37Berlin, Germany
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My self-summary
Big grin. Deep sigh. Nice.

If I've said hi, be a gentleman and say hi back for god's sake. I won't bite (yet).

This here is an organism with a lifespan of 70-or-so years as a member of a species that is 200.000 years old on a 4.5 billion year-old planet in a 13 billion year-old universe. The context always helps.
What I’m doing with my life
Solving puzzles, being curious about things, feeding my curiosity, teaching others how to do so, serving my senses, positively discriminating my body against a long reign of mind, looking for joy, spreading the joy, yearning for a more profound experience, wondering why biochemistry is such a bitch.
I’m really good at
Solving puzzles, making others feel good around me, giving others what they seem to think is good advice that I never get myself to follow, being bewildered by the universe at the tiniest and most mundane cue like raindrops forming staircases on a slow train's window, taking exactly the ideal amount of ginger and soy sauce to go with my sushi... I'm of course bad at a lot of things, chiefly those I don't care about being good at.
The first things people usually notice about me
Real testimonials:

"This time 'curvy' was not a euphemism for fat."

"The pictures don't do you justice."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Let's cut the name dropping short.

Books: Used to be into contemporary literature. Novel is special (Auster, Vonnegut, Nabokov). Poetry is magical (Plath, Anday). Graphic novel binging must be restricted to worldclass university libraries (as an act of subversion. Otomo) and worldclass scholar homes (really what else to do on a terrace overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge all day? Satrapi). Recently more non-fiction. ♥ Jared Diamond. I hope to have grown up enough to do my next binge on Proust.

Movies: Wong, Kim, Lynch, Kubrick, Miyazaki, Chaplin, Kitano, Coen Brothers, Ceylan, Linklater

The two most recent movies that blew my mind are:

Most recent musical hangups: Massive Attack (again. left the concert walking on air), Bill Evans (always), Mozart's Requiem (wish he had more time to discover the darker tones), Radiohead (finally will be watching them live this summer! Much after the appropriate years, but I don't know how I would have managed to wake up to an alarm clock to get tickets before they sell out in those years) Queen before the synth years (best thing to wake up with), almost anything live (it's easy to forget that live music is creation in action and the basis of our most primordial rituals).

Shows: coupling (uk), the office us, 30 rock. Only drama ever followed: house.
Six things I could never do without
What else is there one cannot do without other than water, food, shelter and human contact?

Seriously! I edit my profile often, and often drastically. But each time I stare at this section I wonder why I'm even asked to state such a no-brainer. To me this is as obvious an answer as 4 is to 2+2. I judge accordingly.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Biochemistry is a bitch. Neurochemistry is an asshole (and since it's a subset of biochemistry it's really a bitch-asshole). What else? How come have people abandoned good old happiness just for the sake of deconstructing the notion and don't notice anymore when it comes banging at their door? What else to do with my life. How much more will I change?

begin the story of the Marshall Monitor headphones

I had never had fancy earphones until today. Once paid 25 euros for a very bad Philips which broke down and disappeared from my life within a year, otherwise single-digit price tags. All despite having lived with the gadgetary of a musician for a decade. This is because I'm not very fond of isolating myself in music when the outside world is so interesting. In fact, I didn't even have music on me until less than a year ago. And my excuse was that I couldn't figure out iTunes. Scandalous.

One morning I woke up in the east of the Netherlands to take a train back to Berlin in a few hours. Untypically of me, I did not snooze. I had to buy earphones for the trip. I take the train very often, so the outside noises in the context at hand are by now redundant and this would be six hours of that. I went to a chain store after breakfast. I asked the salesman for something a bit better than the standard, said I'm tired of only hearing the middle frequencies. He said what they have is crap but there is a HiFi shop around the corner. I touched his arm as I thanked. I was a grateful mediterranean, he was taken aback.

