56Irvine, United States
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My self-summary
Things I Believe…

A man is given daughters to make sure he stays humble (and gets grey hair)

Soul mates are created when two people come together who are ready to give and receive love and respect. When you find someone whose happiness is more important than your own. Someone who challenges you to be a better person with them than without them.

Seeing life's challenges eye to eye with grace, strength and faith will always get you through it.

Life is a puzzle that can never be completed. No matter how many pieces you have… there will always be one more.

Life is made up of surprises… happiness is balanced by sorrow
hope is balanced by despair… and that the love you get is the love
that you allow.

For better or worse, wisdom comes with age.

Life is a winding road… sometimes you gotta slow down for the curves, but when you have open highway… hit the gas!

Family and friends are more important than things.

People are fun to watch… (some more than others)

It is very cool to be tired sitting on the beach while watching the sunrise.

That yesterday is water under the bridge. You can’t move forward if you spend your time looking backwards. (It can be dangerous to you and those around you)

Dating isn’t a sport.

Old fashioned romance is not a lost art.

Life without passion is not worth living.

I am searching for a partner and best friend to be my last thought at night and first thought when I wake up...(are you out there?)

I consider myself a “good guy” , father and friend. I try to look at each day as a new beginning, always curious to see the next page of the story. (sometimes itwould be nice to skip a page or two)

About me:
I approach life with flexibility, always open to try anything new that interests me.

I am self employed and passionate about what I do. I am an advertising creative. I design and produce cool marketing
and advertising tools for a great group of clients.

I love weekend getaways.... watching the sunrise at any convenient beach. I stay pretty active... tennis, shooting hoops... can you throw a football?

If any of this hits home... please drop me a line.
The two of us