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My self-summary
UPDATE: 2.5 years ago, I met my linguistic doppelgänger and we're seeing each other. Looking for friendship, but we are always up for adventures and living the fullest life possible, whatever that may mean. After two years (and a few episodes of catharsis), we've reached the point where we accept that we have sexual needs that go beyond what a single individual can fulfill, so we now beginning to explore the idea of being able to play alone with others as well.

I pride myself in being a renaissance man ... a jack-of-all-trades and master of some. If I adopt a hobby or skill I will almost always learn it well enough to be above average, but I'll often stop there. I'm far too ADD to stick to an activity until perfection, except with a few passions of mine. Just to give you an example, just a little sample, I majored in Textile Technology and Fashion/Apparel Management and in Psychology with a few credits shy of a Physics minor and Math minor in college. My plan was to work in fashion, but I ended up on Wall Street, before abandoning that ship to work in tech, where I couldn't be happier.

I read a lot about everything. Once you get me going on a subject
it can be hard to shut me up. My friends tell me that I have an
uncanny ability to traverse all levels of abstraction on any given
topic. Despite the fact that I love to talk, I'm an excellent
listener and have lots of people coming to me for advice from
career advice to relationship advice (the latter is ironic because
I rarely date)

I'm hyperlogical, even to a fault at times. I love thinking about
the relative risk/reward tradeoffs of everything. I like the
science and psychology of decision making.

I'm not in the least bit emotional. I never really get sad or
jealous. I rarely get angry. In fact, I can't really remember the
last time I got mad. I'm very anti-drama and will actively try to
avoid it in my life. I don't worry about anything that is beyond my

I love making others happy before myself. I hold the door open for
everyone and let people off first on the metro. I'm often the first
to offer my seat to old people on public transportation. I derive
more pleasure from the pleasure of others than things that directly
satisfy me. Making other people smile is awesome.

I'm incapable of taking anything seriously except work. Everything
else is fair game for being mocked or joked about. I love sarcasm
and irony. I enjoy wordplay as much as foreplay. I'm often the
first person to laugh, even at myself after doing something dumb
and absentminded like walking into a glass door.

I like strong, independent women that know what they want and are
happy by themselves. However, I have this unfortunate tendency to
attract women that get really clingy and obsess over me. I like my
sister's explanation the best: "They think you're playing hard to
get, but you're actually just socially awkward when it comes to
relationships." I'm hoping that the combination of OKCupid and
moving to San Francisco will dramatically improve this situation.
OkCupid offered slim pickin' in places I previously lived. Now
looking at all the wonderful, beautiful people in SF, the future looks bright as there are many intensely involved in hobbies and intellectual pursuits.

Politically, I'm a centrist. I have leftist ideals, but often find
myself in favor of right-leaning approaches when it comes to the
economic quandaries. I'm a total technosocialist and believe that
technology coupled with capitalism/entrepreneurship can solve many of the economic ills of the day. I'm very interested in anything and everything related to the creation of a peer-to-peer

Insofar as gender politics are concerned I ascribe to queer theory and I consider myself a humanist/equalist. Think of either of those as umbrella terms inclusive of both the rationalist feminists and rationalist MRAists, but exclusive of militant fundamentalists from either camp. To put it in simpler terms using this SMBC cartoon, , I identify with and am interested in hanging out with people in the two groups on the lefthand side of the last panel, but not the two groups on the righthand side of the last panel. Furthermore, I can't really stand behind any -ism label whose semiotics/etymology reinforces the gender binary instead of abolishing it in favor of a -ism term inclusive of everyone because it doesn't imply polarity.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a senior software engineer working on developer productivity tools for one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley history.
I’m really good at
finding anything ... literally anything (information and physical things).

Friends have often called me "Andrewpedia", and I'm often the first person people ask when they need the answer to a question. If I don't already know the answer, I at least know where to find it.

If you need something, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, maybe you can hire... The Andrew (insert A-Team theme song here)
The first things people usually notice about me
Height, my smile and my teeth. In fact, when I was younger my nickname was "Smiley" for many years. Once engaged in conversation, people take notice of the breadth and depth of topics I'm knowledgeable about.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Catch 22 is probably my favorite fiction book. These days I spend most of my time reading non-fiction. When I'm not coding or sleeping, I spend most of my time reading. I'm a total sponge for knowledge. I'd like to get around to reading more fiction these days, but I'm completely absorbed in learning about things I can apply in my day-to-day life.

My favorite movie is probably Cinema Paradiso (the original version and not the awful director's cut). I'm man enough to admit that this movie makes be bawl every time. I also enjoy a good yarn such as Kubrick's Barry Lyndon (such an underrated film).

I'm not much of a TV watcher except when it's the only activity everyone I'm with finds acceptable.

Music? Everything. Well almost anything. However, for the past few years I've had such an appetite for learning that I tend to favor silence so I can be alone and at peace in thought.

Food-wise, I enjoy just about every type of cuisine. The only thing I don't enjoy is the texture of raw vegetables. I can enjoy some vegetables if cooked properly and if they are part of a larger dish (mirepoix FTW), but I'm not interested in vegetables for the sake of vegetables. I'm an avid cook and take cooking very seriously.
Six things I could never do without
1) My imagination
2) My curiosity
3) The interwebs and books
4) The beach
5) Good food
6) Traveling and exploring the World
I spend a lot of time thinking about
everything. Literally everything. I'm particularly fascinated by interpersonal interactions, dyadic relationships, propinquity and how technology, physical spaces and digital spaces impact those social psychology phenomena.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no typical Friday night. I'll go out if there is something remarkable, but I'm also perfectly happy hanging out at my house or at a friend's house or at home working on a hobby.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My sexual tastes are as broad as my musical and culinary tastes, which means they fall outside the narrow range of what society thinks is acceptable for men.

Besides that, I'm an extremely public person. In fact I'm a big believer that everyone should be more public because it creates connections and breeds tolerance.

On the topic of publicness, I highly encourage everyone to watch Jeff Jarvis' brilliant presentation "Publicness, Privacy and Penises" that he gave at the Re:publica conference in Germany in 2010. I've yet to see a more compelling argument for the publicness than that. It was so well-received that it made it to the front page of three major German newspapers the following day. Here's the link:

In fact, I'd say that OkCupid is a perfect example of the value of being public.
You should message me if
You're smart, funny, sex-positive, adventurous, imaginative, rationalist and polyamorous.

Many bonus points if you can program as well or are in STEM (although theses days, I think anyone that is in STEM that doesn't program is squandering their potential).

I'm also actually 100% cool if all you want is to be a friend and activity partner. I'm new the the area and I'm all about meeting awesome people. I just ask that you let me know from the get go that this is what you want just so I know what boundary to respect.

You agree with the goodmenproject article I mentioned above.
The two of us