pounds, Pay it Forward, Blind Side, You've Got Mail, Definitely Maybe, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Trouble with the Curve, Leap Year, The Proposal, About a Boy, In Her Shoes, Raising Helen, Sunshine Cleaning, Shutter Island, What Women Want, No Strings Attached, Black Swan,
De-Lovely, Untamed Heart, Only You, Zoolander, Beast of the Southern Wild, Silver Linings Playbook, Juno, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Margarita with a Straw, Amu, The Thornbirds, Lace, Jesus is Magic, Finding Neemo, Shrek, The Little Mermaid, A Bug's Life, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Despicable Me, Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles, Ratatoillie, Up, Frozen, Brave....and a few Indian film favorites....Gadar, PK, Mardaani, Dil Chata Hai, Mujse Dosti Karoge!, Chalte Chalte, Devdas, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Jab We Met, 3 Idiots, Dhobi Ghat, Mohabbatein, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kabhi Khushi Khabie Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Vivah, Om Shanti Om, Saathiya, Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, Hum Saath Saath Hain, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar, Mera Naam Joker, Karz, Mumbai Diaries, Black, Pinjar, Bandit Queen, Parzania, Lunchbox, Black Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, Fire, Water, Earth, Damini, Komal

film that teach of the world's religions/spirituality: Buddha series,

films with a writing theme:
The Magic of Belle Isle, Julia, Emma and Sam, Forget Paris/Midnight in Paris, Kissing a Fool, Brown Sugar, The Words, The Novelist, Letters to Juliet, The Singing Detective, I Capture the, Castle, Morvern Callar, Sideways, Factotum, Best Man, The Best Man, Freedom Writers, Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle, Shakespeare in Love, Author Author, Miss Potter, Becoming Jane, Finding Forrester, Impromptu, Henry and June, My Brilliant Career, Cross Creek, Bluestocking, Atonement, Suddenly Last Summer, Stranger than Fiction, Heaven Forbid, Sophie's Choice, Shadowland, The Libertine Finding Neverland, The World According to Garp, Dash and Lily, Sunset Boulevard, Barton Fink, Wonder Boys, Henry Fool, Naked Lunch, Adaptation, The Front, The Hours, Deconstructing Harry, Through a Glass Darkly, The Squid and the Whale, Satansbraten, Capote, Prick up your Ears, An Angel at my Table, The Player, Deathtrap, Misery

films with a dance theme:
Coyote Ugly, Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing 2 - Havana Nights, Ballroom Dancing international championships, Lambada, Strip Tease, Showgirls, A Chorus Line, Step Up, Step it Up 2, Magic Mike, Honey, How Stella Got Her Groove, Back, Staying Alive, Saturday Night Fever, Bring it on,
Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Chicago, Stick It, Flashdance, Take the Lead, Footloose, One Last Dance, Center Stage,
Shall We Dance?, Mad Hot Ballroom, The Dancer
Lambada Me The Forbidden Dance, Dance with Me,
The Forbidden Dance is Lambada, Salsa - The Motion Picture, Burn the Floor, Stomp the Yard, Strictly Ballroom

films with a food/wine theme:
The Hundred-Foot Journey, Julie and Julia, No Reservations, Ratatouille, Waitress, Chocolat, Like Water for Chocolate, Chef, The Cook The Thief The Wife & His Lover, Tortilla Soup, Eat Drink Man Woman, Sideways, The Ramen Girl, Mostly Martha, Big Night, Babette's Feast, Tampopo, The Wayward Cloud (Taiwan), Be With Me (Singapore), Chicken Rice Wars (Singapore), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Fried Green Tomatoes, Kitchen Stories, Bella Martha

films with "the Rock" theme :)
Hercules, Fast & Furious 6, Fast Five, Faster, Pain and Gain, Empire State, GI Joe: Retaliation, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Snitch, You Again, Why Did I get Married Too, Tooth Fairy, Race to Witch Mountain, Get Smart, The Game Plan, Southland Tales, Doom, Be Cool, Walking Tall, WWE:The Stone Cold Truth, The Rundown, The Scorpion King, Longshot, They Mummy Returns, King of the Ring

and way too many documentaries to mention, but here goes:
I Am
Good Hair
Diary of a Tired Black Man
Bowling for Columbine
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Google Baby
When Strangers Click: Five Stories from the Internet
Food, Inc.
Supersize Me
The Secret
Meet the Patels
Project Kashmir

I have many on my queue, including but not limited to:
Seven Deadly Sins series: Lust/Envy/Gluttony/Sloth/Greed/Anger/Pride
Fed Up
My Big Breasts and Me
My Penis and Everyone Else's
Born Into Brothels
You Can Heal Your Life
The Midwives (6 part series on BBC)
A Day with a Midwife
Indian Food Wisdom and the Art of Eating Right
The Day My God Died (Nepal)
The Doctor
Pink Ribbons, Inc.
Rebels Without a Pause
Prophets of Rage
The Invisible War
Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap
Front Line Sex Slaves
Call + Response
The Story of India BBC
Dean Butler,
Untold Story of Detroit Hip-Hop
Big Bucks Big Pharma
Food Matters
Forks Over Knives
Hungry for Change
Simply Raw
Big Sugar: Sweet, White and Deadly
Life 2.0
Sons of Perdition
Most Valuable Players
After Tiller
20 Feet from Stardom
Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tommy Ungerer Story
Killing us Softly
Miss Representation
One Lucky Elephant
No Woman, No Cry
Family Affairs
The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz
I Am Eleven
Childrend of a Desired Sex
Made in India
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana
The Laughing Club of India
Journey in my Mother's Footsteps
The Waterfront
FLOW: For Love of Water
The Story of Bottled Water
God's Not Dead THE MOVIE

Inside the Actors Studio, Resurrection, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, CSI NY, Motive, Castle, Hawaii Five O, Elementary, Chicago Fire, Blue Bloods, Chicago PD, Unforgettable, Scandal, The Good Wife, Suits, Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, A Gifted Man, Hero, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, The MIndy Project, Frazier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Will and Grace, Happy Endings, Two and Half Men, Two Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, $#*! My Dad Says, How to Live With Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life), About a Boy, NCIS: LA, Super Fun Night, Once Upon a Time, Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23, Friends, Too Close for Comfort, I Dream of Jeannie, Bosom Buddies, Eight is Enough, The Munsters, Gilligan's Island, Fantasy Island, Hart to Hart, Get Smart, Gidget, Tales from the Crypt, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Three's Company, The Love Boat, The Golden Girls, Don't Forget the Lyrics, The Voice, The Voice UK, The Sing-Off, Dancing with the Stars, Rising Star, America's Best Dance Crew, America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, Dr. Oz, The Chew, Master Chef, The Taste, Last Comic Standing, Celebrity Apprentice, Shark Tank, How I Met Your Mother, Community, Cougar Town, Parks and Recreation, The Office, 30 Rock, Following, Revenge, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter,The Carrie Diaries, Madmen, Hemlock Grove, The Americans, Archer, The Following, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Arrow, Rizzoli and Isles, Undercover Cousins, Forever, Marry Me, Manhattan Love Story, How to get away with Murder, Naked and Afraid, Gracepoint, Cristela, Black-ish, What Would You Do?, The Nate Berkus Show, 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning News, 24, Sex and the City, Entourage, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Real Sex, HealingQuestTV (online), Cook Smart with Sanjeev Kapoor on FoodFood TV, Khana Khazana, NDTV Good Times, Love Bites (cooking show), 5 Star Tadka (Gujarati cooking show in Gujarati on Tv9) Yoga Sutra, Yoga For You, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Real Time with Bill Maher, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, American Dream Builder, Clean House, Clean House: Messiest Home in America, House Hunters, House Hunters International, Love it or List It, PBS/KCET, Fashion Police, Mind of a Man, Jeopardy, The Newlywed Game, Family Feud, Hoarders, Extreme Hoarders, My Strange Addiction, Iyanla: Fix My Life, Oprah Show, Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Presents Master Class, Healing Quest, Comedy Central (especially the celebrity Roasts), Standup in Stilettos, Super Nanny, Restaurant Impossible, Bar Rescue, Real Life 101, Careers segment, 'greatest video' countdowns on VH1, Fuse, General Hospital (been a fan since I was a tiny tot), black and white films, old classics, and segments of all sorts - pertaining to history, literature, music, dance, sex, health, nutrition, multicultural issues, social justice issues, crime, weddings, babies, cooking, spirituality, history, metaphysics, scientific discoveries, biographies, interior design, fashion, organizing, hoarding, house hunting and architecture.

