35Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
so, to get a few things out of the way:

i’m married to my absolute best friend. i’m poly and a kink top. i’m not queer per se (by self definition and by life experience i am not queer and have not dealt with much of the social issues that go along with that, so i won't claim it as an identity) but i seem to have found myself occupying a larger number of queer spaces than i might have thought. i run parties at the cspc. i am looking for a few very specific things in a romantic partner, and am open to all kinds of non-romantic friendships.

what i want in a romantic partner: i’m looking for a "stunt husband" to hit the goth clubs and munches and cspc with. my legal husband is a stay home type and i’m a go out and party type whose tires of going places stag. my S.H. needs to be able to get dressed and come out to dance, talk, have a drink or three. they also need to be relatively emotionally, mentally, and financially stable. you should be masculine of center, extroverted, and have a sense of whimsy.

special treatment given to poly bisexual bottom masochists with an interest in a triad.

who i am: i’m goth and geeky and academic and fat. i don't do negative self-talk. self deprecating humor is a totally different thing. of course, i’m a humorless feminist so i expect there wont be many jokes.

wrt the self identifying as fat: to me it's just a word, like saying i have blue eyes or freckles. culturally we have a ridged definition of beauty that does serious harm to people. especially women. and too, we have conflated thinness with health in ways that are not scientifically sound. happy to explain more over a drink.

i go for fantasy over sci-fi and horror over romantic comedy. i love a perfectly ripe strawberry almost as much as a piece of small batch artesian cheese. i’m of the opinion that even shitty coffee is good, because i love caffeine. i sometimes swear. i drink gin and whiskey.

i put down that i’m bisexual because they don't have androsexual as an option. i like all manner of masculinity - from femm but not sissy dudes to butch bois- and i really don’t give a shit about what’s between your legs. femm women are nice to look at but i’m not terribly interested in them romantically. i ID as a cis woman, a femm, and a top. i can also be found on fetlife under firefey
What I’m doing with my life
school for network design. i also own a business making shrub (fruit, vinegar and sugar used for making cocktails) which i sell to local bars. i make jewelry as well, and occasionally sell it at conventions and craft shpws. i like to stay busy.
I’m really good at
i'd like to think i'm really good at being a decent human being. i know i'm good at tieing knots and cooking. also sarcasm. i'm really good at sarcasm.
The first things people usually notice about me
i have purple bangs.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
ok, i read a lot. history, sci-fi, fantasy, gothic lit (the old 18th/19th century stuff mostly), classic lit, urban fantasy, and anything i can easily take on the bus with me. i love books and have way more than i have room for in my apartment right now.

i tend to pick the following types of movies from netflix: hammer horror films from the 70s, psychological horror/suspense/ghost movies, period dramas, cheesy gliter-bomb musicals (long live the apple!), sci-fi, fantasy, and independent comedy. the films of my childhood are labyrinth, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, the dark crystal, the last unicorn, the last star fighter, willow, mad max beyond thunder dome, and troop beverly hills.

my musical tastes are pretty varied but strongly lean toward traditional goth rock, ebm/synthpop, blues, and early industrial.
Six things I could never do without
polyhedral dice
On a typical Friday night I am
one of three places. running a party at the cspc. out dancing at the merc with friends. or home getting ready for a show/farmer's market.
You should message me if
you want an excuse to put on a fancy hat and go someplace that serves old fashioned cocktails. you're a kinky bi bottom somewhere along the masculin spectrum. you really want to rewatch the apple/the dark crystal/the last unicorn/labyrinth with someone who will quote along with you.

or just generally if i sound like the kind of person you might like to spend time getting to know.
The two of us