34 Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
first thing you need to know:
- these ))))) are smiles
- I get OD'd by social interaction sometimes, so don't take it personally if I don't respond right away
- don't get scared away by the intensity of this, I'm OK with small talk (not as small as a single hello as a starter, especially if you don't have anything written/no answered questions/no photos)

short version:
graphic artist by day, artist by night (drawing, patches, assemblage, collage), teach ACAD evening classes
somewhat of a hippie at heart
i dance, i yoga and open to new and interesting experiences

long version (honest emotionally vulnerable stuff) (unnecessary to read):
It takes a while for people to get to know me, although I’m pretty outgoing in my own way.
I like making people comfortable in my presence, I care about their wellbeing and can entertain and enrich their lives. I can be observant, perceptive and aware of others
I get attached to people deeply and have a hard time letting go.
It’s difficult for me to say no, I dislike conflict and confrontation, and can have a hard time expressing negative feelings, especially to the people I care about.
I appreciate when people are truly interested in who I am and take time to get to know me, people who are non-judgemental and I can be myself around them, but trust comes with time.
I value deep intimate connections that last for a long time.
I'm an emotional being and appreciate a partner who can ground me.
I truly appreciate men who enjoy the act of giving. enjoy is keyword here. being articulate and able to communicate is important too.

I appreciate being seriously invested in each others’ lives. at times i've been overly invested that way so i am trying to find my balance.
I am independent in my thinking and go about things at my own pace, not very influenced by popular culture. I appreciate good advice, especially if someone sees the opportunity I overlooked.
I also don’t enjoy planning and organizing (anything) so I truly appreciate people who can and like doing that, when it’s needed. I can be spontaneous and impulsive, and feel that I really need to follow these impulses to feel alive.
Tactile, kinesthetic and sensual aspects are important parts of expression of love for me. Being able to express oneself through words can be quite beautiful as well.
My bilingual brain gets tired of processing English sometimes and needs to recharge - by thinking or talking to someone in Ru
What I’m doing with my life
embracing solitude
working out
learning new things through art
being an internet addict
getting blisters from walking Nose Hill in strange boots
I’m really good at
spelling. balance. pixels. freeform dancing my guts out
The first things people usually notice about me
lean? curly hair? accent? you tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
food - anything that has arugula in it. sushi. i can make a mean borsch.
books - russian books (novels, fiction, psychology, art)
movies - historical, nature and documentary. studio ghibli. random shows when im tired.
shows - vice documentaries
music - electro swing lately, some americana, some indie
The six things I could never do without
nature - trees, animals, air, light
expression - through visual art and dance
travel - love the flow of unexpected that happens during traveling
family, in a broad sense - people who care
my phone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
about people stuff. my next project. how to make tasty food last longer and non-tasty go away. why do i have so much stuff and how to accumulate less and organize more. how to do what i do better. how to do more of what i love. what is it that i love to do. how to do everything i want and still have some sleep. how to think less. this can go forever, you get the idea)))
On a typical Friday night I am
home most likely. It is difficult to get me to interact with more than one person at a time)))
You should message me if
you like what you see
you can relate to the things i said
you are curious and have questions