Any sounds that move me - smooth, soulful, sensual sounds, music from around the globe, hip hop, hip hop battles, freestyle rap, jazz (better referred to as Black American music), Afro-Cuban-Latin beats, oldies, old school, 80's, R&B, soul, live music, music awards shows, music festivals, live drummers from around the world, film and musical soundtracks, Broadway hits, classic Hindi film songs (from the 60's and 70's), a cappella, instrumental, triphop, soft rock, classic rock, reggae, folk music, opera. I enjoy everything from the legendary greats to no-name karaoke stage performers and more. Names that come to mind:
Nimo (every single song on the Empty Hands album)
Marvin Gaye (Sexual Healing, Let's Get It On, Mercy Mercy Me, What's Going On, How Sweet It Is To Be Loved by You), Stevie Wonder (As, Superstitious, Isn't She Lovely), Bob Marley and the Wailers (One Love, Redemption Song, Three Little Birds), Ziggy Marley (Tomorrow People), Bill Withers (A Lovely Day, Just the Two of Us), Joe Cocker (You Can Leave your Hat On, You are so Beautiful), Al Jarreau (After All), Barry White, Al Green, James Ingram (One Hundred Ways), The Temptations (Ain't Too Proud to Beg), James Brown, Gladys Knight (Midnight Train to Georgia), Ike and Tina Turner, Feist, Santana, Iyeoka, Joy Denalane, Nat King Cole (Unforgettable), Cole Porter (Let's Do It), Coltraine, Pharrell (Happy), Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines, Lost Without You), Mana (Hechicera), Foster the People (Pumped Up Kicks), chorus of the Baz Luhrmann Sunscreen song, Digable Planets, Sly and the Family Stone (Everyday People), Frank Sinatra, John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Above and Beyond (Sun and Moon), The Guess Who (These Eyes), The Saturdays (Issues), Lifehouse (You and Me), Portishead, Labrinth & Emile Sande (Beneath Your Beautiful), Nick Cave, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michelson, Van Morrison, Diana Ross (I'm Coming out), Aretha Franklin (RESPECT), James Morrison (You Give Me), Estelle (Come Over), Rufus and Chaka Khan (Tell Me Something Good), Quetzal, William Elliot Whitmore, Groove Theory, Prince, Public Enemy (Fight the Power), Public Enemy and Anthrax (Bring the Noise), The Sugarhill Gang (Rapper's Delight), Wu Tang Clan, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, Run DMC, Afrika Bambaataa and Zulu Nation, Roxanne Shante, Eric B and Rakim, KRS-One, Eazy-E, Doug E Fresh, Whoudini, Run DMC, Mos Def (Brown Sugar), Notorious BIG, Nas and Lauren Hill (If I Ruled the World), Tupac, Dr. Dre, LL Cool J, The Roots, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park, A Tribe Called Quest, Boogie Down Productions, Grand Puba, Coolio (Gangster’s Paradise), Melle Mel and the Furious, Grand Master Caz (MC’s Delight), Heavy D and the Boyz, Warren G, Nasty Cousins, Kool Moe Dee vs. Busy Bee, Kwame, Poor Righteous Teachers, De La Sol, D'angelo, Queen Latifah, Dana Dane, Amad Henderson, Kurtis Blow (If I Ruled the World), MC Lyte, DJ Skribble, Funky Four Plus One More, Crash Crew, DJ Kool Herc, Treacherous Three, Cold Crush Brothers, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock (It Takes Two), Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Beastie Boys, B’yond Xistenz, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, The Spinners (It's a Shame), Monie Love (It's a Shame), TLC, Toni Braxton, Macy Gray, Mary J Blije, Joss Stone, Destiny’s Child, Ashanti, En Vogue, SWV, Maxi Priest (Human Work of Art), Boyz II Men, Jason Mraz, The Beatles, Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean, Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah, Everybody Knows, I'm Your Man, Dance Me To the End of Love, Suzanne, Avalanche), One Republic (Good Life, Counting Stars), Butch Walker and the Black Widows, Nina Simone, Corrine Bailey Rae, Verve Remixed: The First Ladies, Madeline Peroux (Dance Me to the End of Love, La Vien Rose, Don't Wait too Long, Smile), Jonathan Rhys Myers (This Time, Something Inside), Ella Goulding (Burn), Short Skirt (Cake), Fun, Levon Helm, Laura Marling, Dawes, Gypsy Kings, The Soulsavers, Justin Timberlake, Feist (Gatekeeper, Secret Heart, Let it Die), Katie Perry (Roar, Firework, Wide Awake), Enrique Iglesias, Simply Red, The Killers, The Postal Service, The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons (I Will Wait),The Corrs, Rod Stewart, Chris Isaak, The Smiths (This Night Has Opened My Eyes), Morrisey, Jonathan Franti, Jimmy Buffet, Jimmy Cliff, *The Eagles (Hotel California), *Live (Lightning Crashes), Outkast, Adam Lambert (Mad World), Adele, Sean Paul, Usher, Nelly, Alphaville, Survivor (Eye of the Tiger), Ozomatli, Tom Waits, Queen (We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, Under Pressure with David Bowie, Somebody to Love, Another One Bites the Dust), Ray LaMontagne (You are the Best Thing, Be Here Now, Hold You in My Arms, Let it Be Me), James Blunt, John Mayer, Abba, Jack Johnson, Billy Joel, Elton John, Michael Buble, Pink, Charles Trenet, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Adele, Sarah Vaughan, Leena Horne, Black Eyed Peas, J. Cole, Jackie Evancho, Daft Punk (Get Lucky), Joan Jet, Expose (Seasons Change), Dion and the Belmonts (A Teenager in Love), Del Shannon (Runaway), Chris Montez (Let's Dance), Elvis Presley -or whoever he stole the music from (You Were Always on My Mind), Flock of Seagulls (I Ran, Wishing I had a Photograph of You), Clash (Should I Stay or Should I Go, Rock the Casbah, I Fought the Law), Love and Rockets (So Alive, No New Tale to Tell, All in My Mind, Haunted When the Minutes Drag), Howard Jones (No One is to Blame, What is Love, Things Can Only Get Better, Everlasting Love, If You Were Here), Billy Idol (White Wedding, Mony Mony, Rebel Yell, Flesh for Fantasy, Don't You Forget About Me, Dancing With Myself, You Spin Me Right Round, Eyes Without a Face, Rock the Cradle of Love), Thompson Twins (Life in One Day, Hold Me Now, King for a Day, If You Were Here, You Take Me Up, Lay Your Hands on Me, Doctor Doctor), Information Society (Lay All Your Love on Me, What's on Your Mind), Level 42 (Something About You), Marc Almond (Tears Run Rings, Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart), Skylar Grey, Maroon 5, Lorde/Sam Behymer (Royals), Eagles, Pink Martini, Thievery Corporation (Richest Man in Babylon, Take My Soul), The Cure, Coldplay, Eminem, Jill Scott, Death Cab for Cutie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, New Order, OMD, Nirvana, Oingo Boingo, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Muse, Andrea Bocelli, Eels, Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz (Dynamite), Pitbull, Mike Posner, Depeche Mode, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Bob Dylan, Sublime, U2, Barry Manilow, Christopher Cross (Sailing, Arthur's Theme), Neil Diamond, Mr. Big, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Toad and the Wet Sprockets, The Bee Gees, Donna Summers, Joe Cocker (Have a Little Faith in Me, You Can Leave Your Hat On, Up Where We Belong, You are So Beautiful), Train (Drops of Jupiter), Cindi Lauper (Girls Just Wanta Have Fun, True Colors), Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green (Baby it's Cold Outside), Foster the People, Calvin Harris, Tom Petty, Jack Johnson, The Lumineers, The Bangles (Eternal Flame), Stealers Wheel (Stuck in the Middle With You), Olivia Newton John (Let's Get Physical, Hopelessly Devoted, You're the One that I Want), Studio 54, Anna Kendrick/The Carter Family (When I'm Gone), Double (The Captain of Her Heart), Brenda Russel (Piano in the Dark), Maroon 5 with Christina Aguilera (Moves like Jagger), Christina Aguilera and Pitbul (Feel the Moment), Lady Gaga and R. Kelly/Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera (Do What U Want), David Guetta and Sia (Titanium), Kacey Musgraves (Same Trailer Different Park), Daft Punk, (Radioactive) Kenny Loggins and Stevie Nicks (Whenever I Call You Friend), Sarah Bereilles (Brave), Quetzal Guerrero (Everything, Morning Gaze, ), Puccini, Ludovico Einaudi (Primavera), bollywood oldies sung by Sonu Nigam, Shalini Katariya, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Grimmie (Wrecking Ball), Eddie Gomez (Criminal Love), Delvin Choice (A Song for You), Dawn and Hawkes (I've Just Seen a Face), Liam Tamne, Bryan Keith, Sisaundra (Ain't No Way, Do What U Want), Carry Laine, Josh Kaufman, Kristen Merlin, Cierra Mickins, Clarissa Serna (Zombie), Deja Hall (True Colors), TJ Wilkins (Benny and the Jets,) Morgan Wallen, Madilyn Paige (Titanium), Biff Gore, Melissa Jimenez, Jeremy Briggs, Keith Urban, Amanda Brown, Stan Morrow’s karaoke (Cult of Personality) and stage musical performances,
(I Want You to be Mine, Do It All Night, Hold On, Destination, Tonight, Downpour, Party Shaker, Dance Hall Track), sounds from Putumayo records, and many a talented, nameless street performer, I've heard along the way. I also love all sorts of dance music (hip hop, salsa, bachata, bellydance, bhangra, west coast swing, hula, tango, lambada, etc). The Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights soundtrack is one of my all time favorites.

Dr. Zhivago, My Fair Lady, Annie, Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music, Rent, The Book of Mormon, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rocky Horror Show, Once Upon this Island, Pulp Shakespeare, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Jekyll and Hyde, Miss Saigon, Grease, Las Mujeres de Juarez (The Women of Juarez), A Portrait of 10 Women, The King and I, Avenue Q, Man of La Mancha, Dinner with Friends, Wizard of Oz, Mamma Mia, 9 to 5, The O Show, Zumanity, Thunder from Down Under, Magic Mmmmmmike :)

FAVORITE MUSIC FESTIVALS: (unless i have a group of my closest friends, or back stage connections, i prefer to experience these from the privacy of my own home)
iheartreadio, rock the bells, itunes, ultra, coachella, counterpoint, beale street, sasquatch!, electric daisy, governor's ball, bonnaroo, firefly, tomorrow world, austin city limits, voodoo music experience, fun fun fun, lollapalooza

I'm a global vegetarian foodie to my core, blessed with the best home cooked meals, from the time I could chew. I crave spicy foods, flavorful foods, sweet foods, even bitter foods, a variety of textures and tastes, in conjunction (crunchy, squishy, smooth, grainy, you name it). My chai is the best, bar none. I love coconut anything, fresh coconut flesh, fresh coconut water, roasted coconut water, mango (never, ever miss a season!), pineapple, watermelon, apple, pear, fresh pumpkin, fig, persimmon, squash, yams, portabello, shitake and reishi mushrooms, truffles and truffle oil, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, hot traditional Gujarati meals (kichri with ghee being one of the most comforting), all kinds of salads, green smoothies (kale/spinach, celery, parsley/cilantro, apples/pears, ginger, lemon, bee pollen), citrus infused water, water infused with cinnamon extract/cinnamon tea (at bedtime), safe leaf tea (upon waking), warm lemon water upon waking, fresh fruit infused waters, fresh fruit and veggie juices (pineapple-cilantro-tangerine-lemon) (apple-carrot-ginger-beet-kale) (green apple-orange-carrot-ginger), spa water/fat flush water, lemon/ginger/cayenne tea, ocassional dandelion tea at night, goji berries, acacia powder, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, ligonberries, white mulberries, traditional dishes of my motherland, authentic Italian pizza, soups, Greek yogurt, cinnamon, organic coconut oil, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, parathas (radish, cauliflower, potato, broccoli, lentil, you name it!) served hot with cold yogurt, Hema's rasam, dosas, pasta dishes, grainy breads, blue corn tortilla chips and salsa, flaxseed corn chips, burritos, curry leaves, onions of all kinds, mogri, homemade soups and stews, soft kicha no lot (a rice flour based dish served with sesame seeds, oil and fresh lemon juice), super soft kato lot made with onions, (gujarati comfort food), edra, kaman, chutnies, mouhamara, vegetarian pupusas with curtido,
coconut flour pancakes, mock duck, dark leafy green salads, Thai crunch salad, arugula and quinoa salad, arugula and asparagus salad, salads of all kinds, hummus, legumes/lentils/assorted dried beans of all colors (cooked in the tradition of our foremothers), gluten free grains of all kinds (kemut, millet, teff, buckwheat, quinoa, rice flour, almond flour, coconut flour), any fruits and veggies on Earth that I'm not allergic to, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, unhulled sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), nut butters (sunflower, almond, cashew), baked pear and apple desserts with cinnamon and brown sugar. Grade B 100% pure maple syrup is my sweetener of choice. My love for cheese is both indescribable and dangerous (farm fresh cheeses, cotija, queso fresca, brie, paneer, edam, gouda, feta, asiago, ricotta, goat, sharp cheddar, buttermilk gorgonzola, fresh mozzarella, especially buffalo mozzarella, white cheddar, romano, burrata and more)! Fondue is phenomenal! Fresh is always best! I have a sweet tooth like no (wo)man's business (decadent cupcakes, custards and creme brule, always eggless, and a few Indian sweets). Almond croissants and butter croissants, butterscotch cake with fresh cream topping, and chocolate lava cakes, chocolate mousse and chocolate tortes (once again, eggless)...mmmm. I'm a huge fan of Indian (Gujarati, North Indian and South Indian), Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai, Italian, Spanish, El Salvadoran, vegan Vietnamese, Nepali, and fusion cuisine. Moving towards a lifestyle of vegan decadence - ethnic vegan of course. The more authentic, the better. But it's the company I keep that makes the food taste even more delectable. Other random food favorites: licorice root, fenugreek, Trader Joes coconut chips). Pomegranate and fresh pomegranate juice/fresh pomegranate bellinis. Grown-up sodas, like Indian ginger beer, DRY brand better tasting, less sweet, all natural sodas: Blood Orange, Ginger, Vanilla Bean, Apple, Cherry, Rhubarb, Lavender, Juniper Berry, Cucumber, Wild Lime and Pear, Izze: tangerine and pomegranate.
In my fantasy world, I have a wellness chef (who happens to be a body builder by night) who shops for the freshest and most flavorful fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes and grains (organic, non-genetically modified, and locally grown as much as possible) and creates incredible multicultural, nutritious, deliciously tantalizing meals, morning, noon and night. A girl can dream, can't she?

