42 London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Hi, how are you? thank you for stopping by ,

(Could I suggest you to prepare a drink? take a sit, relax, enjoy the read :-)

Me? well, I love to talk, and I consider that communication is very important.

I am a happy person, easy going (as easy going as a woman can be, lol) and I try to enjoy life, not to worry too much, life is too short!

I love to laugh and I do it all the time :-)))

I enjoy exploring London! walk around in good company, nice conversation, visiting places, restaurants, London is a beautiful city!

I like Days out, nights out, weekends away, and some holidays every now and then, and I also enjoy nights in (since being a mum of a 8 year old boy I get to enjoy lots of nights in, lol) with friends, having dinner, nice conversations, nice red wine. . . .

I want to be with someone that it is not ashamed of showing his love, that can feel the chemistry and enjoy every moment, every day! Someone that can give plenty hugs and kisses. (since they are easy and free to manufacture, I guess that should not be a problem, :-)

I like, want and ADORE!! to spoil my man, make him smile, and I also want to be, ABSOLUTELY !!! and 100%, spoiled. (Money sometimes may help, but most of the time "spoil" means the little things that money cannot buy).

I am very passionate, about everything, latin blood 100% lol.

I am looking forward to hear from you !

Oh!!, and about you? I don't have any preferences or special agenda. Don't care if you are blue or green, (I am more interested in the colour of your soul :-). No problem if you like this or that. If there is chemistry, everything else will follow. Almost everything can be negotiable, lol. We'll learn to share or not hobbies, to agree to disagree, to grow younger together, to enjoy and make each other happy !!

If you like me or you think* we are a good match, (or you can dance, lol, or you are rich!!! lol, please send me an email! :-)

(* please note : if YOU think, not if the % in here says we are a good match, :-)
I am not sure how much statistics have to do with love!! lol, I'm not convinced answering the questions really says who I am or who I am compatible with. There are far too many questions where the choice is not black or white, or depends on context, interpretation, or some further statistical variables, lol, So I don't give too much weight to the percentage :-) (some people "seem" a perfect match on paper, but if there is no chemistry . . . . . )

I hope to hear from you soon !!!!

And we have 2 new additions to the family! Fred and Ginger! ( two lovely cats:-) that was a year ago! in 2015 :-)
What I’m doing with my life
Living it :-) and enjoying it as much as possible, and trying to meet a guy I can enjoy it with :-)

and also I work in the pharmaceutical industry, as a clinical research manager (trying to develop drugs)
Trained as a scientist, with a heart of a hopeless romantic :-)
I’m really good at
Lots of things, you'll see !! :-)
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile :-)

and my strong Spanish accent !!! (from Barcelona, Spain)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have lots and lots of favourites!, to many to name

I enjoy reading, everything interesting enough,
I love movies, all types, either at home or going to the cinema
I like theatre, opera, live music, . . .

I used to dance salsa, and used to be good at, obviously love salsa music :-) , but I listen to all sort of music, music brings smiles :-) and if you sing, it can even bring big laughs! :-)

I like good red wines, specially Rioja and also like good meals, I REAAALLY love food! pretty much all types, but can't eat what I want no more !! :-) well, Actually, what I can't is eat 'as much as' I would like no more! lol, lol
The six things I could never do without
I couldn't do without love (from a man, it is why I am here ;-)
Without Laugh and humour,
Without romanticism, flirting, banter, passion, chemistry, . . .
Without kisses, hugs, caresses, sex, (yes, yes, sex :-)
Without friends, family, my son, (love ones definitively I couldn't do without, but they are not things, so ignore this one :-)
Without coffee in the morning! hummmmmmmmm!!!! (is coffee a thing?)
Actually so many things really!! so many to be named in here!! and definitively more than six, not counting water, air, food, intelligence, common sense, sleep, goggle, phone, . . . . .
now that I think about it, common sense is pretty important :-) it should be moved up in the list :-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything!!! , my brain never stops, I am a woman! :-)
On a typical Friday night I am
With you?? :-)

I used to go out , a lot, but now not so much, but when I am "free and single" (without my son) I like to go out: restaurants, theatre, cinema, musicals, opera, dance, pubs, . . . . not on the same night though! lol)

And not only on Fridays, but as you may have imagined, I also enjoy lots of nights in, watching movies or relaxing at home, sometimes with friends, nice conversations over a glass of wine, while my son is sleeping :-)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not willing to admit anything on here! :-)
You should message me if
no ifs, sent me a message :-) lol

weeeelllll, If there are ifs, they may be:
if . . . . you like what you see and read :-)
if . . . . . . you would like to meet me
if . . . . . you have at least one photo

if . . . . ( you tell me :-)

(please no text pals or sexting pals)