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My self-summary
*** Note: I am in a committed relationship with my awesome husband. We have a new baby, too! I have this profile on here to show friends, family and penpals ONLY. ***

Magnetic Rose: Red and Blue

Introductions - a little lot about me

My name is obviously not Magnetic Rose. (That, like me, is a long and interesting story.) I'm a girl, not such a young thing, but not remotely an old thing either. I have a string of useless talents and meaningless accomplishments, peppered in amongst other real, actual abilities, skills, and knacks.

I have five degrees. Someone called me on the phone once and thought I would be perfect for their "special offer" to gain an additional degree, to which I replied, "I already have five." "Five?" they queried, nonplussed. "Yeah, I'm my university's undergrad record holder with four degrees at once, and I just got my master's last May...I don't need anymore." The telemarketer politely hung up after that. Wise.

On top of that, I've done some nifty things with my life, worked abroad, lived in two countries in Europe, and traveled to thirteen others...all while in school. Really, I've done a lot of that nifty stuff people wait to do after they retire. Thus, I'm not as far ahead in the work game as people who *are* waiting to retire first and are rich and comfortable before they do that. Was it worth it? HELL YES , and I would do it all again. It's much more fun to do it when you are young and springy, even if you are poor, than old and brittle and unable to jump into a fountain in London or backpack across Israel.

The trouble is, all that experience and travel hasn't cured my wanderlust; not in the least. The thought of settling down, that's fine, but it's the thought of settling *in* that makes me want to curl up in a corner and vomit. I still want to GO.

Now, living in this new place largely unfamiliar to me, I have a problem.

A) I have a job that affords me the chance to or allows me to travel, including abroad. I am fine with being based here, because my job is exciting and challenging. I love being somewhere from whence I can travel, even if it's just a short distance to go camping or hiking. I just enjoy doing alot of it. Simply. must. go. So, I would really like to meet more people or groups of people with whom I could hang out, travel distances or simply to new havens of foodie-dom and musical wonders, and so on...

B) As stated, I am still rather new to this community, and although I am usually very kind, patient and tolerant, I have my limits on the people with whom I choose to do A). I have absolutely no tolerance for blissfully ignorant, backwards-living country bumpkins, stupid people who refuse to apply their intelligence, brillliant geeks who are social buffoons, due to living in self-induced introversion, and conversion-crazed religious ramrods.
So, I want A), without ending up with B).

How do I deal with this dichotomy? I create my own: Red and Blue. I live in the shades between being red with rage and blue with bliss. HAR.

But seriously, I am not simply so two dimensional.

There are far more meanings in the shades.

Red -- My pen name refers to it.. the red, red Rose. -- Represents my Scottish heritage... Red of my clan tartan. Red of my hair. Red of my Celtic temper. I have such a one that could blot out the sun, but it is rarely ever to be seen. Pray you never do. -- My rage and railing against my life. My unwillingness to stand for injustice. My passion and inner fire. My will, my drive to conquer, overcome, and be strong.

Blue -- My favorite color, it decorates my house and my life. -- Represents my Jewish heritage... Blue of the Mogen David, the Shield of David, the Jewish star. Blue of my eyes; it is in there somewhere amongst the hazel. Blue of my cool temperament...most of the time. ^_^ -- My calm assessment, even cold scrutiny of my life. My deep sorrow and tears. My serenity in turmoil. My hope for the future.

I am multifaceted, multilingual, and enigmatic
What I’m doing with my life
Working very hard, enjoying being a new Mommy of my baby daughter, learning everything I can on the Internets, and singing.
I’m really good at
#1 Being a balanced geek and a nerd simultaneously.

I'm a hardcore computer geek, Linux chick, console and MMORPG gamer (I love my Nintendo DS Lite!), anime aficionado and performer (NO, not mere cosplayer, you nutsy Otaku!), devourer of TV/radio/book science fiction(such as Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the usual and unusual authors, like Terry Pratchett, Barry Longyear, Douglas Adams, etc.), regular IRC denizen AND I am a creative writing, poetry, classical literature, (meta, applied)linguistics, mineralogy/petrology/vulcanology geoscience nerd, all while being a classically trained musician. In essence, I'm a modern-day, female, Heinrich Heine, with maybe a little Goethe thrown in.

#2 Unwittingly intimidating people with my accomplishments. Say "oh yeah, I've done that" enough times and people start to get very annoyed, rather tetchy in fact.

#3 Singing REALLY, REALLY, high notes!
The first things people usually notice about me
My magnetic smile and personality. Maybe it's the eyes. Hazel eyes change with mood, and mine are no exception. Who knows?

I pun. ALOT. (Get thee to a punnery!)

My voice, and the ability to mould and shape it (accents, singing, etc.) at will.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Short answer -- A, B, C: Classic (s)(al) everything, but I'm quite eclectic nonetheless.

Long answer -- A: Some are listed above. I love reading plays and literary texts from Homer to Shakespeare, Ovid to Kafka, and some in the original languages. I also like reading webcomics and forums, 'cause I gotta satisfy the geek and the nerd brain!

B: I will never get through this list. Too many black and white films that I love as it is! And then there's all the British and other foreign stuff...

C: I love music and texts from Plainchant, Chanson and Minnelieder, to the Meistergesang and Monodony, all types of Polyphony and Isorhythm, the Mass, Oratorio and Opera, the symphonic and concert forms. I live for Bach and praise Mendelssohn; I bless Papa Haydn and think Mozart was a hack. I enjoy world sounds: Scottish folk music, Israeli dance songs, game and anime music (such as Hideki Nakamura and Yoko Kanno), and German pop bands/singers. I also listen to Wierd Al Yankovic; I think he's utterly brilliant. One thing you will not often hear me listening to is the trite pap that's on the radio. Some of it is good, but it requires a thorough vetting process and must come with recommendations before I'll give it a listen.

D: Remember eclectic? I'm a cook of many world cuisines. I'm a foodie and excellent in the kitchen. I humbly thank my mother and grandmother for this ability. My pies and quiches will give you orgasms.
Six things I could never do without
Ad_nai, cogito et ratio, Liebe, Ordnung und Sauberkeit, The Intarwebs (lol), musica.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
more than most.
On a typical Friday night I am
coherent. As for Saturday night, I'm not telling...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have too many interests and abilities to devote myself to any one thing exclusively. Notice I said things? With people it is quite another matter. And as a matter of course, exclusive devotion is reserved for the one whom I love. I'm not one to trifle in such matters.

Assiduus usus uni rei deditus et ingenium et artem saepe vincit - Constant practice devoted to one subject often outdoes both intelligence and skill. (Cicero)

Dammit. I'm screwed.
You should message me if
You speak another language, or mine.
The two of us