Sunyatta Amen, Liz Lira, Patrick Swayze, J Lo, Channing Tatum, Jabbawockeez, D’Angelo Castro & Amanda Carbajales, Jonas Terleckas & Ruby Castro, Kelly Monaco & Valentin Chmerkovskiy, Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough, Shakira, Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Rita Hayworth, Abby Pavlova, Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan, Svetlana Zakharova, Alvin Ailey, Cab Cloway, Gregory Hines, Josephine Baker, Judith Jamison, Debbie Allen, Savion Glover, Sammy Davis Jr., Derek Cooley

Mario's, Cafe Sevilla tapas bar(Riverside)
Meddi Kitchen (Anaheim Hills)
Bageti, India Coffee and Snacks (Diamond Bar)
Amalfi, Delancy, Cafe Gratitude, Little Dom's, Alcove Cafe and Bakery, Cayenne Cafe, Tuk Tuk Thai, Paru's, Pizzeria Mozza, Sotto, Olio Mozzerela, King Taco (LA)
Mother Dough (Loz Feliz)
Zelo, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (Arcadia)
Mes Amis, Royal Thai (Chino Hills)
Panda Inn (La Palma)
Mama Cozza's Italian (love love love their traditional complimentary shot of anisette with fresh orange slices, served at the end of every meal), Thuy Vien - vegan Vietnamese, Vegan Pizza, Junk Bar (Anaheim)
Open Sesame, Tex Mex (Belmont Shores)
Javier's (Crystal Cove)
Bo De Tinh Tam Chay - vegetarian Vietnamse (Westminister)
Elbows, Bruxie (Brea)
Heartland's Market and Kitchen (Walnut)
The India Restaurant, Sweetee Thai, Standard Sweets and Snacks, Jay Bharat (Artesia)
Sweetee Thai, Elbows - catering menu (Cerritos)
My Vegan, Bar Celona, Bodega, My Thai, Green Earth Vegan Cuisine, Dots Cupcakes, Bella Napoli, Cafe Bizou (Pasadena)
The Bazaar (Beverly Hills)
Urbano (DTLA)
Hsi Lai Temple - tea room (Hacienda Heights)
I Cucini, Pizza Antica, Fritto Misto, Joe's Pizza, Stella Rossa Pizza Milo and Olive (Santa Monica)
Gjelina (Venice)
800 Degrees, Falafel King (Westwood)
Thai Kitchen, Javier's, Wheel of Life vegetarian Thai (Irvine)
Sprinkles Cupcakes, Wonderland Bakery (Newport Beach)
Banana Bay (Rowland Heights)
Luna Rossa Ristorante (Tustin)
Twisted Vine, Green Bliss, Rutabegorz, Les Amis, The Gastronome, Matador (Fullerton)
Vegan Pizza (Garden Grove)
Marrakesh, Habana Cuban, Old Vine Cafe, Pizza Ortica (Costa Mesa)
Mother's Kitchen Juice Bar (Brea, Huntington Beach, Anaheim Hills)
Extraordinary Desserts, Amarin Thai (San Diego)
Basillico's (Huntington Beach)
Vatan, Alta (NYC)
Annie's Thai Castle, Fellini's (Atlanta, GA)

WordSearch, Word Unscramble, 4 Pics 1 Word, Hangman and any word games
Table Tennis
Truth or Dare
Battle of the Sexes
Apples and Apples
Trivial Pursuit
Naughty Dice
Drink If
Chutes and Ladders (or Snakes and Ladders)
Mr. Mouth
Pacman/Ms. Pacman
Duck Duck Goose
Hide and Seek
Simon Says (though I never was much for following orders)
Four Square


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
~Marianne Williamson

Be who you are
Say what you feel
Because those who mind don’t matter
And those who matter don’t mind
~Dr Seuss

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
~Dr Seuss

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.
~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

1 Corinthians 13: 1-8, 13:
If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends; as for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized. If we treat people as they are, we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought to be, we help them become what they are capable of becoming.
~Johann Wolfgang Goethe

~from the film De-Lovely

Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food.

Amor vincit omnia.
Love conquers all.

You don't need AAA when you have double D's
(H cups in my case)
~line from Two and a Half Men

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you're not angry, that means you're a puppet or a robot, but you can channel your anger in a creative way. That's what we were able to do with music and culture. I lead a peaceful life, but when I vent, it comes through the music. You should say something with your words.
~Chuck D

Whether people first hear about the two kinds of perception and two kinds of judgment as children, high school students, parents or grandparents, the richer development of their own type can be a rewarding adventure for the rest of their lives.
~Isabel Myers

Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as clothes do against cold. For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you. So in like manner you must grow in patience when you meet with great wrongs, and they will then be powerless to vex your mind.
~Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)

Friendship is like a glass ornament, once it's broken, it can rarely be put back together in exactly the same way. ~Charles Kingsley

There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s words when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself.
~John Gregory Brown, Decorations in a Ruined Cemetery, 1994

I share these words with all the precious people in our lives facing serious health challenges...
Said one oyster to a neighbour oyster,"I have a great pain within me. It is heavy and round and I am in distress." And the other oyster replied with a haughty complacence, "Praise be to the heavens and to the sea, I have no pain within me. I am well and whole, both within and without. At that moment a crab was passing by and heard the two oysters, and he said to the one who was well and whole, both within and without, "Yes, you are well and whole, but the pain that your neighbour bears, is a pearl of exceeding beauty."
~Khalil Gibran

Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield, upon which your reason and your judgment wage war against your passion and your appetite
~Khalil Gibran

Every girl wants a guy who's a polite dick...someone to hold the door open for her...but still smacks that ass as she walks in

The secret to a happy marriage...keep his stomach full, and his balls empty :)

The smell and feel of paper is as much a part of reading as are the words and images a good writer can evoke.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

Every man is the builder of a Temple called his body, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead.
~Henry David Thoreau

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.
~Jim Rohn

Some people have a foolish way of not minding, or pretending not to mind, what they eat. For my part, I mind my belly very studiously, and very carefully; for I look upon it, that he who does not mind his belly will hardly mind anything else.
~Samuel Johnson

The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.
~B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga: The Path To Holistic Health

'Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus.
Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.
~William Shakespeare, Othello

My manner of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others!
~Marquis de Sade

The imagination is the spur of delights... all depends upon it, it is the mainspring of everything; now, is it not by means of the imagination one knows joy? Is it not of the imagination that the sharpest pleasures arise?
~Marquis de Sade

It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.
~Marquis de Sade

'Sex' is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.
~Marquis de Sade

Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated.
~Marquis de Sade

One song brings back one thousand memories

Idle minds are a devil’s playground

O, what a tangled web we weave; When first we practice to deceive!
~Sir Walter Scott

Share too much and someone can hurt you.
~Dorothy Koomson, My Best Friend's Girl

I just don't want to live like I used to. And at some point, I'm going to put a gag order on myself in terms of talking about the past. I've got to slam the door and deal with the present and the future.
~Charlie Sheen

Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.
~Albert Einstein

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead
~Benjamin Franklin

How can we expect another to keep our secret if we have been unable to keep it ourselves

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
~ Elbert Hubbard

Neurotics complain of their illness, but they make the most of it, and when it comes to talking it away from them they will defend it like a lioness her young.
~Sigmund Freud

Much talking is the cause of danger. Silence is the means of avoiding misfortune. The talkative parrot is shut up in the cage. Other birds, without speech, fly freely about.
~Saskya Pandita

A half truth is a whole lie

I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.

Anytime you blame others for something that “they did to you,” you are giving over your power to them.
And if you are overly concerned with what others are doing (to the point of semi stalking) and feel competitive and jealous, you are giving over your power them.
Stop letting what others are doing and saying take up so much space in your head and time away from your own PRECIOUS DIVINE CO-CREATION POWER TIME… and take your power back!
Stay true and confident to yourself, follow your own sacred, divine path, and don’t worry about what he or she said or did or is doing. It makes no matter… unless you allow it to make matters complicated and out of control in your own life.
No one or nothing can take away what is yours by divine right and birth right… unless you give them the power to do so by putting your focus on them instead of on your own divine journey, aspirations and inspirations.
Take your power back. You’ll be so glad you did!!
~Sierra Goodman

Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind
~Henry David Thoreau

Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.
~Juliia Child

Cooking is like making love, you do it well, or you do not do it at all.

in the abstract art of cooking,
ingredients trump appliances,
passion supersedes expertise,
creativity triumphs over technique,
spontaneity inspires invention,
and wine ma
Six things I could never do without
1. prana/meditation
2. touch (i'm an ultra affectionate creature), playful touch, sensual touch and touch of all kinds
3. pen and paper
4. electronic gadgets and appliances (Vitamix, Nutribullet, Breville Juicer, laptop, iphone, camera, ipod, tv and a few unmentionables)
5. words (i'm a palabra-phile), especially words of affection (the leo in me craves constant flattery)
6. stories of all kinds (written, told, sung, enacted and imagined)
7. old photographs and old letters
8. an eclectic variety of music
9. vegetarian fare: superfoods/adaptogens/high ORAC valued foods, fresh fruits and veggies, seeds, nuts and grains, bread and butter, and until i go vegan - cheese, heavenly cheese! (especially in its melted form)
10. foodie worthy vegetarian feasts (and tea)
11. my memories - especially since they are so rich, colorful and vivid
12. my passport and visas to travel the world
13. being surrounded by diversity and multiculturalism
14. love, lust and intimacy
15. my yoga pants, freya and collection of fitness dvds (everything from zumba to windsor pilates to bellydance to tai chi to brazillian butt lift to the tracy anderson method)
16. my 6 powerful senses
17. laughter and humor (the wittier the better)
18. radio talk shows on health and spirituality
19. my national and international connections
20. loved ones (fam and friends)
21. Pandora, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Shazam, Yelp, Urban Dictionary,,,, Lumosity,,, Turbo Scan app
22. Atlasware double walled stainless steel vacuum bottles
23. a pool
24. my swiss army knife
25. my gratitude & honor & decision journal
26. netipot
27. my daily natural supplements
28. latex free products
29. coconut water (roasted coconut water is an occasional treat)
30. artistic,colorful, stylish, delightfully designed elements with a hint of bling
31. spa style surrounds (infused with multi-cultural/ethnic themes)
32. a charming, allergen-free bedroom with hardwood floors
(that's more than 6, but i've never been one to follow conventions - some rules were simply meant to be broken)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
~how I can leave this world a little better than it was before my arrival
~how much richer life with would be with a lifelong partner to love and adore (and be loved by and adored by), and wake up to every morning (well, most mornings at least) :)
~how i can provide a promising legacy for my future child
~personality typing and analysis
~how beautiful it would be to balance mind-body-spirit
~how i would be eulogized (not in a dark's the story lover in me)
~if my writing will one day be published
~how to convert to a morning lark from the night owl that i've always been :)
~how to make savoury meals that both satisfy the palette and respect the body's organs and systems
~living in true alignment - where my thoughts, words and intellect are in line with my day to day actions
~the meaning of life
~living my true purpose
~the creation of my personal manifesto
~spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial fitness
~becoming independent
~how i can go about being the amazing person i was meant to be
~why oh why is it near impossible to find bras, bathing suits and lingerie in my size? i that far outside the norm?...hence the reason that custom tailoring is essential for the likes of petite full figured curvy women like me
~how i will change the world
~my dream home, which has a spectacular view of a large body of water, a meditation room, a massage room, a vintage theater and popcorn maker, a sun room for reading and writing, a loungy bar area to sip and socialize, a studio with hard wood floors and mirrored walls, for yoga and dances of all sorts, a sauna, a kama sutra room (or 'den of iniquity' as i like to call it), a library filled with my favorite literary works of art, a state of the art kitchen, a fitness room with all my favorite equipment, a recording studio where visiting artists might make their magic, a dark room for someone special to make his magic, a heated eternity pool to swim under the moonlight, and murals all over our walls (humble right?)
On a typical Friday night I am
nothing typical about me or my friday nights...i could be spending quality time with friends and/or family (everything from a big family dinner, to a girls night out, to an evening with the folks doing household things, to intimate one-on-one date nights with my closest friends)...i might be at some event or another (a wedding reception, fundraiser, musical program, cultural event, or something that i've planned)....out on the town with a lover...or indoors perhaps :)
curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, mayan hot cocoa, or glass of vino, watching a film or engrossed in some literary work of art...people watching out in the world...or out trying out a new culinary hotspot...hanging out at a local coffee house or trendy wine bar...dancing the night away with one of my dancing kings (thought these moments are rare and far between)...catching an independent or foreign flick with a fellow film aficionado...laughing my ass off watching a roast or stand up comedy act (live or recorded), checking out an art exhibit perhaps...or online chatting up a friend...i happen to like myself and i like my own company, so i could just as easily enjoy a friday night solo...the possibilities are endless....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
~i have a dream...a coconut dream :)

