38Yakima, United States
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My self-summary
I once had a Texas accent. I pronounce "Nevada" correctly.

Of all the inconsequential things in the world, baseball is the most important.

I'd rather be reading a book than doing whatever I'm doing.

I'm not pushy or confrontational. I would think that I don't like other people who are pushy or confrontational, but I guess the world needs them to get shit done. It takes all types.

I'd like to think an ideal mate is a best buddy type. I'm not into exciting drama or "I'm-not-going-to-call-them-and-see-if-they-call-me-back-so-I-know-if-they-like-me" passive aggressiveness. I do like personal space and I don't feel people have to call or even see each other every 4 hours of every day, but I'd like to think whoever "the one is for me", they probably have best buddy makeup.

Concentrating on school has made me a slob. I'm becoming too sedentary and eating too much red meat. Let's eat good food and walk/run/make-sweat so I can be less slobby.

Because I've spent my entire life in hot places, I probably wear shorts at inappropriate times. I yearn to be cold. I want an invigorating chill. I don't want snow and ice because I couldn't handle driving/walking/living in it, but I like that brisk upper 40s to mid 50s and I'll wear some goddamn shorts to remind me that I'm alive!

I'm allergic to mammals. At least the non-humanoid ones. Sadly, I'm really allergic to cats. I don't want this to be a deal breaker. I know how important pets are to pet owners. I have a gut feeling that "the one for me" is probably a pet owner. We'll figure something out.

I'm disgustingly positive/optimistic, but I have a healthy respect for cynical/realistic and get along just fine with party poopers.
What I’m doing with my life
I put books on shelves.

Somehow I managed to get a Master's Degree and work in the same field that the Master's Degree is concerned with. And I really, really like my job a lot.
I’m really good at
I know a whole lot of stupid, useless bullshit regarding history and geography that I never get to practically use. If someone makes the mistake of enlisting me for trivia night, they always load me up with alcohol and then I cannot remember all the useless bullshit I knew before but never had the chance to use. If you need to know what the capital of Senegal is or who the 11th President of the United States was, I'm your man.

Also, spelling. Except for fat fingers on a tiny phone keyboard, I'm pretty solid on the spelling bee team.
The first things people usually notice about me
Flannel or flannel-like aesthetic.

I may be stuck in 1993. Not only do I wear flannel too much but I didn't even know people hated cargo shorts until about three months ago. What am I supposed to do with all these cargo shorts? I've spent my entire life raised in hot places (deserts or the South) where you wear shorts year round and cargo shorts are like the winter clothes of hot places.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't want to be judged for my tastes in media or let those tastes define me to someone else. It's nice when someone else likes what I like, but it's a big ol' world and there's lots of shit we haven't read, heard, or seen, and we might as well try to cover all of those bases at some point.

Although I will take a wild shot and say that if you hate the Beatles, Black Sabbath, or the Pixies, it's just not going to work out between us. I can probably put up with your bullshit if you hated one of those bands, but it's already over if you hate at least two of them. Willie Nelson, Tom Waits, the Melvins, Ween, Unwound, Wire. Spaghetti western soundtracks and such. Dischord label discography. Closet metal head, but no one knows. I think I like more music than I dislike.

Food? Well, I have a dairy allergy, so my Mexican/Italian intake is pretty minimal. I like meat a whole lot but for reasons of desire for a healthier life, I will gladly swing towards veganism if it were an issue with a date/friend/partner. Literally anything "Asian" from Afghanistan to Japan blows my mind. I could strictly eat anything from that entire continent and be happy. Granted, whatever passes for "Asian" in a restaurant one finds in America. I haven't had spider eyeballs or whatever you may claim is authentic that I'm unaware of [wow, this is the stupidest thing I've ever said. I should delete that.].

I've always been biased towards non-fiction on the book circuit. Preferably history, but I'll take a layperson's introduction to science topics, a biography, or some other flavor of non-fiction. I've tried to stretch myself and get into the fiction game lately. I'm also starting to put the toes in the shallow end of the comic book world. But, yeah, history books are where it's at.

I'm not much of a movie guy. I like the idea of movies as an art form, but I just seldom have a spare 90-120 minutes to commit when I routinely commit 90-120 minutes to all sorts of things in life.

I've discovered podcasts this past year. In terms of media to devour, I probably devote most my time listening to podcasts. Nerdist-related, Marc Maron....history ones like Revolutions and the History of Rome are great....and sports podcasts raise the intellectual bar of sports talk radio so goddamn high, it makes me proud to be an American. Stuff You Should Know, Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, anything, really.

I feel like sports loyalties should be here. Because I've moved around, I lose sleep at night about this one: are you supposed to be a life long fan of the first team in each sport you liked or are you supposed to just like the team of wherever you currently live? I went to UNLV, so that covers college sports. I grew up in Dallas and I will never ditch the Cowboys. I have jumped on the San Francisco Giants bandwagon since moving here for baseball. I try to justify them as my "National League team" and my childhood favorite Texas Rangers as my "American League team." I do visit my brother in Seattle often and probably see about 6-12 Mariner games a year. I waffle on the NBA between the Warriors and the Mavericks and I lean towards the Dallas Stars in hockey. I casually like the San Jose Earthquakes, but I'm a psychotic Liverpool FC supporter. Sports loyalties wouldn't factor into my opinion for a potential date. I think I'm more likely to get along with someone who likes a rival sports team than with someone who doesn't like sports at all (although liking the Dodgers, the Angels, or Manchester United would be slightly irritating).
Six things I could never do without
As a matter of principle, I hate click bait, which are strongly list based. Therefore, I choose not to participate in list making shenanigans.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
List making.
On a typical Friday night I am
I live in a new city where I know nobody, so probably reading, watching baseball, or cooking myself a late night feast.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You know, I have a lot of pictures of me interacting with musical instruments, but I dropped playing music cold turkey when I moved to California (which was April 2011). I don't think music is seriously in my future for a long time. It was a phase, I guess.

Update: I bought a cheap 76-key piano to punch away at in my spare time and am properly teaching myself how to sight read musical notation. I'm starting from scratch to do it right and am really just at "Mary Had a Little Lamb" level and so far it's a not-serious hobby, but maybe playing music seriously will be in my future again?
You should message me if
It's a free country, I think you're pretty qualified to know whether or not you should message me.


I'm way into Facebook. If you just want to Friend it up there and nothing more, then I think I'd be happy enough to hear your occasional blurbs about life. It's the small things that make life great.


Sadly, we now live in a political climate that is very intense and unfriendly, full of impenetrable cliques that view each other as outright enemies. I always valued having associations with people that had a diverse outlook on the world. Even if I disagreed with it, hearing something contrary to my own beliefs at least allowed me the opportunity to examine why I think the way I do. I would love it if that were still possible, but I think we've entered a period of time where the climate is just too toxic and fraternizing with the enemy is unthinkable. So, for the foreseeable future, if you happen to dig Donald Trump, the Tea Party, or are a "I'd be Republican except for all that Jesus stuff"/"fuck people who can't take care of themselves" libertarian, then we probably aren't going to do too well. Conversely, to the extent you may share a disdain for small handed, cheetoh-skinned wanna be Mussolinis, we may get along pretty well.
The two of us