41 Plano, United States
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My self-summary
For starters, I enjoy making people smile and laugh, usually at my own expense.

I travel from time to time and do get out of the house. However scaling K2 or going no-limits free diving is probably never going to make it on my to do list. I am a normal guy who moves at a normal pace and I'm happy with that.

I'm looking for a woman who chose to grow with life as it came along and not abandon it. Someone who held on to the teenage idea that true love does exist. Someone if, they try just a little bit, can still see magic in the world.

I'm seeking someone who enjoys being admired, doted on, and knows how to give affection in return. If you don't like holding hands in public then I'm probably not your guy. I would prefer someone who is on here with the goal of it leading to a relationship.

I don't believe in Valentine's day because I would much rather drive out to your work on a random Tuesday afternoon and leave a gift in your car.

I feel strongly about equality and shared responsibility/decisions in a relationship. However, expect doors to be opened and things to be carried for you. Also, I’m aware that my Y chromosome predisposes me to taking care of bugs and critters.

I tend to not be very good at things I enjoy but I do them anyway:

Pool: sinking 2 in a row is an accomplishment

Canoeing: went with my brother once and we basically had to be saved by a couple of 8yr olds.

Softball: ...(*sigh*)

My likes are the cold side of the pillow, live theater, card/board games, and rice crispy treats.

My dislikes are wire hangers and mayonnaise on my sandwiches.

I have a fantastic 7 year old son who has a wonderful mother that I am very good friends with. Anyone who becomes a part of my life will need to be a caring figure in his life but he does not need anyone to fill in for his mother. My son is in the Frisco / North Plano area. I see him almost every day so this is the area I will be in for many years to come.

If you have children, a positive relationship with the child's father is highly desirable.