~i'm still a solo karaoke virgin

~apparently there's something about my voice...per request - mine has been the voice on outgoing phone messages/further options for three companies to date, kids love hearing me read stories outloud -again and again, i hear it's a unique voice, some call it sing songy, some randomly ask me to sing, others say it sounds like the voice of actress Rani Mukherjee, seems i have impressive natural variations (i might sound like a little girl one moment, and a sultry seductress the next), more than a few have told me i could easily be a phone sex operator (never tried that), and after hearing me speak, a few professional singers/voice coaches suggested i be formally trained, i'm encouraged to develop my singing voice - seems i have that special something that cannot be taught, they say i have "potential"...remains to be heard :) publically at least

~on October 10th, 2014, I finally had the courage to speak my truth

~i've done things i'm not proud to admit (those were not my finest hours)...but then again, haven't we all?...but i do not intend to repeat those things...i've learned what great pain and devastation can result in horrific fall outs, from acts of impulsivity and a certain level of detached callousness...even when intentions are never to harm...these acts can do just that...i've had my breakthroughs...i recognized my own inner 'rackets'...i've done my clearings...and i now function from an honorable and inventive place...

~trying to catch me is about as easy as grabbing a fistful of water, or so i've been told ;)

~at times i can be a bit of a princess...and a lazy bum...but when a topic intrigues me, I literally throw myself into it, I saitrate myself by learning anything and everything I can on the subject. Unstoppable. Voraciously so. That's how I do.

~i have the power to move things around in the universe with deep meditation, prayer, compassion and love (we all do)

~i've secretly dreamt about taking a special trip...following a detailed travel itinerary which i created for a tourism project, way back in grade school...italy, greece and egypt...holding onto that folder, knowing that someday i will experience it with the man that i love

~in true Leo form, i dream of being painted, drawn, photographed (but not in a vain way)....a very talented friend offered to compose a musical score reflecting my unique persona...and another most beloved, brilliant artist offered to paint a portrait of me, and photograph me in a way that only he's as if my mind has been read

~i dream of living close to the ocean (or some large body of water)

~i went to an all girls high school

~it's my dream to visit all 10 of these museums, in this far i've only made it to the one in NY...only 9 more to's my the ages of 4-8, unbeknownst to my folks, i'd already witnessed hookers doing their hooking, pimps doing their pimping and more pornographic material than any child should ever be exposed to (the hazards of a "motel baby's life), by the time I was 6 or 7, i'd read our entire set of medical encyclopedias, from cover to cover...not long after in my preteens,, I watched Dr Ruth's TV show religiously, and back in the university days, i studied human bio, vertebrate bio, invertebrate bio, the biology of sex, the philosophy of sex and the psychology of sex...what better place than a museum to continue the learning process? here we shall go

~i'm overly cautious when it comes to taking pharmaceuticals (so i usually just don't take them) but i love, play and care with reckless abandon

~i am obsessed with reading reviews of books i may never read and films i may never see, and reading obituaries of people i've never met

~many years ago, i sat as a juror on a local murder trial, in which the victim was bludgeoned to death with a barbell...images of that gruesome killing are now permanently embedded in my brain...our guilty verdict followed two hung juries, and was met with volatile anger by the defendant's loved ones...who threatened to kill us on our way out of the courthouse...i'd say i served my civic duty...and then some

~i once saved the lives of my whole family with ridiculously quick reflexes...averting a car coming at us (seemingly out of nowhere), going 50 mph head-on in our lane....based on my speed, i imagine the impact would've ended us all...i was told by my father, who was both a passenger that day and a former military driving instructor, that that moment qualified me as a defensive driver

~the only time i ever crashed a wedding, i was instantly recognized and was assumed that i was an invited guest...(so much for anonymity)...that's the downside of being so socially connected...didn't stop my friends and i from partaking in the open bar though...good times :)

~for a greater portion of my life, i lacked energy and ambition (childhood traumas and health issues played a huge part in that), but those things are a thing of the past -
i come from a family of industrious, productive workaholics, and as such i'm aware that for years, my brother (and much of my family) has seen me as a disappointment - he feels that our relationship is entirely genetic, that i'm an embarrassment, he loves me, but doesn't like me, because he sees me as lazy and thinks i've never applied myself to anything, he sees me as an indolent (wo)man child - all he's ever wanted is to see his baby sister to prove herself, set her mark on the world and be independent -he repeatedly criticized me in this regard - "growing up" (in these ways) and making a life for myself weren't really goals of mine, until now
this is is why i call myself a "late bloomer" or (until now) a "failure to launch"...i'm about to surprise them all, but most importantly i'm about to surprise ME

~my not-so-secret celebrity crushes include but are not limited to: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Henry Cavill, Channing Tatum, Javier Bardem, Ioan Gruffudd, John Cena, Gabriel Macht, Vin Diesel, Mark Consuelos, Ryan Paevey, Boris Kodjoe, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Cristiano Ronaldo, John Abraham, Ranveer Singh, Alex O'Loughlin, Daniel Sunjata, Shemar Moore, Adam Rodriguez, Harry Conick Jr., Eduardo Verástegui, Blair Underwood, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Mark Sanchez, Joe Manganiello, Gerard Butler, Neal Bledsoe, Pierce Brosnan, William Levy, Édgar Ramírez, Chris Hemsworth, Liev Schreiber, Glenn Johnson, Rio Ferdinand, Taye Diggs, Ed Norton, Jesse Williams, Adam Levine, Lazar Angelov, Sunny Deol
and way, way back in the day, but crushes no longer - Sylvester Stallone, Rob Lowe, Antonio Sabato Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sean Connery, Poncherello, John Stamos, Rick Springfield, Jack Wagner, Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk, Mr. Clean, The Brawny Man and the Jolly Green Giant
(an admittedly strange combo, i know)

~my not-so-secret non-celebrity crush: Teej Jones

~most beautiful women of all time: Shakira, Rani Mukerjee, Sunyatta Amen, Sophia Vergara, Deepika Padukone, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Marisa Tomei, Natalie Martinez, Jessica Alba, J Lo, Heather Graham, Marilyn Monroe, Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Roselyn Sanchez, Nicole Scherzinger, Hannah Ware, Aishwarya Rai, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Amanda Seyfried, Haifa Wehbe, Angelina Jolie, Irina Sheyk, Michelle Pfeiffer, Zoe Saldana, Sana Latham, Finola Hughes, Halle Berry, Bridget Bardot, Kerry Washington, Beyonce, Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox, Reshida Jones, Jenny McCarthy, Mandy Moore, Adriana Lima, Emma Stone, Kaley Cuoco, Olivia Culpo, Vanessa Marcil, and while i can't say i respect them at all, a couple of the Kardashian sisters

~i sucked my thumb for much longer than i'd care to admit :) let's just say my teens weren't far off when i finally quit, i was probably 10 or 11ish (yet another early sign of an oral fascination, which would only get more intense over time)

~at times it feels as if my love life could aptly be titled
"The Reverse Bachelorette"....with every episode i add a man...
and i get a rose of sorts :)
while i don't mean to seem arrogant... my love life is proof, without a doubt, that there are plenty of remarkable fish in the sea :)

~people often get stopped in their tracks by my incredible likeness to bollywood starlet rani looks and voice...especially when i'm in my healthy weight range...i've been asked for her autograph on more than one occasion :)

~i've been gainfully unemployed for the past few years...during which time i've become a bit of a's high time i 'get my crap together', as they say....i haven't developed myself professionally or financially speaking, as of yet...that's what the next 45 years are for...i'm doing it in reverse...started with retirement and illness...
moving towards wellness, stability and good work

~i occasionally eavesdrop on the conversations of total strangers

~packing and preparing for a trip or a formal event creates anxiety in me (it's an ADD-like trait)...which i've learned to manage by turning to my trusted helpers (a tiny team of minimalist, efficient, organized and very stylish loved ones, who help me overcome that mini-obstacle every time)...left to my own devices i over pack and spend way too much time with all the details

~i've been known to 'lift' a magazine which piqued my curiosity from waiting areas of nail salons and medical offices...shhhh

~a touching Chicken Soup for the Soul story can bring tears to my eyes

~i read the encyclopedia and human health encyclopedia sets for fun as a child (then again, i'd read just about anything i could get my hands on, as long as i found it fascinating)

~natural, journalistic, black and white photography moves me in a way i cannot express

~i have indeed been mesmerized by food porn (not what you might think that means, look it up)

~i shall learn and master Womb Yoga, Sensual Tai Chi, Sexual Kung Fu, Funk Yoga and Belly Dance

