34Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Don't look too much into the picture. I am a very humble person who is enjoys making my health a priority. I have more pictures to share moving forward.

I am not looking to hookup or short term flings. I am looking for a meaningful long term relationship that will hopefully develop into the best thing that happen to both of us.

I understand what it takes to have a successful, healthy, high functioning relationship. The compromise, patience, good communication, sacrifice, little things that show that you genuinely care about that person. Selflessness, perspective, and having the ability to consistently be there for your partner, especially in tough times.

I am college educated, a homeowner, and have a strong work ethic. I am very considerate, respectful, and know how to treat a woman. It is frustrating to see such beautiful women with such losers who could not even take care of themselves, let along a wife and children.

I would not ask a woman to have certain personality characteristics that I feel are not very strong with myself. What I am looking for in woman would be the following:


I don't do drama. I don't even raise my voice. Life is too short to get upset. I am too positive of a person to let drama get in the way of my focus. I have too many things going on to get upset.

I apologize for the dissertation, but this should provide at least a good starting off point for you. I feel like most people on this site think that if they put up a profile that their job is done and everyone is going to just come to them and inquire. Be proactive! Ask questions!

I am great conversationalist. I am better over the phone then online/email/text. I am much better in person then online, over the phone etc. You can pick up on nonverbal communication and get a much better feel for who that person is, what they are about, what they stand for, and if there is substance.

I come from a large family and have seen many different walks of life. Life is unfortunately no always fair and it's not a perfect world. I am extremely grateful for my health, the country and time period that we live in, and my unbelievably supportive family. I adore my parents and most of my siblings.

I work hard, do the best with what I've got, and have a great attitude. I am a super humble, fun, and active person who lives a healthy lifestyle. I am big on taking personal responsibility. I am a very genuine and positive person who makes the best out of every situation. I am not a complainer. I try to surround myself with optimistic people.

I have the type of witty personality that can get along with anyone. Once people meet me they feel very comfortable around me. I have a good judge of character and can relate to people from various backgrounds. I love to laugh and joke around.
The two of us