23Durham, United States
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My self-summary
Heyo, Daio. I was born and raised on a farm in the mountains, I've lived in New York City for a couple years, and went to high school in three different states up and down the east coast.

Time and circumstance have thrown around my life plans a lot, but I've noticed a constant throughout all of it which has kept me happy: It's been interesting. I've pretty recently become concrete about the massive driving force in my life which is, in basest form, having interesting experiences. Recently having decided to pursue a degree in Philosophy (and professorship thereof, because what else is actually possible with that degree?), I've largely abandoned ideas of leaving behind a tangible legacy like some great change to the world, and have begun instead to pursue (what could be painted with some broad brushstrokes as selfish) interesting experiences for myself. That is my end, with as much else as possible being a means to that end.

I'm glad I've moved around a lot, I'm happy I've learned a good amount of German and Spanish, that I've experienced amnesia, that I've lived without parents since age 17, and alone since 19, gone biking and hiking in the NH mountains, get to experiment with having a full beard at a young age, have been personally exposed to astounding, undersung minds, and I want to do more. I'll have done enough when I'm dead. Even that's pretty damn interesting.

So, are you interested in doing some interesting stuff?
What I’m doing with my life
In between colleges at the moment having left one and needing to wait a year before eligibility for in-state tuition kicks in, I'm waiting tables at a fabulous new restaurant in Durham. Local 22. Come by, see for yourself.

I was a biology major, I will be a philosophy major, and will possibly give in to my having been smitten long ago with the idea of being a chef. Serving in a place with a high-tier chef in the kitchen has made me appreciate and love food more than I ever have before. Which means I also make some mean food.
I’m really good at
I am one beastly Cuban chef. Honestly a walking pile of beans and rice. But season that rice with some good olive oil, garlic powder, and salt; cut up some chicken all stringy-like, throw it in a stew of seasoned tomatoes and smashed up mango, serve over rice and black beans with some chili powder thrown in...

Just keep in mind, I cook like this for my dates, too. Wink wink.

I also cook with my brother sometimes; he has his own repertoire, I have mine, and we have our shared.

A once-good runner who once ran a marathon from his dorm room to DC and back because I felt like it. I was running 10-16 miles a day, and wanted to see if I could pump it up to thirty.

Now an ex-runner who has a slightly messed up knee and noticed the trend of every other longterm runner having serious knee issues. Now an extremely active biker.
The first things people usually notice about me
People mostly see my beard or my nose first.

They usually perceive my openness soon after. I'm not in the business of forcing you to interact with an enigma and having you make your best guess at what I mean. I am a proponent of truth. I relish truth. It makes everything easier and transparent. I pointedly don't feign friendship with those whom I have no desire to interact. They know it. Just as those with whom I would spend my days are well aware of it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In no one particular order or ranking-
Books: LoTR trilogy plus The Hobbit and Silmarillion, Narnia, Demian, The Book Thief, A Brave New World, some Camus and Descartes, though I haven't read many philosophers since I last took a course on it.

Movies: The Matrix Trilogy, Wilde, Dead Poets Society, the most recent Sherlock Holmes movies, Scott Pilgrim, both Tron movies (Yeah, there are two), V for Vendetta

Shows: A recent and intense addiction to QI (Stephen Fry's BBC-based comedic panel quiz show), Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis...Stargate Universe is heresy for the same reasons the new STar Treks are), Star Trek: TNG, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, 30 Rock, Archer

Music: Woodkid, XXYYXX, The XX, Massive Attack, Hermitude, M.I.A, Imagine Dragons, Gorillaz, Glitch Mob, Evy Jane, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Crystal Castles

We've gone over the whole food bit and how I rock at cooking.
Six things I could never do without
My brother. If you meet me, you'll meet him eventually. If you like me, you'll like him. It just works that way. We have a bond stronger than any family I've ever seen, and his presence is a near-necessity in my life.

Stephen Fry. He is the man whom I most revere. Mind you, he was my idol before I knew he is gay. A fact I was later told was "as obvious as the ocean being wet".

The ability to freely roam wherever I live. At college I'd disappear at 10:00 at night, and show up again at noon the next day, having been on a walking adventure through forests and unknown roads for the night. Right now I live in a ghetto, so it's an iffy prospect of doing that, so I choose not to.

A sound system. Music is as constant a presence in my life as I can make it, and so I always have a good audio system either in-hand or near-by. Whether it's my Sony system, my brother's Klipsch, my Audio Technica ATH-M50 (Maybe we have the same, I've been seeing them around) headphones, or my car or work's Bose, I'm always musically prepared.

Tea. Because of my brother. We have a cabinet full of boxes of teabags, we have tea and a teaset from Teavana, and more than one percolator throughout the house.

My vice of choice.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well that's just a question we're going to have to handle gradually, good sir.
On a typical Friday night I am
Since arriving in NC, either at work working, or at home homemaking and thinking. I've been on a kick of cooking parties with friends. Some great foods have passed through my kitchen and into my stomach.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The "fantastic tiramisu with a sweet liqueur flambee which goes perfectly with the darker taste of the coffee" is not tonight's dessert special. I just get to serve you a tiramisu, charge you $1.50 extra, and light something on fire at your table. Everybody wins.
You should message me if
You should message me if you like what you saw above! It's why we're here, right?

But do me a favor and don't just message me saying "Hey there," or "Hi nice profile", or if your profile picture is of your mostly-nude self in the mirror.

Don't be intimidated by how much it says I respond. That's a direct result of people having ignored the above sentence.

Also, my deepest apologies, but I'm just not attracted to guys who are really overtly gay. You can do you, be whoever you want and you rock it, but I'm sorry, I'm just not really into that. If you think that's "ignorant" or have ever said and meant the words "die cis scum", feel free to either message me about it, or rest in peace with the knowledge that we never would have gotten along anyway.
The two of us