31Springfield, United States
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My self-summary
Lets hit the basics...Woo hoo...single again. >.>

24, female obviously (but you never know), 2 kids, animal lover (warm and cold blooded), 5'5, tat(s),piercings, flower-child, tree-hugger, failing recycler, artistic, creative, moody, smoking...anything else you want?

Well...I'll add a little more. I got yet another tattoo! I'm planning a scarification on my shoulder (tribal sun). And a suspension is in order in the upcoming months. And I needed to add the fact that I abhor judgmental people.

I am odd, confused, and perky!

Alright so I'm a loser who will spend hours on stupid sites like Facebook. Find me there!!! Kecia Jolley *shudder* I hate that last name. Please no giggling now boys and girls. But yup...I check this thing from time to time. And why go to a million sites when you can go to one and have 70% of what you need to check on done in one shot that takes maybe 15 minutes? Anyways. *kisses* Till then loves.

*Most Current Update*
This should be going in the 'What are you looking for but I can't actually type stuff in there. I'm looking for a friend, companion and possibly a lover. At this time in my life I'm content on being alone, I'm usually pretty bad at the whole relationship thing anyways. I crave companionship but tend to be a bit of a free bird. I want that one special person that can catch my eye and attention and hold it. Forever. I don't want a fling, one night stands. I want something spectacular. If you think that you could be 'that one' then yes...lets get this game started.

*More current than the last*
Don't you just love that? When something seems to last forever? Well folks maybe that is because things shouldn't end. The road to self discovery is never ending. It rolls, and dips, and dives along leaving you clutching the edge of your seat. I've rode solo for a good time now. And I'm content with that fact, not to happy, surely not thrilled...but content. The solitude of myself is like that fuzzy teddy bear that got thrown away when I was a kid. No more people to think about as the sun goes down and I'm out there under the vast horizon. I don't have any silly love songs buzzing through my brain when I think about that someone special. Ohh yes. I have one...he just happens to me a million miles away and a fool for leaving me. You see I've tried to move on...I want to move on, but I can't...it's a pipe dream you see. So many of us are still in love with a dream, a fantasy that we can't quite figure out how to make real. And then, well when reality slams a door in your face you stand there shell shocked and stupid.

I'm afraid...'cause for once I'm truly alone...maybe I'm full of myself but I've got people practically falling over themselves from time to time just to have a chance. I've never been sure their motivation, I'm no prize. There was never a ribbon on my head and a plaque beneath my feet. I live through the dirt under my nails and by the skin of my teeth. But a catch nonetheless I guess. Only I'm slightly shallow and have high expectations for the human race. Though they are never met. I figure if I must make the step to move on in life. That spark...that connection, something real and tangible but it's not measurable. Ideals, thoughts, personality, visions...all that jazz...I want someone to be my IV drip. That life or death news feed, constant buzz...my only source.

Maybe this is the ramblings of a mad woman or just a girl who has been putting off her Juvenile Delinquency papers for way to long...and is filling her time by typing nonsense and watching cheesy 90's flicks like Dream a Little Dream, and Pump Up The Volume.

'Maybe I'm crazy...but so be it'

*Yet Another?*
Jeeze you must be thinking I'm crazy. I mean computers have a back space button for a reason right? Yeah no...I don't believe in deleting bits and pieces of 'life' persay. Well...just an update being I'm currently involved in a long distance relationship I'm hoping becomes something more. It's been an on and off deal for the last 5 years maybe it'll stick this time. But I am open to shot term dating, friends, and possibly a serious relationship if the right person comes around.

*You guessed it!*
Me and my fiance (yeah he can't shake this crazy bitch) are going strong, well despite the dire circumstances of life. We're trying our damndest to make things work. Either way I wanted to pass the love to my friends, future friends and stalkers. Find me on Facebook I'd love to chat, I'm abandoning this project for the most part. Don't worry my fiance isn't a jealous caveman....and males are so much easier to get along with as friends, so if you have a penis and wanna hang and play some poker or something (come on and get your mind outta the gutter) find me on FB. Rarwiamkitty@yahoo.com and lovely ladies out there. I'm still looking for my bosom pillow and someone to throw compliments and shower with my affections (seeing how fawining over your male 24/7 isn't that wanted). But I'm still here, still wanting to know how you're doing. And dudes...'compliments' on my huge cleavage will not get you a response. In fact never mind it does, an eye roll and a pass over. Yeah I know I got huge tits...next?

*Yeah, yeah, shut up already?*
I can't help it, this is a running commentary on my trials and tribulations with love! So NOW! I have 3 kids...a baby woo hoo for babies! No really....I for got how much they poop! And just wondering what is up with the line. 'I love you, but I'm not IN love with you.' It's the biggest load of BS ever. Am I leaving the man I love? Yeah no, well not yet. But am I keeping my eyes on the future of possibility. A bit yeah. It's like a damn see-saw with him. I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby. Fuck off. I mean really how hard is it to open your heart and let someone in with out fear of them hurting you. 7 years!!!! 7 years....ok...well hiya ladies and gents. I get on this thing from time to time, maybe we'll chat. ;) Until then.
What I’m doing with my life
Uh, right now, I'm setting here typing this!
Going to Drury University Psych, Crim and Soci degrees, and being a mommy.