~oh...and one more thing..i'm addicted to reading profiles...and if i like yours, i might save it for keeps (regardless of whether or not i'm interested in connecting with you)
You should message me if
~you value human compassion and empathy above all else
~you're making a difference
~you're interested in 'volun-tourism' (vacations that matter)
~showing appreciation for your loved ones comes as naturally to you as it does to me (and you're creative in your expressions of gratitude on a daily basis...notice i said creative and not necessarily lavish...some of the best gifts in life are free)
~you love and adore with reckless abandon
~you shower you lover with affection
~you got 'swagger'
~you're part gentleman, part rogue ;)
~you can read between the lines
~you dream of taking a Palace on Wheels excursion with me
~you've got an easy confidence about you
~you love sexy time as much as i do :)
~i'm attracted to survivors who are 'thrivers'
~you defend the underdog
~you're not only a good Samaritan, but a street smart Samaritan too
~you haven't lost your sense of wonder
~we play off of each other's playfulness :)
~you're a vegetarian/vegan by choice (at least most of the time), but you don't force feed this lifestyle down others' throats (no fanatics please!)
~you appreciate that 'pillow talk' matters
~you love kissing as much as i do...long, intense passionate kissing, at times gentle, at times aggressive, at times playful, but always hot
~you are brilliant at doing that which you're passionate about
~you could be the 'king' to my 'magician', in the Jungian sense (with a bit of 'lover' and 'warrior' up your sleeve)...if you're not familiar with this reference, read about the king/queen, magician, warrior and lover types below)
~an ENFP's natural partner is the INTJ or the INFJ, and complement is the ENFJ (so if you're any of these, let's chat)
~you match and supercede my intellect and my charm
~you have a sharp sense of humor and a keen wit
~you think that being a bit of a smart ass is a good thing and you aren't scared to bite back a little bit
~you wear many hats
~you're more playful, less serious (unless the situation calls for it)
~you're an optimistic realist
~you're a fire sign :)
~you're into eroticism (not just sex)
~you love to dance and you can gyrate your body with smooth, seductive, sexy moves - like those of Magic Mike and Luke Bryan....mmmm
~you're a Dragon or Monkey (Pigs, Rats and Snakes are welcome too)
~you're fairly liberal (while i do maintain some traditions, and i do have some traditional values, i am NOT a traditionalist in the strictest sense of the word...i am NOT confined to societal norms and conventions
~ you get excited about the simple things in life, and you don't sweat the small stuff
~you're looking for someone to complement you, rather than complete you
~you're as much of an affection-whore as i am
~you are not afraid of subtitles
~you get sarcasm
~you're more rugged, less clean cut :) rough around the edges works for me
~i prefer a hairy chest to a totally hairless chest (but not beastly hairy)
~you are a martial artist of some sort
~you live with an attitude of gratitude
~you understand that pizza isn't just a's an experience
~you have the heart of a child and the mind of sage
~over the years, you never lost you boyish mischievousness and sense of wonder
~eye contact is as important to you as it is to me (and you occasionally gaze at your lover)
~you have the ability to laugh your ass off - frequently
~you are courageous, sharp and effective in times of danger/crisis (the quintessential protector/defender)
~you're skilled in the use of artillery, an expert marksman even, and take gun safety very seriously
~you want to dance with me and sing to me and lead me in a sexy latin number now and then (even though i think i have two left feet)...maybe something like this...
~you want to be with a woman who isn't jaded by men, doesn't make it a habit of male bashing, and happens to be really into the 'masculine' mystique :)
~you have an open mind and are not limited by social conventions (you like living outside of the 'box')
~you are your own person
~you are a renaissance man
~you take care of your body (eat well and incorporate movment into your life, without being freakishly obsessive about it) and you want to be with a partner with the same mind-set
~you care about the world around you and people other than yourself
~being with you brings out the best in me
~you're not a religious zealot but you do believe in a higher power (spiritual not religious)
~you share my appreciation for aesthetics (style and design).... without being totally superficial...
~you recycle and you don't litter
~you don't smoke
~you have a slightly self deprecating sense of humor
~you'll watch movies with me, from classics (like Rocky) to recent releases
~you want to explore the world with me...near and far....from lands we've visited and never before visited, to local unfamiliar territories :)
~you don't mind if i warm up my chilly parts, by cozying up to your manly furnace (in bed, on the couch, and when we're out and about)
~you're prone to sudden and unexpected bouts of PDA, and you welcome my gropiness in return, whenever, wherever :)
~you like who you are and take online dating profiles with a slightly slanted view (a profile tells you a little, a meeting more & only time tells you what you need to know about someone)
~you don't mind being with a woman with a hundred allergies and a heart of gold
~you don't mind my lists
~you can handle my dichotomous nature (no, i am not bi-polar)
~you like spicy foods and sweets
~you'd like to join me for a Godfather Marathon with or without a bottle of vino (Breaking Bad, Madmen, Suits perhaps?)
~family matters to you
~you're comfortable in your own skin
~you're an old fashioned "gentleman" in the ways that matter
~you don't fly off the handle all the time
~your hugs are as tight as your handshake
~when you walk past me i can't seem to keep my hands and eyes off of matter how long we've known each need touch as much as i do...playful touches...sweet romantic touches...sensual touches...primal sexual's all good
~you lose all sense of time and space, when you're passionately kissing the woman you love
~you hold open the door for ladies, elderly folks and incapacitated or injured ones
~you're multi-lingual
~you instinctively know how to handle a kitten (that's the sort of playful teasing necessary to keep me entertained, attracted and perpetually intrigued)
~i dream of meeting an IT savvy lover, who will willingly take care of my techy needs, for the rest of my years :)
~you have the inclination to be tender and nurturing when i'm unwell (a little TLC goes a long way)
~I want to be with a man who when people look at us their first thought is “there goes my favorite couple in the are my inspiration....i love you guys together"
~loving you makes me a better version of myself
~you respect and value the differences between us
~you recognize that men and women are inherently different, as i do, and want to be in a relationship that celebrates these differences (if more women took the time to embrace their feminine delving into works such as A Woman's Worth and The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, i imagine divorce rates might actually plummet in the US)
somewhere along the line, the true value and beauty of the feminine spirit got effectively crushed by Western culture...finding a new balance is necessary
~after is all said and done, i only hope that our love-our dynamic-our oneness, inspires something so beautiful as this...


If you're interested in Right Brain vs. Left Brain Dominance,
I have Right Brain Dominance
85% Right Brain 15% Left Brain

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.


Being guided by the Water element means these Rats have a knack for influencing people. With their strong intellectual powers and great insight, they are also great puzzle solvers. They are quick to understand others and are incredibly practical people. Rats apply their talents to their everyday lives, making them obliging, generous and compassionate to other people. Generally, they are liked and respected by everyone. Like all Rats, however, they can be determined to seek their own gain, and will not mind using these talents to achieve it - though generally without losing anyone's respect in doing so.
SALMON (based on the Native American Animal calendar)
Jul 22 - Aug 21
Electric, focused, intuitive, and wholly creative, the Salmon is a real live-wire. His/her energy is palpable. A natural motivator, the Salmon's confidence and enthusiasm is easily infectious. Soon, everybody is onboard with the Salmon - even if the idea seems too hair-brained to work. Generous, intelligent, and intuitive, it's no wonder why the Salmon has no shortage of friends. This Native American animal symbol expresses a need for purpose and goals, and has no trouble finding volunteers for his/her personal crusades. In a supportive environment, the Salmon is stable, calm, sensual, and giving. Left to his/her own devices, those that bear this Native American animal symbol can be egotistical, vulgar, and intolerant of others.

outgoing personality...takes risks...feeds on self control...kind-hearted...self confident...loud and boisterous... VERY revengeful...easy to get along with and talk to...has an "every thing's peachy" attitude...likes talking and singing...loves music...daydreamer...easily distracted...hates not being trusted...BIG imagination...loves to be need of "that someone"...longs for freedom... rebellious when withheld or restricted...caring...playful...mysterious...charming or beautiful to everyone...stubborn...curious...independent...strong willed...a fighter...(and the few traits that don't really describe me but were on the list)...lives by "no pain no gain"...hates studying...always a suspect.


LEO - The Lion (July 23 to August 22)

The LEO Woman
* 'Tis an honor to see me, a favor to hear:
'Tis a privilege high to have dinner and tea Along with the Red Queen, the White Queen And me!"
There's one thing the Leo woman probably owns that you won't like. A scrapbook of pictures and mementos from all her old boyfriends. It's no use trying to get her to burn it, because the lioness is sentimental.
She's not a wallflower. She's a sunflower. Chances are she's ridiculously popular, and you'll have plenty of competition if you want her to descend to using your name for the rest of her life. You will be a few leaps ahead if your name is St. Hoyme or Mountbatten, Cabot or Lodge. Anything that sounds royal or noble or important. I honestly can't imagine a Leo woman marrying anybody with the name Carbunkle or Smith. It's possible. Anything is possible. But she'll probably change Smith to Smythe.
Most likely, she'll be the social leader of her group, lording it over lesser women like a queen, but with such disarming warmth and such a beautiful smile, no one really minds. Perhaps the other girls sense she was born to rule and dictate styles, customs and manners. Anyway, it wouldn't do much good to try to usurp her authority.
Nature seems to have shown some prejudice when she fashioned the lioness with enough vivacity, cleverness, grace, beauty, and just plain sex appeal for at least three women, with some left over. If you're the victim of an inferiority complex,
you'd better set your sights on a bird with less brilliant feathers. Don't expect to tame her into a docile little maid who hangs on your every word. The man who expects a Leo girl to worship at his feet is living in a fool's paradise. Consider yourself lucky if she meets you halfway, respects you, is willing to be your partner and allows you to possess her emotionally. By the very act of permitting you to love her, she's practically knighted you, for heaven's sake. Seriously, you could do-a lot worse. A lioness is a lot of woman. She's rather a luxury item, not available in the bargain basement.
It pays to remember that the Leo female can act up a storm, and pretend to be as sweet and harmless as a bowl of jelly beans. She may have a voice like a whisper, gentle, courteous manners and big, soft eyes that sparkle delightfully when she bats her lashes. A Leo female can appear to be as smooth and calm as a cool and placid lake. On guard. That's just a role she assumed because it got good reviews. Remove her as the star of your love production, cast her in the part of the understudy or second lead, and you'll soon find out just how shy and submissive she isn't. Of course, most of the Leo women to whom you pay homage will openly make it clear that they're too proud and dignified to take any nonsense. I'd just hate to see you stumble in case you get involved with the other kind of lioness, who hides hei claws, but sharpens them every day just the same.
The first step when you're courting this girl is to go prepared with gifts. It doesn't make much difference what they a-e, so long as they're expensive, in excellent taste, and you're dressed properly when you offer them. Then you should practice different ways of complimenting her. Please be original and creative. Phrases like "You send me, Baby," and "You're really cool, sweetheart," will get you thrown right out of the palace, back with the peasants, Vulgarity and slang both leave her ice cold. Remember, you're wooing royalty. She can't exist without flattering appreciation, but keep in mind that she admires your masculinity, and she has no desire to turn you into a henpecked weakling. A Leo woman couldn't love you if you weren't strong. It's just that she won't permit you to insult her with a condescending attitude. In her mind, she is definitely not the weaker sex.
Lots of Leo girls are athletic and enjoy sports, but you'd be smarter to take your lioness to the theater than to the ball park. The stage and footlights will never fail to magnetize and transfigure her. (Better buy orchestra seats. Forget the balcony.) Choose a play in which the heroine behaves the way you want her to behave that night, and your chances are better than average that she'll act the part unconsciously and never miss an inflection. After the festivities are over, don't take her to a hamburger stand and expect her to sit at the counter munching french fries because she's so much in love with you. You're better off to take her out less often to more glamorous places. She's not necessarily a gold digger; in fact, she's usually generous -she won't object to frequent Dutch dates and she'll probably shower you with almost as many gifts as you give her. But she's just plain uncomfortable in shabby surroundings. The poorest Leo woman in the world will manage to accumulate enough pennies to buy draperies for the windows, rings for her fingers and bells for her toes. Now and then she may go slumming, out of curiosity, but only as a
spectator, aloof from the crowd. Poverty depresses her and makes her physically ill. If you dress like a slob and offer her a shack, you haven't got a chance.
There's a story about a noble Frenchwoman who turned to her lover in the gardens of Versailles and asked, "Darling, do the common people know this exquisite emotion of love?" When she was assured that they did, she cried out in injured surprise, "It's entirely too good for them!" She was probably a Leo.
Don't blame the lioness for her occasional arrogance and vanity. It's her nature to feel herself above the common masses. People seldom resent it, because the Leo woman who's warmly loved and respected can be the kindest and most generous of females, with a womanly compassion for children and for the helpless and the forsaken. You can't really expect her to step down from a throne that's her birthright. If she's a typical Sun child, she's so gracious and dazzling that most people gladly give her credit for being out of the ordinary. Truthfully, she is. She's intelligent, witty, strong, and capable, yet deliciously feminine at the same time. No one in his right mind could call that common.
A little flattery will get you everywhere with your Leo lady. You've already found out it's her secret weakness. And here's another secret, if you plan to marry her:
eventually, she'll tire of her gilded cage and want to roam the jungle to see what's doing with all the other cats out there. Confinement inside four walls and under one roof can soon rob her of her sparkle. Let her have her career. Shell wither on the vine if she's forced to be just a haus-frau, unless you have enough money to allow her to be a constant hostess and an extravagant home decorator.
The Leo girl usually makes a jewel of a wife. You'll seldom see her dressed frumpily in a tatty bathrobe, wearing curlers and wrinkle cream. Not that she skips the beauty treatments. The typical lioness will spend hours in front of the mirror and a fortune on cosmetics, but she wants you to see the results, not the strategy. There may be times when you feel you're supporting her hairdresser's entire family. Many a husband of a Leo woman finds himself pleading, "Honey, do you have to spend so much money at the beauty parlor?" But few lionesses like to do their own hair. A shampoo and set makes them feel pampered, and feeling pampered does something for every Leo.
Unless she has a Cancer, Virgo or Capricorn ascendant, you may have to watch her with charge accounts. Leos easily slip overboard when it comes to spending for fine feathers, furnishings for the home or gifts for friends. Her wardrobe can be quite extensive. She can look luscious in evening gowns, dripping with sequins and rhinestones, or low-cut, dressy outfits. But she'll probably prefer casual clothes and sportswear, if she's a typical Leo girl. She likes tailored cuts and rich materials, but not necessarily frills and ruffles. Soft cashmeres, good Italian knits and imported English tweeds are her favorites. Her taste is usually excellent, if a bit expensive. An occasional Leo woman will overdo and bury her sense of style in gaudy, shocking clothes, but she's an exception to the general rule of the traditional leonine
exquisite flair for fashion.
You'll find her a superb hostess when you bring the boss home for dinner. He'll think you're a genius to have won her. She'll probably make a hit with his wife, too, because the lioness is popular with both men and women, and each sex gets treated to her friendly smile and her outgoing personality equally. Anyone who happens to be standing in her bright sunlight feels the warmth. Leos seldom cast a shadow.
As a mother, shell pour love on her children generously and lavish affection on them. It won't be easy for her to see their faults, but when she does, she'll be strict. Since she can't stand being taken for granted, if the children don't respect her she can pout in regal silence. Many Leo mothers have a peculiar way of spoiling the child without sparing the rod, quite a contradiction when you think about it. She may romp and play with her cubs, have long, chummy talks with them, but shell also teach them to snap to attention like soldiers, polish their manners, and be obedient to their elders. At the same time, there's a danger of providing a shade too much spending money, and giving in to requests for luxuries. In a way, you might say she treats her offspring like petted members of a royal family, deeply loved, but expected to mind their p's and q's, especially in public. She'll be fiercely proud of their accomplishments, and heaven help the outsider who attempts to hurt them or judge them unfairly. With all this, she won't smother the youngsters. She's too independent to hover over them every second. She'll lead her own life, keeping a watchful eye out for her cubs, from a distance. Many Leo women are working mothers, but their youngsters seldom starve for attention. The career-minded Leos usually manage to balance motherhood and a job with perfect aplomb.
There are times when she'll lose her dignity and poise and become a rollocking, playful lioness, with a flair for pure slapstick. She can roar with laughter like a healthy animal, but when the moment is gone, the satin voice and regal bearing return. No one can squelch a fresh remark or a rude question with as much cold contempt as a Leo female. She doesn't appreciate familiarity from strangers. Although she'll clown around and be surprisingly casual with intimates, outsiders are expected to keep their place.
In the area of faithfulness, the Leo woman may remind you of the old toast, "Here's to me and here's to you, and here's to love and laughter-I'll be true as long as you- not a single minute after." Enough said.
Don't be jealous of her knack for being the center of attention in a roomful of admiring males. Heads always turn when the lioness smoothly glides by. She feels it's only natural for men to pay court to her. She may encourage masculine compliments and indulge in light, innocent flirtations, because her deep need for applause and adulation covers a strange fear that she's not feminine enough and she must constantly reassure herself that she's desirable. It doesn't mean she's not still in love with you, just because she smiles at your best friend and tells him she adores his new sports jacket. But don't try telling her best friend you like her new 나 irt. That's a whole different ball game. What's sauce for the gander is not sauce for the
goose, to reverse the old nursery rhyme. If she hears you call your secretary anything much more intimate than "Miss What's-her-name," your purring kitten may scratch.
Of course, it's not fair. But if you want to be the proud possessor of all those gorgeous brilliantly-colored feathers, you have to make a few concessions. After all, owning a peacock is hardly the same thing as owning a cuckoo bird or a cooing pigeon. Humor her vanity. She'll probably be important in her own right, because few Leo women can resist competing with men for prestige, if not income. Your lioness could be anything from an actress to a surgeon.
One of my best friends and favorite Leos is a well-known New York psychiatrist. Granted, it's a career which permits her to lecture and advise (Leo's favorite pastime), but she gives her counsel with such a warm smile, sparkling eyes and deep compassion, her patients feel better just being in the same room with her. Her husband pays her all the respect and adoration she demands as her royal right, but he has a profession of his own to match hers. He's a gifted writer and poet, talents which always impress the sentimental Leo. They share equal billing in front of the footlights, yet he's the man and the boss behind the scenes. A perfect success formula for taming the lioness.
And that's the key to a smooth relationship with your Leo girl. Don't let her smother you-but don't try to top her. Just paste a big, bright star on her dressing room door, and puff up your ego. You're quite a guy, you know-to have won the hand of the proud lioness. Tell me, how did you manage to do it?

