28Cranston, United States
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My self-summary

If you know anyone in Egypt, pass to them:

Egypt : To bypass gov. blocking of website names, use numerical IP addresses:

twitter ""

for facebook ""

...for google ""

soak rags in lemon juice and wear on face! It alleviates effect of tear gas

To protestors- Leave artifacts, museums, ALL buildings alone if you must use violence. There is nothing to be gained in destrying beauty. Only attack if you're attacked first.

HI. I love history and reading and was always the "old farty" or geeky one in school. Don't look at the age or sex or race on my profile- it will only mislead you about who I truly am. I am mature yet goofy. Mature meaning I don't make reality-show based remarks about people based on age or sex or such, and am always working and keeping useful. I am not some kind of conservative Christian, but I am a bit old fashioned and I don't like the callousness and shallowness of modern society. Doesn't mean I can't have fun, though!

I don't tell anyone my age or stuff like that, so don't ask! You won't find out until I decide! I like people to know me for myself first.

I am a SELF EMPLOYED book dealer, with my father, also trying my hand at writing (mostly philosophy, but fiction as well).

As much as I like this site, I don't think it really does the users justice in the way it matches people up or compares their profiles- it always seems as if the people they say you are most like are not like you, but the people you are least like are not so bad.

I am very intersted in finding a travel buddy or partner who likes to travel and am very interested in finding a way to get a book published, even if by a very small company. I hate to use other people to get the lifestyle I want but would like to humbly request that education and culture-loving travelers and intellectual bookworms message me.

I am intelligent, creative, and very friendly

I hate those indie "open-minded"hippie guys with the beards and artsy hats who talk about "philosophical" things and always vote Democrat- i.e. those people who want to be "different, just like everyone else". The kind you find crawling around Thayer St. I also dislike people who are very drab and grey and are always saying "Life is suffering..." (WHOSE life?). This person is often identical with the first.

As for politics:
I don't really
like Barack Obama...GASP. Ron Paul is awesome

"Rahm Emanuel is the biggest d*****bag that ever lived. He is a walking talking piece of horse sh** and he deserves to be ****ed with a wine bottle." Okay, so maybe I'm only quoting a YouTube user, but still, I mean, come ON!
What I’m doing with my life
Looking for a travel buddy or friend who actually enjoys
museums and films and that sort of thing.

I am self employed and am starting a website about Asperger's
where I will sell an audiobook.
It turns out most "autistic" children aren't autistic at all.

I also love to knit scarves and hats for the poor- ironic
considering my adherence to the philosophy of Ayn Rand.
Although she does say one may give to charity if it makes one
happy...Generosity is not altruism. Altruism actually means self

I would be happier if I could find people who didn't enjoy, and
hopefully hated, the bar scene. Some bars are okay, but not the
ones with the shallow auras. I don't mean some mindless idiot who
babbles, "Yeah. I hate it too. I only go once a month with my
friends. I don't drink, only a Mai Tai every other time." If you
hate the bar scene, you don't go. Period.
I like wholesome people- all the way honest, not "in their true
lives", but all the time.
I’m really good at
History. Writing. Reading. Jokes. Music. Imitating people. Eating. Fun.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and hair and the fact that I'm beautiful. Seriously. I look like Liv Tyler crossed with Ava Gardner.

Nah, not always. Sometimes I just look ok.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I loved 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
I also like Hunchback of Notre Dame, Count of Monte Cristo, satirical writings (like Mark Twain).

Ayn Rand is a great philosopher, though not perfect. Her philosophy is so sustainable and logical, with almost no loopholes. Is she perfect? No. But the world is in need of her uniquely classic views.

MOVIES: Wizard of Oz, Life of Brian, Indiana Jones, LOTR, Hidalgo, Amadeus, Finding Neverland, Platoon, Avatar, Last Temptation of Christ, The Matrix (aka, the story of my life), Titanic (although it's getting a little old), stuff with Liv Tyler, or Robert Redford

MUSIC: show tunes and classical, Wagner, the Doors, Beatles, movie scores, some Bjork, jazz, Elvis, Beach Boys, Andrew Lloyd Webber, video game music including Koji Kondo

FOOD: too much to list and I always like to try new things

susbsection: FOOD. It's a holy wonder I'm not fat.

*sushi *Chinese *Lebanese (raw meat...mmm!- just kidding, but most Lebanese food is good)
*lettuce and tomato sandwich *those fruity NutriGrain bars *Dagoba chocolates *miso soup with tofu
*shish kabob *cake (chocolate, strawberry whipped cream, red velvet, etc.) *artichokes *maamoul cookies *coconut ice cream *fish with lemon and coleslaw *sweet bread with sugar *chicken with dud-thood (ask the Lebanese!) *ice cream with honey
*roasted chicken with cranberry sauce and yellow squash
*zucchini and summer squash with asparagus
*Oreos dipped in milk
*lamb chops wrapped in flat bread with tomatoes and mashed potatoes inside *blueberries
*Kids Karnival Stix popsicles
*mulberry pie (berries from my own backyard)
*steamers and littlenecks
*these weird puddings from the Asian market
Six things I could never do without
Good food/music/movies,
my beliefs,
people I know,
knowledge and rational thinking,
my individuality,
Jesus and people like him, changers of history
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*Philosophy- not that phony 'guy-with-a-hippie-beard-existentialist' crap- true and honest thought.

*How people could possibly become Nazis and fascists, how our world should stop it from happening again, why people feel the need to judge people by age/sex/race etc.

*How many Wagner influences there are in the Legend of Zelda games. And in Star Wars. And Lord of the Rings.
On a typical Friday night I am
eating dinner or at the library, or visiting my baby cousin...well, he's five.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like Bjork's songs! Nah, I said that loud and proud.

I am crazy in love with Willem Dafoe, the hottest man who ever lived, EVER. Agh! Don't be surprised if you read the paper and I'm married to him in, like, 5 years. :)

I'm not that into sex, compared to others, and hate people who believe it is "abnormal" not to have it or desire it as much as "most people". I could do with or without it.
You should message me if
If you like what I said in my profile or if you are pure of mind and heart. Or if you think you can possibly be as geeky as me!

If you like to travel or if you are an aspiring author or publishing agent. I have a few book ideas. Not "philosophical" or "deep" crap- real stories with colorful ideas and strong stories.
The two of us