26 Andover, United States
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My self-summary
I am Jacob Tarbox, I am a bit of a nerd, love watching movies, watching TV, reading, love science
*** looking for a true relationship. I am caring, loyal and there for people. i have a lot of friends, never dated.
I am 100 percent committed. love the supernatural, myths, legends. have 2 favorite anime, one piece and heroic age. Love science fiction/fantasy books and movies. Also love horror movies and I am also a writer checkout my story called alien piece on fanfiction, i got a bunch of people following and favoriting my story.

If i send you a message please talk to me before you decline my friendship/conversation.

update: 9/23/15 I have been on this site for a few years and no luck so far, i have never been in a relationship and the only reason i am on this site is because i am in search of one. I am not looking for sex or a booty call, i am not looking for anyone with kids because i am still living at home taking care of my parents going to school and working plus not ready for kids, I am looking for a real and true relationship and looking for love. I am not giving up, i am a funny, loyal, goofy guy looking for love. Also i am srry i am not some geek adonis or in good shape, i am working to better myself by working out. I know martial arts; tae kwondo, tai chi, yoga .

*If you have god or Jesus as your major things you cannot live wihout or constantly talk about them plz limit of that talk, i am agnostic which means i am believe in a higher power but i am tolerant to a point and not devout that also means dont talk about them all the time. Religion, Politics, and Sexuality are hot topics that i dont like to discuss, what ever makes makes you happy that is good but dont push your beliefs onto mine. I am more towards science than religion, for the higher power meaning i believe in 1 god, multiple gods, aliens, male, female, science, dont really focus on one. I believe in the supernatural and have experienced in contact with being attacked and in contact with it.
What I’m doing with my life
I am going to school for an education trying to help my family. I am going to go in the field of animals, either at the zoo or in the field. (Updated) My grandfather died on February 2011, he worked hard to support his family all his life, i swore and will follow my grandfathers path and support my family through thick and thin. Other than work and school i write.

** update working now at Dillons grocery store as a chicken fryer in the deli** 6/21/15 ** update working as a courtesy clerk at dillons after 2nd degree burns from the deli, i know klutsy much since 7/14/15** (forgot to put it. Due to work and school)
I’m really good at
reading, gaming, watching movies, bringing up info, getting info, and talking, laughing, goofing around, being like an ninja(sneaking and being very quiet), camping, working with animals. Was and always a boyscout, being a nerd as well. Greatest acomplishment at work frying 300 piece order with 2 working fryers out of 3 in under 2 hours which is 32 pieces at a time per fryer at 13 min each all by my self. I am dubbed fryman the super fryer by my friends at work lol. I got my story alien piece alot of people liking it.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am a bit of a nerd, i love to laugh, love to joke, friendly, caring, smart I have glasses, smart, reading, watching movies and anime, or playing games. I love dressing up nerdy and got my one piece anime outfit and now my pikachu sweatshirt.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books:Xanth, incarnations of immortality, Spellsinger series. and a ton more

Movies and tv:outlander, star wars, the river, sanctuary, kung fu hustle, the finder, worlds dumbest, xmen, lord of the rings, shrek, syfy, ancient aliens, history channel. and so much more. Love anime especially one piece

Games:nintendo, mario, megaman, kingdom hearts, wii, xbox, playsation, sega, sonic,metroid, dragon age, diablo, diablo 2, mario kart, super smash brothers, fps, rpg. Final fantasy,resistance, dead space, fear, duke nukem, alice, and so much more

Food: hot food, hot peppers, seafood, pizza, and alot more
The six things I could never do without
videogames, books, family, love, friends, movies/anime
I spend a lot of time thinking about
finding the right girl for me, helping my family, my education, games, myths, movies plus anime especially one piece.
** one of the whole time i have been here on each profile that is looking for a real relationship is not, i am offering my heart and soul trying to get to know them for them and it seems since i am not an adonis or in shape i get turned down or not acknowledged.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading, playing videogames, or watching movies/tv and anime plus work sometimes. I want to go out on dates but dont have anyone to go with. Plus writing if i dont have homework
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still live with my parents so I can help them out with bills and be there for them. My dad is handicapped after a work accident, so he needs help with mobility
You should message me if
If you want someone to talk to
Want a committed relationship

Or want a friend. I like being nerdy and anyone wanting to play games, bowling, minigolf, go karts, play magic the gathering, etc list goes on and if you are interested please feel free to message me.