45 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I'd describe myself as someone who has a great sense of adventure for life, which keeps me continually challenging myself. I'm an outgoing, ambitious person who is driven by what's inside (I love that slogan) because life is full of possibilities and is defined by the choices we make. I'm very much into the outdoors and staying physically active (back country hiking, running, skiing, golf, etc). Ideally I feel that being active together is going to be a big aspect to a relationship with me. I would love to share my passion for hiking and exploring the great awesomeness of the Cascade and Olympic mountians and skiing (or snowboarding) as well, and it would be a bonus if you liked to run as well.

I also have a great appreciation for the theater and arts: going to the symphony, neighborhood art walks. Love live music and comedy, yet tend to get the biggest laughs just hanging out with friends and family. My two biggest passions are hiking and traveling (I lived in Europe for three years). I'm looking for someone who shares similar interests and is always up for exploring new ones that come along. I also like my down time and hope that you do as well. We don't need to share every interest in common but what is important is that we are each willing to support each other in life's adventures that we each pursue.

I believe that the keys to a great relationship are open communication and trust. Each person must be willing to talk openly and directly about their issues and concerns. One must never assume the other person should know how one feels. I can only know how I feel and you can only know how you feel and open communication is a key for the relationship grow.

I also feel that a great relationship is not easy, in fact it will be one of the most challenging things one ever does in life, yet it also will have the greatest rewards for nothing really worth having in life is easy. True commitment takes sacrifice, dedication, accecptance, and understanding. I like to be challenged and will challenge the person I am with but in a supportive and positive way. I believe life is a lot about self improvement and self discovery, it's not about keeping up with the Joneses (who ever they are:) or being better then others, it's about being better then you are now or who you use to be.
What I’m doing with my life
I recently returned from a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan so I am adjusting to being back in the free world. I work as a mechanical HVAC designer for Army & Air Force buildings and installation infrastructure. I design heating and cooling systems for buildings. As part of my job I evaluate building energy consumption to determine best means to optimize the building's energy usage. It's a challenging and fun career, I love the design and construction industry. It's amazing what humans can build.
I’m really good at
Fixing problems/problem solving. Finding a better way to do things (typically at work)
Remembering the year various songs that came out in the 80s and the artist (we all have odd abilities)
The first things people usually notice about me
I tend to get compliments that I look a lot younger then I am and that I'm a good dancer. I'm open and honest and not afraid to speak my mind
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Living in Seattle I try to take as much advantage of the outdoors as I can. I love to ski, hike, & camp; backpack. In the city I enjoy the cultural arts and live music as much as possible and just hang out with friends.
Seattle has such cool neighborhoods. I'm partial to Fremont & Ballard. Love greasy spoon joints like The Dish, Beth's, Brown Bag Cafe. As far as travel, I've been all over Europe,particularly partial to Eastern countries like Bulgaria & Hungary. Also been to Israel and Afghanistan.

Favorite Stuff in random order: Ethnic food, stand up comedy/improve, Field of Dreams (grew up in Iowa), neighborhood art walks, BoDeans, Simple Minds, Everybody Loves Raymond (haven't found a good comedy since this show went off the air so I still watch re-runs), Breakfast Club, hot sauna, U2, PaperBoys, Monty Python, Cherry Poppin Daddies, Langhorn Slim, Nova, PBS, Frontline, 80s & 90s dance music, amazing mtn views during a long hike. Real Estate Investing & Money Management

As far as latest reads: The Long Walk, Mandela-My Prisoner My Friend, Games Without Rules, Wealth Poverty & Politics An International Perspective, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions,
The six things I could never do without
A dog in my life, ski slopes to be shredded, hiking trails, the company of good friends, a sense of adventure, finding humor in daily life
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Being an energy engineer I think a lot about where humanity is headed with its addiction to oil and coal. We managed to live 100s of thousands of years without them yet in the span of just under 200yrs we are vaporizing mountains and drilling any where we can for these fuels. With the new buzz words of being "green & sustainable" now all the rage, humanity is anything but sustainable. So ponder where are we really headed, are we on the right path or if we are not, how much longer before our modern way of life implodes. (Sounds pessimistic I know but it seems the evidence is overwelmingly not in our favor, no matter what those right wing wachos think)

How predominent people in the STEM fields come up with the theories and ideas they do regarding our physical world. Blows my mind. Are they really that intelligent or is much of it just luck. And how can I contribute more to my field of study.

Contemplating this online dating thing, it's like a necessary evil. It's part job searching and hoping to get the interview; part clothes shopping, it's fun to try on new outfits but the size just isn't right or it looked good on the rack but not on me; part social/human behavior experiment with no conclusions, no patterns, mostly contradictory results. What's your take on it?
On a typical Friday night I am
Fridays can be pretty random, from hanging out with friends for hashy hour, going to catch a show, or just chillin at home after a long week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's not fun having multiple AK-47s pointed at you.
You should message me if
Pretty simple, email me if you feel so inclined to do so. I don't have rules or guidelines or must haves, you should be this or that. So if you simply like what you see and have read, drop me a line.