38Cambridge, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Having thought long and hard about this I still can't come up with an ideal self-summary. Clichéd but also true.

I do remain, in spite of any evidence, something of a classical romantic. I adore connecting with a person, a sense of wonder when discovering the energy they possess for their passions and their delight in sharing that energy; or enjoying introducing someone to a new place, book, film (etc) and rediscovering that thing through their eyes.

That makes me sound like a shocking hipster or pretentious idiot. Hopefully though the meaning untangled itself from the shackles of language and made it out okay.

I'm (clearly) not a person to use five words when 500 and some opaque imagery is an option. I find the idea of trying to sum myself up
In a few neat boxes like this an exercise in futility, but rest assured I'll be taking first impressions about you from the same boxes... Thinking about it, I do wonder how I've managed ever to stumble over interesting people on here but I have some really great friends I first encountered on this site so I guess it works for me.

I find myself constantly baffled on this site by the people I meant to have loads in common with who list music gigs as their main interest.

Perhaps I can be summed up by:- Went to Latitude one year, only watch one band play and that was because everything else stopped/closed as Suede was the band in question. Spent the rest of Latitude in the Comedy and Literary tents having an awesome time (So saw lots of Robin Ince and kept out of the rain too). If you're thinking "sounds like a good festival experience" then we will probably get on awesomely.
What I’m doing with my life
Keep wondering if any of the things I'd enjoy doing with my life would actually pay a living wage or if they are all going to being hobbies that I over invest in between some kind of wage slavery.

A delightful cocktail of freelance and temping for a while since graduating a couple of years ago, the variety is nice enough but the month to month tension about contrat length is far from enjoyable.

Away from such mundanity I have some great friends here in this lovely city, but the draw of London does get ever louder.
I’m really good at
I talk fast, and way too much, and sidetrack myself often. Occasionally I get to the point. Often I'm playing devil's advocate.

I can get competitive in things that I find enjoyable and rewarding; not anti socially competitive to the extent of crushing others, just don't be surprised if I've sneakily being reading up or practicing something I was claiming last week to be a novice at.

In objective and measurable ways I am fairly good at:- pub quizzes and in particularly film trivia that is of no value to anyone away from quizzes since the IMDb was created, fencing (obviously a useful skill in the digital age, and a key aspect in many a modern Bridget Jones's check list) and copy editing (thank you Microsoft word for ruining that...)
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends how they encounter me. If it's out somewhere then the loud laugh and the joking around. It it's around a theatre rehearsal I'll be the one failing to stay focused even while directing. But I'm not as loud and brash as I can seem. In fact I personally claim to be a touch shy; a claim none of my friends agree with apparently
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Films? Way too many to list. Withnail & I perhaps the most important one for people who want to *get* my sense of humour, In The Bleak Midwinter the one that will always make me cry.

Internet:- XKCD

Books:- Northern Lights, Stewart Lee's How I Escaped My Certain Fate, Preacher, H.P. Lovecraft, Game Of Thrones (Bored with waiting for new books though), everything by William Goldman, Douglas Adams and Pratchett.

Music:- Lots of 90's classic Brit-pop, particularly early Oasis. Also Radiohead, The Smiths, Muse, G&R, REM

Shows:- House, Sons of Anarchy, Lost (failed at the end though), Life on Mars, West Wing, Studio 60, Deadwood, Carnivale, House of Cards, Hannibal, Firefly, Daily Show
Six things I could never do without
My close friends
Italian Food
Red wine
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I'm procrastinating, why I am wondering about procrastinating and not at least enjoying it, wondering why seemingly intellegent people got so excited about Inception when The Prestige is Nolan's better and smarter film, why I can spot other peoples typing errors but never my own, how did my old German Shepherd accept the cats joining us on an evening walk but bully them relentlessly once we returned home?
On a typical Friday night I am
Friends, films, wine, socialising, coffee, putting the world to rights. Order varies

I would say cinema for new releases, but crowded friday night cinema seems to take the fun out of it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Oh god, I tend to admit far too much almost all of the time. In fact I really should do something about my lack of tact.

That should be the thing to admit. It's possible I have no filter.
You should message me if
If' you're still reading and not utterly bored by now.
If you play Carcassone or Agricola.
If you can accept someone can adore the Lord of the Rings films but loath the books with a burning passion.
If you agreed with most of this but there was a film, or activity or whatever that you felt was missing and want to introduce me to it.
The two of us