40 Houston, United States
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My self-summary
I love to take long strolls on the beach, and go on grueling hikes during lovely days. Cooking for my woman is an absolute passion of mine. I can spend a whole day shopping with my best girlfriend. The quest for finding the perfect woman should not be that difficult since I'm the perfect man.

Just kidding, although I love the beach, hiking, and shopping to a certain degree, I think I can do a little better than that. And I definitely cannot cook. I am all about enjoying the little and great things in life. Anything from taking a cat nap, to karaoke and live music, to eating an amazing dinner with friends, to sharing a fantastic bottle of wine. to performing arts and museums, to visiting a city like Istanbul and taking everything in it has to offer. I consider myself pretty damn funny with kind of an infectious laugh. I would say I'm fairly intelligent, but who knows I may not be. At least I'm street smart, that I do know. And of course I am a sports fanatic and ultra competitive at everything including board games.

What I am looking for in a partner is quite simple, but sometimes hard to quantify without getting to know someone really well. I’m looking for someone who has a similar sense of humor(it doesn’t have to be exactly the same), I mean we’re not going to always agree on what movies or comedians or incidents are funny. Which brings up the next very important factor-empathy. Just because you don’t share laughs at everything, it’s great to know what your partner may laugh at and why they think it’s funny, even though you don’t. This can be important in other aspects of a relationship too. Activities, food, wine, friends, spiritual beliefs, you’re going to have differences. So it’s extremely important to understand where your partner is coming from. Also it is very important for my partner to be intelligent. I’m not looking for a simple house wife. If ultimately I’m going to be with someone for life, we have to be able to converse even when we are old and the kids are gone. And lastly I have to be madly attracted to her because you need healthy romance and a sex life to make it through tough times.

The good news is there is more than one soul mate for every person. There could actually be many. All we have to do is find one, and we're all set!
What I’m doing with my life
I have a job like everyone, but my passion is a Social Game we created on iOS and Android called Bluff Wars. We are actively raising money for our game studio. It can be hectic but I love it. I also have the best circle of friends and a supportive family.
I’m really good at
Board Games and I'm fairly good at most sports.
The first things people usually notice about me
Smile and cheeks.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This could take forever!
You should message me if
If you're cool. Not if you think you're cool, but if you can honestly say that there are probably 10 people who will vouch that you are cool. Being confident, funny, sexy, clean, laid back, nerdy, and fashionable are all what I consider traits of being cool.