27San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
Is it worth it, can you even hear me?

Okay so I'm going through some tough shit with my family currently (health wise), and while I wasn't on this site much before, I will be away more now. My mother is my top priority and meeting people will have to be put on the back burner. I'll be willing to talk and maybe hang out on the weekend(s) to see where it goes, but that's about it!!!

My name is Heather and art is one of my favorite things and one I've been doing for years. I can usually tell if something is done in (chalk)pastel or water colors/ink and perhaps even the techniques used.

I'm pretty intelligent and I like learning about different cultures and their beliefs. I like learning from others and learning what they believe in and why, perhaps even get into a debate. Deep conversations are just the best.

Archaeology is something I' m a bit fond of and I actually went up to Santa Cruz a few years back with my Instructor and a few other students to excavate the lime kilns there!

If you want to know more, just ask! I'm pretty honest and open with my feelings.
What I’m doing with my life
The future holds a lion's heart

Helping momma with things around the house and doing things for her if she needs help or is hooked to the IV.
I’m really good at
All your fear, all your shame, You know that you can lay it all on me

Being someone that can be counted on. I try to be there for people all the time and offer my support. You know, just being a personal cheerleader.

Being a caretaker, apparently. Changing ostomy and IV hydration bags.
The first things people usually notice about me
And on his face is the map of the world

The scar on my upper lip. You can't see it well in pics, but it's noticeable in person and if you go looking for it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
There's so much shit on the radio

books;; harry potter, the kite runner, a thousand splendid suns, jurassic park, the hobbit, various mythologies and true crime

movies;; lotr, the fountain, what's eating gilbert grape, up!, all dogs go to heaven, dragonheart, land before time, jurassic park, scream, interview with a vampire, titanic, finding neverland, edward scissorhands, rocky horror picture show, jaws, planes trains and automobiles....

television;; ancient aliens, ufo files, monsterquest, regular show, chowder, rocko's modern life, hey arnold, superjail!, home movies, mission hill, the oblongs, kaiji, sailor moon, yu yu hakusho, little bear, steven universe, amazing world of gumball, monster and mysteries in america, bob's burgers, loiter squad, the simpsons, the fall, attack on titan, ore monogatari, baggage, animorphs, documentaries and biographies

music;; the used, william control, my chemical romance, aiden, darren hayes, olivia (lufkin), jack off jill, him, 30 seconds to mars, system of a down, the killers, rob zombie, ozzy osbourne, the beatles, avenged sevenfold, cake, ayumi hamasaki, utada hikaru, goo goo dolls, funeral for a friend, guns n' roses, michael jackson, queen, soundtracks, classical music (beethoven, mozart, etc), ac/dc, metallica, hawthorne heights, dr. steel, backstreet boys, one direction, aesthetic perfection, chevelle, king diamond. i'm trying to listen to a bit of hindi/bollywood c: .... there's more on the list, but my mind is drawing a blank. i'll listen to pretty much whatever, but i'm not very fond of rap. i'm not writing it off completely and i'm sure i just haven't found an artist i like, or it's the same reason why i don't like a lot of growling in my music -- i can't really understand it :/ just bits and pieces. it's why i don't like motionless in white

video games;; silent hill 4, .flow (dotFlow), ib, space funeral, hatoful boyfriend, pokemon, metal gear solid, tomb raider, croc, mother 3, yume nikki, bookworm, various search/find games

food;; i'm extremely picky. if it doesn't look/smell good to me, i won't eat it. if i don't feel like trying something new (being it an ice cream, etc) i won't unless i feel like it. right now i'm horribly addicted to rubios mostly because of the salsa there. i enjoy chinese, italian and mexican foods. i'm very fond of spinach, arugula, tomatoes, lemons (together), corn tortillas, ginger, noosa yogurt, rosemary, and mint. with drinks, it's a variation of teas (goldpeak, snapple, arizona.. black ROSE TEA!!!), passion fruit & mango juice squeeze, nantucket nectar's orange mango, yoo-hoo, ovaltine, wine (mostly reds), and angry orchard. i really wanna try edible flowers :')
Six things I could never do without
I stay addicted to the poison that I love

art/art supplies
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I haven't lost a thing except my mind

I tend to think a lot and mostly about everything and anything. I think about the past and future, what I could have done differently or what things would be like if a certain event hadn't happened. I like thinking about how things work and trying to figure it out for myself in my head.

Sometimes my thoughts go in circles and get overly complicated. I just just answer a simple question without over thinking it or thinking of other factors coming into play.

I usually think of how things would be better if there were less hatred and how things would be better if health care in America was better and the education. I believe that health care and education shouldn't be expensive and that the best quality should already be a given. I get really frustrated with how money controls every thing that you do and that it's just an object. If can be ripped up and thrown away, yet it has all of this power.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes I just go for it

Being a hermit... crab

I tend to play hopscotch with Sasquatch in the woods. He gets pretttyyy angry if I'm late and tends to throw rocks.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was covered in darkness

Despite what I may personally think, I know I'm really not that bad of a person.

I've pet bees and I'm a bit of a klutz.

When I mentally say "oh my god" it's in Bob Belcher's voice.

I love my birds more than you.
You should message me if
I want a man, not a boy who thinks he can

Interested in meaningful conversations, sharing beliefs, and to tell me about your experiences when meeting your favorite musician. Also if you wanna make a new friend :')

All the italics are lyrics/titles from songs :')
The two of us