37 Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
Je parle Francais aussi. Dating in my 30's has become bit of a let down. It seems more often than not it feels like a job interview? "what do you do?" "where do you live?" "what are your goals?" "I want to get engaged in xyz months, married in xyz place and live in xyz neighbourhood." Sometimes it feels like the other person wants me to fit into their "plan" and not for the right reasons.

Remember in our 20's when it was about how we felt about that person? The potential? The attraction? The excitement? I want that back!

I value intelligence most of all. Smart girls are the best. Someone who is a free thinker, and does not let society make decisions for her.

I think tolerance is very important, and I value open-minds. One does not need to agree with everyone, but I think it is important to listen, and decide for oneself.
What I’m doing with my life
J'suis nouveau, mais j'ai remarqué que le profil de presque chaque femme il ya une (ou des) liste(s). Je ne suis pas beaucoup plus d'une liste personne moi-même. Les femmes pensent vraiment de cette façon? Ou est-ce le site qui guide les gens à écrire de cette manière?
I’m really good at
Focusing. I can focus on a task, and often do it very well. Not someone who enjoys extreme multitasking.

I love to travel, and can do that quite well.
The first things people usually notice about me
Je suis inquiet où va le monde. Tant de pollution, tellement se battre et se disputer. Plus de problèmes et les gens plus malheureux. Pour avancer, je veux faire partie de la solution. À l'heure actuelle tous les 2 ans je fais du bénévolat lors d'un voyage ailleurs pour aider les nécessiteux, mais je ressens moi-même que davantage devrait être fait.

Aussi, je suis pas du genre à suivre des listes ou des règles arbitraires! :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't watch much television, except for hockey games. Best time of the year is the first round of the playoffs!

I do like to read. A lot. Always have.

I like documentaries, but need some recommendations for good ones. It seems more and more "documentaries" are actually very biased opinions and more slanted each year. Perhaps commentary on society, how it is going towards the tendency of being more and more extreme. Your thoughts?