49Albuquerque, United States
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My self-summary
I LIVE in El Paso, TEXAS-jan 2016-I grew up in TORONTO, CA
I sometimes list myself in other places near El Paso BUT I live in El Paso😋

I like to visit new places and my next trip takes me Albuquerque during summer 2017 and Denver Nov2017 and NYC spring2018

May 2017.
Lately i have not been on much and when I am on, I usually just like to read the more interesting profile. I rarely contact anyone unless I admire your profile 😋

I am very liberal-minded. I will look at profiles a few times mainly because I sometimes need to recall info. 👽 I don't have a hard and fast list of traits I am looking for. Friendships and relationships are more fluid but key points are usually warmth, strength, honesty,

3 things i want to know:
1. Whats the story behind your nickname?😋
2. Why do you include pics with other people in it?😏
3. Explain to me why you seem to think being sarcastic is somehow a positive quality or something to be proud of? (No one ever wants to answer)

I LOOK at many profiles regardless of age but I prefer women who are older... Yes I know that may shock you, but younger women tend to be self absorbed and selfish. I prefer maturity and intelligence! ( that means older and smarter😱)

If I was looking at your profile a few times, it mean I like what you wrote or something really stood out. If you're going to LIKE me, just say hi :) I will respond. I actually LIKE meeting people from far -away. I don't mind correspondence because Ive ended up forming friendships and then met a few great people😋

CAVEAT: Just looking to socialize and make friends.I'm looking for conversation, integrity, laughter, and intensity-women who are not tied to conventional morés. Anything else is just too much as I try to navigate the universe once more. 🌍I really don't have time for phony, petty, sarcastic, or angry. I won't respond without a pics.

I'm Canadian!! But I've lived in a number of exotic locales including New York City for six years 🗽 Japan for three years 🗻Trinidad for eight years 🌴🌴Originally from Caribbean.

OKC ODDITIES!! (What are the male equivalent?)
1. Why do women mention that their hair color is this picture is "now blonde/red/black" when its pretty obvio............
2. Does any parent not think their kid is awesome?
3. Whats with the Glamor shots?
4. Do both men and women "accidently" state the wrong age?
5. What do you mean 'exactly' when they say they're looking for a "real man?" Is that the same as a "knight in shining armor?" the "king looking for his queen?"

2014 in Review:
I was back home in TORONTO (August 2014) to deal with my fathers' death. It's not something one speaks about on OKC but its my life. Losing both parents is never easy. I have been taking time to mourn and to understand the loss. I am looking for friends, adventure partners, sapiophiles.

The next bit will scare you off, mainly because I really challenge the bullshit I read on here as well as the discrimination that is pervasive.

Ive met some truly inspirational women on here. I am always upfront. But I have to say, there are some disturbing trends on here. None of this is said with anger... but with real sadness:
There is a lot of "shaking of my head," when I read the prejudice, discrimination and racism on here. Look, I'm neither shallow or stupid. Im not saying this other than observation: A lot of you try too fucking hard to be cool. Is comes across as shallow image-driven wannabe human beings. Re-read your profiles and see. Or ask me 😈. Im just asking for one slightly scarred smart alturistic human being who isnt trying to impress but be forthright... and a nice smile does not make a nice person :)

Most disturbing, are the ones who are all spiritual, there karma, and tantra and their embracing of Eastern mysticism but still won't acknowledge minorities. Ya, you know who you are. FCK. you people are so full of shite.

Back to the Usual Stuff
Don't just talk the talk about social justice but understand the difference between equality and equity. I spend a lot of time thinking about "white privilege"

TRENDS that worry me:
1st. Anyone posing with minority children in developing nations (and still are- distasteful- if you can't figure it out, I will tell you). They aren't fashion accessories.
2nd. Posing with drugged wildlife.
3rd. Now its Yoga posing and doing it in foreign locales some of which are sacred (also distasteful). Some of you are really disconnected and fucked up. These trends are messed up.

Hey you made it this far! That PRIZE is just around the corner!
What I’m doing with my life
Thinking about "The here and the now"

Im teaching at an Institution of Higher Education. Writing and Researching. Feel free to ask!!!
...and that prize is closer :)
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
My ability to solve crime...:P
My amazing Kermit the Frog and Super-Grover impression.
Laughter & Mischief :D
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just because we read the same books dosent mean we will share the same values, philosophies, or morals. I think being knowledgeable is probably a better indicator of connectedness, not the genre or classics, or bestsellers. So there are No pretentious novels listed :D Instead just my faves that i re-read.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy~ by Douglas Adams
1984- Orwell
Frank L Stockton- The Lady or the Tiger~ Perhaps THE greatest short story ever written followed by The Discourager of Hesitancy

In The Heat Of the Night ~Sidney Poitier movies The Usual Suspects Labyrinth, The Muppet Movie, Tampopo
This Is Spinal Tap Airplane! The Princess Bride Rocky Horror Picture Show

Really likes anything and willing to listen to new bands.
Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Some Canadian bands

TV- I don't have cable but I do watch a few shows-
BLACKADDER, Dexter, Father Ted and Doctor Who Buffy and Angel.

I admit... I love COMMUNITY. Brilliant writing. Quirky. Meta. And most of all NOT FORMULAIC but not for all tastes.
That PRIZE is getting closer!!
Six things I could never do without
Laughter. Books. Pen/pencil/ paint brush. A song in my head :))
Coconut water. Love! Peace. Companionship
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Karma. Mistakes and making amends. Social Justice
Equity. Race. Poverty

Im very much an anarchist and a sybarite/ hedonist in my beliefs but understands the implications

Youre closer to the PRIZE
On a typical Friday night I am
laughing with you
Doing crosswords with you
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have had some of the weirdest experiences in the world. Ive struggled and survived. Picked up and started over a few times. Loved, lost and loved again.

The PRIZE is:🎈🎈🎈🎈
Do you want the latte now? Or do you need something stronger?
Drop me a line and you can collect the latte or tea or.....
Lunch. Dinner :)
You should message me if
Jim Henson & Bugs Bunny are your real life heroes.

You are thoughtful, quirky and humanistic.
Intelligent, personal, passionate about a cause.

I really dont care if you're a sports fan. I'm not fansport driven. Yeah i can talk the talk but really... Lets.move on to more interesting ideas

If you scrolled down and didn't read some of it, the PRIZE is higher up :P

More Dumb things on OL Dating
1. Oversized glasses
2. Any "Mudder" event
3. Claiming you're a "model" when your friend took the pic 😱
4. and on and on 😞
The two of us