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Tests they’ve taken (88)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Sonnet (DGLD) Take it!
The Slut Test 21% slut Take it!
The Virgin Game 66% Accuracy (highest: 66, average: 66) Take it!
The Are You a Polite Online Dater Test The Conscious One Take it!
Ultimate Sex IQ Test Well-Informed Take it!
The How Effective is Your Profile? Test A Bit Mainstream Take it!
The American Common Sense IQ Test Above Average Take it!
The Things You Learned In School, But Probably Forgot Test 76% Brain Cells Left! Take it!
The Signature Kiss Test The Grandparent Take it!
The Quick How Romantic Are You Test You are 50% romantic! Take it!
Know Thy Self in 20 Questions Test Family Oriented Take it!
The Ultra Ultimate Personality Test The Inspirer Take it!
No Frills High IQ Test 16/20 Take it!
The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test Joe Normal Take it!
Are You a Good Kisser? 66% BEST! Take it!
The Secret Agent/Assassin Test Vincent Take it!
The 'How Well do You Know the Twilight Saga?' Quiz Meh. Take it!
HAIR can tell your secrets! Test I am black haired; I handle financials. Take it!
The What Disney Female are you Test Jasmine Take it!
True Colors Test - A Self Inventory NF - Idealist (Blue) Take it!
The The Foreplay Factor: 'A' Test For Me Take it!
The Social Orientation Inventory The Crooner Take it!
The Right Brain vs Left Brain Test Center Brained! Take it!
The what sex position are you Test Missionary Take it!
The "What Type of Intellectual are You?" Test The Scientist Take it!
The Jung Type Death Note Test INFP Take it!
The Fellatio Afficionado Test True Afficionado Take it!
The Really Tough IQ Test Very Brainy Take it!
The do you give good head Test My New Girlfriend Take it!
The Harry Potter Test Fred and George Take it!
The wanna screw me Test You scored 13 good screwer! Take it!
Are You Good In Bed? Quiz. The Sexmaster! Take it!
The Cuddlability Test The Favorite Teddy Take it!
The What Greek God Are You Test Aphrodite Take it!
The Do You Have Skills in Bed Test The Sexologist Take it!
The Attachment Style Test The Cuddleslut Take it!
The how fuckable are you? Test "You're kinda cute!" Take it!
The How Naughty Are You? Test Frigid! Take it!
The What's your sexual style? Test TYPE P Take it!
Psychology-101 Sexual Knowledge Test 50% Informed! Take it!
The One Question Test YOU SURE DO!!!!!!!!! Take it!
The How Horny Are You? Test I'd rather watch TV Take it!
The Let's Make a Porno Movie Test Gushmore Take it!
Can you tell the difference between Asians test 1 out of 3 Take it!
What Do Others See You As Test 41 to 50 Points Take it!
The Are you Dominant or submissive Test The submissive one Take it!
The Intellectual Sexiness Test Hot Tamale Take it!
The Sexual HELL Test HEAVEN LEVEL 2 Take it!
The Sexuality Spectrum Test Mostly Straight Take it!
The How International Are You? Test Cosmopolitan (48%) Take it!
The Just How American Are You? Test Unaware American Take it!
The Why are you single? Test Fairly Normal Take it!
The Best Personality Type for You Test ISFP - The Composer Take it!
The How hot would our sex life be? Test Luke warm. Take it!
Guess The Language Test The Language Expert Take it!
Overseas Relationship! Are you ready? Test You are above average. Take it!
BOLLYWOOD; after Hollywood!! Quiz Why so many days you are absent at BOLLYWOOD? Take it!
His DICK : Your TASTE!! Your knowledge! Your choice! Test The Soda Canner Take it!
The OkCupid Kissing Test The Girlfriend Take it!
The Best Zodiac Match For You Test Aquarius is the Sign You Have the Best Match With Take it!
The Sexual Turn-ons Test The Passionate Lover Take it!
The Your Type of Girl Test The Cheerleader Take it!
The Dirty Mind Test On the Verge Take it!
The How Kinky Are You Really Test Novice Take it!
The VERY Basic Math Test I AM STUPID Take it!
The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test 92% pure: Pure as Driven Snow Take it!
The Horrifying Stereotype Test Rock Ho Take it!
The Beautiful Faces Test Jessica Alba Take it!
The Alcohol Knowledge Test Non-Alcoholic Take it!
What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test Balanced, Secure, and Realistic. Take it!
The What country are you? Test Vietnam Take it!
The Could You Help me Bake in the Kitchen Test Pastry Chef Take it!
The What is your REAL age Test You are 39 years old!! Take it!
The Best Thing About You Test Honesty Take it!
The Are you a good Kisser Test The Spider Take it!
The What Kind of Girl are You Test The Liberal Beauty Take it!
The Clairvoyance Test 10% Clairvoyant! Take it!
The Ideal Job for Your Personality Test Teacher Take it!
The Mind Self Control Test Wizard Take it!
The Commonly Confused Words Test Advanced Take it!
The Why Are You Single Test 'Net Bf/gf Take it!
The Lover Style Profile Test The Classic Lover Take it!
The 4-Variable IQ Test Mathematical Take it!
The "What's Wrong With ME?!" Test Take it!
The 3 Variable Funny Test the Ham Take it!
The Personality Defect Test Robot Take it!