33Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
So to give an idea of who I am...I love wandering out to try new things and staying at home and watching movies. For fun I will argue a point til the point is so muddled and confused that we don't even know what we were talking about. I will sit back quietly and just listen. I will poke fun and then bring you homemade cookies. I am unreasonably reasonable, hyper logical and yet still occasionally governed by these damnable ovaries. I'll watch hockey for days but other sports bore me. I'm shy at all the wrong times and out going when you least expect it. I'm not to be relegated to the limitations of an internet list.
What I’m doing with my life
I probably won't be able to tell you until I'm dead.
All together, I'm just trying to do my best with what I was given, and those things I can pick up along the way.

Hopefully, the story won't include,"I was going to but..." unless it is then followed with, "then you know zombies attacked."
I’m really good at
A vast number of heretofore trivial things, backgammon and baking I'm really good at baking.

spraining my ankle

Surprising people. Not the woo! it's a party way. But in the, oh you have gone against my preconceived notion way.

Talking to complete strangers.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I've started talking to them?

I really wouldn't know I generally operate under the mistaken assumption that I am in fact invisible.

Me not needing help to get things on the top shelf? That I have lady parts? That I just made some random sound, because I only hiccuped once?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
There are so many reasons I read that it is hard to pick a favorite. Like there are favorites for losing myself in, there are favorites for making me think, there are stylistic favorites, favorite characters, stories, authors, those that make me want to put it down so I can start writing myself. Overall though I am rather fond of Jorge Borges. I've also become quite a fan of audio books.

As far as movies are concerned you can just believe me when I say I like all the good ones. I am terrible at listing things I like especially movies. I own the Ewok movies and I am not afraid of having to read dialog. I watched Apocalypse Now twice in a row when I first saw it.There is no movie that will scare me, believe me I've tried, I end up having to scare myself. Reservoir Dogs was the first movie I ever bought. I like to say, "Shut the fuck up Donny." A lot. Hmm Oldboy, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Hudsucker Proxy... you know those ones about stuff.

Music may in fact sustain me as much as food. I love so many different bands,genres,decades as to make listing a futile endeavor. My play list is likely to go from incomprehensible shrieking to Bach to Doo Wop to something with banjos and rednecks. I still try to go to live shows when I can, I will never have been to enough. I've seen bands from Meshuggah to Lady Smith Black Mombazo...

I've actually been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. Mostly about murder or comedy or combination thereof. And a fair number of fiction and history to lighten things up when I realize I've been listening to too much about murder....

Television is easier to list because there is much less that I enjoy: X-Files, Arrested Development,30 Rock, Colbert, Mythbusters Venture Brothers...then there are shows that i would watch if they were on like Cowboy Bebop Mr. Show, News Radio I think I possess enough intellect to back up watching as much tv as i want without shame. I have not only been to a sci-fi convention but refer to the day as Jayne Day.

Food: I hate Spaghetti sauce. That's about it. Anything you can dip in butter or chocolate will probably be my favorite. I will know it's true love if a man can watch me eat all you can crab legs and won't abandon me at the restaurant.
Six things I could never do without
things I can use to make other things
a sense of accomplishment
a sense of humor
non roofed environments
change (situational but monetary is nice too)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I should have gone to bed long before now.
If I drink coffee now will I be able to sleep later?
On a typical Friday night I am
Only vaguely aware of what day it is.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a profile on okcupid.
You should message me if
Because the cost/benefit ratio is greatly in your favor to. You risk nothing by messaging me and potentially gain getting to know me. Which I'll just tell you now is worth it.

I'll even give you a leg up to better your odds. If your message solely consists of: (greeting) (physical description) I'm not likely to respond. E.g. "Hey, Gorgeous." "Hi, Beautiful." "Sup, Sexy."
The two of us