42 Canton, United States
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My self-summary
Greetings, and thanks for taking the time to inquire. First off, fundamentally, I believe I am a spiritual being, having a human experience. To be clear, spiritual, not religious. I am a friend of bills, and a proud father to my little girl, who has taught me the meaning of unconditional love. I'm a world traveler. I'm a gentleman, & very generous, yet selfish at times. I'm full of love, but there are things that I hate. I'm humble, and genuine, & extremely self confident, & therefore sometimes arrogant. Its a slippery slope, but practicing humility is a large part of my life. I can be hardheaded, deliberate & firm when I feel I need to be, and as peaceful (& sometimes as wise)as Buddha, if I can remember to be.
Life has presented me with MANY questions so far on my journey, and I have earned every answer. I am flawed, but fixing my flaws, bettering myself, and those around me, is a passion of mine that I hope will last forever. I believe in "C.A.N.E.I." Constant & Never ending Improvement.
Until I draw my last breath, I will forever be a student, in "the university of life", w/ bachelor's in human behavior, art, & personal development. I hope to someday have a masters in wisdom..........(and I'm funny)
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a single father, & for years I was a dental technician by trade, & I loved making teeth,lol. However, i am currently working in a different industry (2 actually) So,...I'm in a bit of a transitional stage, Recently divorsed from a marriage that was seriously over years ago. However,..To be clear, I'm NOT broken, jaded, or looking for a rebound. I simply haven't found the ONE. I thought I may have, but....
As a single father, my little girl, is my life. Preparing her (on all levels) to be responsible, happy, joyous & free in this crazy world, is my Passion. However, being TOTALLY selfless isn't healthy, & I need someone for me. I'm a free spirit, learning and loving along the way. Im extremely self motivated, I never fail, I just produce a result, What I do with that result, what i learn from it, I've learned, depends on how spiritually, & emotionally fit I am.
"It's never to late to be,..what you might have been"
I’m really good at
Well....some things are harder than others, but truthfully, when I'm anchored, and spiritually fit, anything I decide to be good at. I do the best I can, to excel in everything I do. My job,helping others, Art (several types) Writing. Sales. Massages..(no joke, got the technique down! :)....& being a dad.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, One i get allot is that I have a "strong" personality,lol Well..I suppose it's that I'm polite, and easy going, and once you get to know me, very very funny. And... that I remind them of someone they know....happens ALL THE TIME lol. For real, like twice a month, for most of my life. I think i just have features, and a personality that makes people feel,...something. (What's really going
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books-"The great thoughts" by George seldes. Any page, is a great, philosophy driven,thought-provoking conversation starter."The girl w/ the dragon..".trilogy. amazing charachter development.
"The Zen of recovery"-Mel ash a great perspective on the recovery from addictions, neurosis, behaviors, etc.
"The road less traveled", & "further along the road less traveled"-Scott Peck great, great life wisdom.
SEVERAL books on living an enlightened life, or just simply "self help" by.., Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer (met him), Deepok Chopra, scott peck.
Movies- too many to list, but...animal house, pulp fiction (amazing dialog) stand by me (perfect movie) Life as a house (amazing movie) another day in paradise. First matrix, mostly anything with Willl Farrel & Vince Vaugn (comedies).
Shows-the league, always sunny..,
Music- I LOVE music, it gets me by. Anything from bethoven, to the shins, old iggy pop, the beatles, really depends on my mood. Having said that, lately I've been on an indie, alternative kick.
Food- I'm a food lover. Thai, Asian in general, italian, Ethiopian for s & g's.Greek, Love sushi, but i do have textured restrictions,lol. Easier to list what i don't like. Anything seemingly grotesque, brain, tongue, liver, squirel, lol etc
The six things I could never do without
1)my daughter/helathy relationships
5)money (just keepin it real)
6)string cheeze, 7)family guy, & hopefully....8)u.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
About philosophy (all kinds)..Life & its lessons, how to not repeat the same mistakes, & how to better prepare my beautiful daughter for this crazy world,, and love.
On a typical Friday night I am
Somewhere, w/ someone, having fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit, on this questionare?...Hm....well,....I kinda have a foot fetish, women's feet that is. There, I said it.
You should message me if
I am looking to meet a woman with similar interests, to take it slow, and really, really get to know one another. To become friends first. I'm currently embarking on a process of personal evolution, on all fronts, to become a better & healthier man,father, & friend. I'm not in a position to jump back in to the dating scene w/ both feet, but i am in a position to start sitting on the dock, letting my legs float in the water,lol. To start looking, and possibly met the one, the one worth fighting for.
Having said that, & for the sake of representation, you should message me if...your looking for a guy, who is kind, charming, romantic (albeit hopeless I admit) funny,..and humble, lol (no really..I AM.) If you understand clearly the genius of the Beatles, and when listening to them, you wonder " god, it's just amazing how great they were" (bonus). If you see Chris Farley as one of the funniest comedians of our time ( bonus). If you wish to know a man who believes there's supposed to be a healthy mother & father IN the same home.
Ideally, eventually ill meet a woman who loves kids, or maybe has a little one, or maybe even wants one of their own one day (who knows,lol). If we hit it off, & our relationship becomes serious, the first two things I'm going to consider, are; "is she good for me?", & "will she be good for my child". And if u have kids, I would expect the same rationale. I have one perfect child, but always wanted more, & I have allot of love, to go around.
If your looking for a guy who has been through many of life's major challenges (including learning to get out of my own way,lol)and has walked through them all, and is here today, better for it. if you'd like to know a man who knows EXACTLY who he is (the good, the bad, & the ever-evolving), & has an "idea"lol, of where he wants to to go. If you'd like to meet a guy Who KNOWS he's not perfect, & will try his best to better himself, and the ones he loves, in any way he can. A guy who loves life, and laughter, and art, and has a Passion for women, and their beauty. If u think I sound like someone you'd like to know...That's why....:)