38 New Delhi, India
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My self-summary
Well, this is my message in a bottle. And maybe it'll reach you!

'Have a seat! Comfortable? Good, let me introduce myself to you then...'

ME: I'm a single, professional male ........ I am a
person who is adamant to absorb as much of life as I possibly can. I am playful and youthful at heart with a global attitude (enjoy different cultures ). Conversations ignite me, music sustains me and traveling revives me.....someday I'd like to travel the world over :) I'm trying to travel the world, and have no plans to slow down. Make sure your passport hasn’t expired! Good laugh, good food, and sound sleep, to me, are absolute necessities. I just want that 'old fashioned' feeling of being taken care of, needed and appreciated, even if 'virtual' to start
with. Someone I'd look forward to seeing in my mailbox, talk about how her/my day was..... share feelings we both can't seem to share with the people we are with, at the moment. Someone who'd connect, the one who is wired for me and would understand what I am saying, and the things I haven't said. It's a heavenly feeling, and I guess I'd like to find a person who appreciates how privileged we are, how little it takes to make a positive difference and derives her joy from giving. I would like to believe that am a great guy who just hasn't found the right girl worth his while. Looking for long term relationship obviously, if it fits it fits. I have no problems with attracting people however, it's finding the right one that is a task in itself. You see, I don’t expect life to lead me along wherever it might take me. No! I MAKE life happen for myself and won’t wait for it to come calling out to me.
Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint myself and have my delicious vices. I don't expect you to be striving for perfection all the time. It doesn’t stop there. I'm very strong willed and independent—not easily swayed by empty words or narrow-minded beliefs. I currently am in Gurgaon, India, but feel like I belong to everywhere and nowhere, (spent 15 years of my life in Zambia, Africa ) so if you live anywhere on this planet, I could make this work. Thanks to Technology, it is immensely easy to be able to communicate and get to know each other initially. Bless You! Skype.

YOU: I am looking for somebody with warmth, compassion, consideration..... someone with drive and energy but also humility. It's important we make a CONNECTION. Together we should be able to have fun and mutual respect is of paramount importance. Someone who’s not afraid to share her dreams with me and believes that at the end of the day no matter how perfect or imperfect we are, all that counts is love and mutual admiration which supersedes all criteria. I have somewhat of a zest for liberated people (a bit like me, actually!). A woman who can express herself clearly has some reasonable goals in life, and doesn’t waver too much in trying to make decisions...well, now we’re talking! If you don’t define yourself by your job or how many degrees you have (yet probably have them), are confident and able to push forward in life even if times get tough, and want to meet somebody who—if you have a chemistry with—is looking to build a life with that special someone and has an awful lot of love and affection to give, you just might want to respond to this.

Essentially: Let's start by "meetings of the minds". I am looking for a woman in love with the world. I don't care how much you make or what kind of car you drive and certainly NOT where you're located! If you like what you read so far, just WRITE to me, the location is a MINOR detail. I care more about whether you are nice to me and to others if we have chemistry, and if we can realistically build a life with and around each other. They say a change is as good as a "REST" and I would love to have this sort of change in my life by being with someone like minded.
We don't love each other yet, but we might adore each other enough to learn.

PS: Unparalleled friendship, unprecedented companionship, and unconditional acceptance give us the foundation for a lasting relationship. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but at this stage of our (mé)connaissance, I'd rather get these thousand words from you...
What I’m doing with my life
Am an IT Manager by trade. I manage high-end systems for corporations and my strategy has always been to be able to build a solid, robust system that would run on autopilot. I just hate duplicating efforts. But I always wanted to become a pilot and it's never too late, in fact, am working on getting my Private Flying License. I work from home and have a very comfortable life here in India. Having said that I am only keeping my options open and reaching out to the rest of the world because I enjoy being with people from different cultures and would be absolutely delighted if I find someone who would want to come and live in India. I am OK with relocating but only for "LOVE".....not for a green card etc. So let's say if you're maybe moving to India for work or would like to live here, that would work just fine for me.
I’m really good at
~Collecting Airmiles.
~Hunting for discounts on High End Retail merchandise.
The first things people usually notice about me
That one is for you! Maybe you should tell me when you write to me!
The six things I could never do without
1. My Vispring bed (organic bed)
2. German products
3. Internet
4. Passport
5. My tool box
6. Indian food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
~Why people don't realize that life is too short! I mean why to waste time doing wrong, unproductive things.
~Why people look at life as a profit and loss statement.
~If I did something wrong and how I should make sure I don't repeat it again.
~How I would feel when I meet that special person for the first time.

Blah Blah........
On a typical Friday night I am
Work from home, so every night is like a Friday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still don't know how to tie my shoe laces! Maybe I should post a video on how I do it.......basically, I just tie the second knot over the first knot but the second knot opens up really fast once I start walking! Hence I prefer loafers!
You should message me if
~Ever really felt like you should have reached out and spoken to a total stranger but did not and now regret it.
~Ever wonder why there are so many people around you but yet your all alone.
~You get emotional/cry or have a heart ache when you see a romantic movie.
~You feel a greater desire to have someone in your life each time you travel alone.
~You just want to talk and vent! Can say just what you feel! Believe in the spirit of frankness.
~You think that finding companionship is very important to you at this phase of your life.
~You spent several valentines all by yourself.
~You had a really rough day and had no one special to come back to get a hug.
~You believe in the "meeting of minds" and don't really care where your/my location is initially. Someone special is still special no matter where they are located right?
~You are waiting to meet someone who will fill up the cracks in your heart.
~You want a full on relationship.
~You see method in my madness and not madness in my method.
~You have nothing to lose but your loneliness.
~You are willing to search high and low for that special person.
~You feel that love is running late in your life.