27Oxford, United States
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My self-summary
I just wanted to add, right now I am not looking for a relationship, just friendship. Someone to talk to when I have the time to log on here (which sometimes its a month or so in between before i can log on). i neither have the time nor interest in dating currently, I feel my son is all I need. of course im going to leave my already typed profile information up in the event theres ever a time i feel i want to try finding a relationship again.

My wonderful son was born december 9th 2013. this is quite an adventure raising my first child. needless to say he will always come before you, if you cannot accept or embrace that then we likely will not MATCH UP TOO WELL

okay this is really outdated and boring but i'll leave it up for a basic idea of things. Although i would like to say im not looking really for anything past friendship. The majority of my focus is on how to better myself for my son and therefor leaves no time for a relationship on any level above friendship.

I enjoy music, mostly all kinds though there is some I do not like. I write poetry, but do not share it often. It is more of an emotional outlet. I do have a rough past but am trying to make the best of it. I love animals. I'm really fond of reptiles but do not have any. I'm looking to find hopefully a long-term relationship but you don't have to be seeking that to talk to me. I am really terrible about talking about myself, I'd much rather hear about you first. It takes me a little to open up, sometimes anyway. It all depends on the topic for what I will talk about immediately without having to really trust you. I hope I don't sound really negative, but actually I try to be a really fun person. I'll wear santa hats in the middle of summer or just randomly during the christmas season through the mall just to get a smile out of someone. ^_^ One thing I must tell you no I'm not by any means the skinniest girl. I weigh 290 lbs and am working on losing it. So if you're not shallow and are still interested thats awesome. ^_^ I love hanging out with my best friend Samantha, she is like family to me so she is very important in my life. Well I hope if you're interested you message me. ^_^

by the way, if you "tlk lyk dis" dont bother. i find it rather annoying and unattractive.
What I’m doing with my life
Conquering it, one day at a time. With goals. Upon goals. Upon goals. You know. Adult life
I’m really good at
starting to ask people questions then break off mid question and answer myself and either get laughed at for it or get asked what the hell i was talking about XD also, im really good at intending only to say something brief and wind up writing miles upon miles of words (figuratively, but see the above first paragraph in the my self summary, i just wrote it a few moments ago all in one go, anything below it in that section was old condensed, and trying to suck up basically. put out the sweet, then show the sour. and see if people stay or run the other way haha. im also pretty good at being a smartass, usually entirely unintended. you can tell when i think it through first XD hmm theres other things, but whats life without at least a few surprises (take this how you will XD)
The first things people usually notice about me
Depending on how I am met, it is either that I am a mother or my employer. As far as anything else, I couldn't be sure honestly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
currently im pretty into the twilight series and harry potter, but thats just because i generally read fantasy type books. but my favorite book actually is a book called the woman who loved reindeer. if you've never heard of it, don't judge it by the title. check it out it's really good :D

i have a lot of movies i like but top two right now are edward scizzorhands and hocus pocus.

i dont really watch a lot of tv but i like family guy and the simpsons. and on occasion glee. i also like anime.

my two favorite bands are the cranberries and alice in chains (old school with layne) but i listen to just about everything. country not so much but sometimes i do listen to it too.

hmmm food. i like a lot of it but my favorites have to be chinese (or any oriental food for that matter) and pizza.
Six things I could never do without
music, family, friends, my best friend, my cat, and my grandma! i know two of those fall under already listed categories but they're listed because they're that important
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to be a better person the next day than I was before. What I want to accomplish in the remainder of my life. Food. My son and how he has helped me become a better person. Currently as I type this I'm questioning what I was thinking when I typed most of the other sections on this thing. Haha. Pretty annoying stuff.
On a typical Friday night I am
Spending time with my son and figuring out what we can do on my day off to have the most fun. And when he's in bed i either go to sleep or listen to music or clean. Nothing too exciting to a non parent.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
hm well theres nothing too private about me im pretty open about most things. but i guess if i had to pick something i guess it would be that im terrified of dying even though i know its going to happen one way or another
You should message me if
you know you should just doo eeeeeeeeeet :P no, seriously, just do it. :P
The two of us