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My self-summary
Filter: I'm looking for someone 5'6" or 5'7" (see below).

tags: hapa, tango, travel

It's been 4 years since I've used this site. Why the 4 years? I went back to grad school and then decided to travel and see the world. It's been amazing.

So the quick update: I'm much less of a partier than I was. I was just in Bali (2013) for 5 weeks (of a 7 month trip) and I much preferred the secluded yoga retreat atmosphere to the beach party scene. I'm way, way, way more into Argentine Tango. I'm thinking about settling down and having a family. None of my pictures are recent, but I'm half Chinese, so (in my own opinion) I haven't appeared to have aged as much I might have otherwise :) These days I don't usually wear anything fishnet, but I still love Burningman even though I haven't been "home" since 2010. I'm going to be lazy and leave my photos as they are and that could still be me at a moment's notice ;)

I think I can find a tango dancer to date easily enough, but I'm here because I'm wondering if I can find that perfect, real someone who is difficult to find in person. Someone beautiful and smart, who gets things done, loves both science and art, helping people and enjoying life. Someone who can adapt and grow. And I would promise to do the same too. I've been a traveller for quite a while now. I'm either looking to plant roots or take someone with me and keep going (and start a family).

You know when you're cooking together and you reach out your hand and the other person just wordlessly knows to hand you the salt. That. Yeah, that. The ideal relationship for me would be characterized by harmony animated by the duals of ardor and rejuvenation, collaboration and individuality.

Keeping this from my previous profile: "My mind seems to span the range from lots of chaotic activity to intense focused concentration, to tranquil quietude. I was valedictorian of my high school, graduated from MIT with a degree in computer science." I now have a masters degree in, I'll say, the social sciences (economics and public policy), but I'm not working in that field. I had thoughts about changing the world for the better as a career choice, but I don't think that's right for me, so now I know a lot more about the world and I want to make my difference on a personal and local level. Professionally I've decided to go back and try my hand in the tech world (soon, as in now). Recently, I've been working in my old profession but more importantly traveling the globe on adventures. I've now literally circled the planet three times. I like talking and sharing. Communication is important. I could talk about relationships for hours (with the right person).

I am a dancer - in the identity, not professional, sense - of Argentine Tango. Even if you don't dance, height compatibility is a must (so at least there can always be the possibility of dragging you off to Buenos Aires for three months at a time). I'm 5'8", so I'm looking for someone 5'6" or 5'7" (perfect for high heels). I'm attracted to people with a similar build to me. I like to eat healthy, fresh food from farmer's markets if possible. I'm really into vinyasa yoga now.

I finally found a book that is very close to how I see the world : David Deutch's "Fabric of Reality." It's pretty nerdy, I admit. I categorize this under "spiritual" because of some of the outlandish ideas of eschatology (end of the universe) and uploading/duplicating minds (sort of like spirituality). Although there is a lot of quantum mechanics in it, it is very, very different philosophically from a movie like What the Bleep. And actually, there is something quite important to say here on the topic of spirituality as it is normally conceived. I like spiritual people since they are usually kind, generous, supportive, concerned and attentive. I don't believe a lot the same ideas about reality, but the way of living is both familiar to me and cherished.
What I’m doing with my life
Argentine Tango. I've literally circled the globe 3 times. (June 2013) just returned from a 7 month trip around the world.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Here's my book list (in chonological order, earliest first. I've omitted some). These are books I've read completely and contemplated, not just skimmed for ideas.