In five minutes, here I am. I'm all grown up. Three digit price tags don't scare me. I stick some models in my phone while blasting Future2Future like it's how I roll on a daily basis. I fall in love with one pair of headphones. Excellent at its job and sexy as fuck (exactly how I like my man). I take him home (see above). As I write this in the train wearing my awe_some Marshalls, I'm a bit scared of myself. Now I have to buy a new phone with much bigger memory. How about an LP player? Pick the guitar back up? Better yet, take piano lessons. I have to tell myself to slow down. I can't turn unrecognizable to myself once again just because of a pair of sexy headphones.

The deal is, If I haven't just bought fancy headphones for the first time, I might be on my way to New Zealand, checking out adult ballet lessons, learning how to paint, surf, boulder, or swim better. The other day I took a detour through Tempelhofer Feld and practiced letting go of the steer. And I can! Last summer I got inked after a very special encounter. I spent NYE with a total stranger. The body has its own curiosity (which is the original story of disconcerting change). The eyes and ears as well. I let them.

Edit: lazy as fuck at the same time. So most of that hasn't happened. ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
not okc chatting! What a waste of a good friday.

Possibly beating some ass in a game of pool. Blame my distracting figure (they all do).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Still not totally cool buying condoms.

OKC personality traits are right on spot in describing me.

Home-made section: First contact hall of shame
"Noone wants to date with a woman who uses immoral terms like b*tch and a**hole. [...] Only perverts fyi" [no comment needed over these words of wisdom]
"Your dating demands only miss a graph, you obnoxious scientist!" [sorry, not sorry!]
Guy: Hey pussycat [tasteless, but let's not judge too soon]
Me: Hey!
Guy: Kudos, you have taste [ok. you, approve, my, taste? one last chance]
Me: [...] What do you do?
Guy: I'm a software engineer. Where are you from? [oh honey did you just time travel from a decade where girls can't have jobs? I have a better one than yours, and come from the ghettos of a city where you would get your underpants stolen, you privileged white male dimwit!]
"What's the best Queen album? Hint: it's A Night at the Opera." [thanks for including me in the conversation bro]
"(A few things attract my attention...) but mainly the naivity to believe that a "man" will read till the end." [I knew I wasn't interested in certain men, but didn't know they were "the men".]
Guy: Would you say hi back if I said hi?
Me: Hi!
Guy: Good girl! [gee. some guys just contact me with the grand ambition to make it to this list.]
Me: I'm sorry but it looks like we are not very compatible. good luck with your search!
Guy: How come? We are 66% match [I wish you much happiness with mediocrity and the guts to argue against a woman who's said no.]
"You write way to much in your profile but I like the cat-pic" [(his spelling) I hope you will also like this spot on my wall of shame.]
Guy: If you're wondering if I read your profile, I did not. That thing is a sonofabitch to read.
Guy: Well I hope that white privilege shit is not for real, otherwise we won't be having a conversation.
Guy: Alright, that's it we're not having that conversation. [you made my day, dude. thanks for that.]
"A sweet Hi to a beautiful cute pretty lady , you are the most beautiful lady I ever saw in my life, your eyes are magical and shiny like stars, and your lips are like the petals of roses, you have a different smooth sincere innocent and and a heart touching beauty which reflects the beauty of your beautiful soul.. Your smile is so sweet like a small baby without fake ness ..​" [I cannot even]
You should message me if
You are not scared off by now AND (boolean) you possess a sizeable subset of the following qualities: be able to sing, dance, laugh from deep within, incite such laughter, rock a suit when need be, have a green thumb, be unwasteful, conscientious, knowledgeable, eloquent, but not full of yourself, know and respect your body.

You should NOT (boolean) message me (or expect an answer) if we have less than 80% match, you don't get half my references, you cannot communicate fluidly in English, you are outside of my age range. (And don't tell me you don't believe in match scores. It's like not believing in evolution my dear. With the thousand answers on my profile, it takes a true idiot to fail to make reliable statistical inference.)

No penpals.

Be my guest and hit that star. I may (have) do(ne) that to you. Not A List (fuck that shit), but a sucker for the buzz as okc informs me that someone likes me back.
The two of us