How to Recognize LEO
It looked good-natured, she thought;
still, it had very long claws and a great many teeth, so she felt it ought to be treated with respect.
Has anyone said to you lately, "Don't do me any favors," but dazzled you with an utterly gorgeous smile as he said it? You've been exposed to the big cat. Don't worry, you'll recover. What's a little scorched spot here and there? It's not at all unusual for Leo to display his arrogant pride and his sunny playfulness at the same time, which is why he gets away with murder.
Leo, the lion, rules all the other animals. Leo, the person, rules you and everybody else. (Yes, yes, I know he really doesn't. But please don't tell him. It would break his big, warm, egotistical heart.) It's best to humor him. Then he'll purr, instead of roaring and scaring you half to death. The lion alternates between being energetically gregarious and beautifully indolent, as he stifles a luxurious yawn. If you want to study the beast, hit all the bright, sparkling places around town. At least half the people you see living it up in style will be Leos. The shyer pussycats will be at home living it up. Leo hates the dark and boredom equally.
If you see one who blushes easily make sure you aren't getting a blush confused with a flush of pride or ego. There's more difference between a blush and a flush than a letter of the alphabet. His face may be pink because he's been dancing too hard. His cheeks may be suffused with a rosy glow because the love of his life just passed by. But his high color isn't caused by introversion or self-effacing timidity. There are no introverted Leos. There are only Leos who pretend to be introverts. That's important to remember. You may find a few lions who keep their ruling Sun
dimmed and go about being strong, dignified 164 and determined quietly. Don't let that soft purr fool you. Even the gentle Leos are inwardly sold on their royal right to rule friends and family as they peek out from behind the curtains and watch for their chance on stage. If you don't believe me, just choose a quiet Leo who's pretending to be an introvert, and attack his pride. Take something away from him which he believes is rightfully his, give him orders and show him no respect. You'll hear that supposedly gentle cat roar from here to the zoo. It takes a brave soul to challenge him when he's defending his rights and his dignity. Some Leos mellow with age, but the lion never really lowers his proud head. Never.
As for the physical attributes of this Sun sign, just look around for people who resemble a lion or a lioness, with a mane of hair that sweeps back off the face, and a deceptively lazy look. Leos walk straight and proud, with the smooth glide of the cat. The females combine lithe grace with a hidden, quivering intensity. This last will be disguised by a soft, usually calm and steady nature. But don't forget that the lioness is always ready to pounce if she feels threatened. Her claws are sheathed, but sharp.
You'll notice a commanding air and stately bearing, as Leo looks down on all the mere mortals beneath him. Ordinarily, the movements and speech are deliberate. Leos seldom talk fast, run or even walk quickly (unless there's an Aries or Gemini ascendant or Moon, for example). You won't ignore the lion for long in a group. He'll either get the center of the stage with dramatic statements and action-or hell get it by pouting and sulking behind the potted palms until someone rushes over to ask what's wrong. The sign produces its share of blue eyes, but many Leos, especially the females, have dark brown eyes that are first soft and gentle, then snap and crackle with fire, often round in shape and slightly tilted at the comer. The hair is dark or reddish blonde and usually wavy, worn in a wild, careless style that upsweeps, stands out fully on the top and the sides or is sleeked down tightly, one extreme or the other, and there's a noticeable ruddy complexion.
Leos have a strange effect on people that's downright funny to watch. It's hard to stand in front of the lion without drawing yourself up to full stature, stomach in- shoulders back. I really don't know whether we peasants do this in imitation of the royal manner of the Leo we're facing or to gather courage for a possible lecture, for they do love to give free advice. They have a knack for telling you with a slightly superior, condescending manner exactly how you should manage your life.
This love of teaching is why so many Leos end up as educators, politicians and psychiatrists. The exasperating thing is that they're quite good at rationalizing things and smoothing out the wrinkles in your life. Too bad they can't manage their own affairs with as much ease and finesse. Still, this is what makes the lion so downright lovable; his honest superiority and excellent abilities, incongruously mixed up with a terrible, transparent vulnerability of ego. The proud, dignified cat vulnerable? Yes indeed. He's deeply wounded when you don't respect his wisdom and generosity. To subdue him, simply flatter him. Nine times out of ten, he'll turn from a roaring beast into a bashful, docile kitten, almost visibly rolling and basking in the warmth of
compliments. It's this weakness which is the Waterloo for many a stem, autocratic Leo. His vanity is his Achilles' heel. Fattery acts like catnip to him, lack of respect blinds him with rage and both extremes make him incapable of balanced judgment. There are some Leos who control these tendencies successfully, but they're always latent in the Sun sign and present to some degree.
Try it sometime. In the middle of receiving one of his lectures, interrupt respectfully and tell your Leo friend he looks positively magnificent in that sweater. The result will probably be an abrupt fall from dignity, as the lion blushes and says, completely disconcerted, "Really? You really think I do?" In most cases, appreciating the intellect works as well as complimenting the appearance.
Leo just can't help feeling superior and behaving dramatically now and then. One of my children has an August-born teacher. She came home from school one day to say, "Mother, my teacher is so funny. He's awfully smart about everything, but sometimes he runs around the room and waves his arms in the air and shouts, 'I'm surrounded by idiots!' We always giggle, because we know he doesn't mean it." Poor lion, even the children know his roar is worse than his bite. It's only fair to remind you that you may stumble on one who has an afflicted Mars or Mercury with, say, Scorpio rising, and then the bite will be more serious, but we're speaking now of the typical cat In many ways, Leo is extremely astute. Hell seldom waste his energy trying to get water from a dry well, as Aries often does, which makes him a superb organizer and a wise distributor of duties. His commands are surprisingly effective when he tones down the dramatics, because he can be a master of the simple, straightforward speech, even if it smacks slightly of theatrics. Leo expresses approval generously and openly, and can give almost embarrassingly extravagant compliments. He's not at all bashful about his displeasure, either. Whatever he says, he usually means. It can soothe or bum, but it never fails to leave an impression.
The regal ways of this Sun sign are splendid when the Leo man or woman is host or hostess. They make you feel you are being entertained in a royal palace. You keep expecting to see a coach and footman pull up outside the door at any moment to drop off Marie Antoinette, or, at the very least, Nell Gwyn and Madame Du Barry. Leos surround their guests with heaps of superb food, fine wines, beautiful women, and soft music. I must admit I do know one lion with strong Virgo planets in his natal chart who serves diced cucumbers sprinkled with herbs, parsley and wheat germ at parties, but the other trimmings are luxuriously leonine, always including the feminine guests. Such pulchritude! Louis XIV never had it so good. But after Louis XIV the deluge-and after many a Leo's romantic dancing and dining comes a deluge of proposals, passion, tears, anger, apologies, and just plain sentimental confusion.
Now that we find ourselves on the subject of romance, which is a pretty common place to find yourself when you're involved with the lion, either in person or on paper, we should note that you won't find many bachelors or spinsters born under this Sun sign. If you come across one, don't form a definite opinion until you've discreetly checked the closet. There's usually a paramour hiding nearby any lion's
lair. He may not be married when you first meet him, but he'll be in love, or just about to be, or hell have recently broken a romantic shackle, and will be wearing a pathetic, lost look. The fiery pride of Leo causes plenty of shattered love affairs and marriages. A lion minus his mate is usually a woeful sight to behold, but when his pride has been injured by a lover or a legal mate, he can drop his sad-eyed look and become pretty fierce and wild instead. Still, there's no one who can bear more in stoic dignity, or adjust more courageously to depressing conditions with sheer faith and optimism when it's necessary.
Since forgiveness and sympathy of spirit are part of the big cat's inner nature, the reconciliations are about as frequent in Leo's emotional life as the splits, once the fireworks of outraged dignity have sputtered out and he gets lonely. He's almost continually in the throes of passion, not just with the opposite sex, but with life itself. Life without love, to both lions and shy pussycats, is like a plug without a socket. The Sun forgets to shine for them when romance dies.
These men and women never lean on others. Instead, they prefer to be leaned on. Responsibility toward the weak and helpless appeals to them. Leo may roar theatrically that everyone depends on him and he's forced to carry the whole load, but don't pay a bit of attention to his complaints. He loves it. Try to relieve him of his burdens or lend a helping hand, and youTI see how quickly Leo will disdainfully refuse your help. Accepting financial aid is something he especially prefers to avoid. Though he may be broke frequently, he's always certain he'll find some way to line his pockets again soon. Very few Leos are cautious with cash. You may find an occasional one who was frightened by a bill collector at an early age, and behaves as if he's headed for debtor's prison any moment. But the typical lion is a spectacular gambler at heart, often wildly extravagant; even the rare cat who pinches pennies will dress expensively, and always look well turned out. He wants first class and luxury all the way, and he'll spend freely on fun and pleasure. Leo will give money to almost anybody. If he's asked for a loan and he's short of cash, hell often go out and borrow it from someone else before admitting that the King isn't in a position to help his 'needy subjects. That's a last resort, however, because Leos are mortified to be forced to turn to others for money, advice or encouragement. They have enough ego to supply (heir own encouragement, they're clever enough to accumulate their own pot of gold-and goodness knows they don't seek advice readily. One seeks advice only from those above him, and who is superior to the lion?
Leo often runs high fevers, is prone to accidents, sudden, violent illnesses and is usually immune to chronic, lingering disease. Since they seldom do anything halfway, these people either radiate incredible vitality or else complain that they're not long for this world, the latter a typical reaction to lack of appreciation and starvation for affection. Leos seem to have either superbly strong hearts or some sort of weakness in the heart area. They may suffer from pains in the back and shoulders, spinal troubles, accidents to the legs or ankles, problems relating to the reproductive organs and hoarseness or sore throats. But they recuperate with vigor from sickness, and their main danger is carelessness about health or getting up too
soon when illness strikes. To stay in bed and be waited on flatters the Leo vanity at first, but when he realizes he's playing the role of weak instead of strong, his spells of incapacitation are quickly conquered.
There's no inbetween with the Sun-ruled. They are either dreadfully careless and sloppy or meticulously neat and orderly. They rather enjoy gossip, and they feel hurt or left out if something is going on around them they don't understand. Leos are fixed in nature. It's hard to sway them from a set path, though they can sway others with convincing oratory. They accumulate only so that they can distribute to others, once they've provided themselves with a glittering throne complete with a soft, feather pillow. They can show as much ferocious energy as a steam roller, and then be as sleepily lazy as the cat, stretching out and snoozing in the sun. When they work, they work. When they play, they play. When they rest, they rest. Most lions have an impressive genius for cheerfully delegating messy and unpleasant jobs to others, while they attend to important matters, like deciding who should be elected President and how the war should be won.
Surprising himself, when a real emergency falls on Leo's strong shoulders, he'll carry it lightly and never shirk his duty, helping the defenseless, protecting the frightened (though he may be twice as frightened himself inside), cheering the melancholy and tackling his true responsibilities with courage. This is the inbred Leo nature, which will shine forth after the playboy phase has been tucked away with his gaudy hand-painted ties and that guitar he used to play.
The next time you're on the receiving end of the lion's proud roar, remember the Queen of Hearts who constantly shouted, "Off with his head," white everyone's head stayed securely fastened on. Remember the cowardly lion in "The Wizard of Oz" who tenderly nursed his beautiful tail in injured dignity, anxiously searching the world over for the gift of true courage, only to find he was really the bravest one of the group when the real crisis came.
Leo is a fiercely loyal friend, a just but powerful enemy, creative and original, strong and vital-whether he's a quiet or a flamboyant lion, for there are both kinds. He dresses in glorious raiment, appropriate to his colorful personality. We overlook his arrogance, his sometimes insufferable ego, his rather ridiculous spells of vanity and laziness, because his heart, like his metal, is pure gold.
Brimming over with fun and generosity, the gay, affectionate lion prances in a field of poppies when his Sun is high in the sky-and the dice he throws with confidence bear the numbers one and four. Leo proudly wears a topaz for luck, then pushes it too far, but he has a true inner dignity and grace that lets him carry his misfortunes with courage. The warm, yellow rays of his cheerful hope deepen to orange in the sunset's glow, and his nights are bright with a thousand stars.
Famous Leo Personalities
Gracie Alien Lucille Ball Ethel Barrymore Bernard Baruch Bill "Count" Basic
David Belasco Napoleon Bonaparte Walter Brennan Robert Burns Fidel Castro Julia Child Arlene Dahl Cecil B. DeMille Eddie Fisher
John Galsworthy
Alfred Hitchcock
Aldous Huxley
Carl Jung
Jacqueline Kennedy
Princess Margaret Rose
Ogden Nash
Dorothy Parker
Walter Scott
George Bernard Shaw
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Robert Taylor
Mae West

