29Austin, United States
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My self-summary
I graduated from college in 2008 with a degree in History and a minor in English/Literature. I was raised in a military family and moved around a lot as a kid, so I love to travel. I'm more of an RPG girl than an FPS girl - I'm too jumpy to play FPS games, but I love watching people play. I have participated in a few pen-and-paper roleplaying games (both D&D and World of Darkness). I don't have a ton of free time, but when I do have time to relax, I generally play video games and read fantasy or history books.
What I’m doing with my life
I work a regular M-F desk job in Austin, in the Contracts department reading Terms and Conditions all day, and sometimes I also work at the Farmers' Markets on the weekends.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first thing people notice is probably my vocabulary. I love having precisely the right word for any occasion, and I am always excited to learn new words.

Physically, the first thing people notice is probably my hair. It's somewhere between "wavy" and "curly" and the amount of frizz fluctuates wildly, so I think it's probably my salient feature (or dignotion!), even if I'd rather I had something else to say.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I devour books voraciously. My apartment contains 4 6-foot bookshelves, all of which are full, and parts of which are double-stacked. Trying to list "my favorite books" is a futile task. A FEW of my favorites are:

Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett

John Dies at the End - David Wong

Sandman (graphic novel) - Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

Coraline - Neil Gaiman

...practically everything Neil Gaiman ever wrote

the Discworld Series - Terry Pratchett

...definitely everything Terry Pratchett ever wrote

Ender's Game through Children of the Mind - Orson Scott Card

Sandman Slim series - Richard Kadrey

The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss

Wicked - Gregory Maguire

His Dark Materials - Phillip Pullman

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams

Johannes Cabal the Necromancer - Jonathan Howard the past, I was very in to Mercedes Lackey, R.A. Salvatore, David Eddings, and Diane Duane, but not so much anymore...

Favorite Games - Lord of the Rings Online, Skyrim, (old) Baldur's Gate series, BioShock series, Dragon Age I & II, Bastion, Katamari Damacy, American McGee's Alice, etc.

Favorite Movies/TV Shows -
Please Be Aware: I Do NOT Own A Television. I haven't sat and watched TV in nearly a decade - it's all garbage. There are a few diamonds in the rough that I've found, and I watch them on DVD (or if I'm desperate for new episodes, I'll watch them with a friend who does own a TV). So, a few of the movies and shows that I actually have enjoyed:

Lord of the Rings, Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Venture Bros., BBC Sherlock, Carnivale, Dr. Who, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Arrested Development, Primer, Pinky and the Brain, The Office (British version), Supernatural (sometimes), Jeeves & Wooster, Blackadder, MirrorMask, The Princess Bride, Tropic Thunder, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Down Periscope, Reefer Madness (the 2000 musical version), etc.

Favorite Music Artists - Nine Inch Nails, How to Destroy Angels, Ratatat, The Glitch Mob, Florence + the Machine, VAST, Electric Six, Pentatonix, lots of individual songs, several soundtracks (such as Anastasia, Reefer Madness, Wicked, Riverdance), etc.
Six things I could never do without
1. books
2. my glasses (to read books with, obviously)
3. chocolate
4. indoor plumbing
5. the Internet
On a typical Friday night I am
...reading a book, probably. If left to my own devices, that is my natural state of being. I enjoy going out with friends and doing other things, but it's rarely my idea to begin with - I just tag along for fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
So, this is a pretty private revelation about myself:

For six years, I dated a wonderfully sweet guy, but when we eventually broke up, I could look back and see that we had been growing apart for quite a while, but we stayed together because we were such compatible friends/roommates. Eventually, the sex decreased to practically nothing, and we really were just roommates who shared a bed. It worked great (in my opinion) for a while - I got the IMPORTANT parts of a relationship - the cuddling and the discussions and having someone to cook dinner for and watch movies with - and I didn't particularly miss the lack of sex. When he finally broke up with me, he suggested that maybe I shouldn't restrict myself to guys, since I clearly don't enjoy having sex with them. This by itself didn't really make me reconsider the issue, but when I spoke to my best friend about the breakup, she mentioned the same thing. So... if your 6-yr boyfriend and your best friend in the whole world both think you're looking at the wrong gender, then maybe you're looking at the wrong gender.

Since then I have had some other traumas in my life and trying to navigate a new relationship hasn't been anywhere on my list of priorities. Now, though, I have a steady job that I enjoy, and I've moved into a new apartment near said job, with a new roommate, and I feel like I've gotten enough of my life back in order that I feel lonely (when I'm stressed to hell, I didn't have spare time for loneliness), so I'm trying to get out there and meet people of both genders as friends, and see what may develop.

I don't want anyone to think I'm playing with the term "bisexual" - honestly, I think the best adjective for myself is demisexual; I don't feel sexual attraction to strangers, of either gender, no matter how beautiful they are physically. I don't even watch porn, because I don't know these people (I read erotic fiction, so that I can feel a connection to the characters before the smutty part starts).

I grew up in a very sexually repressed household, so it's conceivable to me that I just assumed I should like boys and therefore never let myself 'check out' girls. But the sex thing that my now-ex mentioned is really the kicker here - I hate sex. I hate having anything inside my vagina, including tampons. TMI: the last time I used a tampon, I literally fainted and woke up with my nose squished on the floor of the bathtub and the wall. The sensation of being penetrated makes me feel nauseous / dizzy / generally awful. With my previous boyfriends, I would usually (practically always) fake an orgasm just to get them to stop touching me. With my most recent ex, I was at least able to be honest enough to just ask him to stop, but I only achieved orgasm maybe 10-15% of the time. Keep in mind, I only have about a 40-50% success rate when masturbating. Maybe I'm just not a very sexual person in general??? Seriously, the most important part(s) of a relationship for me are the non-sexual parts: the hugs and helping each other through rough times and phone calls when one of you is on a trip and so on and so forth.

So ladies, if you want to convince me that lesbianism is the right way to go, feel free to message me! If you're a guy and you want to convince me that the previous men in my life just didn't know what they were doing, I'm still open to that option as well.
You should message me if
You should send me a message if you're interested in some of the same things that I listed and you'd like to try and make a new friend, with the potential for evolving into a different relationship. Don't message me to try and set up a rendezvous for sex - it's already happened and it's very creepy.
The two of us