30Danbury, United States
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My self-summary
Hey there. My Name is Matt, and thank you for reading this encyclopedia like tome of a profile. I've never been God at writing shorthand. I'm just a guy looking to find someone who will join me on the adventure called life. I would describe myself as a down to earth guy who has good values and someone who's passionate about their interest and what they believe in. My hope is to find a woman who will join me on mine, and take me on their own too. I'm an open minded, thoughtful, considerate, funny(I'd like to think so at least), and affectionate kind of guy. I like the kind of woman who takes the time to send good morning texts and does other things of that nature. Dating for me hasn't always been easy or come that naturally to me. There have been many girls who I've wanted to introduce myself to and strike up a conversation with, but in school, I didn't really fit in, and as an adult in the workplace, most of my jobs have had me working on my own. So finding the opportunity to form any kind of bond with someone has been hard. My interests are also sometimes different than the people I've talked to and gone on dates with. That's not a deal breaker to me though. I know that very few people are gonna love the things I do as much as I do, or even know much about them. And of course, I wouldn't change any of that for anyone either. I love things like comic books, classic monster movies, and some video games. And I'm not looking for pity by saying any of this, but if I'm being honest with myself, I'm sure it does make some women wonder how they could relate to a guy like myself. But I still try to reach out to someone I'm interested, because nothing ventured, nothing gained right? I've also always believed though that the most important common interest a couple can have is their chemistry, and if that's there, it can make all the difference. With all that said though, as shy and as different as I've made myself sound, I feel like I have a lot offer a girl, because of my capacity for caring. And once you get me going, I'm pretty easy to talk to about anything.
What I’m doing with my life
I work full time at Ability Beyond as a porter. I also used to work part time at Gamestop as a game advisor. I am of the mindset of working to live and not the other way around. Outside of that, i tend to do whatever. Sometimes, that might be popping in video game and sometimes it can mean opening up something to read or browsing around on the web. Sometimes, I go down to the city, Long Island, Westchester, or New Jersey. I'm constantly thinking about the future though. Lately, I've been trying to tap into my creative side and write ideas for stories, since I'd like to work in the comic book industry.
I’m really good at
I think I'm just good at being me. I try to be someone who listens to people and be supportive of those that I care about. Because that is how I want others to act towards me. I'm good and being considerate and keeping things fair too.
The first things people usually notice about me
I think just myself as a whole. I don't mean this is any way out of arrogance. I've always been someone who marches to my own beat, even in my own circles of friends, my level of interest in the things I like is very deep. Sometimes that makes it tough to relate people, because they might not be into the same things as me or as into them as I am. I still manage to get by though.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
When it comes to entertainment, there's a ton of stuff I like. There is no way I'm gonna list all of it though, so here's a quick run down of things I enjoy

Movies: Action, horror, comedey, crime films, old movies, and superhero movies.

TV: Most TV is pretty forgettable to me. Occasionally, I'll find a good series to watch though.

Books: Horror, crime(especially noir), social commentary, philosphy, and I love comic books.

Video Games: I mostly play action oriented games. More and more though, I'm getting into role playing games though. I also like some survival horror games and fighting games. Anything with a good story and characters.

Music: The Red Hot Chili Peppers are and always will be my favorite band of all time. After them, comes Billy Joel, and various stuff from the 90's.

Food: Barbeque, pizza and some other Itlalian foods, Chinese, and Jewish deli pastrami sandwiches. Oh, and I do love me some seafood too.
Six things I could never do without
No way am I going to be able to limit it to 6. I'm passionate about alot of stuff right now.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I have an active mind, and it's in my nature to think about lots of things and be introspective and self reflective. I think about where I'm going in life, and things that I can do both big and small to help me get there. And I think about someday finding the woman that I'll settle down with. Of course, I spend time thinking about the things I'm interested in and passionate, especially with regards to comics and politics. The comic book industry and culture have taken a lot of turns, and I like to read about what each company is going to try next with their characters through various apps I have that give me that kind of news. The same goes for politics. More than ever, that world is hard to predict where it will go next, and I like to keep up in these complex times. As I think about all these things, I try to think about living a balanced life. Fun, free, but purposeful too.
On a typical Friday night I am
Don't really have a regimented plan for my Fridays or any other night of the week for that matter. I could be at my computer writing something or browsing the web. I could be playing a video game, reading, or watching a movie. Otherwise, I'm out with friends or chilling at their place. So the possibilities are really endless.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ok, I've never actually mentioned this before on here, but I'm so sick of having great conversations that get ruined by this, so I'll just mention it right here.

I'm more than a little embarrassed to mention this, but here goes: I don't drive. Here's the thing. I have what is called a processing disability. It makes my ability to figure things out and do quick thinking difficult at times, and in driving, you have to do a lot of quick thinking. It has absolutely nothing to do with being lazy. I have at several points in my life tried to learn, and I've just never felt completely comfortable doing it. Maybe someday, that will change, but for now, it is what it is. That said, I hope you're not scared off. I'm not naive. I know this can present challenges for dating, but please know that if you drive to me, I will absolutely help with gas, and food and any activities we do. I promise, I'll keep things fair. And I have no issue hopping on a train. I'm pretty good at figuring out where to take them, and I live right by the Brewster Metro north station. I also use the ride service Lyft to get to some places.
You should message me if
I fully understand and believe that it is important for a person to make themselves happy. No one knows you like you do, and no one can define you like you can. With that said though, companionship can be a powerful thing. I've always been happiest when I feel a connection with someone. When I'm having a rough day, and I pull out my phone to see text with a smiley face or one asking how my days going, it can literally be like getting a second wind. Like I said, its important for each person to make themselves happy, but knowing that someone can't wait to see you or hear your voice at the end of the day is nice. Not only do I want to have someone to make me feel that way, but I want to make someone else feel that way too. So if you feel like getting to know more about me, then I hope to hear from you. And like a great movie or show, you can get the whole story just from watching the trailer.
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