28 Beverly Hills, United States
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My self-summary
the following is an excerpt from the autobiography that i'm going to write right now. and likely the most serious you'll ever see me be.

i'm a simple guy. i'm not just saying that because it's easy.
i've done a lot with my life, i'm doing a lot with my life, and i'm going to continue to do even more with my life.
i'm a real estate developer. my team and i build new single family homes in los angeles.
i live my life day by day and take things one step at a time, but my future is always in mind.
i believe life is what you make it to be.
there's too much negativity in this world and it's very easy to get taken by it, so i always try to be positive. if i get taken by someone else's negativity, someone else will get taken by mine and so on and so forth. i don't want that to happen. if i'm positive, that positivity will carry on to the next person and so on and so forth. that's what i want to happen.
i always try to find the good in the bad.
i try not to stress out, get upset, or let things bother me. it never helps. if stressing out, getting upset, or letting things bother me helped the situation, i'd do it, but it doesn't. it only makes things worse, so what's the point?
i'm very calm and relaxed, yet filled with energy.
i always look forward to tomorrow, because i know i'm going to be even better than i was today. life is about growing. it's about constantly becoming bigger, better and stronger. we live, we learn, we grow, we love, we hurt. that's life. that's what we do. we can all relate.
i could find humor in just about anything. for example, i think people falling down is one of the funniest things ever. if we were walking together and you somehow tripped and fell down, i would laugh at you. i promise i would make sure that you're ok and kiss your booboos, but i would laugh at you.
sarcasm plays a huge role in my sense of humor.
people watching is one of my favorite things to do.
music and health are the two things that i'm most passionate about. i could talk about each topic forever.
i'm starting to realize that this can go on forever, so i'm going to end it here. it should be enough to give you at least a little bit of an idea of who i am, but talk to me, ask me questions, and i promise you'll learn all about me that way.
On a typical Friday night I am
on okcupid reading about what other people on okcupid do on a typical friday night
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i love ace of base
You should message me if
you can relate to anything i've written in my profile