48Sydney, Australia
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My self-summary
Well I might as well get it right out there from the very beginning ...Yes, I have occasionally left a wet towel on the bathroom floor ...I think I even left a toilet seat up once ...i've forgotten to take the rubbish out on occasion (...truth be known it was wet and freezing cold outside and it may have been selective memory loss). I've been guilty of eating the last piece of chocolate from the fridge and several years ago I left a dirty cup in the sink .... Believe i've now lost 98% of prospective partners ...but for the remaining 2% still reading and shaking there heads (...yes, I deliberately used "there" instead of "their" in the hope I can now also filter out any remaining uptight literary types) ...I can say that I'm a genuine easygoing guy with what I hope is a good sense of humour ...looking for a genuine fun loving girl who doesn't take herself too seriously.

....apologies, will add more soon. My short male attention span has been interrupted by the smell of food.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Autobiographies trashy crime thrillers, newspapers, magazines.

Will watch most movie genres, but tend to lean a little more towards indi films than blockbuster.

Various HBO Series, Rockwiz, Docos, current affairs and anything informative on SBS and ABC. Have been sucked in by the odd reality show, but not in recent times.

Music ...pretty much anything

Food ...anything as long as it doesnt move on my plate.
Six things I could never do without
The Essentials....

=> Family & Friends ...through thick and thin
=> Love ...finding the "one"
=> Laughter ...which includes laughing at myself.
=> Travel ...and the new experiences it brings
=> Food ...and the fun times sharing it with others
=> Water ...for drinking, swimming and surfing.

The slightly non-essentials, but would be a tad grumpy if I didn't have them....

=> a good morning coffee
=> the smell of fresh bread
=> music it's many varied forms
=> sleep ...and sleeping in on a cold Sunday
=> guitar ...despite it torturing my neighbours
=> fresh underwear (...this will be transfered to
essentials once they extend it to 7 "things"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit this the bit where I get to admit I dress in womens clothing when I vacuum the house and collect royal doulton china tea cups? If not, I retract the above statement and hope like hell its taken in the correct context a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW ...not a big fan of sharing everything with all and sundry. Nice to maintain some privacy with just those that are close to me.
The two of us