36Turku, Finland
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My self-summary
Edit (Jan.2013): I wrote this profile many years ago and some of the text might not be up to date (the answers are ok). It has also come to my attention, that my profile might come to some people as aggressive, arrogant and even somewhat scary. This is a total surprise, as I and other people in the real life tend to view me as a sweet, friendly, extremely humorous, peaceful and laid-back chap. So, please, don't be afraid too much! :)

I have a tendency to write more text, rather than less, as you can see from my profile... Well, it's better than having an empty page. At least after reading this page you can actually feel to understand a little better about what kind of person I am and at least be pretty sure if we are not compatible with each other. :)

I write a lot, but only because I have to - otherwise relevant information would be left behind. But I am not a huge fan of meaningless lengthy chats, which means that I don't want to be a long-distance pen-pal. This also means that I prefer to meet in person as soon as possible - that's the only real way to find out if we even like each other.

P.S. English is not my mother tongue, so feel free to tell me if you found a mistake somewhere. On a positive note, I have an (the? ;o) ) accent. :)

En usko että käännöstä tarvitaan. Eiköhän kaikki täällä olevat ymmärrä muutenkin englantia. :) Suomeksikin saa siis kirjoittaa. :)

Можете писать и по-русски. :)

I am genuine, witty, and trustworthy.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a very well-rounded person in all kind of areas, from technological geekiness to brutal sports, from philosophical conversations about meaning of life to warfare, military and political history, from psychology and human interaction to life-hacking and ways to live quietly and zenishly in peace. There are very few things that don't inspire me and make my heart go faster. Therefore I have different kind of so called "projects" in all kind of areas, I don't want to list here. I have actually been so active with these various projects that my studies (for M.S.) have prolonged by many years already. Not that it matters as I have no desire to have a typical 8-16 working day anyway. :)

My main hobby is sleeping. As you know, hobby is something that the person likes and does outside of the usual work/activities/partying. So yes, whenever a rare moment of having a spare time occurs, I really enjoy sleeping! :)
I’m really good at

Reading minds/faces/bodies.

I am also quite into sports. Martial arts like Kickboxing,
BJJ (Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu) and MMA (like Strikeforce,
M-1 Global, Pride, UFC), kettlebells, snowboarding.
Photography has been the point of my interest for years,
although unfortunately not very much lately. Travelling and
having fun. Dancing (I am not very good at; I simply have a good sense of rhythm and enjoy it a lot). Oh yeah, computer related activities of course, how could I forget! %) I watch a lot of movies and TV shows despite not owning a TV for almost 10 years now (thank God for DVDs and Al Gore for Internet!). I am also somewhat into computer/console games. I kind of have to, because game development is one of my "projects". :)

I enjoy testing my limits. As an example, I once took part into the marathon (42km, mind you!), for the simple reason of testing myself on how I would fare in it WITHOUT ANY SPECIFIC TRAINING (zero running). It took an awful amount of time, guts and cursing, but I did it! :) I won't do it again, though, - long-distance running is surprisingly unhealthy thing, I found...
The first things people usually notice about me
The loud and bold aura of unconventional humorous nonsense surrounding me. The previous sentence shall be an example.

People usually think that I look a lot younger than I am.

I don't know if it helps, but according to the Facebook's "Compare People" application my "friends" (the vast majority of them are not really my good friends, who would actually somewhat know me) claim that my strengths are:
- toughest
- coolest
- most adventurous

And weaknesses:
- most useful (which can't even really be considered a weakness, since it simply means that people who barely know me, can't exploit me as easily %-) )
- most creative (I guess they had to choose at least something...)

People also notice that it feels very fun, safe, easy and inspiring to hang with/around me, despite my somehow brutal image, striking honesty and unconvential ideas. Most people tend to trust me quite easily and that's one of these few choices people don't regret later. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I really don't like horror movies - a bad influence of "Elm Street" movies watched in a youth. I am partly scared - which I can live with, but mostly I simply don't enjoy nor want to be scared. I guess it's a very mild variation of phobophobia (fear of fear). Or maybe since I don't have any symptomps, it's a fear of phobophobia (phobophobophobia)? Gotta love the recursion! :)

Otherwise, as for the movies: everything goes as long as they are good. Anything from comedy, drama and lyrical life-stories to action, animation and girl and art flicks.

As for the music, being melodical is a must for me in order to like a track. There are a few exceptions though, which have zero musical value, but which I cannot dislike because of the important message they bring. Some of the Eminem's and Dolphin's ( ) "songs" are the ones I talk about. But like I said, having a good melody is a requirement. And these kind of melodical tracks can be found in every genre - classical, r'n'b, rock, pop, raggae, heavy, techno, trance...

But I must warn - music doesn't play any significant role in my life. I don't follow the trends, I don't know the names of the singers/bands and what they look like, I don't remember the lyrics (and don't really even pay much attention). I have my opinion on which song is crap and which isn't and if I go somewhere, it's to the places where the good music is playing. But that's about it. So if you are very passionate about music and are searching for the similar type of guy, you should probably choose someone else. :)

I read a lot of fiction books when I was younger, but though there is no space/time to name them all, I must mention at least a few of them. My favorite author was Jules Verne. I also really liked "Animal Farm", "The Twelve Chairs" (Ilf and Petrov), "Heart of a Dog" (Bulgakov), Harry Harrison's creations and many other good books and authors. Lately I have been mostly reading professional and somewhat "useful" type of literature. The last fiction book I really liked was "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott.

The TV-shows I really like(d): The Wire, Day Break, Better Off Ted, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Babylon 5, South Park, Brigada (Russia), Futurama, Dexter, The Daily Show/Colbert Report, Smith.

