36 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
Just turned 30 and decided time to update the old profile… The stats: Easy going 30 year old professional. 6’ tall and stocky at 230lbs. Of mixed descent with a hairy chest and a beard or goatee depending on my mood. Speak English and French and a little Spanish.

I enjoy laughing and have a varied sense of humour; equal parts witty, sarcastic and low-brow. I love listening to all kinds of music and love dancing too. Spending time with family and friends exploring Toronto during long walks, going to see movies, or just chilling out at home/coffee/dinner.

Ultimately, I would like to share my life with a great man in a monogamous relationship. Note: Monogamous without any asterisks/fine print. I.e. monogamous unless in different time zones, vacations don’t count, don’t ask don’t tell, etc. Not judging here, just being clear about what I’m looking for :) It may sound sappy/idealistic but I’m not giving up my search.

Turn Ons:
-BALANCE (go out and party AND chill out at home; financially stable but not obsessive; confident but not cocky; etc)
-Masculine, Comfortable with themselves (and being gay)
-Honesty, Trust, Loyalty
-Intelligence (!!!), Ability to hold a conversation
-Fun, Funny, Sense of humour (preferably equal parts witty, sarcastic and low-brow)
-Good kisser (!!) and very sexual/sensual (yet still loyal)
-Having goals and the drive to achieve them

Turn Offs:

Shoot me a message if any of this resonates with you. Any questions, just ask!