30 Frisco, United States
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My self-summary
This Profile is updated frequently, so check back to learn more about me and my quest to find my Queen! 😉

My name is Chris I have a degree in PolySci. My goal in life is to become a successful entrepreneur. I own my own business (It has to do with ☕️👍). I like to hang out with friends and sometimes just chill at home. I would love to find my partner in crime and someone I can really live for but not sure if she is on here... I like Cars, Computers and games, watching movies old and new, cooking, and all kinds of sports. I am really into living a healthy lifestyle and exercising, Running, Road Biking and Martial Arts are my gotos. Recently I have been spending alot of time learning about business, Sales and Marketing, expensive wines and cigars!
What I’m doing with my life
I am an Entreprenuer at heart! I dont want to be the next Jobs, Gates, or Musk but I have a passion for creating businesses and working very hard. I would rather have 3 companies and make less money than if I had to go work for someone. I do not have an issue with authority but I do have an issue with not being self sufficiant and doing stupid things when I know I could make them 100 times better! The future for me is retiring at 45 or less and being able to be apart of a loving family that I can support. I would like to own if not one business a couple by then plus some good investments in IGWs and Mutual funds.
I’m really good at
I never know how to answer this but I can make some mean coffee drinks better than that pandering mermaid you love so much!

I am pretty good at games when I have time to play them. Most recently LOL.. and most FPS if you think you can keep up with me I would like to see that lol.

I am really good at listening and caring for others that are important to me. I would do just about anything for the girl I am in love with.

Also pretty good at spoiling her as well! 😍
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Name a movie I have probably seen it or own it, yes including black and whites. Love the TV when I have time to watch it, and when I dont I like to record.

TV Shows: Frasier, Mad Men, Magic City, Boardwalk Empire, House of Cards, Mr. Selfridge, Hello Ladies.

As far as books, I read alot of stuff most would find boring... Politics, philosophy, business and sales, hard science, magazines, and books on Law.
The six things I could never do without
1. Love to give and love to receive
2. My family and friends
3. My toys (Car, phone, computer, etc)
4. My Entrepreneurial Spirit
5. My education
6. My ability to learn from my past
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How long I have to wait until one of you girls out there will take the time to get to know me and find out I am everything you wanted and more! Too many girls on here just simply dont respond to a message... Not even just to say "Hey thank you, but your not my type.." Like how hard is that? Lol what makes it worse is that most of them say in their profile "I am the most down to earth, sweetiest person you will ever meet!" Or "I am just looking for a guy with a big heart and who will treat me right.." REALLY...? Like REALLY??? I dont hate I just feel bad for them and wish them luck! Everyone is on here to meet their match. I get that but I just think you should be honest with the ones along the way. I think I am going to start posting these girls in my pics so you can really see that guys have it just as bad as some of you girls do!

On a more serious note I am prob not every girls cup of tea... Lol. All men were not created equally out of the oven. But I think my mold had a hairline crack and some more emotions and heart got in there. Anyways.. I spend alot of time thinking about why it so difficult to find someone in this day in age. I have tried the club and bar scene and it has never worked out to even get a good lasting conversation in those places. I have turned to this and have been on here with extreamly low luck as mentioned before... I can actually only count two girls on here that I started to create a good relationship with and unfortunatly it didnt work out before even our first date... So why am I telling you all this? I think it is important to who ever reads this to understand that I am the 1% match. That is all that matters at the end of the day is that you find your 1% match. I am someones match out there and I hate that term every guys says well theres more fish in the sea.... Yes there is and if I craved as much Tuna as all of these horny fishermen around me that would be great and the club and bar scene would probably work but you see im not that kind of fisherman. I am like that old man in a row boat who has been trying to catch that great big mythical bass on the lake. He goes out everyday and for a few hours to hope and catch her but everytime he comes back empty handed.. Other anglers would make fun of that old man and many would say hes wasting his time but in his heart he knows what he wants and he believes that she exsists. One day... One day... That angler will catch his trophy and I believe that one day I will do the same! I have a big heart and feel like I am a very nice genuine guy and if you want that then give me a chance if not then the Tuna fishermen are not that much further down stream :)

I also think alot about taking a trip like I know alot of you ladies do... I dont know where you get the money lol but always traveling damn... Anyways I might go on a singles cruise... But then im always scared it will end up like "Boat Trip"... Fml but really im going to do it maybe just goto an island and hang out for a week by myself, maybe go Salt water fly fishing in the keys, or maybe just rent a really nice cabin or hotel some where in colorado or outside of Napa... Im really tired of waiting for on a nice girl to take soooo lol im prob gona have to just do it myself!
On a typical Friday night I am
At Starbucks giving Baristas a hardtime by having them make traditional Italian Doppios... With an extra shot Muuhhhaa!

Though when im not doing that im
hanging out with friends, working, or Sitting outside with a nice glass of wine, a self cooked meal in front of a fire and under the stars!... God I need a woman.. Lol
You should message me if
Like to stay fit (exercise almost everyday)
Sweet and caring for others
Entrapreneurial or goal oriented
Bubbly personality or very outgoing
Can see your self growing old with me :)

Btw these are not prereqs by anymeans I hope I just find the right girl that I can live my life trying to make happy. If most of these could be met that would be great, if not that would be ok too with the right girl! :)