Great talker. Attractive and passionate. Laid back. Usually happy but when unhappy tend to be grouchy and childish. A Leo's problem becomes everyone's problem. Most Leos are very predictable and tend to be monotonous. Knows how to have fun. Is really good at almost anything. Great kisser. Very predictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Addictive. Attractive. Loud. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Good when found.


Kapha Dosha

Kapha governs the structure of the body. It is the principle that holds the cells together and forms the muscle, fat, bone, and sinew. The primary function of Kapha is protection.

Qualities of Kapha: Heavy, slow, steady, solid, cold, soft, oily

Physical Characteristics: Kapha types have a strong build and excellent stamina. Large, soft eyes; smooth, radiant skin; and thick hair are also important Kapha characteristics. Those who are predominantly Kapha sleep soundly and have regular digestion. But when Kapha builds to excess, weight gain, fluid retention, and allergies manifest in the body. When they’re out of balance, Kapha types may become overweight, sleep excessively, and suffer from asthma, diabetes, and depression.

Emotional Characteristics: Kaphas are naturally calm, thoughtful, and loving. They have an inherent ability to enjoy life and are comfortable with routine. When in balance, Kaphas are strong, loyal, patient, steady, and supportive. People with an excess of Kapha tend to hold on to things, jobs, and relationships long after they are no longer nourishing or necessary. Excess Kapha in the mind manifests as resistance to change and stubbornness. In the face of stress, the typical Kapha response is “I don’t want to deal with it.”

Balancing Kapha:

Since Kapha is inherently cold, heavy, and dense, the key to balancing Kapha is stimulation. Kaphas tend to cling to the status quo and routine, so they need the stimulation of new sights, sounds, and experiences.
Follow a regular daily routine, ideally awakening before 6am each morning. Avoid taking naps during the day.
Stay warm and avoid dampness. Kaphas are particularly sensitive to cold, damp conditions and benefit from heat. Use dry heat if you are congested (a common Kapha complaint). Using a heating pad under your back or a sunlamp at your chest is often helpful. Avoid exposing your nose, throat, and lungs to cold winter air if you aren’t feeling well.
Perform a daily garshan (dry massage) on your body to stimulate circulation. Click here for garshan massage instructions.
To prevent congestion, the ayurvedic neti pot is a powerful tool for nasal cleansing. Read on for instructions on how to use a neti pot here.
Clear your space. To avoid clutter from accumulating in your home, office, car, and other physical spaces, regularly clean out and give away things that you know you’ll never use.
Get regular exercise – preferably every day. This is the best way to avoid stagnation and the accumulation of toxins in the body. Focus on building endurance. Favor running, bicycling, swimming, aerobics, and competitive sports. Dance to energizing rhythmic music.
Use warm, stimulating aromas including cloves, camphor, cinnamon, eucalyptus, juniper, and marjoram.
Favor colors that are warm and bright, including yellow, orange, and red.
Kapha-Balancing Nutritional Guidelines

According to ayurveda, it is important to eat foods that have a balancing effect upon the dominant dosha or that will pacify (stabilize) a dosha that has become excessive or aggravated. Because Kapha is heavy, oily and cold, favor foods that are light, dry, or warm. Foods with pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes are most beneficial for pacifying Kapha. Reduce foods with sweet, sour, and salty tastes.


Try a liquid fast one day per week, ingesting only fresh vegetables and fruit juices, and pureed vegetable soup.
Reduce the intake of dairy, which tends to increase Kapha. You can use small amounts of ghee, low-fat milk, and low-fat yogurt.
Honey is a sweetener that is said to best pacify Kapha. Other sweeteners should be avoided because they increase the Kapha dosha, contributing to problems such as blocked sinuses, allergies, colds, and lethargy. Take a tablespoon or two (but no more) of raw honey every day helps release excess Kapha; please do not cook with honey.
Drinking hot ginger tea with meals helps stimulate slow digestion and sharpen dull taste buds. Drink 2 to 3 cups of ginger tea daily. Find our ginger tea recipe here.
All beans are good for Kapha types except for soybeans and soybean-based foods such as tofu, which should be eaten in moderation.
Favor lighter fruits such as apples, pears, pomegranates, cranberries, and apricots. Reduce heavier fruits like bananas, avocados, pineapples, oranges, peaches, coconuts, melons, dates, and figs.
In general, all vegetables are recommended but reduce consumption of sweet and juicy vegetables such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and zucchini.
All spices except salt are pacifying to Kapha. Use pungent spices like pepper, cayenne, mustard seed, and ginger freely in your diet.
Reduce intake of all nuts and seeds. Favor pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.
For non-vegetarians, fresh, organic white meat chicken, turkey, eggs, and seafood are acceptable. Limit consumption of red meat.
A Kapha diet should be lively and full of energy to help spark the digestive and metabolic systems. Eat your largest meal at lunchtime and a smaller meal at dinnertime. Allow at least 3 hours to digest before bedtime.
Fats and oils: Use small amounts of extra virgin olive oil, ghee, almond oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, or safflower oil.
Grains: Favor barley, corn, millet, buckwheat, rye. Reduce intake of oats, rice, and wheat.

Your rising sign is the sign that shows how "others" see you, which is reflected in your first house. Once someone gets to know you, then they will see more of your Sun Sign characteristics, but until that happens they will form an opinion about you based on your Rising Sign. This means you take on the personality of the sign that rules your first house.

Even though you were born during the calendar month of a certain Sun Sign, the planets were still moving about the heavens. And at the exact minute that you were born, a certain constellation (Sign) was rising over the horizon. This would be your Rising/Ascending sign.

My Rising Sign/Ascendant is Gemini.

Your mobility is such that you are in every place where you are not expected. You spend lots of time asking questions and… answering them. Your curiosity and your quick-wittedness are insatiable. Your mind is in constant turmoil, hopping from one topic to another, solving problems, accumulating anecdotes and knowledge within a short range of time. Your mobility is mostly mental, it takes you afar and turns your daily life into a mosaic of intense and pleasant moments that are not necessarily related to each other: provided things are moving, your neurons are kept busy and you can meet with people, everything is fine!

