29Arcata, United States
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My self-summary
I am a heart in blossom. Taking in the world with loving innocence with hopes to share every breath of my deepest truth. Wisdom nourishes and in every moment comes in union with my roots. Every pico second is a discovery. In and through my humanness, I do my best to love, to care, and to honor everything in my presence. In some ways I am a child discovering the sacredness of it all. In moments Though, i take everything for granted, Which is one of my deepest fears, for everything is such a gift and deserves to be honored and marveled at. Presence and acceptance are some of mans greatest gifts that can touch a heart to the depths of its core. I strive to live a life dissolved in present acceptance.
What I’m doing with my life
Attempting to ritualize my life. Garnished with loving cranio sacral healing sessions, sharring my hearts truth, learning, growing, Traveling, studying, going on epic adventures, creating connections in a moment, marveling at people and whatever this existence brings, hikes, learning new skills, observing nature, planting trees, bike rides, romping through the woods, exploring psychology and philosophy, swimming through the unknown, embracing the whole spectrum of human potential, acknowledging the subtle as well as all extensive, savoring the sun on my skin and the winds light caress, dancing, bathing in the vibration of musical strums, giggling, attempting to not take a breath or a person for granted, embracing the moments... the people... the opportunities that life brings... with a jaw dropped in awe and loving humor..
The first things people usually notice about me
My authentic flow
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
birth of a poet - william everson

the fountain, cloud atlas....

Any sort of music that comes from the heart.

Home cooked meals made from fresh local-homegrown veggies complimented with spices that I have collected all over the world.
Six things I could never do without
fresh juice
I spend a lot of time thinking about
dissolving into the present moment.
On a typical Friday night I am
Dancing, hanging out with friends, enjoying a nice bonfire, On top of an epic peak somewhere in the back-country, having a beautiful conversation with someone I love, body painting, on some spontaneous adventure, looking at the stars, enjoying the sanctuary of where I reside, relaxing in a sauna...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Pretty much none of my friends would believe this.... But.. I can get awfully shy sometimes.
You should message me if
-If you like to climb trees
- if you feel the beauty and passion of surrendering and sharring your vocari
-if authentic acceptance sings to the haven of your heart
- If you like to fall without any strings or attachments with no fear... But to jump full-heartedly
-If you are interested in a dynamic that dives into the depths of your soul.
-If you love to play with a wildchild
-If you like to banter, giggle, listen to tales and tell me goodnight stories
-If you can be present holding the space for me to embody my spontaneous sensual self.
-If you love to hold hands and marvel at the unique beauty present in the moment
-if You want to go on an epic date
-if you love a good adventure
-if you want to ecstatically dance and groove with this chick

p.s. please don't be intimidated by the "replies selectively" I love a good message!

this list is from a friend of mine and I love it... I feel it is a list that could have poured from my own heart.... message me if you feel it poured from yours too....

Let's eagerly cross the Rubicon knowing full well the consequences.
Let's never stop asking questions.
Let's have our powerful chemistry be confused for sorcery.
Let's cast our nighttime shadows in the glow of the full Moon.
Let's walk past an "Authorized Personnel Only" sign and act confident.
Let's save all our salty tears in a jar.
Let's ponder the incunabulum.
Let's speculate until our hearts stop.
Let's press our skin until we don't know where I end and you begin.
Let's harmonize until dust becomes dislodged from the rafters.
Let's always bring the ruckus.
Let's be stowaways and mystify the crew with our hidden good deeds.
Let's cross our fingers and hope to die.
Let's create a Rube Goldberg machine.
Let's brave the world equipped only with weapons of warmth.
Let's use all the spoons and none of the forks.
Let's say "yes".
Let's build a multistoried pillow fort.
Let's span our arms so wide only a panoramic camera can capture.
Let's never know the date and time.
Let's create our own laws only to break them.
Let's bury treasure with no intentions to ever return.
Let's admit when we're frightened.
Let's explore the bowels of a black hole and then go back home.
Let's plan to be forgotten.
Let's create a cyclone with our gnarly air guitar skills.
Let's create a bonfire that rivals the Sun.
Let's taste every exotic delicacy the world has to offer.
Let's crudely etch our initials in quicksand.
Let's escalate our voices trying to out sing one another while driving.
Let's walk until the sidewalk ends.
Let's contort our funny faces in the mirror.
Let's steal from the rich and give to the poor.
Let's build a tree house and discriminate who may enter.
Let's make eternity blink.
Let's trace pictographs on the steamy window.
Let's cut our hands and press them together to make it official.
Let's giggle when it's most certainly inappropriate.
Let's never learn when it's time to quit.
Let's invent a firecracker that mimics the Aurora Borealis.
Let's tell stories using a myriad of different voices.
Let's never forget where we came from and take pride in it.
Let's always carry a thesaurus.
Let's be self-sufficient.
Let's synchronize our circadian rhythms with the sunrise.
Let's punctuate our names with question marks.
Let's guffaw at the laws of physics.
Let's remind each other to breathe.
Let's take a thumb propelled quest to Machu Picchu.
Let's fly so high our wings melt.
Let's induce a shared lucid dream.
Let's never forget we were forged in the furnace of the Sun.
Let's forget everything we were taught in school.
Let's feel free to howl.
Let's not tell anyone when we're leaving.
Let's black out all the traffic cameras.
Let's observe the universe in a crack in the wall.
Let's clasp our hands so long and tight we form matching callouses.
Let's be convicted of thoughtcrimes.
Let's be far too intense for OkCupid.
The two of us