34Cairo, Egypt
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My self-summary
I am slim, cute, and funny " sometimes"

I am honest even when i am lying,

I am honest specially when i am crying,

I am honest really i am trying.

first my name is mustafa and iam from egypt as u can see up there ,i've joined this site a long time ago just to take tests and know alil about myself , iam not into dating sites but iam into new friends "even thou if i met my soulmate here i wont reject her" , i've skimmed through many girls profiles and found loads of em talking about themselves so why cant i do the same , have the thought of updating my profile for a few days untill now so i will update it regularly i hope.
iam just an ordinary guy trying to live my life and trying to get the best out of it , even thou its a lil unfair to me but i try
iam kinda a bookworm and i read whatever i can find only when i have the time of course
iam trying to learn spanish , not good at it but iam trying
sometimes iam sarcastic and ppl hate that about me but i cant help it , and i usually can make anyone laugh :P
sometimes i feel depressed so sorry if i cant take ur jokes at that time , been to a doctor but irregularly , i hate doctors even thou iam a pharmacist , i hate drugs as well
iam kinda a heavy smoker , i also tried weeds but never liked it
never drink alcohol , iam a muslim and a good one sometimes hehehe ....
i enjoy a good laugh , i enjoy being with friends , only close friends , those u can do silly stuff and they never judge u
i hate when ppl judge me do this and do that ,,, wohaa i love to live it spontaneously "iam trying"
oh btw i have answered over 900 questions in here some of em needs to be updated and iam lazy as usual but i will do it eventually :P and i've taken 94 test wooooohaaa i love those tests :P
i had enough for today maybe i'll have another update soon
i've been hurt so many times , i have a scar in my heart
it never heals , i feel so lonely , have so many friends but i try to avoid them alll , iam avoiding everyone lately ,,,,iam tired and i cant sleep at night , i just not feeling well recently and i have no clue what to do ,,,, iam searching for love but i cant find it anywhere , i know my soulmate is there somewhere but i cant find her , i give up
UPDATE 16 feb 2015
This needs a serious update. Cause iam engaged for over 9 months now. And every thing is totally diff. Iam not in the mood to read all this
Iam in for friendships only. Tests and answering this weirdo questions. Lol
What I’m doing with my life
iam a book worm so proplly will find me reading something.
i love to play chess , i havent played for a while.
I’m really good at
nothing ... just talking and using my head ....
Thinking thinking thinking ....... thats what i mostly do ....
Always thought if I was a gangster I'd be able to come up with the perfect plan :)
The first things people usually notice about me
shy n cute .... which isnt true... haha
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books ..... phrose by sir anthony hope . the alchemist paolo cohelo havent finished it yet , the lost symbol by don howard ... and lots of other finished and non finished books.
movies .....i watch to almost all kinds of movies , i hate horror ones they annoy me ,even thou iam not a coward :P
music .... i listen to whatever grabs my attention
like this one
its spanish and i like it ,, i learned few words from it 'yay
foood ...... i eat almost every thing except for dairy products yuck
and i rarely try new foods .
iam a coffeeholic i cant live without a good cup of coffee
i also love tea :)
Six things I could never do without
My Cup o coffee
My iPhone
My tongue
My brain
My .......
My .......
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How it will be tomorrow. Am I ever gonna find my true love.
how this girl become my best friend
iam gonna kill her some day hehehehehe
lol she lost her profile pass and made a new one thats the link :P
On a typical Friday night I am
home ...... like the rest of the week
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
mmmm i lived alone for a while and i used to see ghosssts hehehe
I used to talk to a star :)
i hate cockroaches grrrrrrrr
You should message me if
If match is 75+ or friend is 70+ or enemy is 70+
if u need a friend/enemy
If u like my profile/pics
If u wanna gimme feedback about my profile
Skip all that if u just wanted to msg me and drop a hi or hello
iam not picky i dont mind even if it was a "lame hi"
seen that in many profiles " we dont answer lame hi "
will I DO :P
The two of us