My future passion...to actually make a difference in someone's life. I have already. I don't see why I can't make a career out of it. Only if I had my way all psychiatric help would be free. Hopefully I'll be working in a prison institution, or as a drug and alcohol councilor for youth.

NOW: Trying to find a job, and taking care of kids. Praying for a night to myself.
I’m really good at
Twisting up hemp, spinning poi, rolling cigarettes, changing a diaper!!!! LOL I got that one down to 3.5 seconds (well possibly)

Its easier to list off the things I'm NOT good at...

Cooking-granted I love to cook and I can cook GREAT beer steaks and any kind of seafood(I MISS THE EAST COAST!!!!). I still burn stuff.

Gardening-they die. Let me put it this way I've had an Aloe plant go into shock over 5 times!

Patience-I have NONE!

Being quiet-'nuff said.
The first things people usually notice about me
Umm...truthfully its usually my boobs. >.> I'm rather odd, have a habit of talking to myself, I'm not afraid to bum change if I'm a dime short. Outgoing, loud, and a bit abrasive.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors-Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Wolf, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg,(a few) Nora Roberts, John Grisham, Laural Hamilton (NOT THE ANITA BLAKE SERIES) Humm...I have a book shelf full...actually overly full of books. Wanna take a peek?

Books-On the Road, Romeo and Juliet, Dharma Bums, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Slave of My Thirst, Sabotage Cafe, thousands others!

Movies-The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Fight Club, Dead Poets Society, What Dreams May Come, Ladyhawke, Rent, Hard Core Logo, Across the Universe, 10 Things I Hate About You, (ALL) Batman movies!!!!, anything Hentai, Still more to come in the future!
Television- Due South!!! (If you know what that is major brownie points!) Sliders, Dr. Who!!!, Farscape, True Blood (season 1), Dexter, Any of the FarmAid's (DirectTV), The Tribe, Stuff Happens, X-Files...a few others I can't remember at the time.

Music- For starters I like everything not much rap though unless its old skool (haha), and I have yet to develop a taste for polka. Accordions do not mix well with other instruments unless your drunk! But as soon as I manage to have then grow on me you'll be the first to know. Blind Melon, Dave Matthews Band, David Bowie, Otep, Sarah McLaughin, Flogging Molly, Puscifer,Tori Amos, Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Crosby Still Nash & Young, The Cranberries, Bob Dylan, Manson, Everclear, Chilli Peppers, Portishead, Fiona Apple, Nick Cave, well now you got a taste...so

FOOD!- I'm actually hungry for Ramen at the moment. Noodles yum! Really my fave foods are. Cheesecake, Salmon, Crab (REAL STUFF...COASTAL GIRL HERE!), Really, really, really RARE Steak, Blackberries, Peanutbutter Icecream, Coffee, anything really spicy. Thai food is awesome!
Six things I could never do without
My kids, cigarettes, water, air, COFFEE!!!! Uhh. Companionship, trees, flowers. Flowy skirts, with blue jeans underneath. And obviously a little book of numbers (you know the kind that you get kids?) because I can't count to six...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Random people, daydreams, the opportunities I've missed. Mistakes I've made, places I want to go...usually anything but what I should currently be thinking about.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out wandering around with my littlest, curled up with a good book, maybe at a friends. I don't know. If its the first Friday of the month there's a good chance I'm at the Artwalk
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
A few of my obsessions.

1. My Little Ponys (Old ones and the ones they have now...the others looked anorexic)

2. I'm OCD I shall pick at anything. Mostly myself when stressed, but it includes...fuzz, hair, and that icky peeling sunburn on the scary old guy standing in front of me at the register. Seriously!

3. I LOVE peanut butter on ice cream!

4. Aspen Cologne. Yes, I will smell you!

5. Bluegrass. I'm a Ben Miller Babe!

6. BlueMoon and PBR are at a tie for me.

7. Anything from the 70's! The music was great, the clothes were awesome, the chicks were groovy, and men with longhair...bodacious.

8. COMICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah other than my collection getting stolen. You have any idea how hard it is to sit at a comic store and 'browse' with a baby beside you?

9. Red Lipstick. Classic.

10. Going Commando...

Just to add one more!

11. SEAFOOD! I'm serious its the only way to my heart!. No just kidding but I miss a big plate of yummy crab legs. Captain Billy's. Mmmmmmm!

And those are the top 10+1 things I shall admit...I edited it because a friend though I was being too liberal with the information I was telling about myself. Anything else ask me I shall tell.

*Update* Just throwing this out there. Fetlife.com lost_disaster Its me!!! Hehe.
You should message me if
Time for a revamp....Why should you message me...you just read a ton of junk and are either impressed, amused, or really bored. I've got it!! You should message me if you find yourself wondering what interpersonal flaws or physical deformities that one must have to consider taking the gamble of internet dating. I mean, you got you're psychos, stalkers, attention whores, porn bots...you just never know.

Or if you've read all of this and can sit there with a smirk on your face cause some pretty girl just blithered away 5+ minutes of your life...or if you know what blither means.
The two of us