55Karatu, Tanzania
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My self-summary
Midwesterner transplanted from Brooklyn to rural Tanzania. I live along the slope of the Ngorogoro Crater where I provide great medical care with comically bad Swahili. I realize I am far from anyone on Okc; chances of meeting are quite slim. But there is always hope.

I can bait a hook and unhook the fish. I catch and release, so I don't know how to clean one. In the right area I can find porcini mushrooms in the woods and make a risotto with them. In other areas, I can find them in the store-though I haven't tried here in Tanzania.

Warning: I am a sucker for a man wearing a bow tie. Please forgive me if you are not interested in me yet I keep going to your profile to stare at you wearing one.

I've had many occupations, sometimes two at the same time, from actress, pastry chef, nurse and waitress. I am now a primary medical provider in the middle of coffee plantations. No worries about insurance, if you can get to me or I can get to you, we're in business. I'm living the dream.

I find smart men to be very, very sexy; I am a very happy brain and ethical slut. If you have or can fake a Scots accent I'm yours forever. I agree with the John Waters quote: If you go to someone's house and they don't have books; don't fuck them.

I love taking photos of street art, graffiti and cool stuff I see on my travels.
What I’m doing with my life
Having a marvelous time with work yet longing for a bit more.

With apologies to Lionel Bart:
I am reviewing my situation:
Can a good girl be a good girl all her life?
All those smiles and acquiescing;
I better hurry up and cause a bit of strife.

Well, maybe not a lot of strife but it rhymes.
The idea of becoming someone's one and only is not what I'm desiring. I would be a good secondary, tertiary or quadrantary partner. Given my location, chances are you are further than the doladola vans go.
I’m really good at
bouncing back and making lemonade.
I am very good at receiving back and foot rubs, just try me. Some have said I'm not bad at giving them either.
The first things people usually notice about me
Not really sure. It might be messy hair or my laugh.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books:Nonfiction:Infections and Inequalities, The Great Influenza: An excellent explanation of America from 1870-1919, viruses and the history of medicine. I can depend on the following to keep me reading and thinking: most of John Irving, all of Garcia Marquez, Orwell, Douglas Adams, Dahl's books for children, Graham Greene, Elizabeth Gundy, Robert Hellenga, Helen De Witt (though she has only two published novels), and Life and Fate by Grossman.
Newspapers: The Guardian & The NY TImes.

Shows: Frank Snowden's lectures: Pandemics of the Western Hemisphere. They're on Youtube. Trust me, the dude is great. The Wire, House of Cards (Brit and USA: and oh my gosh the Yank version does have more sexy bits. For a woman who likes a bit of woman on man on man, it's quite refreshing), Fringe( though it was at times l flakeier than a Napoleon), Homeland, Orange is the New Black.
Radio/podcasts: Tanis, most anything on NPR: Wait, Wait don't tell me, TAL, Radio Lab (lots of stuff from WNYC), BBC Member of WNYC.

Music: Johnny and Rosanne Cash, Regina Spektor, King Pleasure, Little Jimmy Scott, Asleep at the Wheel, Shubert, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, murder ballads, Monk, Dizzy, Desmond, Tony Bennett (a very sexy singer and truly kind person), Fateh ali Khan, cool stuff I hear on Spinning on Air whose artists I can't remember.

Theater: Tristan and Yseult by Kneehigh. New plays, old plays, new twists and circus. Olivier's Lear is something I could watch again and again. I will always try to see productions of: Three Sisters, Uncle Vanya, Richard III, Henry V, Cymbeline,The Skin of Our Teeth, Fool for Love, Lie of the Mind, Cowboy Mouth (okay anything by Mr. Sheppard) Robber Bridegroom, Sweeny Todd.

Movies: Peter Greenaway or Spike Lee; anything that these two lads make is true art. All time faves: The Royal Tanenbaums, Magnolia, Pulp Fiction, All About My Mother, Melancholia, Shadowlands, His Girl Friday, Philadelphia Story, Bringing up Baby, Double Indemnity ( such a sexy movie), Closetland, The Only Lovers Left Alive.

Food: Yet to meet a cuisine in which I couldn't find something I liked. Fresh tastes, spicy, citrus, earthy tones like beets are all appealing. That said, I'm not a great fan of Glatt Kosher or the Thai food you find in New York.
Six things I could never do without
eye glasses
spell check
caffeine in all of its forms
my job- I really love it and it pays the bills
the ability to communicate (Locked in Syndrome is a living hell)
swear words-if they didn't exist I'd have to invent them
I have lived without sex, but I would much rather have it in my life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Polio and how the poor get shafted again and again. I have a fascination with infectious disease. Viruses and bacteria are really amazing creatures.
Is April really the cruelest month? I'm so happy to have survived May.
How wonderful the pads on the paws of my cats feel.
That some agnostics "are pretty serious about it".
On a typical Friday night I am
Walking through the coffee fields with my work mates to a simple lodge where you can get a cold beer, if you text ahead of time, and sit in a lovely garden under the trees. Then walking back to the village, avoiding the cape buffaloes, for dinner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Not really private but truly sinful, bad and I would go to hell if I ate one:I would really like to try ortolan.
I am not monogamous.
You should message me if
You are happy with your life but would like some company for the road. Life's scars have given you good stories and character. Your baggage is either not so burdensome or you are happy to throw it overboard. Or you are Alan Rickman back from the dead ala Truly, Madly, Deeply.
The two of us