28Toa Payoh New Town, Singapore
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My self-summary
a cheerful and an outgoing person, working hard flipping burgers and packing fries here in Singapore, all because I love my family. I got my dreams too, and that's to perform :) i'm currently working hard on it, so I'm gonna snag it real soon! cheers! :) oh, and I'm a proud Filipino :)


I am now working as a full time Performer/Dancer at Universal Studios Singapore since December of 2015 😊 Hooray! Dream come true 😍 I feel so blessed 😇🙏🏼
What I’m doing with my life
Living, avoiding to just survive and wake up the next day doing the same thing,.
I’m really good at
I'm good at:
-making friends anywhere
-customer service
-music ( i can die without it )
-sports (figure skating, ice hockey, tae kwon do, badminton, I suck at sports using a ball, if you get what I mean, volleyball, basketball etc)
-cooking ( but I'm not really much into eating ) (updates: not anymore, I am forced to eat and loving it :)
-persuasion, hehe :)
oh, but I'm "really good at" where? I also don't know, haha!
The first things people usually notice about me
Well, there are tons to be noticed,. Primarily, my height (I'm very puny for my age) my huge-sometimes-scary eyes, my cleft lip (not inborn, I was dropped by the doctor when I was born, it's horrifying, I know, but my mom told me its getting and getting less visible as I age)

that I'm quiet,. Hmm,. Haha! But once you get to know me, that's a totally different story.

I'm on the go and doesn't get a vacant day offs doing no activity, I'm very active, sporty and can't-stand-to-sit-still type (except when reading) of person :) hahaha!

those are just a few to mention,. You? What have you noticed so far?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
can I just love all? I'm a random guy, I guess, not moody though but I like to do and try what I feel like doing and trying,. Eclectic, yeah! That's the word,.
Six things I could never do without
1. Internet connection (that's how I talk connect with my family and friends back home ;)
2. arts and music
3. money (since I'm far away from home, I think I shall include it here, lol )
4. my Kindle ( I get lost in books, it's my escape route to reality when times i wanted to run away )
5. my Family, my mom, my dad my brother and our 3 year old dog Bella :) oh, and my friends too!
6. God and faith

I know, I cheated, I squeezed in as much in each number, haha! What can I do, I can't live without all of them :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to sneak in other activities (aside from the usual stuff) that I have not tried yet on my off days,. So far, I've tried kayaking, wall climbing, stair climbing marathon, donating blood, volunteering for a cause for several organizations and so much more :)

Travelling 😔 soon, I wish,.

What, when, where, Why and how's of life's all aspects,. not a fan of what-ifs :)

How does cuddling feels like? A lot of people here seems to like how it feels,..

Is it right to be here in this app (and other apps) and look for a match? Love life? Soulmate? Or,.. should I just let it find me? (why is it so hard to find true love?)

Oh, and how to make this profile more appealing than it looks today,.
On a typical Friday night I am
I think this doesn't apply to me as I'm not an office guy, I'm on rotating shifts and at most working on weekends and public holidays as well,. But if not, probably at home, watching movies online, reading, drinking a beer or two with my best friend ( it's a she) dance class if an open schedule is available, gymnastics or sleeping,.z Z Z
You should message me if
just message me, no ifs,.. and,..

Well, if you don't mind talking and taking chances on a completely uninteresting and utterly unattractive person like me, please do so :) it's not like we're committing here, chances are, really, it can happen 😊 who knows?😉 I just love making new friends and talking to people from all over the world ☺️
The two of us