Larger than life movies (in no particular order): The Incident (1967), Hotaru no haka / Grave of the Fireflies (1988, Japan), The Dark Knight (Batman), Wag the Dog, Crna Macka Beli Macor (1998, Emir Kusturica), Groundhog Day, Papa (2004, Russia), Forrest Gump, Idi i smotri / Come and See (1985, USSR), American Beauty, Amelie (2001, France-Germany), Big Fish (2003, Tim Burton), Heart of a Dog (1988, USSR), WALL-E, Mr. Brooks, Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.

I am VERY simple with food. The meat/fish/chicken + macaroni/rice/potatoes + some vegetables + water/Pepsi. That's it, basically (there are of course fruits and other important stuff like CHOCOLATE ICECREAM!). I have always been like this. I had great opportunities to taste whatever food there is (from caviar and alligator's/snake's meat to whatever exotic food you can imagine). And all tastings only confirmed what I already knew: I really HATE complex food and LOVE the simple food I eat daily (I never get tired of eating basically the same food over and over again, and I don't feel any need to change it). :)

So the same warning applies as with the music. If you are really passionate about food and about going to different restaurants trying new things out (or doing them home) - I am probably the worst guy out here to take part in your adventure. :) I can help with cooking or even cook it myself (I am a pretty good cook), but I won't eat it, don't even beg! :o)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I am good at forgetting the irrelevant and uninteresting stuff. So if I forgot somebody's name, that person should probably do something about him/herself... Yes, I am honest and straighforward and don't mind admitting that the majority of people are not very interesting (can't present themselves properly) and that it is completely their own fault - EVERY person can be interesting if he/she makes a tiny effort...

Being able to forget irrelevant information really allows me to have a peaceful and optimistic state of mind, without too much worrying, while at the same time remembering the important stuff.

So the answer is that I constantly think of all kind of important stuff like my "projects". :)

P.S. This section was meant to piss off (and drive away) people, who can't REALLY handle the truth despite saying so. Are you still reading? Excellent! :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
[trollmode] I have an argumented prejudgement against lawyers (usually very boring people, whose job is to parasitize on society), vegans (skinny hippies, who don't care about the nature) and tree huggers (eco terrorists). Dislike of the two former groups of people is interesting, because I myself fight for my rights whenever possible and am very protective of nature. Vegan-dislike isn't interesting, because meat food rocks! :) [/trollmode]
You should message me if
If you know how to shorten my profile without deleting anything truly important. As you can see I need a lot of help! :)

"You are beautiful inside and out. Realistically."

This basically means that you:
1. take care of yourself and exercise frequently. Dieting yourself to death is not a viable option: not for yourself - mere dieting will eventually kill your health; and not for me - I am more for the sport women (think of aerobics type as ideal) rather than the models' "bare bones and skin" type. Being "skinny fat" is not cool.
2. have a healthy (!) and realistically (!!) positive (!!!) understanding (!!!!) of yourself. If you are searching for the crying pillow - find someone else but me. I am an excellent supporter of my friends, but I will honestly charge money for using me as a shrink. And I am expensive! :)

As for your inner beauty. Traits I have myself and would really like you to have:
- optimism and genuinity. Any idiot can be optimistic while wearing pinky glasses and day-dreaming. But what counts is, being able to cut all the bullshit, look at the world/yourself as it really is, and still remain optimistic about it.
- You don't need anybody else to make your miserable life happy, because you already are an independent and confident person, who is happy with the life as it is, and is simply searching for somebody to make this life "a little more" fullier and happier than it already is.
- "A golden heart". And this doesn't mean "I enjoy myself with children and I have a cat, therefore I have a golden heart". It doesn't work that way. Usually it's just the other way around. Usually it's the superficial people, who tend to (say/pretend to) unconditionally love everybody around them. I hate this kind of hypocrisy. I am searching for a person, who has no problem admitting to not like something/somebody, but who REALLY CARES about what is going on around her and is trying to make a world a little better place - even if that simply means: giving some frightened school play kid an encouraging smile and a thumb up, or not throwing garbage on the ground (and even carrying it in a pocket, until the first garbage can).

And please, don't write me to say a simple "Hi". Show me that you made at least a little effort to think out what to say first. People who think that this simple request is too demanding, shouldn't contact me at all. Sorry, for not asking sorry for that. %)

I also must warn smokers - don't bother, you have no chance (dating-wise). "No chance" really means what it says. Non-smoking thing is actually the only REQUIREMENT I have. Contact me after you quit. :)

P.S. If you are still here reading, I am sure you can swallow a little more text. :) I want to ease the impression that may have born. All these "tough requirements" I wrote above relate to my sex/dating/relationship preferences. But not to the people I seek as my friends or activity partners. I don't care that much if my friends are smoking, exercise (in)frequently or have a little more (or more than a little) of a body fat - they are friends, for Christ sake! :) Friendship is the whole another ball game, with its own rules, which I unfortunately do not have space nor desire to write about here. So if you think we can make good friends - contact me right away (giving me stars and waiting for my 4/5-stars in return doesn't work, because I give stars to people based on my perspective of our "dating compatibility"). Contact me if you think that we can give each other something (information, good emotions, support). Contact me without any fear. I am gentle and I won't bite. I promise. :)

Definitely contact me if you think you are smarter than my appearance in the profile. ;) Because who knows, you just might be and having another stupidier glorifying worshiper is never bad for your self-esteem, is it? :-D

Edit: Some changes occured. I am currently living in Finland. And not on a short trip either - I am living here now. And I don't know when I will be back to NY or to the States in general. I still want to get to know good people so we could meet if/when I will be back to NY (sooner or later) or if/when you decide to visit Europe/Finland.
The two of us