43Mountain View, United States
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My self-summary
2015Aug13 update:
Yes, I still need fresh pictures on here. You can see a recent one on my fb page.
oh, and by the way, come on by to a party this Saturday, Aug. 15th, from 7pm-midnightish, in Mtn. View. Bring anyone. More info is here:

2014Jan2 update:
Yes, I need some fresh pictures on here.
quaint houseparty tomorrow (Sat 3rd of Jan. after 6pm) while my folks are in town, come on over. Bring a friend. Then we'll head downtown.

2014 update: In UK for a month.

2013April6 update:
Realizing this profile could use an ovethaul.
Currently doing a 2:1 time split between sf and mtnview based on work....until further notice.

2012May2 update:
Informal BBQ after work on this Friday from about 7pm on; and going out in downtown Mtn. View afterwards.

We'll have some of the usual to eat and drink. Feel free to bring a friend.

1107 High School Way
Mtn. View, CA
978 257 4046

random mid-holiday update:
I'm back in NH, visiting family. Padre's gotten aggressive against animals that he thinks are destroying the yard/house. Some noise in the attic has been keeping me up. So I put on boots and gloves and went in search. Ultimately, I just took a flying squirrel that was caught in a trap outside and freed it. (A very cute little large mouse-sized flying squirrel. I even took a little video of it with my junky phone that'll get upgraded tomor.)

Just sharing a little obstacle I just overcame. I had the toughest time venturing into the cold attic to find whatever was dragging the trap around ... thinking it might be a raccoon or smthg. The thought of rolling over and trying to sleep while it suffered was too much. ... along with the thought of me being a wimp to face a wounded animal.
the end. gn.

east-coaster in CA since `97.
techie. swim on adult swim team.
still kind of like a 20-smthg in terms of social life.
mellow. sometimes juvenile personality.

(I have no idea why there is blue junk above my eye in that profile pict. Someone else took the photo.)

I don't own a camera. not into cars. more into gathering a lot of life experiences before I kick it.

probably self-centered (but I think we all should be when single and w/o kids)
prefer a keg party and bbq to a social jacket&tie mixer, but those certainly have their place.

peak into my life: http://www.facebook.com/ljepson74
What I’m doing with my life
working on getting a few side-projects going.
still love my engineering career.
getting motivated again to chase a swim goal.
I’m really good at
I'd say taking risks, but that is certainly not so true in some areas of my life.
The first things people usually notice about me
my looks. face, body.

or maybe my voice if we are not within eye-shot of each other
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
food - any. I am easy. steak and wild rice. (atmosphere/mood is usually more important.)
books - watership down, probably is my fav. fountainhead. italo calvino's short stories
movies - (a good sound track is pretty key for me in a movie) - yankee doodle dandy, a view to a kill, the sting, fight club, high fidelity, moulin rouge , slumdog millionaire, v for vendetta (The choir version of "Creep" in the upcoming Facebook movie has already sold me to go see it next month.)
music - hmmm. I pandora a lot. I have just about no music (pirated or owned). I love music thoe. My tastes vary. Music with some bottled-up angst always gets me. (nirvana, violent femmes, tatu, ...
Six things I could never do without
water - I drink a lot. of water.
wind - I love the wind. it energizes me - thoe makes it tough to read the paper outside, which I like to do.
flip flops - feet breathe
diving into water - does that count? (I mean just a simple plunge. nothing fancy)
introspection - I appreciate my time alone, when not working
social interaction - in my career, much work is done in isolation. it is nice to get out among people when I unstrap from my electronica.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
projects I want to work on, and kicking myself for ones I have not started. thinking about focus and minimizing how many 'projects' I am involved with.

recently....getting pissed that some folks from the local school BOD haven't gotten back to me about a proposal.
On a typical Friday night I am
looking for a party. but as more and more friends marry and settle down, they are tougher to find. So, I usually find someone and head downtown somewhere. SF. Mtn. View. PAlto.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
a) in 9th grade (after a retrospectively funny trick by a good friend), I got caught copying homework in the hallway by a science teacher.
(geez. how I qualify things.) oh well. It was embarrassing. I've been cheat free since.

b) i am pretty emotionally detached in guy-girl relationships (as opposed to family relationships). typically. though, I think I am an emotional person.

c) on those serious notes, something that is not so private, but I haven't told many people... once, while taunting a penguin, it bit me.
You should message me if
a) you want to.
I think a group thing would be good. I think a meetup from a site like this (I am new to such sites (well in a long time) and have yet to try such a blind-date) might be a non-starter early on for either of us and then a waste of time or awkward. ...awkward if it is not quite so bad (but not great) such that neither wants to pull the plug early. A group event might make it easier going and more fun; until one of us falls for the other's friend.
just a thought.
b) you want to come to a very casual, but big house party in mtn view in early May
c) you can tell me why my profile sucks
The two of us