With this Ascendant, you come across as nervous, expressive, lively, adaptable, with a good sense of humor, bubbling, playful, sociable, clever, whimsical, independent, intellectual, flexible, ingenious, fanciful, imaginative, charming, cerebral, and you are into everything. You may also be capricious, unfocused, quirky, superficial, indiscreet, opportunist, unmindful, selfish, sarcastic or mercurial.

for those of you familiar with Myers Briggs Personality Types...
I'm an ENFP - the quintessential "Inspirer"

...this is so very me

ENFPs as Lovers

"To love means to open ourselves to the negative as well as the positive - to grief, sorrow, and disappointment as well as to joy, fulfillment, and an intensity of consciousness we did not know was possible before." ~Rollo May

ENFPs make warm, considerate, passionate partners who are generally willing, eager, and able to do whatever it takes to make The Relationship a positive place to be. They are enthusiastic, idealistic, focused on other people's feelings, and very flexible. These attributes combine to make them especially interested in positive personal relationships, and also makes them very able to promote strong relationships in fun and creative ways. ENFPs take their commitments very seriously, and are generally deeply loyal and faithful to their partners.

ENFPs take their relationships very seriously, but also approach them with a childlike enthusiasm and energy. They seek and demand authenticity and depth in their personal relationships, and will put forth a lot of effort into making things work out. They are warm, considerate, affirming, nurturing, and highly invested in the health of the relationship. They have excellent interpersonal skills, and are able to inspire and motivate others to be the best that they can be. Energetic and effervescent, the ENFP is sometimes smothering in their enthusiasm, but are generally highly valued for their genuine warmth and high ideals.

There are a couple of difficult relationship areas for the ENFP. The first problem is that many ENFPs have a problem leaving bad relationships. They tend to internalize any problems and take them on their own shoulders, believing that the success or failure of the relationship is their own responsibility. As perfectionists, they don't like to admit defeat, and will stick with bad situations long after they should have left. When they do leave the relationship, they will believe that the failure was their fault, and that there was surely something they could have done to save the relationship.

On the entirely other end of the spectrum, many ENFPs have a difficult time staying focused and following things through to completion. If they have not focused on their ability to follow through, they may have problems staying in dedicated, monogamous relationships. They are so in tune with all of the exciting possibilities of what could be, that they will always fantasize about a greener pasture out there somewhere. If they are not paired with a partner who enjoys new experiences, or who shares their idealistic enthusiasm, the ENFP may become bored. The ENFP who is bored and who is not focused will be very unhappy, and will eventually "leave" the relationship if the problem is not addressed.

Since relationships are central to the ENFP's life, they will be very "hands on" and involved with their intimate relationships. They may be in the habit of constantly asking their partner how they're doing, what they're feeling, etc. This behavior may be a bit smothering, but it also supports a strong awareness of the health (or illness) of the relationship.

Sexually, The ENFP is creative, perfectionistic, playful and affectionate. Their rich fantasy world makes them fun and creative lovers, who usually have new ideas up their sleeves. They whole-heartedly embrace the opportunity for closeness with their mates, believing sexual intimacy to be a positive, fun way to express how much you love each other.

The ENFP needs to be given positive assurance and affirmation. More than one ENFP has been known to "go fishing" for compliments. They like to hear from their significant others that they are loved and valued, and are willing and eager to return the favor. They enjoy lavishing love and affection on their mates, and are creative and energetic in their efforts to please. The ENFP gets a lot of their personal satisfaction from observing the happiness of others, and so is generally determined to please and serve their partners.

A problem area for ENFPs in relationships is their dislike of conflict and sensitivity to criticism. They are perfectionists who believe that any form of criticism is a stab at their character, which is very difficult for them to take. Conflict situations are sources of extreme stress to the ENFP. They have a tendency to brush issues under the rug rather than confront them head-on, if there is likely to be a conflict. They are also prone to "give in" easily in conflict situations, just to end the conflict. They might agree to something which goes against their values just to end the uncomfortable situation. In such cases, the problem is extended and will return at a later time. The ENFP needs to realize that conflict situations are not the end of the world. They are entirely normal, and can be quite helpful for the growth of a relationship. They also need to work on taking criticism for what it is, rather than blowing up any negative comment into an indictment against their entire character.

Generally, the ENFP is a warm and affirming creature who is very interested and able to have an intense, meaningful, close relationship with their mate.

Most ENFPs will exhibit the following strengths with regards to relationships issues:

Good communication skills
Very perceptive about people's thought and motives
Motivational, inspirational; bring out the best in others
Warmly affectionate and affirming
Fun to be with - lively sense of humor, dramatic, energetic, optimistic
Strive for "win-win" situations
Driven to meet other's needs
Usually loyal and dedicated

Most ENFPs will exhibit the following weaknesses with regards to relationship issues:

Tendency to be smothering
Their enthusiasm may lead them to be unrealistic
Uninterested in dealing with "mundane" matters such as cleaning, paying bills, etc.
Hold onto bad relationships long after they've turned bad
Extreme dislike of conflict
Extreme dislike of criticism
Don't pay attention to their own needs
Constant quest for the perfect relationship may make them change relationships frequently
May become bored easily
Have difficulty scolding or punishing others

Although two well-developed individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship, ENFP's natural partner is the INTJ, or the INFJ. ENFP's dominant function of Extraverted Intuition is best matched with a partner whose dominant function is Introverted Intuition

As an ENFP, your primary mode of living is focused externally, where you take things in primarily via your intuition. Your secondary mode is internal, where you deal with things according to how you feel about them, or how they fit in with your personal value system.

ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic people, typically very bright and full of potential. They live in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things. Their enthusiasm lends them the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than we see in other types. They can talk their way in or out of anything. They love life, seeing it as a special gift, and strive to make the most out of it.

ENFPs have an unusually broad range of skills and talents. They are good at most things which interest them. Project-oriented, they may go through several different careers during their lifetime. To onlookers, the ENFP may seem directionless and without purpose, but ENFPs are actually quite consistent, in that they have a strong sense of values which they live with throughout their lives. Everything that they do must be in line with their values. An ENFP needs to feel that they are living their lives as their true Self, walking in step with what they believe is right. They see meaning in everything, and are on a continuous quest to adapt their lives and values to achieve inner peace. They're constantly aware and somewhat fearful of losing touch with themselves. Since emotional excitement is usually an important part of the ENFP's life, and because they are focused on keeping "centered", the ENFP is usually an intense individual, with highly evolved values.

An ENFP needs to focus on following through with their projects. This can be a problem area for some of these individuals. Unlike other Extraverted types, ENFPs need time alone to center themselves, and make sure they are moving in a direction which is in sync with their values. ENFPs who remain centered will usually be quite successful at their endeavors. Others may fall into the habit of dropping a project when they become excited about a new possibility, and thus they never achieve the great accomplishments which they are capable of achieving.

Most ENFPs have great people skills. They are genuinely warm and interested in people, and place great importance on their inter-personal relationships. ENFPs almost always have a strong need to be liked. Sometimes, especially at a younger age, an ENFP will tend to be "gushy" and insincere, and generally "overdo" in an effort to win acceptance. However, once an ENFP has learned to balance their need to be true to themselves with their need for acceptance, they excel at bringing out the best in others, and are typically well-liked. They have an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person after a very short period of time, and use their intuition and flexibility to relate to others on their own level.

Because ENFPs live in the world of exciting possibilities, the details of everyday life are seen as trivial drudgery. They place no importance on detailed, maintenance-type tasks, and will frequently remain oblivous to these types of concerns. When they do have to perform these tasks, they do not enjoy themselves. This is a challenging area of life for most ENFPs, and can be frustrating for ENFP's family members.

An ENFP who has "gone wrong" may be quite manipulative - and very good it. The gift of gab which they are blessed with makes it naturally easy for them to get what they want. Most ENFPs will not abuse their abilities, because that would not jive with their value systems.

ENFPs sometimes make serious errors in judgment. They have an amazing ability to intuitively perceive the truth about a person or situation, but when they apply judgment to their perception, they may jump to the wrong conclusions.

ENFPs who have not learned to follow through may have a difficult time remaining happy in marital relationships. Always seeing the possibilities of what could be, they may become bored with what actually is. The strong sense of values will keep many ENFPs dedicated to their relationships. However, ENFPs like a little excitement in their lives, and are best matched with individuals who are comfortable with change and new experiences.

Having an ENFP parent can be a fun-filled experience, but may be stressful at times for children with strong Sensing or Judging tendancies. Such children may see the ENFP parent as inconsistent and difficult to understand, as the children are pulled along in the whirlwind life of the ENFP. Sometimes the ENFP will want to be their child's best friend, and at other times they will play the parental authoritarian. But ENFPs are always consistent in their value systems, which they will impress on their children above all else, along with a basic joy of living.

ENFPs are basically happy people. They may become unhappy when they are confined to strict schedules or mundane tasks. Consequently, ENFPs work best in situations where they have a lot of flexibility, and where they can work with people and ideas. Many go into business for themselves. They have the ability to be quite productive with little supervision, as long as they are excited about what they're doing.

Because they are so alert and sensitive, constantly scanning their environments, ENFPs often suffer from muscle tension. They have a strong need to be independent, and resist being controlled or labelled. They need to maintain control over themselves, but they do not believe in controlling others. Their dislike of dependence and suppression extends to others as well as to themselves.

ENFPs are charming, ingenuous, risk-taking, sensitive, people-oriented individuals with capabilities ranging across a broad spectrum. They have many gifts which they will use to fulfill themselves and those near them, if they are able to remain centered and master the ability of following through.


Forming around 7% of the population, people with the ENFP personality type tend to be curious, idealistic, and often mystical. They seek meaning and are very interested in other people’s motives, seeing life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected. Not surprisingly, ENFPs tend to be very insightful and empathic individuals. This, plus their charm and social skills, often makes them very popular and influential.

On the other hand, this can also be a disadvantage as the ENFP is likely to worry about not being sufficiently original or spontaneous. If they are not careful, this personality trait can lower their self-esteem.

ENFP personalities are usually characterized by high levels of enthusiasm, especially when it comes to things that spark their imagination. In such cases, ENFPs can be very energetic and convincing; they are able to easily persuade other people to join their cause. Ironically, this trait can also turn against the ENFP, when they suddenly find themselves center stage, being seen as leaders and inspiring gurus by other people. ENFPs strive to be independent, so they do not always welcome such attention.

ENFP personalities are very emotional and sensitive, believing feelings are something everyone should take time to understand and express. However, this trait can also cause a lot of stress for them as ENFPs may often focus too much on other people’s motives and the possible meanings behind their actions. People with this personality type are sharp-eyed and intuitive, but they can make serious mistakes when they try to use their interpretation of other people’s emotions as a basis for their decisions.

ENFPs are also likely to have difficulties dealing with routine, administrative matters. They are more interested in freedom and inspiration than security and stability, and this attitude is usually clearly visible: an ENFP would rather try to come up with an interesting solution or an idea, no matter how difficult that is, than deal with simple yet boring tasks.

People with the ENFP personality type know how to relax, drawing on their imagination, enthusiasm, and people skills. For instance, they can be very serious and passionate about work during the day and then later let off steam at a wild party in a nightclub. This switch between the two modes can often be instantaneous, surprising even their closest friends.

Finally, ENFPs are non-conformists, following their own path and trusting their intuition. Their talents are numerous, but they all depend on the ENFP being given enough freedom. People with this personality type can quickly become impatient and dejected if they get stuck in a boring role where they are unable to freely express themselves. But when the ENFP finally finds their place in the world, their imagination, empathy, and courage are likely to produce incredible results.


Warmly enthusiastic and imaginative. See life as full of possibilities. Make connections between events and information very quickly, and confidently proceed based on the patterns they see. Want a lot of affirmation from others, and readily give appreciation and support. Spontaneous and flexible, often rely on their ability to improvise and their verbal fluency.
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