42Ann Arbor, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a modern day mystic..Not a wizard, (I don't think..:)) I just see a deeper truth, and meaning.. in everything..Everywhere. A poet. I have an artists soul, and lifes my canvas. Love is an art, and im a fan. An honored father to an amazing little woman. A seeker of all things. A dreamer, a wonderer and ponderer.. but i also value rolling up my sleeves and getting things done. I'm completely imperfect, and have made every mistake a middle aged man can make, and thats ok...cause i earned all those lessons, and am better for it.. I'm active, and love everything outdoors, and I love to chill w/ a book and a good cup of tea. I believe my perfect mate is out there...waiting..wondering..where i am. I'm an intelectualI with a GIANT sense of humor..and am prepared to smile. I try very hard to live life with positivity, and passion, and am slightly obsessed with all areas of personal evolution.
I'm interested in meeting like minded souls, and in making real connections, and that takes time. Im looking for someone who's "crazy" matches mine (we're all crazy,lol) Quite simply..I'm looking for my corresponding puzzle piece. So..if i seem like someone you'd like to know, lets connect...and we'll see where the wind takes us...and what the fates might have in store...and what they might not.
If we never meet, I wish you happy hunting, and a beautiful life..
What I’m doing with my life
L...I...v...I...n...g.....with my eyes wide open.
I’m really good at
Interpersonal Communication/self expression
Making you smile
Kindness. (Thanks mom)
Truthfully, when my minds right, anything I decide to be good at. I do the best I can, to excel in everything I do...why not??
The first things people usually notice about me
I would say that I'm friendly, memorable, and funny (so they've said,lol)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- Too many to list. "The great thoughts" by George seldes. Any page, is a great, philosophy driven,thought-provoking conversation starter."The girl w/ the dragon..".trilogy. amazing charachter development. Koontz, king, but fav. Fiction writer has got to be James Lee Burke.
"The Zen of recovery"-Mel ash a great perspective on the recovery from addictions, neurosis, behaviors, etc.
"The road less traveled", & "further along the road less traveled"-Scott Peck great, great life wisdom.
SEVERAL books on living an enlightened life, or just simply "self help" by.., Tony Robbins, the late Wayne Dyer (met him..he was a great man), Deepok Chopra, scott peck. Several Buddhist teachers, writers.
Movies- too many to list, but...kiss kiss bang bang..animal house (classic), all Tarantino (gotta love quentin's dialog's) crazy for swayze..point break (the original)stand by me (perfect movie) Life as a house (amazing) another day in paradise. Good comedies rule. Any movie that evokes a visceral response, one way or the other.
Shows-the league, always sunny..,walking dead, breaking bad, arrested development..broad city (so funny).
Music- is a HUGE part of my life, i feel music,...i breath music. It really is...the soundtrack of our life,lol. Anything from bethoven, to the shins, iron and wine, old iggy pop, portishead. Of course the classics>beatles, zepplin, floyd,Jimmy. Pretty lights, Jazz, bluegrass...albert king>Love the Ray lamontange, Nora jones, billie holiday, coltrain,...Sade, al green (huge Al fan) nirvana (especially unplugged new York...seriously great album). I've been seriously riding the Radiohead pandora station lately..."trip-hop",lol..who knew?? Amazing stuff. It really depends on my mood. Having said that, lately I've been on an indie, singer/songwriter kick.
Food- I'm a food lover. Thai, Asian in general, italian, Ethiopian for s & g's.Greek, Love sushi, but i do have texture restrictions...nothing slimey lol. Easier to list what i don't like. Anything seemingly grotesque ( to me...of course, no offense if u dig brain or tongue,lol'..😉
And...I haven't made any changes..but I'm considering not eating anything that's killed so I can eat it. I like animals,lol. We shall see..
Six things I could never do without
1)my daughter/helathy relationships
3)My faith/spirituality
4)love...real connections with others
5)$ (just keepin it real)
6)exercising my mind,body and spirit. 7)breaking rules with # restrictions..
8)smiles, laughter, string cheeze.... guy, & hopefully....
I spend a lot of time thinking about
About philosophy (all kinds) to be less judgemental and more compassionate, with others and especially myself. Life, our infinite universe & its lessons. How to break old patterns and not repeat the same mistakes, & how to better prepare my beautiful daughter for this crazy world,, and love.
On a typical Friday night I am
Somewhere, w/ someone, talking about real sh*t, laughing, loving, and generally just carpe'ing the diam.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sigh...I had to completely loose myself, order to find myself. It worked. #keepingitreal
You should message me if
I am looking to meet a woman with similar interests, to take it slow, and really, really get to know one another. To become friends first. I'm currently embarking on a process of personal evolution, on all fronts, to become a better & healthier man,father, friend, and human being. I don't know that i'm fully ready to jump back in to the dating scene w/ both feet, but i am ready to start sitting on the dock, letting my legs float in the water,lol. To start looking, and possibly met the one, the one worth fighting for.
You should message me if I sound like someone you'd like to know..;)
The two of us