34 Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
This is what I know about myself so far, character and values subject to change without notice))):
It takes a while for people to get to know me, although I’m pretty outgoing in my own way.
I like making people comfortable in my presence, I care about their wellbeing and can entertain and enrich their lives. I am observant, perceptive and aware of others, I love watching people and figuring out what they think and feel. That may result in thoughtful gifts and surprises)))
I get attached to people deeply and sometimes have a hard time letting go.
It’s difficult for me to say no, I dislike conflict and confrontation, and can have a hard time expressing negative feelings, especially to the people I care about.
I appreciate when people are truly interested in who I am and take time to get to know me, people who are non-judgemental and I can be myself around them.
I value deep intimate connections that last for a long time.
Im very emotional being and appreciate a partner who can ground me.
I don’t like greedy men. I don’t need grand gestures, but I truly appreciate men who enjoy the act of giving. It’s most important for me when love is expressed through actions. Words are nice but they can be empty without actions.
I need quite a bit of attention and appreciate being seriously invested in each others’ lives. On the other hand, my personal space and time are very important to me.
I have no desire to lead and control, neither I like to do that to anyone else.
I am independent in my thinking and go about things at my own pace, not very influenced by popular culture. I am very tolerant to different lifestyles and beliefs and averted by quick and blunt judgement.
I appreciate good advice, especially if someone sees the opportunity I overlooked.
I also don’t enjoy planning and organizing (anything) so I truly appreciate people who can and like doing that, when it’s needed. I can be spontaneous and impulsive, and feel that I really need to follow these impulses to feel alive.
I am very competitive in my professional area (visual arts), so I probably won’t be able to date anyone in the same area, but you never know. Other arts are ok)))
Tactile, kinesthetic and sensual aspects are important parts of expression of love for me. Giving and receiving touch, being sensitive and finely tuned into the needs of the other in that area is crucial. Being able to express feeling without words is most beautiful and direct way of communication. If you have words that’s awesome too))))
What I’m doing with my life
on a constant search of getting closer to being true to me. sound selfish? and meeting amazing people along the way, howzat? in the down to earth terms, a better job, and people to share my life with.
upd: recognizing my real needs and wishes. coming to terms with my own personality as it is as a result of all the life events and conditioning, and not as i imagined it. coming to terms with being ok with solitude and concentrating on tasks at hand. grounding.
I’m really good at
spelling. (more stuff to come))))
yoga poses balancing on one foot
The first things people usually notice about me
lean? curly hair? slight accent? you tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
food - anything healthy, not because it is fashionable, i don't really care about that, some of it just tastes better. sushi. generally i don't go out a lot, so i can't tell the particular "cuisine" preferences. neither i have great cooking skills. although some people have survived and even complimented on the palatability of my meals, i'm looking forward to the time someone invents a food pill to save time on cooking and consuming. but - i don't mind if someone cares enough to cook for me, i would help to clean up))))
books - i devour them like crazy (update - taking a little break from books at the time), especially in russian, but english is ok, too. fiction, non-fiction, some psychology.
movies - i dont own a tv and occasionally passing by it i can stop and watch something from the middle if i like it. last time it was a random comedy. i like everything by studio ghibli. historical, nature and documentary shows are good too, but generally i have no time for the blue screen. too many screens in my life already: computer, laptop, tablet, phone... i watch stuff (rather, listen) when i draw or when i'm completely burned out.
music - i have a huge collection of over 10 years of music, most of it is still relevant. ethnic, folk, ambient, in lesser proportion mixed with rock, punk and indie.
The six things I could never do without
sugar, anything but its crystallized form, trying to eat it less
nature - trees, animals, air, light
expression - through visual art and dance
travel - this is when i become an extrovert. i like being alone in the crowd, watching people and interacting with no expectations
I spend a lot of time thinking about
about thinking. about people stuff, how they act, emotions, relationships. my next project. how to make tasty food last longer and non-tasty go away. why do i have so much stuff and how to make that go away)))) how to do what i do better. how to do everything i want and still have some sleep. how to think less. you get the idea, i think a lot)))))
On a typical Friday night I am
going to my dance improv class, and then maybe going out with my dance buddies, but most likely not.
this year is going to be all about career goals, so my friday nights might be even more boring than usual, for the outside view that is)))
You should message me if
i have a pretty open profile here, so would be nice if you reciprocate, i.e. have filled out/plan on filling out your profile and have a real picture of you.