69 Cordova, United States
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My self-summary
I hope to convey a few things about me and my life in this profile so you can get some perspectives about me.

“Live Well, Love Much and Laugh Often” is a sign that I have in my home and is something I truly believe in! I love finding new and interesting things to do.

I am a graduate of the University of Memphis (Memphis State or Tiger High) and have lived in Memphis over half of my life. I worked in Sales and Marketing most of my working career.

I have two great children who live in the Memphis area and I have a FANTASTIC LITTLE LADY GRANDCHILD! My son is practicing law as a corporate attorney.

One of my passions is BOATING! I love visiting nature on my boat and taking in sunsets on the water!

I am a fun loving man who enjoys bringing many smiles to the face of my partner. Life is too short not to enjoy each and every day.

I truly believe that relationships should have a foundation built on TRUST, COMMUNICATION, LAUGHTER, HONESTY, FIDELITY and HUMOR. It is certainly wonderful when each partner has a true desire to make living life all that it can be!

Next is a poem that I authored a few years back. I think it all still applies…


Tiz fairly often that my mind goes out there to ponder,
What someday may become of my life, way out yonder.
For a special someone I may get to know, here is a peek,
Into what it is that I do think my mind, heart and soul seek.

A person with whom I can be ever so completely connected,
And let my feelings go out to, surely all open, unprotected.
One able to open all doors and take down all of those walls,
To share with all that I have inside and respond to my calls.

Some stimulating touches for my body, soul and mind,
Those that will easily come to me as truly one of a kind.
Someone I will always deeply know to be there only for me,
One who will permit me to freely view their soul, you see.

Someone to bring me passion and that ever so lovely feeling,
That brings my body to know it is surely time to go reeling.
A loving person with whom I can naturally communicate,
All of our lives this needs to happen, before it gets too late.

One who knows how to make me laugh or bring to me a smile,
For that I consider a part that goes well to the very last mile.
That lady who gives me all that she has within her true heart,
Most surely as we are together and always as we are apart.

IF you can relate with this poem, we should probably communicate and see where it takes “US”.

I am seeking a WOMAN who is also a LADY to enjoy life with. “Connecting” with a partner should include all aspects of that person: mind, heart, body and soul. All in all, I think that sharing one completely with the other in sensual ways such as touching and cuddling serves to complete the bond with a partner that I think we all seek.

Smoking is something I am wrestling with and I have dated non-smokers in the past. I am a courteous smoker and respect non-smokers. I have recently started using e-cigs and hope to quite soon!

PLEASE NOTE: I am raising money on GoFundMe for my granddaughter.

Rylee is autistic and has been non-verbal since her birth in 2010.

My family is seeking your support for this project so that we can try a new therapy which has changed autistic children and actually caused them to speak where they had not done so in the past.

You can view the GoFundMe listing here:

If possible, maybe you can print a flyer to post at work or church or somewhere. Here is a link to that print file:


Well, guess that about does for me. How about you?


What I’m doing with my life
I am retired. Plan on refurbishing HUD homes and LOTS of BOATING!
The six things I could never do without
Air, food, water, love, touching and communication
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I simply want to honestly let any readers of my profile know that I am an electronic cigarette (smokeless) user.