From Gaia to Selfish Genes (Ed. by Connie Barlow),
Complexity (Mitchell Waldrop),
The Society of Mind (Marvin Minsky),
Patterns in the Mind (Ray Jackendoff),
MetaMan (Gregory Stock),
The Selfish Gene (Richard Dawkins),
Interview With a Vampire (Anne Rice),
The Turing Option (Marvin Minsky and Harry Harrison),
The Blind Watchmaker (Richard Dawkins),
The Vampire Lestat (Anne Rice),
The Extended Phenotype (Richard Dawkins),
Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance (Robert Persig),
MindStorms (Seymore Papert),
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (Thomas S. Kuhn),
Bourbaki (Joong Fang),
AI : The Tumultuous History of the Search for Artificial (Daniel Crevier),
A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (Leon Festinger),
The Knowledge Value Revolution (Taichi Sakaiya),
Godel Escher Bach (Douglas Hofstaeder),
Grammatical Man (Jeremy Campbell),
The Engines of Creation (K. Eric Drexler),
The Chemistry of Conscious States (J. Allen Hobson),
Snow Crash (Neil Stephenson),
Bright Air Brilliant Fire (Gerald Edelman),
Darwin's Dangerous Idea (Daniel C. Dennet),
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (Oliver Sacks),
An Anthropologist on Mars (Oliver Sacks),
Future Noir : The Making of Blade Runner (Paul M. Sammon),
Descarte's Error (Antonio Damasio),
The Color of Water (James McBride),
The Mechanism of Mind (Edward De Bono),
Understanding Piaget (Mary Ann Spencer Pulaski),
Fear and Loathing in Las Vagas (Hunter S.Thompson),
Consilience (Edward O. Wilson),
Guns Germs and Steel (Jared Diamond),
Out Of Control (Kevin Kelly),
How the Mind Works (Steven Pinker),
Cryptonomicon (Neal Stephenson),
A Walk through Time (Sidney Liebes,Sahtouris & Swimme),
The Age of Spiritual Machines (Ray Kurzweil),
The Origins of Virtue (Matt Ridley),
Permutation City (Greg Egan),
Diaspora (Greg Egan),
A Beautiful Mind (Sylvia Nasar),
The Lucifer Principle (Howard K. Bloom),
Earth Web (Marc Stiegler),
Non Zero : The Logic of Human Destiny (Robert Wright),
True Names (Vernor Vinge),
Einstein's Dreams (Alan Lightman),
The Beastly Beautitudes of Balthazar B (J. P. Donleavy),
The Outsider (Nathaniel Lachenmeyer),
Blood Music (Greg Bear),
Me Talk Pretty One Day (David Sedaris),
Childhood's End (Arthur C. Clakes),
Levels of General Intelligence (Eliezer Yudkowsky),
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers (Paul Hoffman),
Queen of Angels (Greg Bear),
The Elegant Universe (Brian Greene),
The Moral Animal (Robert Wright)
The Cartoon Guide to Genetics (Larry Gonick, Mark Wheelis)
The Ethical Slut (Easton, Liszt)
Marooned in Real Time (Vernor Vinge)
A Fire Upon the Deep (Vernor Vinge)
A Deepness in the Sky (Vernor Vinge)
Why Do Busses Come in Threes? (Eastaway, Wyndham)
What they Don't Teach You at Film School (Landau, White)
Darkness Visible (William Styron)
Freakonomics (Stevn D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner)
Wittgenstein's Poker (David Edmonds & John Eidinow)
Singularity Sky (Charles Stross)
Iron Sunrise (Charles Stross)
Accelerando (Charles Stross)
The End of Poverty (Jeffrey D. Sachs)
The White Man's Burden (William Easterly)
Mountains Beyond Mountains (Tracey Kidder)
The No-Nonsense Guide to Class, Caste & Hierarchies (Jeremy Seabrook)
Development As Freedom (Amartya Sen) How to Change The World (Daniel Bornstein)
The Accounting Game: (Mullis, Darrell)
The Tipping Point (Malcolm Gladwell)
SuperFreakonomics (Levitt, Steven D., Dubner, Stephen J.)
History of the United States (Howard Zinn)
The Democratic Firm (David Ellerman, 1997)
The Lean Startup: (Ries, Eric)
Freedom is an Endless Meeting (Francesca Polletta, 2002)
The Emotion Machine (Marvin Minsky, 2006)
Ted van Doorn a memoir (2010)
Debt: The First 5000 Years (Graeber, 2011)
Waiting for the Barbarians (J. M. Coetzee, 1980)
The Fabric of Reality (David Deutsch, 1997)
Six things I could never do without
love, books, curiosity, fun, technology, life (ha!)
On a typical Friday night I am
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You're not afraid to know me and you have something deep to share, even if it is a momentary look in your eyes.
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